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Breaking the Best Friend Rules
Rating: M
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama
Warnings: Language, some sexual content
Author: rainkissed-vampire


"He can't have you, Bella. He, or anyone else!"
"But why? I don't understand!"
He placed her hand on his chest.
"Do you hear that?"
Thump. Thump.

"It beats for you."

Edward Cullen.

"Ugh, why do you always do this?!"

I snarled and grabbed her wrists in one hand, pinning her to the wall. "Because I can!"

Her nose scrunched up and flushed pink, something she always tended to do when she was angry with me. I knew her every expression, her every habit, her every crave, I knew everything. 16 years of knowing her. And we always had this argument.

"What's the big deal? It's out of courtesy that I do it!"

"Well if that's it, then do me the courtesy of stopping now!"


"Why not?!"

"Because you're the prince, you idiot! And I'm a servant!"

My eyes widened and immediately narrowed at her statement. I moved my face closer to hers, our quick breaths mingling for a few seconds. I spoke hard, cold, making her understand, "You. Are. Not. A servant! You are the princess of the Swan Kingdom, and should be respected as equally as me. I hate it when you degrade yourself like this."

She stared into my eyes, trying to read the expression behind it. "I am a princess of nothing! You know that the Swan Kingdom is gone, forever, along with the rest of my family. You rescued me from making that fact permanent, and it's the least I could do."

I growled, "To being my slave?!"

"No! I'm your best friend, and I'm only trying to repay you by helping you getting things done!"

I was about to ground back a reply, when there was a knock on my door.

"What?" I barked out, turning my attention to the closed door.

"I'm going to have to interrupt your anger management session to tell you that dad wants us to go greet the royal family of the Hale Kingdom. You know how important this is to our alliance, so put on your happiest face and come with me downstairs. Dad already picked out what he wants us to wear," my brother Emmett said.

I groaned in frustration and let go of her wrists, running a hand through my copper-like hair. This has been going on for months now! It was getting on my nerves. I lived in the castle of the Cullen Kingdom, the highest of all kingdoms. Located in the center of Forks, Washington, and surrounded by many little houses with the hospital people that I have learned to love.

And for us to become stronger, my father arranged a marriage for Emmett, the next in line, with the daughter of the Hale's to unite the two kingdoms. And because of this, we have been getting a lot of visitors lately and a lot more work to keep our polite faces on every second of the day.

My father, King Carlisle Cullen, had a reputation for being the most open king to his subjects. The Queen and my mother, Esme Cullen, was quiet and gentle and followed my father with whatever decision he thought was right. My oldest and only brother, Emmett Cullen, was next in line to the throne. And seeing as how father was getting older by the second, he has been bombarded with so much work that I've had no one to go hunting with or do anything my brother and I used to do.

I turned my head to see my best friend rubbing her wrists and fixing her simple blue dress. My eyes softened, I probably was too harsh on her. Again. I sighed and turned to her completely and opening my arms for her. She looked up at me and shook her head knowingly and smiled. But she came to me anyway, allowing me to hold her.

This was almost like a routine. I would catch her doing things that I was supposed to do, or doing things that a normal servant around the palace would do, and I would drag her to my room and begin to scold her. We would exchange arguments, getting louder and louder until I would end up holding her and asking for her forgiveness for being so rude. Then we would act like best friends again. No one even bothered to ask what was going on, because they already knew it was nothing.

I sighed, relishing in our time of peace. "Oh Isabella Marie Swan, why do you keep insisting on doing this?" I whispered into her hair.

She belonged to the ancient Swan Kingdom, now extinct. Her parents were killed along with all the servants living in her castle. She was kidnapped, but I found her when I was 5 years old in an empty house near Forks when Emmett and I were on our weekly hunting trip. We took her home and she told us everything that happened. So my father allowed her to live with us.

She became the only person besides my family that I truly ever learned to open up to. She would always treat me like I was higher than her, though. Even to this day, she still tends to call me "your highness" even if I wasn't even close to being King. She gradually started to tend to my every need, every craving of food, everything. She would bring me fresh towels, she would make my bed after I woke up, she would write my letters to people outside the city, she would even bring me breakfast in bed when I was sick.

