Chapter 7: Ride

Vegeta opened his eyes to hear different noises coming from the kitchen. He still felt relatively woozy from all the sugar he had consumed the day before. He would never admit it to anyone else but a large sugar intake still made him crash like a toddler. The night before he had come back home to see Bulma hustling about the kitchen. He barely acknowledged her and she did not seem to notice him. Vegeta never pegged Bulma as one to use the kitchen, let alone know her way around it past fixing appliances; and that was only because of her apparent mechanical genius.

As he rolled out of the bed and headed to his bedroom door, Vegeta could hear mumbling coming from the kitchen. He entered the hallway, trying to ignore the noise coming from the kitchen. What he could not ignore was the welcome smell of chocolate and strawberries. Vegeta completed his daily hygiene routine and headed towards the kitchen.

Bulma was carefully placing something in the refrigerator when Vegeta walked in the kitchen. She turned to see Vegeta staring around the kitchen in thinly veiled horror. "I know it looks a mess right now. Have no fear. I'll have this cleaned up in no time." She started gathering all the dishes and utensils she had been using and put them in the sink.

Vegeta gave her a glare and headed towards the refrigerator. Bulma watched out of the side of her eye as he opened the refrigerator and pulled out the carton of milk. She saw him lean against the counter and began chugging. Rolling her eyes, Bulma started washing dishes. She could feel Vegeta's eyes watching her and shifted slightly. After a few minutes, she began to concentrate on cleaning the kitchen rather than Vegeta's silent presence.

Bulma was so engrossed in her task that she did not notice when Vegeta was directly beside her. She almost screamed when she saw him in her peripheral vision. "What the hell is wrong with you? You scared me!" Bulma slapped his arm with her wet hand. "Why are you still in here anyway? Shouldn't you be hassling my aunt for breakfast?"

The flame-haired man simply smirked at how uncomfortable Bulma was. "It's almost noon, woman; well past the time for breakfast."

"And don't you have a job to do? Surely you're very late." Bulma looked at him pointedly. She watched him shrug and rolled her eyes. "Doofus..."

Vegeta let out a deep chuckle. "Doofus? Really? That's the best your supposedly brilliant mind could come up with? Are you still in middle school, woman?" He polished off the carton of milk and discarded the empty carton in the trash. He started to leave when Bulma's voice stopped him.

The blue-haired woman appeared contemplative for a moment. "I never went to middle school." Bulma shot him a sarcastic look. "Don't forget about our deal, Vegeta," she piped. She heard him let out an irritated grunt as he retreated back to his room. Bulma smiled in triumph and continued washing the dishes.

A little while later, Frank watched Vegeta join him and Goku in the stables. "Nice of you to grace us with your presence this fine afternoon, Vegeta."

"This isn't the first time I've been late, Frank," Vegeta said with a glare. He began putting on his gloves and picked up an empty pail. "You're just going to dock my pay. What's it amount to? Half a day?"

"You know," Frank smiled in a way that reminded Vegeta far too much of a Cheshire cat, "I've been thinking about that. I don't think docking your pay really gets the point across. After all, if you put in overtime, you can always just earn it back. I prefer to keep paying you, but just give you something different to do."

Vegeta shrugged. "Like what? Clean the stalls?"

"No. I've got something far better than that." Frank looked out towards the part of the ranch Vegeta rarely ventured to. Vegeta followed his gaze. "I'm sure the instructors could always use a helping hand." He clapped a hand down on Vegeta's shoulder with a hearty laugh as he passed the younger man.

Vegeta scowled behind Frank's back. If there was one thing he hated, it was teaching the newbies how to ride. He despised giving riding lessons mainly because he strongly disliked whiny children and conceited women more concerned with breaking a nail than staying on the horse. However, Vegeta had to applaud Frank for his choice of punishment.

"Lessons start at two, Vegeta!" Frank called over his shoulder.

Goku snickered from his corner on the wall. He stopped when he saw the expression on Vegeta's face. Coughing to disguise his laugh, he leaned up off the wall and pocketed his hands. "So why were you so late anyway?" he asked.

