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Epilogue - New Life, Restored Light

Midna, Link, and Zelda lay upon the soft grass, enjoying the light from the rising sun and the warm rays it cast down upon them.

Link sighed as he closed his eyes. "I never thought I'd be so happy to see the sun."

Zelda and Midna nodded in agreement.

"I must return to the Twilight Realm." Link's eyes flew open. He watched Midna slowly rise from the ground. She gazed across Lake Hylia towards the thin outline of the desert. "I left my people without telling them where I was going. They are probably in a panic right about now." Her soft chuckle filled the air.

Link rose from the ground and stood beside Midna. "We'll... see you from time to time... right?"

Midna turned and gazed into Link's feral blue eyes. His face held worry. She knew he was afraid she might repeat her past actions. She smiled. "You worry too much." She then leaned forward and lightly kissed Link's cheek. "I'll see you later."

With those words, Midna's form disappeared into shadow particles as she transported herself back to the desert.

Link stood with a dumbfounded look on his face as he stared endlessly into space.

"How are you feeling?"

Link snapped back to reality as he heard Zelda's gently voice behind him. He turned around to face the Princess.

"I'm fine. I've never felt better in my life."

Zelda nodded slowly, looking down to the ground. Link looked at her curiously.

"I thought I lost you..." Zelda's voice came out in such a quiet whisper that Link had to hone into his wolf senses just to pick up shat she had said. "I thought I was never going to see you again..."

Link gently placed his hand under Zelda's chin and lifted her face until his eyes met hers.

"The sensation of dying was not pleasant and I don't want to relive it anytime soon." Link smiled. "So, I'm not going anywhere."

A sudden neigh was heard in the distance. Link and Zelda turned towards the field to see a familiar mare galloping towards them.

"Epona?! Where have you been?" Link couldn't help but smile as Epona whinnied happily and nudged at Link's face.

After warm greetings, Link took a moment to inspect Epona's body. He found no scratch, no bruise, no trace of any bodily injury. He looked curiously into her mysterious, dark brown eyes. "Where exactly do you go while I'm fighting?"

Link's curiosity disappeared as he heard distant cheers rising into the air from the castle.

"I guess I should go," Zelda said quietly, though she did not budge.

"I guess..." Link slowly turned and readied to mount Epona.

"Link?!" Zelda took a step towards him.

"What's wrong?!" Link was almost relieved; he did not want to leave the Princess yet.

"I..." Zelda paused. She only continued when she saw the look in Link's eyes that told her to go on. "I need you, Link."

Link stared in shock as Zelda continued. "I can't live without you. I... would like to spend the rest of my life... with you."

Still in shock, Link didn't know how to reply. He could see Zelda blushing, which made him blush as well.

"Zelda," Link started as he took her small hands into his. "Zelda, I have feelings for you. But, I'm not ready to make that commitment. At least, not yet. Hyrule needs to get back on its feet again, and you and I need to do our own part to help. I promise that I'll always be there for you. And, maybe, in the near future, we could be together."

Link felt terrible, afraid he had upset the Princess. But Zelda just smiled up at him.

"All right," she nodded. "I will wait for that time."

Unexpectedly, Zelda saw Link's face inch closer to hers. Before she knew it, his lips pressed against hers.

Time seemed to stop as Link flowed his love for her through his kiss. Zelda equally returned her love for him.

Link slowly pulled away. He raised his hand and gently moved the hair that draped over her face behind her ear. He leaned in close again and whispered. "I love you, Princess."

With those words, Link turned and walked towards Epona. He mounted his stead and rode off without looking back.

Zelda stood still, holding onto the moment as she watched Link's form ride off across the field.

"I love you, Chosen Hero."

A broad smile crossed Link's face as he rode across the plains. The power of Epona's legs beating beneath him, the wind blowing through his hair.

Link turned Epona so they were now riding towards the rising sun. He soaked in the light and warmth. And, he could've sworn, he saw a small, blue teardrop rising up to the heavens.

"Life..." Link breathed in the fresh morning air. "Bring on everything you got," he reached behind him and unsheathed the Master Sword. Its new found power coursed within him, making him feel unstoppable. "I'm ready for you."

A single island floated far down in the Twilight Abyss. Atop it, a figure lay motionless, convincing all that he was gone.

But upon the back of his right hand, a symbol began to glow. The figure began to move. His hand slowly clenched into a fist, the triforce of power continuously glowing brighter.

"Boy, you will regret the day you ever messed with me," Ganondorf growled as he slowly began to rise to his feet. He sneered. "Beware, Link... I'm back."

Look out for the sequel "Deceptive Shadow"!