And I hated it. She shouldn't act like she was my servant, because she wasn't. She should have her own servant to do all those things to her, not vice versa. And every single day, we have this argument.

"Because you're an idiot and are too generous to ever accept that I owe you so much," she replied into my chest, her arms encircling around my waist.

I loosened my grip on her so that I could look into her caramel eyes, "You are absolutely absurd, Bella. Why do we do this every single day with no one winning?"

She laughed and smiled up at me, "Because we both know this argument will never end."

I loved seeing her happy. And knowing that that smile and that laugh were for me, made it even better. She could only smile like that for me. No one else. She was mine. I didn't love her, but I would never let anyone else take her.

So what did I do?

I leaned down and brushed my lips against hers. I didn't even think. What the hell, Edward? Where did that come from? Move. And I was about to, but she let out a delicious noise. A moan. I couldn't help it, being a male and having 20-year-old hormones.

So I added more pressure to her lips and tightened my grip on her waist. She kissed me back, combing her soft hands into my hair, making me let out a satisfied groan. Our lips molded and moved together, one of my hands running up and down her back delicately. I unconsciously stuck out my tongue and swept it over her lower lip, and she gasped giving me access to-

"Edward? Are you still there?"

I detached myself from Bella immediately, moving my body away from her and staring at her in shock. What did I just do?

"Yeah yeah, I'm going," I called back.

She touched her lips, staring at me. She was waiting for me to explain, I knew. Her eyes shined with a glint of hope, keeping still and not moving.

She's my friend, best friend, for sixteen years. I didn't love her. She was mine. No one else could have her. Only I could. Only I could make her react in such ways. So many wanted her, but they never had a chance. Her heart was mine. Her soul was mine. Her mind was mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.

"You mean nothing to me," and I left the room.

B e l l a Swan

I stared at the empty room and sank to my knees slowly, the pain of rejection in my heart starting to flow through my veins. I felt those traitorous tears start to flow down my cheeks in full speed. I dropped my arms and hugged my knees, burying my head into them.

I…mean nothing to him?

Why does he always do this? Does he do it to curse me because he knows how deeply in love I am with him? I know that I hurt myself when I accept his kind gestures, his embraces, when I accept being loved by him.

Only for him to rip out my heart and tell me that sixteen years meant nothing. Didn't he just say that I was his best friend? I can accept the fact that I would never be able to call him mine, no matter how much I wanted to. I could live with being only his friend and nothing further. And I'll even live with it when he has to marry a beautiful princess with long blonde hair. I choked on a sob and hugged my knees closer.

"Bella? Bella are you in there?" the high-pitched voice of my friend sounded through the halls. I heard her footsteps enter the room, followed by a gasp. I felt her petite frame hugging mine, smoothing down my hair.

"What's wrong? Did Edward do something to you?"

I forced myself to put my head up and look at her. My eyes were probably red, my nose all stuffy, and I probably looked like a mess but I knew she didn't care. "Alice…he said…that I-I meant nothing to him," I managed to choke out.

"You're his best friend and he'd be nothing if you weren't there. You know that boy has serious mood-swings, so he was just being stupid and said that. Honestly, sometimes he acts as if he's on his man-period or something," Alice furrowed her eyebrows and scrunched up her nose.

Usually, I would laugh. But how could I? "You don't understand, Alice. He kissed me!" I cried, burying my head in my knees again.

She gasped, "He what?"

"Yes. We practically had a make-out session in his room before Emmett called him to go get ready to meet the Hale's. Then he just stared at me and said 'You mean nothing to me' and left," I explained, silent tears strolling down the path they already created down my cheeks.

Her doe eyes softened as she wiped the tears from my face, "Honey, why do you love him so much? He's not even worth what you put yourself through."

I was quiet, thinking deep down to find the answer to the same question I've been asking myself ever since the first day I ever saw his piercing green eyes staring down at me.

"I…I don't know why I do. There's a whole other side of him that no one else has seen before, and that's the Edward I fell in love with. Not this Edward," I explained.

"You do know that…probably this year, he'll come to take you-"

"I know"

"…Does Edward know?"



A man with a big hat peeked through the door, "You two, come downstairs immediately to escort the Hale's to their guest rooms."

Alice looked at me and smiled, "When the time comes, he'll come to rescue you. And I'm sure Edward will realize what he truly feels for you, Bella. I'm sure of it."