"I overslept." The tone Vegeta used ended the conversation before it even began. Goku, having known Vegeta for most of his life, decided not to say anything else and they silently went about their respective jobs.

A few hours later, Bulma sat outside on the porch of the ranch house. Her aunt sat not too far away from her. They were both sipping the strawberry lemonade Cherry had made. "I'm surprised you aren't running around the kitchen, Aunt Cherry. It's strange to see you just sitting out here," Bulma said.

Cherry let out a small laugh. "Even I need a break, Blue. Besides, I'm not completely idle like you. I'm still making a list of the ingredients I need for the final pastries and cakes I'm making for the fair. That reminds me. Did you make that torte?"

"I did. It's in the refrigerator back in the cottage. I haven't made it since I was in college."

"You act like that was so long ago, Blue. You've only been out of college for what? Five years?"

Bulma nodded and looked back out at the ranch. Since she'd entered college at a relatively young age, she'd finished all her schooling by the time she could legally drink. Bulma had never really thought about it, but she was something of an overachiever. Since she was a child all she did was learn. Even as vice-president of her father's company, she was still learning; learning the business so that she could take over one day. I have almost no life outside of science, she thought sadly. Yamcha was the closest I came to a legitimate friend and I'm not even sure that was genuine. Oh well...

Vegeta caught her eye at the stables. He was helping some women mount horses. The two women were incredibly flirty and giggly. Vegeta paid them absolutely no mind and went about leading the horses to the riding pasture just past the stables. Bulma had cleverly disguised herself under a baseball cap. He rolled his eyes and guided the women on horses to a pasture beyond the barn.

"This should be so much fun! Plus our instructor is so handsome!" The women were already wearing on his nerves. They were middle-aged, loud, and giggle like teenagers.

"I never got your name," the redhead said to Vegeta. Her voice had lowered significantly and she was staring at him with a sneaky grin on her face. Vegeta craned his neck to look at her. "I wouldn't like to just keep calling you instructor. My name is Victoria, but everyone calls me Vika."

Vegeta stared the woman down with a look colder than ice. Vika seemed completely unfazed by his glare and waited patiently with the grin on her face. Rolling his eyes, Vegeta looked away from her. "Vegeta," he answered.

Vika nodded. "Such a regal-sounding name, Vegeta. One that commands respect and exudes authority."

She's really laying it on thick, Vegeta mused with a smirk on his face.

Bulma continued to watch the scene from her perch on the main house's porch. Even from her seat she could see how hard the redhead was flirting with Vegeta. Her blonde friend seemed to urge her on. From her relatively short time knowing Vegeta, Bulma could he was not easily catered to. The older woman may have thought she had the upper hand by stroking his ever-expanding ego, but in reality Vegeta was just stringing her along.

She's at least my mother's age. If she's going to come on to him she should try to not be so obvious about it. Vegeta is enjoying toying with her, Bulma mused. The woman was now practically throwing herself at Vegeta. It was both amusing and somewhat disgusting. Sighing, Bulma looked away and stared up at the clouds.

"Blue, your mother is on the phone." Cherry reappeared carrying the portable phone. She handed it to Bulma and retreated back into the house.


"Bulma! How are you? I tried calling your cell but it kept going straight to voicemail. Is everything okay?" Bunny sounded somewhat frantic and concerned. Bulma could only chuckle a bit.

"I'm fine, Mom. I just broke my phone and haven't replaced it yet. Honestly, you worry far too much."

"Sometimes I think you don't worry enough, Bulma. Besides, Yamcha keeps calling me trying to find you. You should at least call him and talk to him..."


"Now I'm not saying you have to tell him where you are. Just tell him why you need this time alone and that you'll be back soon. That way he will stop hassling everyone in New York City about where you are."

Bulma smiled a bit. "He's really been that adamant about finding me? That's definitely new. I honestly believe he's just being nosy, though. He didn't care where I was until I wasn't around for him to flaunt." She sighed and gazed up at the blue sky. "Okay. I'll call him. Just make sure he doesn't call Daddy. You know he can't keep a secret if he tried."

