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Breaking the Best Friend Rules
Rating: M
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama
Warnings: Language, some sexual content
Author: WAZAM


"He can't have you, Bella. He, or anyone else!"
"But why? I don't understand!"
He placed her hand on his chest.
"Do you hear that?"
Thump. Thump.

"It beats for you."

Bella Swan.

I felt so naked. Exposed.

The silk corset pushed uncomfortably against me, and the maroon, satin dress pressing into my skin as I sat against the rows of books in the castle's extensive library. I hid in the back rows, knowing no one would come looking for me. I looked at my delicate hands and remembered everything that happened this morning. Nothing eventful, though. I woke up, and Edward was already gone. Was it bad to say that I enjoyed it? I enjoyed when he growled and held me to his strong body desperatley? I wanted to cry, but I couldn't find it in myself to do it. I had always wanted this, but not this way. I didn't know what to do now. I was so lost, confused. What would happen to me now? How was Edward going to treat me? He's going to get married and I'm going to sit here in the middle of being royalty and being a servant. The ominous light of dawn was beginning to creep through the tall window, and I dashed. I quickly put on what was left of my nightgown and ran to my room, hoping no one had seen me.

I haven't talked to anyone about this. Not even Alice. I really wanted to talk to Alice to see what I should do.


I jumped and looked up to find Jacob Black, looking as dashing as he had when I met him.

"Jacob! I'm sorry, I didn't expect you. How is your nose? It doesn't even look too swollen," I murmered, standing up to inspect his face.

He smiled sweetly. "I'm a fast healer, you shouldn't worry about me."

I stared blankly, not knowing how to react to such a statement. Suddenly he grabbed both of my hands in his warm ones and held them up. He stared into them and stroked them lovingly. My heart skipped a beat.

"I know about you and Edward, Bella..." he stated softly.

I bit my lip and felt the tears start to well up. It was one thing to think about it, but a whole other one to talk about how the man that I love used me for his own selfish ideas. I was so stupid, why did I ever let this happen to me?

"I...Jacob, I'm..."

"Pregnant, I know," he finished, piercing my eyes with his soft honey eyes. My mouth was agape, and I looked down feeling ashamed to look him in the eyes. He would see everything...

"I know this wasn't part of the plan, and I understand if you don't...want me anymore," I whispered, the tears threatening to fall down my cheeks.

I had just realized now that not only did Edward take away my virginity, he also took away my freedom. I did not love Jacob Black, but I know that I could have grown to love him. Now I was never going to find out. I was going to be trapped in this castle with no real title- not a servant, not royalty- and Edward..with his soon-to-be wife. And sooner or later she will become pregnant and I will be there, watching as he raises his children when it should've been-

"I don't care," Jacob interrupted abruptly.

I gasped and stared into his eyes, looking for an answer. "W-What?"

He lifted my hands to his lips and kissed them softly. "I don't care that you are pregnant. I still want you to come back with me, Bella."

My heart threatened to jump out of my chest as I heard him speak. "But Jacob, Edward's baby-"

"It can be raised as my own- our own," he responded, his eyes gentle, "I don't know of your feelings for Edward, and I will not rush you into spilling out your heart to me, sweet Bella. But I promise you that I will be the greatest you have ever had if you come with me. We will raise that baby as our own and start a life together. You and I will slowly rise to power and change the world we live in to make it a beautiful place. I promise you will want nothing more!"

I felt the tears run down my cheeks as I heard him speak. My heart tore as I heard this sweet stranger offer me a life I did not deserve. He smiled, his teeth gleaming in the sunlight. He then took me into a hug, enveloping me in his warmth and his smell. I took him in and wrapped my arms around his waist. He seemed to take away all of my troubles and situations. I wanted this purity with me, too.

"I know that it will be easy for me to love you, Bella. I have no doubt in my mind about that. Everything you want will be yours, my darling. Would you be willing to love me, too?" he whispered into my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

He lifted his head from my hair to look at me. His palm cupped my cheek, rubbing the tears away. Then, I felt him slip something cold onto my finger. I looked down and gasped when I saw the simple, elegant gold band that was placed on my ring finger. I smiled at him with the most sincerity that I could muster up.

"Come away with me, Bella. Marry me."


Edward Cullen.

"Alice, have you seen-"


I cringed and stared in shock at the angry pixie. "What the-"

"What the fuck is wrong with you? I never knew you would stoop so low as to get Bella pregnant and then choose a wife! And she didn't even tell me! How long has this been going on, you ignorant prick?" she yelled furiously.