I smiled, feeling a little better. "You're right…now let's go downstairs."

She smiled widely and grabbed my hand, helping me up and skipping down the hallway, "Oh, I heard that Prince Hale is extremely handsome. Even if no one could ever meet Edward's standards, he was voted top 5 in the Teen Kingdom magazine."

"You actually read that?" I asked with a laugh.

"Yes, now shut up. It's a good magazine."

We laughed together and went down the long hallway, but my mind was still placed with what happened a while ago.

The basic best friend rules consisted of the following:

1. Never kiss your best friend.
2. Don't ever lie to your best friend.
3. Don't claim your best friends as your own, let them have other friends as well.
5. Never have sex with your best friend.
6. And never, ever fall in love with your best friend.

I had broken rule number 6 when I was four, and he came into my life. And now we broke rule number 1.

Edward Cullen.

Emmett chuckled as we both left my rather spacious room, "Hey, you think my fiancé is gonna be pretty hot? Cause if I'm gonna put this alliance together, she better be good looking enough for me to wanna-"

I elbowed his stomach as we both chuckled quietly, hearing the commotion going on down-stairs.

"-for it. They should be down in a moment. I sure didn't expect this," the voice of my father echoed against the walls as my brother and I walked down the curving stairs.

My father turned at the sound of our footsteps and smiled warmly, "Ah. There you two are. We've been waiting for you."

My eyes examined the four unfamiliar figures standing in the middle of the large entrance. Their crowns gleamed in the light, the maroon jewels stating that they were indeed from the Hale Kingdom. We came to stand next to our father, which gave me a chance to see them closer.

"This is my eldest son, Prince Emmett," my father introduced, as Emmett bowed slowly and elegantly with a smile on his face. Jerk, I thought with an inner smirk. "And my youngest son, Prince Edward," I bowed as well, making sure to wear my charming smile. I knew how important this was, and I wasn't going to ruin it for my brother. "My sons, I would like you to meet our neighbors, King Vincent and Queen Elizabeth."

The two blonde-haired royalty bowed with warm smiles plastered on their faces. "And we would like to present to you our son, Prince Jasper, and our daughter, Princess Rosalie," King Vincent announced with a booming voice.

The two youngest blondes bowed as well, the female giving Emmett her full attention. I turned to my brother, only to see that he was doing the same. I knew fully well that he liked dad's choice.

"And, as we agreed, Rosalie will marry Emmett to tie our kingdoms together," Queen Elizabeth pushed her daughter towards Emmett gently.

Her eyes immediately sparkled when Emmett grabbed her hand and kissed it sweetly. "My love," Emmett whispered. My father nodded at him and both walked away outside into the gardens. Rosalie was beautiful, my brother was very lucky. Knowing my brother, I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep with all the noises I'd hear a few doors down. I shuddered and shook my head. It was what was best. I wondered if my dad would pick a beautiful girl for me, too.

"Ah, there you are. Would you please escort the Hale's to their rooms?" my father smiled widely, turning his head to the end of the room.

I instinctively turned to his direction and saw Bella, her friend Alice, and that annoying fan girl Jessica that worked in the kitchen. The trio nodded and smiled as they walked towards the Hale's.

They had practiced this, I assume. Alice bowed in front of the King, and leading him to the stairs, talking animatedly with him. Jessica bowed in front of the Queen and led her the opposite way. And lastly, Bella bowed in front of the Prince, giving him a dazzling smile. My eyes narrowed a little unconsciously.

The Prince's eyes widened and gave her a grin, grabbing her hand and kissing it. "So I get the honor of being escorted by this beautiful lady? How did I get so lucky?" he said smoothly. Bella giggled and hesitated when he gestured for her to link her arm with his. But she did, and he complimented her as she led him to his room.

My fists were clenched and my eyes were glaring daggers at him. What was that?! She actually let him compliment her that way. She let him kiss her hand. I watched as their retreating bodies left to the next hallway. She had to know her place. And I was going to show her exactly where it was.

Bella Swan.

"Bella, you are kidding me! Prince Jasper did not say that about me!" Alice squealed as I followed her through the huge garden in the back. Alice had the job to water the plants for today. And that took half of the day, literally.