Bunny giggled on her end. "As smart as your father is, you'd think he'd be able to hold water. He loves to explain and discuss. I hope you're having fun, dear. Just remember to keep a low profile."

"I will, Mom. Tell Daddy I love him. Talk to you later."

"Yes. Bye-bye, dear." The call ended and Bulma sat the phone down. She glanced over to the pasture where Vegeta was supervising the two women on the horses. The heiress stood and made sure her baseball cap was tight. Then she began walking towards the pasture.

Vika was chatting to Vegeta as she circled the pasture on the horse. Vegeta was barely listening to her, catching tidbits here and there. From what he had heard, he learned that Vika was a masseuse and her friend's name was Rosalie. Other than that information, Vegeta had heard nothing. He turned in a circle, watching the women. He noticed Vika had stopped talking. Vegeta turned around to look at her, but was stopped when he saw what Vika was looking at.

"Hey, sexy!" Bulma was strolling up to him with a big smile on her face. Without warning, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug. "Play along," she whispered in his ear.

Slowly, Vegeta returned her hug. "What are you doing, woman?"

"Discouraging the puma concolor from stalking her prey," she whispered back. She released Vegeta and stepped back. "Having fun out here?" Her voice was louder now.

"It's hot," Vegeta said blandly.

"Well, why don't you take a break? I'll watch these ladies while you go refresh yourself." Bulma grabbed the ropes out of his hand and pushed him towards the big house. "Hurry now! I'm sure these ladies wouldn't want to miss a moment of your instruction." She gave Vegeta another smile and a wink. She could still see the bemusement on Vegeta's face as he began walking back towards the big house. After watching him go, Bulma's smile dropped and she faced the women.

Vika's pleasant disposition had changed dramatically. "Where is Vegeta going?"

Bulma began working the rope into a proper knot. "Just to replenish himself. He'll be back momentarily. In the meantime, why don't we bring these horses to a trot? I'm sure you're dying for some more excitement than just sauntering around in a circle." Bulma's smile returned, but this time there was a hint of mischief in it.

Vegeta walked in the big house and immediately went to the kitchen. Cherry was there getting an early start on dinner. Vegeta could smell the beginnings of something. He sneaked over to the stove and opened the lid off a large pot. Inside was some of Cherry's homemade marinara sauce. She also had a pot of water that was beginning to boil.

"Why are you in my kitchen, Vegeta?" Cherry asked as she swooped inside the hot room. She headed straight for the refrigerator. Vegeta opened his mouth to answer but before he could form the words Cherry had poured him a glass of lemonade and ushered him to the island in the middle of the kitchen. Vegeta sat down on a stool and watched Cherry cook. "You never told me why you were in here, Vegeta," the older woman said as she began grating cheese.

"The woman told me to rest for a moment," Vegeta replied.

Cherry hummed to herself. She peered out the window overlooking the pasture. "You mean she saved you from that woman. I saw the way she was eyeing you. You'd think you were a five-course meal and she was Goku. She wanted every inch of you, my good sir."

"That obvious?"

"You'd have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to notice. It was nice of Bulma take over before that woman really started to sink her teeth into you. She almost reminds me of that skank you bring around here sometimes." Cherry did not hide the disdain in her voice.

Vegeta knew she was referring to Mai. Cherry usually did not care for whomever he brought home, but she never failed to show how much she disapproved of Mai. "Perhaps they are related," he said dryly.

Cherry smiled with her back to him. "Perhaps. However, I think you should get back out there. Blue's patience can run thin and she does not have close to the self-control you do," she said.

Bulma was wondering how Vegeta managed to put up Vika and her friend for so long without snapping at them. He must have the patience of a fucking saint. These two crybabies are about to make me strangle them, she thought tersely.

"Oh look! Vegeta's back!" Vika sounded far too giddy. Bulma turned around to see where he was coming from and was taken completely by surprise by his actions.

