Disclaimer: Contains some spoilerish stuff if you haven't seen No Rest for the Wicked. Season 3 Finale.

Warning: I like cussing. So you've been warned about the language. Bobby and Ruby appearances.

Back story: Well, basically Dean has gone to "hell", but is he in actual hell or is it a hell in his mind? Dean is currently in a hospital bed recovering from his physical injuries while Bobby and Sam figure out how to get his soul back to his body.

Flash back

A possessed Ruby is allowing hellhounds to rip Dean Winchester's body apart and drag him to hell. Somehow, Sam has managed to block a blinding death ray of white light that is thrown at him with the full intention of killing everyone in the room. Sending the demon possessing Ruby running with it's tale between its legs through the air ducts of the house. Two bodies lay on the floor. Sam is standing over Dean's body and kneels to hold him closer.

Sam: "Dean, you can't die on me. You're all the family I have. You can't leave my side like this. Not like this."

He is sobbing. Bobby is outside. The Holy Water sprinklers have become nothing more then regular water and the demonic army waiting to tear them apart has become nothing more the soaking wet humans confused as to why they are being soaked with water in the first place. Slowly, the crowd is turning to go to their homes. Bobby cautiously approaches the front porch prepared for anything to happen as he comes to Dean and Sam's rescue.

All he finds is two bodies and Sam crying mourning his lost brother.

Bobby: "Oh my God. She's dead too?"

Sam: "I don't know. Dean's gone, Bobby. She drug him off to hell even after I tried to stop her."

Bobby: "I'm sorry, Sam. There was just no other way to save him. We tried everything."

Sam: "I had one more chance. I could've saved him and instead I listened to his plan to get Ruby's knife. I could've saved him from going to hell, Bobby."

Bobby: "And exactly how are you planning to do that? You're not ready for that kind of a fight. It would kill you both."

Sam: "Ruby would've trained me to fight Lilith. She'd be dead and Dean would be alive and in one piece. I had one window of opportunity and I blew it. I let her kill Dean."

Bobby: "Listen, Dean was going to hell anyway. He made the deal. You didn't kill him, Sam. You never could've stopped Lilith no matter how much Ruby trained you. It would've killed you both in the end. He sold his soul and they were going to collect it with or without you training to fight Lilith. Now, we have to get these bodies out of here before the people that live here come back and get curious as to what happened here."

Sam: "We're taking Dean out first. God, I can't believe she's dead too. This is entirely my fault."

Bobby: "You had no control over that girl. Stop blaming yourself. If Dean heard you blaming yourself for this whole mess, he'd slap you where you stand."

Sam: "He'd tell me to stop crying like a little bitch and go find the son of a bitch that tried to kill him."

Meanwhile, inside Dean's mind. Dean is chained and hooked in this maze of hooks and chains.

Dean: "Sammy! Help me! What's happening to me?"

The hooks and chains give way to a dark cave where he is chained and hooked to the wall unable to move or break free. He can hear other people screaming for help and can't seem to help them. Suddenly, a female figure comes into the dim torch lit light. He can't see a face, but he can hear her voice clear as day and she is touching his face.

Female voice: "Hello there, Dean."

Dean: "Who the fuck are you and why are you touching me, you hell bitch?"

Female voice: "Such language. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? How's hell treating you? Are you starting to see exactly what I was talking about before you sent me back?"

She runs a finger along his jaw line like she is sizing up a lover.

Dean: "Meg. I should've figured it would be you. You know damn well you took my mother years ago."

Meg: "No. I had nothing to do with your mother's death. My father took your mother down. She got in the way of his son."

Dean: "My mother never had a son with Yellow Eyes. You're a lying bitch."

Female: "I agree. I am a bitch, but I do know how the line of heritage goes around here. My father, Azeel gave your mother his blood which he then gave to her second born son. See, we would've had the first born, but you weren't worthy of us."

Dean: "If I'm so unworthy, then why did you have me sell you my soul?"

Female: "Dean, you're so confused and pathetic when you're all by your little self. You really would forget to breathe if there wasn't someone reminding you how to do it. Sam is the first born leader, love and you're going to lead him to us and his destiny. We have quite awhile to get better acquainted."

She cuts across his cheek with her finger nail and Dean pulls against the chains and is quickly tugged by the hooks holding him firmly in place. No way to physically escape anything Meg had to dish out. She licks the blood from his cheek and smiles.

Meg: "You really can taste the fear in your blood. I'm going to enjoy stripping the humanity from your picture perfect little face."

He screams out again. Meanwhile, back with Sam and Bobby, Sam has taken Dean to a hospital to get physically treated for his "animal attack" as he told the doctors in the ER. He can some how feel that Dean is not dead and still hanging out to some life and is totally acting on an instinct. He can't explain why he still felt like Dean was alive somewhere in that body. His soul caught between Hell and Earth. He could feel him the same as he felt him when he was fighting the Reaper and came back to him through the Ouija board. He sits with Bobby in the ER waiting room.

Bobby: "Now, try to explain this to me again."

Sam: "Dean is still alive inside that torn up body. I can feel his soul still connected to his body."

Bobby: "You feel his soul."

Sam: "Yes. I know, it sounds crazy. Most things we deal with are crazy, but I felt this once before right before dad died in the hospital. Dean was stuck in limbo fighting a Reaper and he tried to talk to me through the Ouija Board and it worked. He was physically beat to hell and not expected to survive, but he came back to his body and lived to fight again. He wants to fight again and he needs to find his way back to his body."

Bobby: "If Dean is still alive in there, he is in so much physical pain that he doesn't want to come back to the body. He was attacked by hellhounds and left for dead."

Sam: "I know. That's why I brought him here. I'm hoping the doctors can physically save him even if he's not in his body yet."

The doctor comes out of the operating room. Sam and Bobby both stand up.

Doctor: "Mr. Singer, I'm afraid your other son is catatonic. He's been through a really traumatic physical experience and has trapped himself inside his own mind. Now, there is a possibility that you and Sam can reach him and bring him back. You have to talk to him and keep stimulating his mind to come back to his body by reminding him of the good times he had here and keep him comfortable. We've stabilized his body. He will make a full recovery from his injuries, but I'm afraid he'll be in that bed until he decides he wants to wake up."

Bobby: "Thank you, Doctor."

The doctor walks off to take care of some paper work and Sam lets out a heavy sigh and runs his hand through his hair.

Bobby: "Well, at least that is good news. He's physically going to be just fine. We just have to convince his mind to let him come back to his body."

Sam: "That's going to be kind of hard considering his soul is being tortured in hell right about now. I don't get why Lilith didn't finish off the job. I mean, she had his soul and she left him half alive."

Bobby: "She got spooked. Something scared her enough to where she dropped the ball and left without completing the transaction."

Sam: "That white light death ray."

Bobby: "Death ray? Boy, have you lost your mind?"

Sam: "No, hear me out. Lilith has this power that Yellow Eyes didn't have. She can throw out white light that wipes out small towns and cities. She tried to wipe, Ruby, Dean and I out with it and for some reason, when I blocked her light, it stopped. I can't explain how it stopped or why. It just bounced off of me and she ran out of Ruby's body like she was scared to death of me. I freaked her out."

Bobby: "You mean to tell me, you can fight off Lilith's death rays without knowing what you did. Does this mean that psychic thing is coming back?"

Sam: "I don't know. I can't explain what's happening. I just know we're both still standing here alive because I blocked her."