Kristy: "I've been meaning to talk to you about that. This Lilith you speak of, is she supposed to be the evil bad guy in this hero story?"

Sam: "It's not a hero story. It's my job. I fight the Supernatural. I help innocent people get rid of evil."

Kristy: "So, Lilith is an evil person."

Sam: "Was a person. Now she's dead in Hell. Last time she was on Earth, she possessed an 8 year old girl and tried to destroy a town."

Kristy: "That sounds like something straight out of a horror movie."

Sam: "It was straight out of a horror movie. The problem is that there is no director calling "cut" when it gets too violent. It's my job to make sure she never steps foot on Earth ever again. She killed my brother and dragged his soul to hell. Now I want her to pay for taking him."

Kristy: "Wow, you actually believe that Lilith took your brother's soul from him."

Sam: "Let's just say I have outstanding proof and if she were you and I, I could prosecute her in a court of law and she would fry in the electric chair. But, since she's not you and I and I can't prosecute her in a court of law, I have my own form of punishment for her deeds."

Kristy: "I really think you need to talk to someone about your anger issues here. You believe all these disillusions about demons and ghosts being real and that you can rid the whole world of the evil they bring. I know you lost Dean and I know the two of you were extremely close to each other. It's never easy to lose a loved one."

Sam: "I don't expect you to understand this or even accept it as reality. But I am not crazy and I'm not disillusioned. I've seen this stuff happen and I know these things are real. You won't understand it until you've seen it for yourself. Yes, Dean is gone and it was tragic and I miss him every day, but I am not Psycho or in some state of Psychotic break."

Kristy: "I really feel for you Sam and I'm hoping you find the answers you are looking for soon."

Suddenly, there is a huge storm front rolling in on the town and rain is falling.

Kristy: "The weather man said there was a chance of storms today. I guess I got my rain I wanted."

Sam: "Yeah. You want to go back to my hotel room and wait for the rain to pass?"

Kristy: "Sure."

We go back to my hotel room. I'm all for normal weather patterns and the radio was talking about there being a thunderstorm this evening, but the clouds rolled in rather unusually quick for a passing storm. Then again, I could be over analyzing another Midwestern storm that is normal this time of year. By the time we got back to the hotel it was pouring rain. We barely got inside before we were both soaked to the bone.

Kristy: "Oh my God. Where the hell did all that come from?"

Sam: "Apparently it's been building up. Let's get out of these wet clothes before we both catch colds."

Kristy: "Sounds good, but I have nothing to change in to."

Sam throws her a pair of sweats and a shirt.

Sam: "The pants are probably 100 times too big, but they were Dean's. He's smaller then I."

Kristy: "Thank you. You're true gentlemen."

She smiles and goes into the bathroom leaving the bathroom door cracked a little so I could get a peak show at her getting undressed. She's an attractive woman. Brunette hair, petite, brown eyes. Her body's not really flat, but not really curvy in shape. Kind of a plane Jane and average compared to some of those silicone Sally's Dean has brought home on more then one occasion. I suppose if my mind wasn't a million miles away I might be attracted to her sexually. My body still ached from the last fight. So, I decided to look for some pain pills in my bag when suddenly, the lights started flickering on the whole block. Our room went dark. Now I have to find a flash light in the pitch black. Kristy comes walking out of the bathroom carrying a flash light.

Kristy: "Looking for this?"

Sam: "Yeah. I was trying to find some light so one of us doesn't kill themselves in the dark."

Kristy: "I'm good at seeing in the dark. Kind of like a cat."

Sam: "That's a good thing to have cuz I don't think the lights are coming back on until after the storm passes. This little cow poke town doesn't believe in back up generators."

Kristy: "We don't need any light, sweetheart. I've missed you."

Sam: "You've missed me."

Suddenly, her voice sounded all too familiar and the way she was carrying herself was familiar too. The smile was even one I've seen before. Then it hit me what had happened. Kristy was possessed again.

Kristy: "Yeah and for some reason I could really go for some cheese fries. Those things are like deep fried crack."

Sam: "Ruby? How the hell did you come back? I thought you left in the parking lot."

She kept advancing towards me like a long lost lover. I tried my best to keep the distance between us. I still blamed her for Dean's death. She dind't try to stop Lilith in any sort of way. So, I wasn't sure who's side she truley was on and didn't much care to find out either.

Kristy: "I did, but I found a nice, dead body to possess. I figured you'd like me better if the human was already gone. She was in a deep coma and was never going to wake up. I actually saved her."