Vegeta grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into a kiss. Bulma's eyes were wide and her arms flailed about for a moment. After the initial shock wore off, Bulma brought her hands in and placed them on Vegeta's chest. She fisted his shirt and pulled on it to bring him closer. After a good 30 seconds, the two separated.

"You can go now," Vegeta said.

"Nuh huh," was all Bulma could manage at the time. "I think I'll go back to the cottage now."

Vegeta watched Bulma walk shakily towards their shared home. Smirking, he looked back at his two charges. "Let's finish this."

Bulma flopped down on the couch in the living room when she returned to the cottage. What the hell just happened? She was thoroughly confused. Their act did not need to go that far to seem realistic. He's a pretty good kisser, though. Laughing softly, Bulma reached for the remote and turned the television on.

"So is she your girlfriend?" Vika asked as Vegeta helped her dismount from the horse. "She seems so young and you're so... mature," she said.

"She is young." Vegeta tied up the horse. "But she's no younger than me."

"You never answered my question."

Vegeta looked at her. "Should I go get her so you can see for yourself?" he asked. Vika bit her lip and said nothing more. She motioned to her friend and they headed to the check-in station. Rolling his eyes, Vegeta finished tying the horses up. He appreciated female attention as much as any man would, but sometimes it was more trouble than it was worth. It occurred to him belatedly that he had never directly answered Vika's question.

After finishing his work, Vegeta headed to the cottage to shower and get ready for dinner. When he entered his home, he saw Bulma watching television. She seemed engrossed in some entertainment gossip show. As he passed her, he noticed that she was squeezing the remote so tightly that her knuckles had turned white. It interested him what had her so bothered that he glanced at the television.

She was watching one of those paparazzi shows where they catch up with celebrities outside clubs and airports just for a quick chat. At the moment, they were going on about some famous baseball player who had been seen partying with some model.

"But isn't he dating Bulma Briefs? They've been an item since the beginning of time."

"I don't know if they've broken up. No one's seen Bulma Briefs in almost two weeks. Usually she turns up shopping or leaving her office. No such luck this week."

"Well that's odd. Did you get any words with..."

The conversation went on for a few minutes before they showed the athlete in question with a model who resembled Bulma in a strange way. The man appeared shocked that he'd been caught on tape. He was even asked if he was concerned Bulma was going to see it, to which he shrugged and answered that Bulma never read gossip magazines or watched celebrity shows.

Well, she's doing it now. What a moron. Why would you be so arrogant and casual about your infidelity? Vegeta wondered. He chanced a glance over at Bulma she looked ready to throw the remote at the television. Before she could, Vegeta touched her hand. Bulma glared up at him, looking ready to strike. She relaxed when she realize it was him. Vegeta took the remote from her and turned it off.

"That asshole! He makes me so sick!" Bulma got to her feet and began to walk towards her bedroom. Before she got to the hallway, she whirled around and looked at Vegeta. "You know what? Fuck him! I don't care anymore! My mother said I should call him and talk it out. I think not! That idiot can burn in hell for all I care! How dare he make a fool of me like this! Who the hell does he think he is? Doesn't he know who the fuck I am?" She was yelling at Vegeta in an octave he never knew she could reach.

"He does, woman. He just doesn't care," Vegeta said plainly.

Bulma stopped moving. She sighed and sat back down on the couch. "You're right. He doesn't care."

Vegeta sighed and crossed his arms. Bulma looked near tears. The last thing he wanted was a crying woman. He could deal with her when she was yelling. However, a crying woman was a foreign concept to him. "Then you shouldn't either, woman. If he doesn't give a damn, then you're wasting precious energy giving a rat's ass about him." He headed to the bathroom.

Bulma watched Vegeta disappear down the hall. He's right. If Yamcha doesn't care then I shouldn't either. I'm Bulma Fucking Briefs! I can have any man I want! I could destroy his career if I so felt the need to. She took a deep breath and sat up straight. I'm better than that. Revenge is childish. There other ways to deal with this. Just... don't care.