"Yes he did. At first, he was complimenting me so much but when we were out of sight from everyone he asked me about 'that beautiful pixie-like girl that escorted the King'", I quoted.

She jumped up in excitement and accidentally splashed some water on me. "Alice! What was that about?" I laughed and gently nudged her.

"I'm sorry Bella, I'm just so excited! Have you seen his smile? It makes my legs turn to jelly," she rambled on and on in between laughter.

I smiled, happy that my friend had some sort of luck in this department but immediately grabbed her watering can. "Hey, shh, you're drawing attention to yourself again."

Alice pouted and took the can from me, "I can work perfectly fine, thank you Isabella." We laughed a little, and then she continued onto her work when a guard told us to lower our voices.

"Alice! Alice are you out here?" Emmett's voice boomed through the garden. Both out heads turned to see, of course, the prince walking towards us and standing next to her.

"Good day, your highness," we both greeted and bowed.

"No your highness stuff around me. We've known each other for too long for that. Just call me Emmett, ladies," he grinned and chuckled to himself, both of us nodding our heads.

"Anyway, Alice I would like you to arrange Rosalie sleeping in my quarters for her visit. It seems that she was arranged to sleep with her brother, so go and consult it with him, please," Emmett explained.

Alice turned to me with a face of pure ecstasy at the opportunity to talk with the prince. "She'll go right away," I answered for her, seeing as how Alice was having trouble talking (how weird).

"Perfect then! Thank you," Emmett leaned his head in farewell and left the gardens.

Alice turned to me with a love-struck face. "Go, Alice! Why are you standing here? Oh, and for the love of everything that is good, put on a decent face, will you?" I scolded.

She immediately did a whole show of turning into a sweet and shy servant girl. She giggled and put the watering can on the ledge, "Bye Bella! Wish me luck." And with that, she left through the maze of flowers and went out of sight.

I sighed and followed the very familiar path of bushes to the beautiful circular fountain in the very heart of the whole garden. I sat down on the edge of it and smiled. I remember coming here a lot. It used to be my place to escape and think about everything. Edward and I used to come here a lot too. At the thought of his name, my tears instantly wanted to resurface, but I kept them down.

I wished so deeply that he would return the feelings I had for him. I wish I could be a princess from a land far from here, and King Carlisle would choose me as Edward's wife. I...wanted to give him everything, share everything. I wanted to love him. And for him to love me. It was selfish, but I didn't even care. It's not as if it would ever happen anyway. Unfortunatley, I knew that anything he would ask of me I would comply. I was too in love with him to deny him his wants, his needs.

Suddenly I felt rustling next to me and heat coming from my right side. I realized I had my eyes closed, and quickly opened them only to have my heart practically jump out of my chest when the same piercing eyes I was daydreaming about were only inches away from me.


"Mmm...hello Bella," he murmured as he played with a few strands of my hair.

"What brings you to the gardens? Don't you have to get ready for lunch with the Hale's? I'm pretty sure I put that in your agenda book with Mike and-"

"Did you think I wouldn't notice that little entertainment you and that Hale were showing me?" Edward asked calmly, letting go of my hair and looking at me innocently.

I raised an eyebrow, "Entertainment? What are you talking about?"

His face slowly began to scrunch up in frustration, "I'm talking about how you practically threw yourself on top of him."

I gasped, "Edward, what the hell?! We were having a nice conversation."

"Oh really? And then what'd you do? Stay in his room and let yourself be his who-"


I watched hi eyes widdened as he touched his cheek, now burning red. I was breathing heavily now. I was ashamed at what I did. Nobody ever dared to hit the prince of the Cullen Kingdom. I would take the consequences, because that was out of line.

"Don't you dare say that to me! You know me better than that! Edward Anthony Cullen, you're supposed to be my friend and you're just acting like a little kid! Even if I did let him compliment me, it's not like he can't. You don't own me or anything!"

And then everything stopped. He dropped his hand and his eyes became much darker, the color of forest trees. Oh no. He pounced on me and the next thing I knew, we were both wet head to toe in the water fountain, his eyes murdering and his arms holding mine down.

"You. Belong. To me!"

And my heart stopped at that moment. Rule number 3 was definetley out of the picture.

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