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Elemental Melody

Chapter 1

"Dad, what do you mean?"

"What I mean, Himeno, is that you, Mawata, and Mayune are going to have brothers."



Himeno Awayuki's eyes looked as though they were glowing, and she looked like she was about to pummel her father. Adopting seven brothers?! Were they even actually related?! She sighed and looked up at the ceiling, "Dad...think about brothers."

Kaoru Awayuki nodded, "Your mother and I have discussed this for a while. I need some help around the house, your mother wouldn't mind a son..."

"Or seven," Himeno muttered under her breath.

Natsue Awayuki walked in, and said to Himeno, "Please, do try and get along with them, dear. Your sisters have already said that they will try."

Himeno hesitantly nodded and walked outside. She sat on by the small lion fountain beside Mawata. She asked her sister, "So...what do you think about this?"

"I'm not sure," Mawata looked at her older sister, "Seven brothers might be a bit much. At least..." she glanced back up at the three story house, "...we'll have the room."

"If you say so. I've heard that they have a big age gap. But I don't know if they were actually related or not," the sixteen year old told Mawata.

"Mayune almost went all out at screaming something at Dad and Mom when they told her. I could tell that it was taking everything she had to not scream," Mawata let out a small laugh.

" we just have to put up with a lot of legal crap, and in about a few more weeks, and we'll be in a living hell."

"I wouldn't...say that..."

"Then how would you put it?"

"...I supposed in a few week's time, we'll find out."


"Himeno, Mayune, Mawata, meet your brothers," Kaoru beamed.

The three girls stared at all the boys. The oldest was eighteen, and had long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail with golden eyes. "I'm Kei."

They nodded at him. Next were the two tallest ones (or so it appeared). One had long dark blue hair tied back near the bottom and had even darker blue eyes. The other had slicked back, spikey brown hair streaked with red. Kei said, "Believe it or not, these are twins. They're seventeen, and are Hayate and Goh."

The three girls gaped. They looked absolutly nothing alike! Probably their attitudes... they simltaneously thought.

Goh gave a friendly grin, but Hayate just stared at them. Next to them was a sixteen year old with silver hair and beautiful amethyst eyes. He smiled with warmth, "Hello, ladies. I am Sasame."

The three instantly liked him.

Next was a teen about fourteen years old with white hair and indigo eyes. Goh spoke up, "This kid here is Mannen."

The immediate response was, "Hi- I AM NOT A KID!!"

The last two introduced themselves. The one with orange hair and two thick strands in front of his face and had sea blue eyes was Hajime, and he was twelve. The last one had straw colored blonde hair and leafy green eyes. This was Shin, and he was about nine.

The girls bowed and introduced themselves. Mayune went first and introduced her sisters. Then, Kaoru assigned each of the girls to show the boys their rooms. Each boy picked up his own luggage and followed after the girls. Mayune had to take Kei, Sasame, and Mannen. Mawata took Hajime and Shin, leaving Goh and Hayate with Himeno. The pink head took them up to the top floor, and attempted at making a small conversation. "So, uh...Goh?"

"Yes?" He looked down at her with another smile.

" you all have the same parents?"

"No. It's a little hard to explain, but in the end, we're all brothers. And yourself? You and your sisters don't look that much alike."

"No, we're blood sisters. Sort of. We have different mothers. Our current mother, Natsue, is Mawata and Mayune's mother. My mother passed away."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"It's alright."

" does that work? Mayune is the oldest, and Mawata is the youngest."

"'s a little silly. Mom - Natsue - and my dad got together, and Mayune was born. They had an arguement, and separated. Then, Dad met my mom, and had me. When she passed away, Dad was alone for about a year or two and he and Natsue got back together."

He nodded in understanding, and the whole time, Hayate never said a word.

When they arrived, there were some rooms, and Himeno opened a door to one, "Would you like to share a room?"

"Not if we can help it," the two responded at the same time.

Himeno blinked a few times, then said, "Okay...Goh, you can have this room-"


"-and Hayate, you can have this one," Himeno went two doors down.

He grunted out a quiet, "Thank you," and walked inside, shutting the door.

Himeno hoped she wasn't blushing. They were all attractive...brothers. She wanted to slap her face. It sounds weird when I think of it like that!


The next morning, breakfast was rather loud.

"Goh, stop hogging all the syrup!"

"Oh, wah, wah. Wait your turn!"

"Mannen, give us the sugar!"


"Will you guys SHUT UP?!"

"Not until he gives me the syrup/sugar!"