"Woman!" Vegeta's voice brought Bulma out of her thoughts. "You should eat lightly tonight."

Bulma raised an eyebrow. "Eat lightly? Why?"

Her answer came almost three hours later. Bulma stood on the ranch's porch as Vegeta wheeled his bike up to the front. He tossed Bulma a bright reflective vest. She noticed he was already wearing one. The sun had set though there was still some light on the horizon. Bulma hesitantly put it on and started to descend the porch steps as Frank came outside, lighting a cigar.

"Where are you two headed all dressed up like that?" the older man asked. He took a seat on one of the rocking chairs. Cherry came outside as well, carrying a glass of whiskey and a lemonade. She placed the whiskey on the table between the two rocking chairs and sat across from her husband. "A bit late for a joyride, don't you think?"

Vegeta tossed a helmet to Bulma before putting on his own. "Your precious Blue was just begging me to teach her to ride. I said tonight after dinner. Well, it's after dinner," he replied shortly. Vegeta mounted the bike looked at Bulma. The heiress was tugging the helmet down.

"You're not going to teach her on that road, are you?" Cherry spoke up. She did not approve of even Vegeta riding the bike. She thought they were too dangerous and people were way too irresponsible with them. "You know how I feel about that thing, Vegeta."

"Your concern is duly noted, Ms. Cherry. However, I am not using the road that leads to this place. I have a spot in mind that's deserted and a lot more... illuminated. Get on, woman."

"All right, all right. You don't have to rush me." Bulma took her seat behind him and looked back at her aunt and uncle. "Be right back!" she yelled over the revving of the bike. Within the next moment, Vegeta had shot off.

Frank took a gulp of his whiskey and sighed at the warm taste. He sat the glass back down and ashed his cigar before looking over at his wife. Cherry was flipping lazily through a clothing catalogue while sipping her lemonade. "Is that just lemonade, dear?"

Cherry looked up from her catalogue. "Of course, dear. What kind of lemonade is the question you should be asking," she replied with a wink. "Do you think those two will be safe?"

"Sure they will. They're big kids. They can take care of themselves and if anything happens I'm sure we'll get a call. Don't worry. Bulma said they'd be back so they will. She would never lie to us."

"Perhaps you're right." Cherry looked off towards the gate to the ranch. "I still don't like that bike."

Vegeta took Bulma to the outskirts of the town. They were riding down a road that was well-paved but in the middle of a forest. Bulma felt a little anxious about being so far away from civilization and enclosed in such a dark place. The only good thing about the road was that it was well-lit. It made it hard to see into the forest with how bright the lights were.

Vegeta came to a stop and parked the bike. Bulma released her hold on him and he got off, removing his helmet simultaneously. He motioned for Bulma to scoot forward on the seat. She complied and looked down. Vegeta smirked when he realized that she apparently needed something to do with her hands. What a silly woman.

"So what do I do now?"

"Well, first you should familiarize yourself with the vehicle." Vegeta sat behind her. He covered her hands with his own and guided them around. "On the right side, you have the brake and the accelerator. The pedal down there is the rear brake. This in the middle is the gauge. On the left side, this is clutch. Down by your left foot is the gear shift." He pointed out all the different mechanisms and walked her through how everything worked. Vegeta noticed that she remained completely silent as he talked, but it was clear she was paying attention by the way she nodded slowly. "Start the bike."

Bulma looked down at the handlebars. She ran her mind back to what Vegeta had said. Okay. Flip the switch here. Then turn the key to the ignition position. What else did he say? Disengage the clutch and then press start. Bulma proceeded to do everything she ran down in her mind with extreme precision and the bike started smoothly.

Vegeta was impressed. When he taught Goku how to ride his bike it took the imbecile at least four times to get the sequence right. It was a miracle that he had not broken anything. "You forgot the kickstand," Vegeta said in her ear.

Smiling, Bulma used her left foot to put the kickstand up. The feeling of the bike being free-standing took her by surprise but Vegeta made sure she stayed steadied on the bike by wrapping his arms around her waist. The action took Bulma by surprise. Of course he'll hold onto me. He can't very well ride behind me with no support, she thought, trying to calm herself.