I sighed and rubbed my temple. This woman seriously needed to have a filter; the only reason why I don't fire her is because she's Bella's only other friend, and I couldn't leave her alone like that.

"Alice, please. Shut up and tell me where she is," I groaned.

She scoffed. "Uh, no! Not unless you tell me what happened," she retorted, crossing her arms and tapping her foot.

UGH! So infuriating.

"It's none of your business, alright? Jacob Black cannot, and will not have her!" I grit out, my patience thinning.

Her mouth opened, then closed, then pressed in a thin line. "You haven't...spoken to your father after your outburst, have you?" she whispered.

I raised an eyebrow. "No, why?"

"WellthenIhavetogo," she said quickly and ran off.


I decided to go look for him then. I don't regret what I did. I really don't. I didn't want to leave her like I did in the morning, but I didn't know what to do or say. I realized that I was never repulsed of the idea of being with Bella this way, that I was actually looking for an excuse to do it! And as I looked down at her peaceful body tangled in my sheets, I realized that I had opened a pandora box and my emotions ran wildly in my heart and my head. I had always seen her as my best friend, and yesterday I had done this to her to keep her with me. I never thought about why I needed to do it, nor that it was rational. I just did it without thinking, and I was finally catching up with the reality of my actions. Why did I do this? I couldn't handle the answer, so I left. I was a monster, and I didn't care. She would hate me, but she could never deny me.

I knocked on the door to my dad's study and then entered quietly. Oh he was there, all right. And he was waiting for me. His arms were crossed and his fists were clenched.

"Sit down, Edward," he ordered.

I sat on the chair in front of him and crossed my arms, just waiting to hear what he had to say. It was probably something about my outburst, of course.

"The Denali clan will be informed of your choice soon, but we will not make any plans of an official engagement just yet because your brother should announce his engagement first, when he makes it," he started, adjusting himself in the chair.

I nodded. "Fine. Who I marry is of no importance to me," I retorted, aimlessly looking around the room.

He sighed. Here we go. "Now we have to talk about your rash and irrational behavior with Bella and the Black family," he stated firmly, angry.

"Look, we can just skip the lecture and I'll apologize to the Black's. No hard feelings, they can have one of the women sent to marry me, okay?"

He pushed his chair back and paced around the study. He gripped the base of his nose with his thumb and index finger. "Bella is still going to become princess of the Black Kingdom," he sighed.

"Whoa...what? She can't, she's pregnant with my child," I stated.

He leaned down on his desk and pressed his palms on the table. "It seems that Jacob Black is willing to accept the baby as his own. We are holding a ball as a celebration tomorrow evening," he said firmly.

My hands shook, my eyes widened as anger started to blind my vision. There is not supposed to be a loophole! The reason I did this was so that there was no way she could leave me. Ever.

"And don't you dare try and stop it, the invitations have already gone out. Edward, what were you thinking? Bella is very important to the family, to you! Why would you do such a vile thing as taking her virginity when you accepted a wife!" he exclaimed with frustration.

I smirked. "I didn't hear her complaining."

He groaned and blocked his ears. Heh...I guess daddy couldn't take it.

"Of course she didn't, she would never deny you anything! That self-less girl would give her life for you and you can't even see the damage you have brought to her. Not only that, but you can't even see that your anger and ignorance has blinded you from the truth!"

"What truth? That she would leave me the second she got an offer of marriage from some sick dog?" I spat, standing up as well.

He scoffed and turned around. "I can't deal with this right now. Just go and calm down, please. Don't ruin the reputation your brother will have to take on," he sighed.

I scowled and left the room with anger clouding my heart.

I was angry, betrayed, hurt, and depressed all at once. What is that dog thinking? He wants to raise my child as his own? There was no way in hell I would ever give him the pleasure of wrapping his arms around my flesh and blood, Bella's and mine, not his! I don't know what's going on inside of me; I feel like ripping all of my hair out! It was like everything- my personality and my mental track- was spiraling down and I was turning into some sort of dark demon that was always hiding in the back of my mind, but never knew. I knew who I was before. I was courageous, loyal, sarcastic at times, forgiving, and intellectual. I want to be those things, I want to remember who I was before all of this mess happened.