Cowering before their eldest brother, they obeyed. Hayate even chuckled, "You guys never learn."

Hajime and Shin happily ate their pancakes, savoring every bite.

Sasame looked at them, a hint of annoyance in his voice, "Guys, do try not to shout at the table. We're not by ourselves anymore."

The two who yelled the most looked up and saw Natsue's look. Her eyebrow was twitching slightly, and her eyes looked dangerous, but a little mercy was detected. Goh and Mannen bowed their heads, "Sorry, ma'am."

"Do try to keep your indoor voices while at the table."

"Yes, ma'am."

Kaoru happily told his daughters, "You three are going to have to escort the seven to the school. We've already got them enrolled."

"At least it's sort of the beginning of the year," Himeno grumbled with a bite of pancake in her mouth.

"October is a nice month. You can go ahead and catch up," Mawata smiled at the seven.

They all nodded.

"And our school has all the grade levels going from first grade up to twelfth, so we'll all be in the same area. There are separated buildings," Mayune told them.

They all nodded again.

"I've had our maid, Mikage, put your uniforms up in your rooms, so you can go ahead and put them on when you're finished," Natsue took a lady-like bite out of her pancake.

"Is it a co-ed school?" Mannen inquired.

"Yes," the three girls chorused.

Himeno was the first to stand up, "I'm done. Thanks for breakfast."

Kaoru's eyes widened, "Already, Himeno?!"

"Yes..." Himeno trailed off, looking like there was something wrong with her father. "I'm going to take a walk before school."

"Don't wander off too far. You may have to get to school early," Natsue advised.

Himeno nodded, "Okay."

The sixteen year old - who was almost seventeen - walked outside and shivered. She was already in her winter school clothes, but it was rather chilly this morning. She walked around their hundred acre backyard, admiring their statues and fountains and gardens. She didn't know why, but she always felt happy when she was walking around by herself in the gardens. Maybe it was because, as her dad said, her mother passed on her love for gardening to her. She stopped and sat on a bench, resting her legs. She looked at her watch and decided that it was probably time to head back. She made it just in time to bid good-bye to her mother and father before departing. She could already hear her best friend's voice ringing in her ears. "Himeno," she would say, "Don't fall for one of your good-looking brothers! Then, it could become like the wandering seaman...!"

That Yayoi.

On the way there, the three girls pointed out landmarks and shops and stuff to the guys so that in case they walked separately, they could find their way to the school. They looked around, never having been in this city before.

"What is this city called?" Shin asked sweetly. Himeno had to resist hugging him.

"It's called Stellopolis. We have a star for our symbol. We're a fairly big city," she grinned.

Shin frowned and attempted at saying it, "Stell-Stellopolis?"


"Okay...I've got it."

They continued the long walk to school, and continued making conversation to get to know each other. Before they knew it, they were laughing and playing small games.






"Hey, Hayate...what's embryonic?" Hajime looked up at the said teen.

Hayate thought for a second, then said, "It's like a final stage of development for either a plant or animal."







"Good question," Goh grumbled, "Anyway, you lose now!"

Kei let out an evil smile, "My turn now. You won, Goh."

"Oh, damn," Goh grumbled.

"I'll start," Kei offered, "Precox."








Mannen grumbled, "This so isn't right. Keep starting with an 'e' and 'c'..."








Goh grumbled under his breath, then said, "X-ray."



Mannen made Kei give him a high-five. "HA! What NOW, Goh?! You lost BIG time!"

"Hey, shut it, you little twerp!"

"What was that, Your High-Ego-ness?"

"Dammit, c'mere!"

They reached the school a few minutes later, and the girls showed them all to their classes.Goh, Hayate, and Sasame were in the same classes as Himeno. When she lead them to homeroom, they heard two female voices.




"Eighth note."





"Nilo W. Hovey!"

"HEY! That's cheating! We've never said that we would use composer's names! You little-!"

"You never said we couldn't!"

"You cheating little-!"

"Just admit it! I won!"

"I refuse!"

"C'mon! You can't think of one that starts with 'y'!"

Himeno sighed, "They're at it again..." and walked in the room.

There were two girls sitting on desks, facing each, now yelling at each other. One had layered russet brown hair and jade green eyes, and the other had long black hair with red highlights and sky blue eyes. The one with blue eyes was grinning in triumph as the other girl was arguing.

"Hika, Yuka, you're at it again?" Himeno laughed.

The two looked up and beamed, "Hey, Himeno!"