Sam: "What is your deal? The box has been destroyed so you can forget about getting your hands on that. My brother's dead. So, you can forget about taking over his body or using it for some other channel. It's not going to happen as long as I'm alive."

Kristy: "Look Sam, I could give a shit less about that damn box. As for your brother, I don't need his body when I have this one. I've been hearing some things about you that I don't really like the sounds of. I also think Dean would want me to protect you from some of those contracts you're trying to take on. Word has it that you've been shopping around trying to bargain your brother out of hell."

Sam: "This is none of your business. You don't owe me shit."

I find the pills and wash it down with the nearest bottle of alcohol. One of many lying around the hotel room. Apparently, Ruby noticed it too cuz she gave me a look of concern. It was almost human the way she looked at me. Like she actually pitied the person she turned me in to. I didn't care one way or the other. It numbed the burning pain inside that losing Dean left.

Kristy: "You're desperate. You need my help and I can help you. I happen to know where Lilith is and I can train you to get rid of her."

Sam: "Here you go with that promise. We tried this once before, remember? I got nothing."

Kristy: "The difference is it's been 4 months. You're brother is no longer in the way. You can use that ticking time bomb inside of you to rid a few more demons out of this world and possibly bring your brother back. You just have to trust me. Drinking yourself to death and chasing it with Pain pills isn't going to bring Dean back to life."

Sam: "All right. You want me to trust you, I'll trust you. Show me what I have to do. If it brings Dean back, you get to live another day. If it doesn't I want you the hell out of my life and take all these empty promises and fucken threats of yours with you. I'm tired of playing the middle man for this useless battle between heaven and hell. Whatever happens to the rest of the world is going to happen rather I'm in it or not. I can't save everyone. There will be casualties no matter what I do. Whose side I take or even if I chose to take no sides at all and sit back. There will be casualties. Dean told me this was going to happen. When am I ever going to take what he says seriously?"

I sit in a chair near by. I can feel tears burning my eyes. I wasn't going to break down and give Ruby the satisfaction of seeing me weak. It would only fuel her ulterior motives.

Ruby: "Calm down, drama boy. I know he's been trying to talk to you. He wants you to be careful. Going around half drunk and high on pain pills, isn't going to bring you any closer to killing Lilith or bringing him back."

I take another drink off the Whisky bottle. Something abut what Ruby was saying was starting to ring true. He wouldn't want to see me all drunk on my ass and going around half cocked on jobs. But, right now I didn't care. I just wanted it to all go away and let me grieve in peace. 4 months was long enough to leave me alone. I choke back the emotion in my voice beore speaking.

Sam: "I am always careful. He knows that. These are cuz I hurt my back on that last job."

Ruby: "Well, apparently there's been something in your behavior that's got him worried that you're going to do something stupid."

Sam: "I did something stupid. I trusted you. I just told you I'd let you train me to fight off demons so I can kill Lilith. It doesn't get any more stupid then trusting the enemy. He always told me I shouldn't trust you cuz your a demon."

Ruby: "That was the smartest thing you've done. You wouldn't listen to him. You know I'm on your side. Your brother took a chance crossing the spiritual line there to talk to you. There are no open lines of communication where he is. He's being stripped of his humanity more and more each day. We need to hurry if we're still going to bring back what might resemble your brother."

Now the truth comes out. My brother wasn't even the same person any more. That's why she wasn't in a big hurry to bring him back right away. She was afraid she'd bring back the demon version of what Dean used to be and she knew I wouldn't want her to do that.

Sam: "What do you mean, 'might' resemble my brother?"

Ruby: "I don't want to be the one to tell you this. Not in this state of mind you're in."

Sam: "Would you cut the shit and just tell me already?"

I throw the Whiskey bottle against the wall getting frustrated at her line of answering questions with another question or some round about answer. I wanted to hear her admit the truth. Dean was gone and never coming back. She was stringing me along all this time.

Ruby: "You need to relax. You're brother is being turned into one of them. He can come back physically as himself, but he may never be the same psychologically or emotionally. He'll carry a lot of pain from what happened down there with him and he may be distant towards you."

Sam: "I don't care. At least he's not in hell anymore. He's living the life he's supposed to be living and not being some demon's bitch or whipping boy."

Ruby: "You sound like your ready to train."

Sam: "Let's do it."