Now, I don't know. I'm possessive, cold, tempered, and down-right animalistic. What I had done to Bella...I can't even begin to understand where it all came from. When I heard that Jacob Black was to be her husband, something clicked inside and it was like I had self-destructed and become someone completely unfamiliar, yet me.

Isabella Swan, Bella, my Bella...It's all her fault. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be in this horrible situation. Before any of this, she was my best friend. I could trust her with anything, she would laugh at my jokes, she always helped to make my biggest problems seem like the smallest things, she loved me for who I was and not for my fame, and she was just so pure and innocent. That is what I loved most about her. I don't understand why...why all of a sudden I cannot, and will not, imagine her with somebody else. I don't love her, but that doesn't mean I've never found her attractive. Bella is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, not even my future wife Tanya surpasses Bella's big brown eyes, luscious chocolate hair that cascades down her back, or her beautifully slender curves. So naturally the first thing that came to my mind was to impregnate Bella so that she is forced to stay. I don't know what happened to my rational thoughts at that point; I didn't think about what consequences it would bring to our friendship and the kingdom itself.

I have broken so many rules, including the ones my best friend and I share. I took her innocence, greedily. It was strange that I didn't find the thought of intimacy with Bella repulsive, as it should have. I jumped at the first chance I got, not bothering to deal with the fact that I did not think twice about dominating her. My mind blurred on all the details of last night because I know that I wasn't even thinking when I pushed her onto the bed and took her innocence. That's not true, though. She would always be innocent to me. I stopped walking for a second and leaned on the wall next to me, tilting my head back and closing my eyes. I realized I was breathing heavily, thinking about last night. What was happening to me? Images of Bella writhing and moaning under me kept flashing behind my eyes, begging me to stop the ache. I whimpered involuntarily as a shudder raked down my body. What was happening to me? She was taking over my system, and I was not prepared for such an invasion. At the moment, I felt a pulse of emotions run through me, and I let myself feel them.


I instantly opened my eyes and gasped, beads of sweat rolling down my forehead. I clutched onto my hair and pulled, willing my emotions to sink back into my heart. I was gasping for air as I managed to cage away the foreign emotions that decided to creep up on me. That feeling...I realized that whatever sick, twisted thing I felt for Bella was not new. No, on the contrary. It was deep, and rooted down to the very base of my heart. The truth of my emotions scared the shit out of reality, I am not the dominant. I am not the one in control when it comes to Bella. Long ago, she planted a seed in the corner of my heart, and I was so blind and stupid to ever see that it grew and grew until it turned into...this. Bella was clawing her way into my mind as soon as my heart could no longer take the emotion.

What the fuck is this? I admit, I have an unnatural and unadultured lust for Bella Swan. But that is not what is taking over my mind. Was I willing to open up my heart again to find the answer? The powerful wave of emotions threatened to consume me and my control was hanging by a sliver of string. I shook my head and tried to calm my breathing.

No. I don't want to know.

When I finally managed to calm my breathing, I pushed off of the wall and continued up the stairs that led to my personal study. I felt weak as I dragged my feet across the pavement and my mind was numb. I needed to get away from all of this, from Bella. The ball was tomorrow evening, and she was going to leave me for good. I closed the door to my wide study and sat down on the piano, running my fingers along the dusty keys. It's been a while...

I started to play a soft melody, my mind ignoring the outside world. Maybe...just maybe, I could get one more chance to convince her to stay. With me.


Bella Swan.

I haven't seen Edward since that night, yesterday. Was he purposely avoiding me? Probably. It was 6:30 PM, an hour before the engagement party, and I was sitting in front of my vanity while Alice brushed my hair softly. I looked down at my left hand that was adorned with a new ring, a gold one. I played with it and sighed, thinking of how Jacob was so generous even after everything. He was everything a man should be, but everything I didn't want. I thought about Edward instantly, my mind reflecting everything that has gone between us. Was it strange to say that I missed him? Of course I miss the old Edward Cullen- the one who was my superman and my protector. He was always so gentle and kind with me while his emerald eyes shut off in front of everyone else. However, the new Edward Cullen- the possessive and rough man who wants me as his own- was frightening. Yet, somehow I found myself more attracted to him.