Yayoi Takato ran up, "Oh, Himeno! Who are THESE boys?!"

She groaned. She was right. That Yayoi...

"These are my new brothers. This is Hayate, Goh, and Sasame. You guys, this is my best friend, Yayoi Takato," Himeno introduced them to each other.

"Nice to meet you," the guys said. (Goh and Sasame loudly, Hayate just sort of staring at her)

"Nice to meet you, too!" Yayoi smiled.

"Hey, hey!" the girl with blue eyes pouted, even though she was sixteen, "Not going to introduce us?"

"I was getting there!" Himeno threw her a playful glare. "Hayate, Goh, Sasame, these are my other two best friends, Yukari Fujishiima," she gestured to the green-eyed girl, then to the blue-eyed girl, "Hikari Kawasaki."

"Please to meet you," the two bowed their heads, and the guys returned it.

"You two are hopeless," Himeno shook her head, then told her brothers, "They're always playing that same game, only they only use musical terms."

"We're in band," Yukari boasted with pride, "I play the trumpet!" She looked towards Hikari with an evil eye, "And Hika here plays a woodwind...a clarinet..."

"And what's wrong with that?!" Hikari growled.

"Nothing. It's just..."

"I swear, if you say brass is better-"

"Brass is better-"


Goh blinked, "Are they...uh...Like this...everyday?"

Yayoi and Himeno nodded, "Yep. Pretty much."

Hayate gave a light scoff.

Later, when they were introduced to everyone in the class, they all met up on the roof for lunch. They sat around, and Himeno introduced her friends to the rest of the gang. Mawata grinned with a little mischief, "It's only their first day and I've seen more girls swarm you seven than anything. I already see one particular girl from my class looking at you a lot, Sasame."

"Oh? And who would that be?"

"Her name is Takako."

"Takako..." he repeated the name as if it reminded him of someone.

Then, suddenly, really loud, Yukari laughed, "Oh, hey! This one time at band camp-!"

A few of the guys groaned quietly.

"-Takako, the girl she just mentioned, plays flute, right?!"

Hikari grinned evilly, "Oh, you're not talking about what I think you're talking about, are you?"

"Oh, but I might be..."

"Neat-o! Go on, tell them, tell them!"

"Right. So, anyways...Takako accidentally got caught in the middle of the colorguard in her first year because she was marching backwards and fell out of her shoes. So, what'shername - Sora- hit her with her pole - by accident, of course. Or so we think. And so, Takako was knocked out for like, five minutes."

"I wanna tell from here! Then, about five minutes later, she wakes up, and somebody had put a tuba in front of her and she did not see it, although I don't see HOW, since it's a pretty darn big shiny thing that makes weird noises, BUT...she did. And she fell over it - the band director got REALLY PISSED - and she passed out AGAIN! And when she woke up, she had to face the wrath of our band director. I feel sorry for her, personally. Thank God, the tuba came out okay-"

"Oh, come ON...And so, her punishment was to stay in one position for AN HOUR!"

Himeno and Yayoi, who watched them at practice sometimes, winced in sympathy, "Ouch. That's pretty bad."

"Needless to say, she was really sore the next day or two," Hikari nodded sagely.

The guys stared at them with confusion. Then, Hajime looked to Mannen and questioned quietly, "What is it with these band camp joke things?"

Mannen shrugged, "Beats me."

" that you've heard that poor story...we have an announcement!" Hikari's eyes twinkled dangerously.

Shin almost whimpered, "What is it...?"

Yukari almost jumped up with glee, "SINCE ALL THE OTHER EXTRA CLASSES ARE FILLED UP, YOU FOUR," she pointed at the oldest four, "HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO TAKE BAND!!"

Hayate paused a moment, looking at them with a dumbfounded expression, then, very loudly, exclaimed, "WHAT THE HELL!?"

Yukari and Hikari gaped at him with shock and they both pointed their fingers at him, shouting, "ONE OF THE FIRST THREE WORDS YOU HAVE EVER SAID TO US IS AN EXPLETIVE!! YOU SHALL PPPAAAYYYY!!"

Then, Hikari randomly called, "Daisuke!"

A teen with messy brown hair and brown eyes peered over from behind a wall randomly, "Yeah?"

"Can we borrow your tuba?"

"Are you planning on knocking someone out again?"

"Something like that..."

"Knock yourself out," he randomly gave her the tuba, "Don't damage it too much."

"THANKS, DAISUKE!! It'll be in FAIR condition when I give it back!"

"Have fun," he randomly disappeared.