"Aren't you going to put your helmet back on? Not exactly safe to ride without one on."

"Woman, you aren't getting out of first gear for this lesson. Besides, I need to clearly see what you're doing and I can't if that damn helmet is in the way. Now pay attention." Vegeta placed his left hand on her thigh. Bulma jumped slightly, but looked down at what he was doing. "Relax. You're too tense. Do you know how to drive manual in a car?"

Bulma shrugged. She could barely hear him. "I learned but I prefer automatic."

"Then you know the proper way to shift gears?"

"Yeah. I suppose."

"You either do or you don't, woman."

Bulma sighed and removed her helmet as well. Craning her neck, she glanced over her shoulder at Vegeta. "I know the basic mechanics of it but I learned all that stuff when I was sixteen. Isn't it a bit different on this though?"

Vegeta frowned at her before sighing. He then went into great detail about how to switch gears and then how to accelerate, using his hands to show her how everything worked. Bulma listened intently. When Vegeta placed his arms back around her waist, she took a deep breath. She followed Vegeta's instructions and before she knew it they were rolling slowly down the straight street.

He looked at her and saw she was smiling as she drove. "Can you turn around?" he whispered in her ear over the sound of the bike. She jumped again. It was almost as if she kept forgetting he was there. That or she was nervous for him to be so close. Vegeta watched closely as she maneuvered the bike around without stopping. Then she started driving back to where they left their helmets.

"I can see why you ride this thing," Bulma said. "It's fun having the wind in your face."

"I don't ride it to feel the wind in my face," Vegeta countered.

"Oh? So why do you ride it?"

"For the freedom." Vegeta moved his head from her right shoulder to her left. It was the only way to keep her hair from blinding him. It dawned on Vegeta that aside from Bulma, he'd never actually shared his motorcycle with anyone else. He barely let people ride in his car with him and Goku was lucky he won a bet against Vegeta for him to even consider teaching him. But Vegeta had allowed Bulma all of these and he didn't know why. Sure, he was attracted to her. Vegeta would admit that much. He was attracted to most beautiful woman and Bulma was no exception. There was something else about her, though. Something that made him think more of her than just being a pretty face.

"Do you want me to turn again?" Bulma asked as they neared their helmets.

"If you want to." The truth was Vegeta did not want to let her go. As expected, Bulma was also having too much fun to just stop so she turned the bike and headed back down the street.

As they rode in silence, Bulma relaxed a bit more until Vegeta was pretty much the back of her "seat." It was a subtle movement and Bulma barely realized she was doing it. She was comfortable in his arms. Seeing that he was complacent in their ride, Bulma shifted to the second gear. The move took Vegeta by surprise and he watched warily as she sped up slowly.


"Don't worry. I won't go too fast. I won't even switch up to third. I'll stay right here." Bulma smiled as she drove a little faster. The wind whipped through her hair. She stiffened a little when she felt Vegeta increase his grip on her waist. "I'm not making you nervous, am I?"

"Just pay attention to the road, woman," Vegeta said. They lapsed into a comfortable silence once more. Vegeta inhaled and realized he could smell strawberries for some reason. He flashed back to walking in the bathroom after Bulma showered. It always smelled of strawberries.

Bulma eventually pulled back up to their helmets and parked the bike. She turned it off and twisted in the seat to look at Vegeta. There was a big smile on her face. "Well? How was I?"

Vegeta removed himself from the bike and picked up the helmets. He tossed Bulma hers. "Well you caught on to it faster than I thought you would." He then smirked. "You're still barely novice, though," he said. Bulma playfully pushed him and stood up off the bike. At the same time, Vegeta was stepping forward to mount the bike. They bumped into one another. Being the more solid of the two, Vegeta won the battle of bodies and had to reach out to keep Bulma from falling back into the bike. He pulled her into his chest, holding his helmet out to the side.