I sighed. Why can't I ever find a reason to stay away from him? He was wrong for me, all wrong. He was going to get married, but still decided to impregnate me and ruin me for anyone else. I'm not even sure if I'm pregnant, Alice says I'm probably not, but it's too soon to tell. Even though Edward was possessive and cold, I still found myself thinking of that night. I didn't think of my struggles and anger, but of his strong hands tracing my curves hotly and his mouth kissing and nipping down my body. I crossed my legs and closed my eyes, the ache between my legs returning again. I can't even tell what his feelings are anymore, but I realize now that there is no way I can ever break from this spell. I can't even consider him my best friend anymore, seeing as how I have broken them all. Yet, I want to be with him. I want him to fight for me and say that he wants me to stay.

I placed the ring firmly on my finger again and made a decision. If Edward ever came to me again, I would refuse. Coldly. I deserved better, I deserved Jacob Black.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

"All done, sweetie!" Alice said, making me jump from my thoughts.

I gasped when I looked at my reflection. She had finished so fast! I was probably just so deep in thought. She had done my hair beautifully; she twisted my hair into a loose bun with two curls framing the side of my face, and placed small silver flower pins around my hair. My make-up was already done before and it was subtle yet effective, just like I liked it. Now all I needed was to get dressed.

"Thank you Alice, you always do wonders with me," I smiled, genuinely thankful.

She smiled sadly and hugged me from behind. "Like I said before, Bella, what happens with Edward will reveal itself in time. Don't beat yourself up, honey. For now, you'll just have to make a certain Prince very jealous while you become Jake's eye-candy," she winked and smiled.

I giggled and stood up. "Right! Forget Edward, I'm sure that Jake and I are gonna have a really good time tonight," I said, surprised by my confidence.

She gleamed and hugged me again. "Oh, I'm so proud! You're gonna get out there and flaunt what he can't have!" she smirked.

"Now, let's get you into that dress," she said, dragging me into the closet.

It actually took us an hour just to put on our dresses; it got very annoying. It's accustomed that we wear long dresses every day, but since this was a special event, we had to put on the whole package: corsett, stockings, fluffy crinoline, and the dress on top. However, we slipped on our elegant heels and were satisfied when we looked in the mirror. Especially me; I must admit that when Esme bought me this dress on my last birthday, I never thought it would be my perfect fit. It was a dark red, almost a maroon, dress that had a heart cut on the top and off-the-shoulder sleeves that made my neck and arms look much more slender. The silk fabric on the torso were manipulated to follow the heart-shaped cut, and then flowed down to the sides of my waist and stopped on my hips, hugging my curves perfectly. Alice's dress was absolutely stunning on her figure. Her dress was an aqua blue that had silvery ruffles on the skirt and sparkles on the chest portion. It was a halter top dress and the torso part looked as if it was painted right on her; it was absolutely beautiful.

"I'm hoping that Jasper will ask me to dance tonight," Alice blushed, applying some lip gloss.

I smiled at her and put on my silver earings. "Of course he will, Alice. I know he likes you. Plus, you look absolutely gorgeous so he has no reason not to!" I encouraged.

Alice squealed and hugged me. "And I'll be there if you need any help. We'll knock Edward dead!" she giggled.

Just then, a knock came from the door. We both clinked our way to the door and opened it, revealing my dashing fiancee. Jacob looked really good in a tuxedo, he cleaned up very nicely. The Black Kingdom emblem was fixed proudly on his collar and his hair was short and neat with a crown on his head. He bowed slightly with a polite smile on his face, we curtsied back. I could hear the roaring of people and orchestra echo from the ball room. It was time. Jacob looked at me, took my hand, and kissed it softly. He smiled a cocky smile and held out his arm.

"Ready to go?" he asked.

I took a deep breath and linked my arm with his much larger one. "Yes," I replied, and we made our way to the ballroom with Alice behind us.

My heart beat was increasing as the music got louder, anticipation swelling. I'm actually going to get married to Jacob Black. The thought had not registered in my head until this moment, and I was surprised by the enormity of the decision. When we reached the large doors of the ballroom, a man stopped us and went inside for a moment. Alice squeezed my hand gently and gave me a meaningful look as she quickly went inside as well, leaving us alone. As we stood there in the dim light, I felt something heavy being placed on my head. I instantly moved to touch it and accidently brushed Jacob's hands. I gasped at what I felt.

"A crown fit only for the most beautiful princess of them all," he whispered into my ear, kissing my cheek softly. "You look absolutely stunning, Bella."

I blushed and dropped my hands from the crown to wrap them around his arm again. "Thank you, you're not so bad yourself either," I replied, my voice a bit shaky.

He chuckled deeply, and it made my heart feel warm. Then, we heard a booming voice come from the inside of the ballroom yell, "Introducing! Prince Jacob Black and his fiancee Princess Isabella Marie Swan!"