I still feel a little drunk. So, basically anything that happens physically I won't feel. Ruby just sees me mirroring Dean's actions. The real deal is I want this to be my final fight tonight. I'm done. I've made every deal I can possibly think of and they don't want anything I have. I've gone to the Devil's Gate. That didn't do anything for me either. I felt a lot of old memories come flooding back from when Dean and I went after the Yellow Eyed Demon and I killed Jake. It just sent me even deeper into this spiral. I remembered Bobby as a strong hunter trying to help save Ellen from being blown away by the winds blowing as they were closing the Devil's Gate. I realized how much I actually missed both of them. Now I mourn the loss of a brother, a friend and one hell of a hunter. Granted, Bobby's not dead. He's far from it. But, he's so far into drinking that I'm not sure he can ever be pulled back and I can't bring myself to deal with it any longer.

That's the real reason I haven't returned his calls. I can't deal with the idea of my brother's death sending him over the edge. It's too much to deal with. This is the end of my world. Everyone I've ever loved or cared about is gone.

With that, Ruby and I go into what I hope, is my last fight ever. Two demons against one hunter. Ruby wouldn't even go into this one with me. She's been training me for months on how to expel demons without the book. Hell, I didn't even need to chant. I just closed my eyes, held out my hand, and somehow with the power of my mind, the demon would flood out of the human host.

Problem is, the human usually ends up dead and it gives me the worst headaches you can possibly imagine. Sometimes I even bleed from my nose or pass out. This time I tried it on a demon that was much more powerful then I am. He almost had me down when she came in. She jumped him and stabbed him with the knife sending him back to hell as I sit on the floor prey for the other one. She got him too. Of course when we get back to the hotel, I am livid.

Sam: "I can't believe you just saved my ass like that."

Ruby: "I told you not to go in there half cocked like that. You're suicidal."

Again, I wash the pain pills down with Whiskey. I felt weak like I wanted to fall out, but I wasn't going to show vulnerability in front of her.

Sam: "And? I'm sick of this cat and mouse shit. That fucken shit you taught me didn't work. All I got was a major headache. Are you trying to kill me?"

Ruby: "Me? You're doing a fine job of trying to kill yourself. Pain pills and alcohol is even a stretch for you, Sam. Dean wouldn't want you to do this."

Sam: "Oh, shut up. Stop trying to act like you're so concerned with poor pitiful me. You just want Lilith dead. Well, sorry but your little hand of Ipecac isn't working on her type. Those fuckers almost killed me."

I sit down in a chair and put my head in my hands. The room is spinning from the combination of the pills and the intense headache that the expelling gives me every time.

Ruby: "Sam, it works. You just have to get stronger. You have to keep trying to use it. The headaches will go away and the nose bleeds will stop. I promise it's not going to kill you. I'm not giving you anything I know you can't handle."

She comes over and puts her hands on my face. For a minute, she's almost human kneeling there looking up at me with those puppy dog eyes. She's the only being showing me any compassion. The only being that's been there from the beginning until the end. She knew and just understood everything I was going through. She comforted me and took care of me. For a moment, I lost myself. She started kissing me and I kissed her back.

Sam: "No, Ruby. What the hell are you doing?"

Ruby: "Shhhh, it's OK. You need to be reminded how human you really are."

I move away from her.

Sam: "This is wrong. I can't do this with you."

Ruby: "What's so wrong about it? I'm here and I'm willing. This body is nothing."

Sam: "It's not the body. Maybe it is. I don't know. This is wrong on so many different levels. I don't even know where to start."

I sit on the bed. Yeah, this time I'm defiantly not going to get up and go anywhere. I feel too light headed to go anywhere. As predicted she comes to me again. We start kissing. Next thing I know, our clothes are coming off and I am having the most incredible hot, angry sex I've ever felt. She's right. It did remind me how human I am and maybe in a way she even saved my life. For what it was worth.

But nothing could prepare any of us for what happened next. The next day after the huge storm, there was a report of a meteor crashing into earth or so the local cow folks will have you believing or was it alien beings? I don't read tabloids and the hearsay, you mind as well forget it. I know what it was Superman was on the Clark farm. You get the point. Ruby or Kristy or whatever she wants to be called this week is getting cleaned up when there is a knock on the door.

Ruby: "That must be the pizza."

I'm in the bathroom so I have no idea who she is opening the door in her underwear and tank top for. I walk out to the sight of my dead brother walking in the flesh and Bobby standing right next to him sober as a judge and wide eyed. My first instinct is that it couldn't possibly be Dean. So, of course I attack him and Bobby pulls me off of him. Apparently, that big crash was Dean crawling back from the Dead.

Well, that's what they have me believing anyway. You be the judge. The rest as they say is written in history.

The End