Mannen sat in confusion, "Why are the authoresses putting so many...randomly-ies in here?"

The others all shrugged.

Then, Hikari and Yukari held the tuba like a spear, yelled bloody murder, and Hayate pretty much ran for his life. Goh's eyebrow twitched, "This is...rather...a...crap. Kei, what's another word for random?"

Kei thought for a second, then said, "Arbitrary."

"This is a rather arbitrary day."

Mannen glared at him, "Yeah, if you had said...that 'R' would've been running like Hayate."


"I think we should help him now," Sasame suggested, "Although the idea to me also sounds a little..."

Then, two shadows towered over him. "SOUND A LITTLE...? PLEASE SASAME, FINISH THAT SENTENCE..."

"Sounds a"

The shadows withdrew, content, "That's better."

He sighed with relief quietly.


In the band room...(dn-dn-dn-dunnnnnnn!!)

Goh smirked at his twin, "So...Hayate...what happened to you? Got stuck down the wrong end of a tuba?"

Hayate stood there, a little scratched up (okay, more than a little...), and growled, "Shut up."

"Ah, so you DID...Interesting. How was it?"

Goh then had a bump on his head.

The band director, Mr. Fujibayashi, who had short black hair and brown eyes walked up to Hayate, Goh, Kei, Sasame, and Yukari and Hikari, who were accompanying the four. The man in his early twenties observed the four. Then, in a slightly joking voice, said, "Well, I guess they're better than nothing."

Hayate and Kei took it seriously. Sasame and Goh sort of chuckled.

"Totally different personalities. This should be fun." He seemed to glare at them for a minute and said, "Why do you want to join band?!"

Four fingers instantly pointed at Hikari and Yukari. They said exactly at the same time, "They made us."

Mr. Fuji, as he was called, looked at the two, who smiled innocentally.

"Now, girls..." he scolded lightly, "What have I told you about intimidating guys into band?"

They grinned, "You told us to."

"Oh, I did? Oh, well. Either way, you four have no choice! Welcome to band, I am Mr. Fujibayashi, aka, Mr. Fuji-"

"Darn. I thought they were lying," Goh muttered to Sasame, who was almost afraid to nod.

"-SO! What instruments would you young men like to play? Plenty available!"

They looked at a sheet with the available instruments. Trumpet, clarinet, percussion, french horn, baritone, tuba (Hayate flinched), alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, violin, and trombone. The four debated for a while, and Mr. Fuji said, "If you need to, you can take the list home and get back to me tomorrow, or you could decide now and take it home to figure out how to play."

"I think I'll take..." Goh hesitated, "The...trumpet."

Yukari cheered, punching a fist in the air, "Alright, another one for my victims - er, I mean, section!!"

Hikari rolled her eyes, and Goh looked uneasy when he heard that. Torture... was the one word that rang in his mind.

Sasame was next to speak, and he was just as unsure, "I'll try the... violin."

Mr. Fuji nodded and looked at Kei. Kei opened his mouth after some deliberation and started, "Alright... the french hor-"

The door creaked open and revealed Mannen waiting. "Um. I was told to come here, too, since I'm a freshman."

Goh smirked and put his brother in a noogie. "How d'ya like that!?"

Mr. Fuji gave the two a confused look, but didn't say anything. "Welcome to you, as well. Come over here and pick out an instrument. Goh has trumpet and Sasame is doing the violin. I believe Kei just said the french horn?"

Kei nodded. Mr. Fuji turned his sights on the last two. "How about you two?"

Rather than looking at the list, Mannen's attention wandered and his eyes landed on a saxophone that was in the hands of a black girl. "That! What is that?"

"You mean Naomi's tenor saxophone?" Mr. Fuji followed Mannen's finger.

"Yeah! I wanna play that!"

"Okay, tenor sax for you, then. Now, last one. Mr. tuba-fearing guy over here-"

"How did you know?!" Hayate blurted in surprise.

"I'm the band director." Mr. Fuji gave a knowing smirk. "I know all. Now, what instrument do you want?"

Hayate grunted and rolled his eyes at Mr. Fuji. "Percussion."

Mr. Fuji took note of all the declared instruments and set them to work. Yukari took Goh and Kei to one of the practice rooms and began to help them- just to get their basics. Mannen was put with Naomi, the black tenor sax player. They immediately began to argue, but got some work done. Sasame went with the strings section leader, a young woman named Chiharu, with black hair and green eyes; Hayate was left to go learn with the percussion leader, Jyou, a young man with curly blond hair and blue eyes.