The doors opened and I was momentarily blinded by the bright lights in the room. The crowd applauded and chanted as Jacob led me into the room and down the stairs. I hope I didn't trip, but I smiled and waved anyway. When we reached the ground floor, I was absolutely stunned by its beauty. The room was wide with a second floor or platform on the sides with several winding staircases. The color theme was gold and red, the Black and Swan colors. There were beautiful banners and chandeleirs hanging from the ceiling and elegant statues and dancers. The room was almost completely full of men and women dressed up and happily chattering as they enjoyed the atmosphere and company.

King Carlisle approached us and hugged us gently, and I had never imagined having such a perfect father...well, almost. He led us to the throne, walking across the large dance floor as the people parted to give us a pathway. When we reached the throne, I smiled when I noticed that Emmett and Rosalie were already sitting on the two thrones next to each other, smiling back. There were nine golden chairs on the small platform; the two tallest were for King Carlisle and King Bill, Queen Esme and Queen Emily were occupying the thrones next to their husbands, and Emmett and Rosalie sat on the thrones next to Queen Esme's. The throne made for Jacob and I were on the Black's side of the throne next to Queen Emily, polished and clean from the lack of use. Then, I noticed that the throne besides Emmett and Rosalie was empty. Edward. Where was he? Why wasn't he here?

"Attention! The King would like to speak!" the King's messenger announced, silencing everyone.

Once the room was quiet and all attention was on us (to my embarrassment), the King stood in front of Jacob and I and raised his hands. "My people! It is my great honor to have you all here today in this glorious celebration!"

He looked at me with a wide smile and held out his hand for me to take. I was probably shaking when I extended my arm and gave it to him. I hated having so much attention on me, it was not necessary. I looked at Jacob, who was next to Carlisle, and he smiled at me encouragingly. I smiled and looked away, trying to hide the fear and uncertainty of my decision in my eyes.

"As many of you know, Isabella Swan came to us as a small child in the heart of a war. It was a cruel war where the entire Swan Kingdom was taken, royal family included. Yet this young woman before you today-," he looked at me then, his eyes gentle and loving, "-has survived and conquered. She carries with her the humble reign and power that the Swan Kingdom in her heart, and is finally ready to take on the challenge she was destined to face."

King Carlisle took Jacob's large hand in his other hand and joined ours together. Jacob's warm fingers circled around my smaller one and caressed them softly, and I blushed.

"Tonight, we celebrate the joining of the Black Kingdom and the Swan Kingdom- the union of Jacob Black and Isabella Marie Swan! Together, they will form a new Kingdom of love and unity, and the Swan generation will live on. And no matter what happens, Isabella Swan will always be part of the Cullen Kingdom," he nodded, smiling warmly. I wanted to cry at his kind words; I felt loved and in place.

"To unity!" King Carlisle toasted.

"To unity! To unity!" the crowd chanted and clapped as King Carlisle left the two of us in the front to take in the glow of our new engagement. Once the music started to play again and people began to partner up to dance, I sighed in relief. That was, until Jacob turned to me, bowed, and said, "Would you care for a dance, Bella?"

Kill my trip, why don't you?

I had no choice but to accept, so I curtsied and he led me to the dance floor. He slid his hand to the small of my back and lifted his other arm with mine, while I placed my hand on his shoulder. It wasn't as bad as I thought, with Jacob in the lead and all. We swayed and moved to the music and smiled at each other. The only other person who has ever been able to lead me in a dance successfuly was-

"Oh, there he is. I was wondering why he wasn't on the throne when we arrived," Jacob remarked coldly, looking at the direction behind me.

I tilted my head in confusion, and when we twirled, I saw him. Edward, dancing with a tall blonde in a green dress. I felt myself buzz with finally seeing him after what happened, and also choke up with hurt and betrayal. I watched as he expertly twirled the blonde in his arms as she laughed and giggled musically, her body language far from distant. Edward was smirking with her, obviously having a good time with her. I looked away and focused on Jacob, who was looking at me as if asking, 'Everything okay?' I smiled as best as I could and continued to dance with him. Why did he have to go do this? This wasn't how it was supposed to happen! We were supposed to fall madly in love and he would hav eyes for me, and only me. But I was a realist, and knew that would not happen. So even in this fucked up situation, I would have at least expected something different on my part. What was wrong with me? He took something so precious to me without my (complete) consent, and I could not help the jealously that pulsed through my body. I was supposed to hate him, detest him, spit on the ground he walked on!

