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Crystalline Nightmare

Chapter 10 - Waiting

"Minako," Pluto whispered gently, cradling the fallen Senshi in her arms while Saturn began to work on the blonde's broken arm. "Are you alright?"

"M-Meh," Venus sputtered weakly, shrugging. "To be honest? I've had better days. But, hey," she opened her eyes and grinned. "I think it's worth it if this is the result."

"Oh, Minako," the green haired woman sighed, resisting the urge to pinch her forehead.

"But, man, what a ride!" Sailor Venus gushed. "Though, promise me; next time I suggest tying up a bipedal bull youma that I've reaaaally pissed off, you beat me over the head, 'kay, 'cause damn is my ass sore!"


"It's okay Rei-chan, we're safe now," Sailor Moon whispered, her legs shaking. She slumped down, Mars' body slouching against her own. The raven haired girl was nearly devoid of all color, most likely from the blood loss from her, thankfully, healed wound. In a flash of red, Mars' transformation was undone, and Rei Hino took her place. "Rei-chan!"

"I'm...so tired," Rei whispered, shuddering. The trembling nearly wrenched the girl from Sailor Moon's arms, and the blonde's heart melted.

"You sleep tight Rei-chan," Sailor Moon murmured into Rei's hair, scooping the already unconscious woman into her arms bridal style. Her arms shook from the effort, but only because her own energy reserves were running dangerously low. "I've got you..."


"Th...They beat Tokui-chan..." Yakedo whispered from her seat on the couch's arm. The four women looked on in shock, while they could all sense the rage of the Shichi Zaiaku building. Not even Moroi would be able to stop the Master's temper this time, when said overlord found out about this recent failure. Even Sui had to cast her head down, her face beginning to lose its color.

"Well, we're fucked," Kitanai drawled.

As if on cue, the phone rang loudly. All four of them glared at one another, none seeming to have the courage to answer the call. Sui nudged Kitanai, who grunted and crossed her arms. Yakedo followed Sui's example and poked her in the arm. She reluctantly went to pick up the phone, letting profanities spew out of her mouth beforehand.

"Um, hello?" Kitanai said fearfully.

"Kitanai?" The Master said. Kitanai's brow furrowed at the calmness of The Master's voice.


There was a pause. "Dammit why do you four keep failing me?! You all are unreliable scum and deserve to be fired! I'm sick of sitting around and waiting for you all to actually succeed at your jobs! We don't have forever. I swear I will come over there myself and rip you apart with my bare hands if you don't do some serious damage soon, do you understand me?"

Kitanai gulped. Moroi, Yakedo, and Sui gaped at her, their mouths hanging half-open. No one was sure of what excuse to give, or if they had give an excuse at all.

"Yes, My Master, I apologize on behalf of all of us. We assure you that, um, all is going according to plan. These are meant to tire the Senshi, and it did at least do that."

"She's right!" Yakedo shouted into the phone. "Hell, we even got that Mars chick all tired. She probably won't move for weeks. And look at Venus and Moon, we wore them out too."

Moroi and Sui sighed. Yakedo had a tendency to exaggerate, and there had never been a better example of that fact.

"Fine then, I'll give you credit for that much," The Master said. "However, your performance is below satisfactory. All of you. Moroi, keep them in line, and pay closer attention to the Senshi. No more of your silly little games."

"Yes, my Master," Moroi replied obediently.

The call ended.

"That wasn't that bad," Sui said, examining her razor-sharp fingernails.

"Yes, but we need to work harder," Moroi countered. If she detested anything, it was failure. The mere thought of failing this whole mission made her skin crawl. She shook off the thought. "Immediately at dawn, we must release the next of the Shichi Zaiaku."

"Ooh, can I go get Netami-chan?" Yakedo asked, jumping up and down.

"Eventually," Moroi said. "As I have stated before, timing is everything."


The Senshi all walked back to the hotel together in a group. Their pace was lagging as Rei was unable to walk properly. Makoto offered to carry her as Usagi was hardly strong enough to carry herself.

"I can't believe I was responsible for all that damage," Haruka said in both amazement and shame as she looked at the broken windows and fallen buildings.

"It's not your fault, hon." Michiru latched onto Haruka's arm as they walked both to the hotel. "It wasn't you, it was our enemy. She possessed your body, so you weren't even you."

"The Haruka-papa I know is nice," Hotaru added, clinging to the blonde's shirt.

"Michiru's right," Setsuna said. "Our enemy has a knack for possessing the bodies of its foes. This surely isn't the last one so we must be careful. The ability to turn our allies against us makes these enemies especially dangerous."

Haruka dug through her memory in an attempt to remember what she had done when she was under that spell. There was the obvious: battling. She had a feeling she did something much worse though. There was little to no doubt in her mind she hurt Michiru unintentionally. The fact it wasn't on purpose didn't make her hurt any less. She sighed and tried to flush the guilt from her mind.


"In that case, we should totally do like the humans do!" Yakedo proclaimed, leaping to her feet and running to the radio she had stolen. "I saw this on TV once! It was so cool, I had to try it, and it's really easy and fun and awesome and cool and--"

"Get on with it, you bafoon!" Sui snapped, flexing her claw-like nails, a sneer on her face. The sudden feeling of ice creeping down her spine made her shudder and look at Moroi, whose unseen eyes seemed to bore into her skull.

"Righto!" Yakedo continued. "So, anyway, you gotta dance along to it, okie dokie artichokie?!"

"Dancing?" Kitanai arched a brow. "Uh...not really my thing. How about you dance and I watch and laugh my ass off."

"That'll work too!" the red haired demon giggled. She finally switched on the device, and a loud, techno beat began to flow from its speakers. A high-pitched squeaky voice began to sing an unrecognizable language, and Yakedo began the most awful, uncoordinated dance known to man. She placed her hands at the top of head and swung her hips to the left and right, bopping her head while she was at it. Everyone watched with a muted sort of horror at the sight, and Moroi's jaw dropped at Yakedo boldly began to move her hips in blatant, pseudo-seductive motions at the white-haired demon.

"And that's how you do it!" the rainbow-clad girl said as the song finished, panting slightly. "Wasn't I sexy, Moroi-chan?" she purred as an afterthought, winking and batting her hand at Moroi in a feline-type of manner.

At Moroi's slackened jaw and her twisted mask of horror, Kitanai leaned over and nudged the unresponsive girl. "Yeah Moroi-chan?" she snickered. "Wasn't Yakedo sexy? Don't you just wanna have at that tight ass?" Moroi's response was to use a pillow from the couch and smash in Kitanai's face, while burying her own face in her scarf and storming towards her chambers. "I don't think that's a no," Kitanai taunted when she pulled the pillow off of her face.

"What in all the seven layers of hell was that?!" Sui asked, blinking at Yakedo.

"It was called Caramelldansen, but I like to call it my sexy dance, 'cause it was totally sexy, right?" Yakedo replied, grinning like a fool.

"Yeeeeah," Kitanai replied, smirking as she leaned back and brushed a few crumbs off her orange t-shirt. "Would you give me a repeat performance?"

"No!" Sui howled, but to no avail as Yakedo began to dance again.