The heiress was surprised by both the bump and then being firmly held in place next to Vegeta's chest. She looked up into his face and saw he was looking down on her. She knew exactly what he was thinking; or what she thought he was thinking. He's probably thinking that I'm a silly woman. Damn him for being so handsome, she thought. Well, that last one was pretty random. He is kinda cute but he's such an ass sometimes. Either way, he is a great kisser. Bulma's eyes widened slightly when she remembered the kiss. She'd almost completely forgotten about it. Considering that Yamcha's infidelity had been all over the television, the kiss had escaped her mind. Her eyes fell to his lips. How long have we just been standing here?

"I'm going to kiss you now," Bulma stated quietly. She saw Vegeta's left eyebrow raise slightly, but he did nothing to stop her. The kiss was soft and chaste, yet Vegeta had the feeling she was holding back immensely. She was restraining herself and he did not know why. When she pulled back, she immediately put her helmet on and took a seat on the bike. Smirking once more, Vegeta followed her example and they were off.

The ranch was completely dark when they returned. Vegeta drove slowly and quietly towards the cottage. Bulma dismounted fairly quickly as he parked. She headed straight for the door. She tried opening it and then realized that she did not have a key to the house. Sighing, she got ready to look for Vegeta when two hands appeared on either side of her. Bulma turned around and saw Vegeta standing there, looking at her in a predatory manner.

"Are you going to open the door any time soon?" Bulma said, leaning back against it. She knew her arm was covering the keyhole but made no indication that she did. Vegeta leaned in closer to her. "Well?"

"You are in my way. Move."

Bulma leaned in closer to his face. "Make me," she whispered. Vegeta did nothing and Bulma giggled. She moved her arm so he could open the door. Once the two were inside, Bulma headed for her room. "Well, I'm out for the night. Thanks for the..."

Vegeta took hold of Bulma's arm and pushed her against his bedroom door. His lips crashed against hers before she could ask what his problem was. Bulma seemed surprised. She had never even heard him come up behind her. He moved so silently that it was scary. His kiss was not soft or chaste as hers had been. It was almost bruising but Bulma welcomed it. She dropped her hands to her side as she melted into the kiss. Vegeta held her up with one arm.

The kiss broke and Bulma opened her eyes. She seemed lost for a moment before she recognized Vegeta. He had stepped away from her. What was he thinking? This was his boss' niece. The way she was looking at him with lust and need in her eyes was as hard to ignore as the ache in his groin. She reached out for him and this time he was the one being pushed up against her bedroom door while kissing him again. Vegeta took the initiative once again and pushed her against his door. She gripped onto his shoulders and both fought for dominance. Eventually Vegeta left her mouth and began heading lower. His right hand began working the buttons on her shirt while his left hand steadied her. Growing tired of fighting the buttons, Vegeta settled for ripping the shirt open, sending the buttons flying everywhere.

"Mmmm... I liked that shirt..." Bulma whispered. Vegeta made even shorter work of her designer bra. "That was an eighty-dollar..." She could no longer speak past muttering Vegeta's name as he kneaded her left breast in his hand. Bulma's hands made their way to his hair as he went even lower with his mouth as he hoisted her up with one hand. Bulma continued to moan his name.

Suddenly, Vegeta stopped everything. Bulma gasped in shock at his sudden let up. Then he picked her up properly. Bulma looked dazed and confused. Vegeta saw her questioning, lost expression and smirked. He opened his door with one hand, stepped in, and kicked it shut. His room was dark, but Bulma barely noticed it. Vegeta dropped her on something soft before covering her with his body once more. She tensed when his hand went for her denim shorts.

Vegeta stopped and looked at her. He could see her eyes in the very dim light the moon afforded them through his small window. "I can stop." It would be excruciating, but he would stop if she was hesitant.

Bulma tried to slow her breathing in order to form coherent words other than his name. She shook her head. "No, don't stop," she whispered. Vegeta nodded and went back to what he was doing. Bulma tangled her hands in his hair and gasped as she felt what he was doing with his mouth. A long groan escaped her mouth. "Don't stop. Please don't stop."