I looked at them again, and they had stopped dancing. The blonde had her hand on his bicep as he moved her hair from her face and tucked it behind her face, a gesture that was intimate and loving. A gesture he usually only showed for me. Just as my grief was about to swallow the mask, my brown orbs clashed with his green ones. He knew I was watching the whole time! Anger and betrayal boiled in my blood and I turned to Jacob, stopping my swaying. He removed his hands and cupped my cheek with his hand, showing me with his eyes that he was concerened.

"I just need to get some fresh air, if you don't mind. All of this attention and celebration is starting to make me dizzy," I started, smiling. He nodded his head, his eyes not being able to hide the disappointment.

"Save a dance for me when I come back?" I asked, wanting to make sure we were okay.

He smiled a genuine smile and kissed my cheek. "Of course, my lovely. Please call me if you would like me to accompany you," he whispered.

I nodded, curtsied, and dashed out; I didn't want to see his arrogant face! As I neared the door, I could feel the tears start to roll down my cheeks, so I ran. I ran out of the door and into the dark open hallway. The night was young and the moonlight guided me to the garden at the heart of the castle. I leaned against one of the statues and closed my eyes, trying to bury these stupid feelings I had for him. I should hate him! I want to hate him, I want to push him out of my heart and live without the electric waves that bind me to him. Why did this have to happen to me? Why couldn't I be like Alice, who found love in Jasper? The love I found is complex and tangled, but just as more attractive to me. The teares stopped and I closed my eyes, losing myself to the calm after the storm of my emotions.

"This is all your fault, Bella," a voice whispered in my ear.

I gasped and jumped from the sudden intrusion. My heart sped up and my body froze when I saw him approach me from the shadows of the bushes.

"Edward," I stated, my voice cold.

He took three long strides and he had me pressed up against the hard marble, his hands on either side of my body. "You have ruined me, Bella. Why are you so cruel?" he whispered harshly, his voice dark and seductive.

I gasped when I felt his nose brush against my neck, his hands moving to grip my waist. "Me, ruin you? Don't even talk to me about cruelty, you son of a bitch! You corrupted me in every way and you just left me without a single word!" I exclaimed bitterly, my voice shaking with the raw anger in my voice.

He froze, and then lifted his head to stare into my eyes. I gasped when I saw the emotion leaking out of his eyes, not being able to place what he was feeling.

"I have tried...I have tried everything, Bella! I cannot erase you from my mind, I cannot grip onto my sanity because of you! Music does not calm me anymore, riding does not help me think, and I cannot leave this cavern in my mind," he grit his teeth together, his hands manipulating my body so that my hips were towards his and his body pressed into mine.

I moaned breathlessly as the ache returned, my arguments starting to fade.

"Do you know that I even tried to seduce another woman? Just so that I could fuck you out of my system. But I can't! I wasn't thinking of blonde hair, I was thinking of brunette. I wasn't watching as she danced with me, I was pretending it was you. And then, you go through with the engagement party and rip the last of my sanity!" he seethed, pressing his hips to mine.

I was panting, but I regained some of my control. I stared at him coldly. "I am his," I emphasized. His eyes widened, his heavy breathing filling the night air. All became still.

I expected a huge, angry rant about how I was not Jacob's. I had anticipated an action driven by lust and passion, a thrust of hips and pulling of hair. I wanted to defy him, and prove him wrong. However, I did not expect for his eyes to sadden and haze. I had not expected to feel the pang of guilt in my heart when his hands dropped from my hips and stared into me in disbelief. We breathed back and forth, merely staring and searching for answers.

"What have you done to me, Bella?" he breathed, his hands slowly moving up to cup my face in his hands.

I sighed into the comfort of his hands and leaned my cheek into his warmth. He choked, and I looked back at him. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that his face was dangerously close to mine, his eyes locked on my red lips as he breathed deeply. I have never seen Edward with so much emotion, so much gentle yet powerful emotions.

"You were supposed to be mine," he whispered breathlessly, before he brushed his lips with mine softly, hesitantly.

A single tear ran down my words were needed to describe the euphoria that blossomed as our lips touched gently, his hands cupping my face desperatley.

I was gone.

Until he reached down and pulled down my corsett rougly and pushed his body into me, growling.

"I wlil make you regret those words," he groaned before diving into my lips again.

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