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Eight year old Sammy Winchester sat at the kitchen table with his homework spread out in front of him. He silently read his last math problem: "45 people are on the city bus. When it stops, 23 people get off and then 34 people get on. How many people are on the bus now?" Smiling he quickly wrote out the problem and the answer. He didn't know why the other kids in his class thought math was so hard. It was way too easy! He liked figuring out Dean's math problems. They were more challenging and a lot more fun than his. Closing his book Sammy carefully stuffed all his books and papers back in his book bag before taking it into the living room and setting it by the front door for the next morning. Walking back into the kitchen he noticed Dean diligently working on his own math homework. Intrigued Sammy tiptoed up behind his big brother and glanced over his shoulder.

Dean was struggling with his last few math problems. His teacher had given the class the task of solving the problems showing all their work and then writing how they came to that conclusion. He wasn't having trouble figuring the problems out. He knew the right answers. He just couldn't explain how he got the answer. Even if he could he knew the teacher would not be happy with his reasoning because he didn't use any of those formulas she was so fond of. Peering up at the clock he noticed that it was almost time for their dad to be home. Knowing that he needed to start dinner in a hurry, Dean decided he would just write the answers and if his teacher didn't like it that was just tough. He quickly scribbled the answers on his paper, slammed his book shut, and threw them both in his book bag ignoring his little brother's objections. "Sorry Sammy. I've gotta put my stuff away so I can start dinner. Dad will be home soon." Dean informed him as he carried his bag to the door and dropped it next to Sam's.

"Can I help?" Sammy called. "Please, Dean?"

"Don't need any help, Sammy." Dean told him as he began taking out the pots and pans he would need. "Why don't you go watch TV or something?"

"But I wanna help!" Sammy whined staring at his brother with the most pitiful look he could muster.

Already irritated Dean lashed out without thinking. "I said No! No go park your butt on the couch or I'll do it for you!"

"Fine!" Sammy shouted back as he stomped into the other room and threw himself on the couch. He snatched the remote control off the side table and started flipping through the channels. Finding an old documentary show on he lay back on the couch to watch and was asleep in minutes.

John Winchester climbed out of the impala and headed for the door to what had become his home over the last several months. He hated to leave this place behind but there were no more hunts anywhere nearby. He'd already called Jim and gotten a lead on a new hunt eight hours away in Georgia. He figured he'd let the boys finish out the week and then they would pack up and hit the road. Opening the front door John schooled his expression getting ready for the hardest part of leaving: telling his boys. Walking into the living room he saw his youngest sleeping on the couch remote still in his hand. John reached over and carefully took the remote out of Sam's hand and placed it on the table. Throwing his jacket on the back of his chair he strolled into the kitchen to find his oldest busy with dinner. "Hey, Dean. Need some help?" he offered.

Looking at his dad Dean smiled. "No thanks. It's almost ready. But you can set the table if you want since Sammy's sleeping through his job."

Grabbing the plates and cups from the cabinet John set them on the table before getting the silverware out of the drawer by the sink. Table set he walked over to the stove placing a hand on Dean's shoulder. "I'll get this Dean. You go wake your brother and both of you wash up." He ordered.

"Yes sir" Dean responded already heading to the living room.

Sammy bounded into the kitchen and settled in his usual chair glad to have his dad home. Still stinging from Dean's earlier outburst Sammy focused on his father telling him in great detail about his day at school in between bites of chicken and potatoes.

John listened patiently to Sammy's story feeling worse seeing the joy on his son's face. When Sammy finally finished his tale, John set his fork down. "Might as well get it over with." He thought. Clearing his throat to get the boys' attention he began. "Boys, we're leaving Saturday for Georgia. You need to go ahead and pack up anything you don't need. I want to get an early start Saturday morning."

Sammy's fork dropped to the ground with a clatter. "We can't leave dad! We've only got two more weeks in school! I have field day next week and you promised to come watch me run the races!"

"Wait a minute Sammy. I never promised that!" John calmly stated.

"Yes you did!" Sammy accused. "I asked you to come last week and you said "we'll see.""

"Sammy, we'll see means he'll try. It doesn't mean he'll go." Dean piped up attempting to defuse the situation.