After about an half hour, though, they all left them to go outside so that the band could work some more on their field show for marching band. The brothers were very surprised to see their new sister, Himeno, outside with the band on the rifle squad.

"Oi! Tulip-head!" Hayate called at her.

Himeno turned her pink eyes on him with a vengeance. "What was that?!"

Hayate suddenly saw the rifle go spinning towards him. It hit his forehead and actually bounced back to Himeno, who caught it and threw it up in the air again. "I said, 'what was that?'"

"I said..." Hayate fell on the ground, dazed.

Hikari glanced over him. "Good shot, Himeno. Think he'll be okay?"

Himeno sighed. "Guess I had better hope so."

The other four brothers crowded around their fallen brother to examine his condition as the band fell into opening formation.


They gathered Hayate up and carried him to the stands. There, they conversed and watched what was happening on the field and what had happened to them throughout the day. Eventually, Hayate stirred and felt well enough to join them.

Hayate was muttering under his breath about Himeno, with the others laughing at him, when there was a sudden lull in the instruments' volumes. One stood out- a trumpet playing a solo.

"Is that-" Goh peered at the figure. "It is!"

"Wow. She's good." Mannen admitted.

Naomi boasted, "Well, Yukari may be good, but I think I'M better!"

Hikari punched her best friend, "You always think you're better."

"I have..." Naomi glanced at Mannen, " underling to train."

Sasame inquired, "How long have you two, Yukari, and Himeno known each other?"

Naomi held up a hand to about her knee, "Since we were TTTHHHIIISSS high!"

He chuckled and ran back off with Chiharu. Hikari nudged Naomi, holding her clarinet, "We should probably head out there, too. Mr. Fuji may know he REALLY needs us, but...he could kill us. You be good children and wait here and watch us!"

"Watch you mess up?" Mannen muttered hopefully before receiving a blow to the skull. With a colorguard rifle. Naomi handed the rifle back to Himeno, who was standing nearby. Hikari, who was ignoring what was going on, ran off, Naomi chasing after her, "Wait for meee, Hika!"

Then, Naomi accidentally crashed into Hikari's side as the said girl turned around. Hikari hissed, "Hey, now! Watch the instrument!"


Hikari ran back up to the stands, and asked Mannen, "Hey, will you hand me those microphones?"

Mannen looked around, then found the small, black objects, and when he handed it to her, she attached one of them to the bell of her instrument. She handed another to Naomi when she got back to the field. When they were both set, they got into position, and began by marching backwards quickly.


A random voice yelled out, "Hey!" while everyone else barked, "Yes, sir! We shall protect the shiny instruments!"

He chuckled, "I've taught you all well. Let's start off with-"

Hayate grumbled, "I don't believe this."

A slow, quiet song began. It started off with a sweet, lonely flute, then the rest of the section and the trumpets joined in softly. It sounded very sad and depressing. The 'rookies' up in the stands listened carefully to it. Then, all the other sections came in, making the song turn into a happy, 'bouncy' piece. Suddenly, everyone quieted except for Hikari and Naomi. They played loudly, the duet sounding happy and fun. They smiled as they marched in imaginary diamonds on the band field(1). The song continued on for a while, then finally faded out.

Mannen groaned, "We're screwed."


Himeno had invited Yayoi, Naomi, Yukari, and Hikari over for a sleepover that day. And so, the fourteen walked home together, eight of them carrying an instrument. Mr. Fuji had allowed Hayate to borrow a pair of drumsticks, and a snare drum. Yukari grinned at Goh, "Oh, you know that I'm going to train you so hard that Mr. Fuji will wonder what happened to you overnight!"

Goh winced.

"Although, Hikari glanced at Kei, "HIM playing the french horn is..."

He glared, "IS...?"

"A little strange."

He raised the horn threateningly.


"Oh, damn."

He fled all the way home from the rabid clarinet player, Naomi following and cheering, "Go on! Beat 'em to a pulp! Make it fast - he'll never know what hit him!!"

"Yes, I will!!" Kei called back, "A damn, shiny, huge TUBA IS ABOUT TO FREAKING HIT ME IN THE SKULL! HOW IN HELL COULD I FORGET THAT?!"

"True, he has a point," Hajime nodded.

Goh grinned evilly, "How about we ask Mr. tuba-fearing guy?"

Hayate delivered a hard punch to his twin's stomach. Goh reeled over in pain, "Okay, okay...geez, can't take a JOKE, can you...?"


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