"But what about my report card! If we leave Saturday, I won't get my report card and I got all A's!" Sammy hollered crossing his arms.

John took a deep breath. Trying hard to control his anger he ground out, "I'll get your report card before we leave, okay, Sammy?"

"But…but?" Sammy stammered tear-filled eyes looking to Dean for help.

Dean stared at Sammy wondering why a report card was so important to the kid. Then it hit him. Turning to his dad he said, "It's not the report card, dad. The kids who get all A's all year get a free ticket to Disney World."

John glanced at his youngest and said, "That's what this is all about? A stupid ticket? Sammy, we don't have the money for a place like that and even if we did, I wouldn't spend it on some kiddie park."

Jumping out of his chair Sammy fired back, "It is not a kiddie park. It's the best place ever! They have rides and parades and fireworks and everything!"

"Samuel Winchester that's enough!" John bellowed. "If you're going to act like a two year old, I'm going to treat you like one. Go take a bath and go straight to bed!"

"I hate you!" Sammy shouted as he stomped toward the living room.

Letting his anger get the better of him John said the first thing that came to mind. "Well sometimes I don't like you too much either."

Sammy stood staring at his dad for a moment before fleeing down the hall and to the safety of his room.

"Shit!" John yelled as he realized what he had just said. Looking over at Dean he started working on damage control. "Dean, you know I didn't mean that. I was just angry."

"I know. I'll go talk to him." Dean said getting out of his chair. "You know dad, I'm getting a ticket, too. You could use my ticket and take Sammy. I'm too old to go anyway."

"Thanks Dean but no. We really have to leave Saturday. Pastor Jim already has an important hunt lined up for me." John told him. "I'd take you guys if I could. You do know that, right?"

"Of course, dad." Dean said glancing down the hall as he heard Sammy start the bath water. "Don't worry about Sammy. I'll get everything straightened out after he finishes his bath." Dean set about clearing the table. He watched his dad walk into the other room and sit in front of the TV. "How am I gonna fix this one?" he wondered as he stacked the dishes in the sink.

Sammy sat on the side of the tub and turned on the faucet. He angrily swiped at the tears that were falling as he headed to his room. Knowing the sound of water would give him some extra time he sat down on his bed and grabbed a piece of paper and pencil off the dresser. He had known that his dad didn't like him as much as Dean but he didn't know he hated him until tonight. Thinking back over the last few months Sammy decided he should have figured it out already. He wasn't allowed to go on the school trip to the zoo but Dean had been able to go on an overnight trip with his class. Sammy never got to sit in the front or pick the music but Dean did both of those things all the time. Dean even got to go on weekend trips with dad while Sam was left with Jim or Bobby or whoever else his dad could dump him on. Well if daddy didn't need or want him, he'd find someone who did. Looking down at his paper Sammy started writing a note to Dean.

Dean waited and listened. When he heard the bedroom door shut, he glanced at the clock making a note of the time. Thirty minutes later he got up and headed for the back bedroom to talk to his little brother. Thinking of the best way to approach the situation he hesitated at the door before knocking and calling Sammy's name. When he was answered with silence, he opened the door and peeked inside expecting to see Sammy lying on his bed. His stomach clinched when he took in the empty bed and room. Rushing inside he immediately started searching for his brother. After a through search of the room turned up nothing, he headed for the door stopping as he noticed the piece of paper on his pillow. Dreading what he was about to see he snatched the paper and sat on the end of the bed. His heart broke as he read the note.


Daddy doesn't love me anymore so I'm leaving. I know you'd say he didn't mean it and that he was just mad. But you're wrong and I can prove it. Daddy stayed home on your birthday and we went to the movies and to eat at your favorite restaurant. He wasn't even home on my birthday and when he did get back, he never even said "happy birthday". And what about all the trips you and daddy go on without me. Daddy never takes me anywhere by myself. And he lied to me tonight. He said he couldn't wait two more weeks to leave. But remember he changed his mind at the last town. We were supposed to leave that town at Thanksgiving but he let us stay until Christmas so you could go to that dance. He even bought you a suit and a flower for that girl. He didn't even say it was stupid or anything. But for me he can't even wait two weeks. Told you he doesn't like me. I'm going now. Don't worry about me.

I love you,