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Previously on Supernatural- Closing his eyes he let sleep claim him wondering what the next day held for his family.


"Where are we going today, dad?" Sammy asked excitedly. "Can we go ride the roller coaster again?"

"Maybe later Sammy." John replied opening the door and walking into the hall. "We're headed to Epcot first. Mr. Taylor made breakfast reservations for us at the Garden Grill restaurant."

"Better not be rabbit food." Dean mumbled as he followed his dad and brother to the elevator where the others were waiting. Once everyone was inside Dean pushed the button for the fourth floor and leaned back against the wall.

Sammy jumped out of the elevator as soon as the doors opened. He raced over to the monorail platform and approached the employee standing at the gate. "Can we ride in the front with the pilot?" he asked. "My brother didn't get a chance to drive last night."

Alan looked over at the gated off section of the monorail before smiling down at the little boy. "Sure can kiddo. You're the first one to ask this morning." He said. "So who's riding with you?"

"Sammy, how about letting Josh and Caleb ride with you this time?" John asked. "I'll ride in the second car with Bobby and Jim."

"Okay dad." Sammy agreed grabbing Josh's hand. He led the small group to the front section just as the monorail pulled in. He waited and watched as a few people got out on the other side of the vehicle. Once the doors on their side opened he bounced inside taking a seat right next to the windshield. Noticing that they had a different pilot Sammy almost lost his nerve to ask the favor. But seeing the excitement in his big brother's face he squared his shoulders and bravely asked, "Can my brother help you drive to Epcot?"

Pete was about to say no when he spied Sammy's badge. "Of course he can, kiddo." He replied turning to Dean. "Come on up here son."

Dean hesitantly walked over to the pilot and stood behind the console. He listened and followed the pilot's instructions to the letter. Dean and Pete smoothly drove the monorail out of the hotel and all the way to Epcot. "Thanks, Pete!" Dean said as they came to a stop. "That was awesome!"

"Glad you enjoyed it. Have a great day at the park boys." Pete told them handing the group another card.

"Bye Pete." Dean and Sammy called as they headed down the ramp to the park.

The family of hunters went through the turnstiles and into Epcot. After stopping to get directions to the restaurant, John led the group past the enormous geosphere before turning right and going into a huge building called The Land. Following the signs he walked up the stairs and around coming to a stop at the entrance to The Garden Grill.

Bobby stared at the place in shock. "Uh, Johnny, the restaurant's moving." He pointed out.

Dean and Sammy watched as the whole restaurant slowly rotated. Exchanging matching grins they ran over and stepped on the moving platform. "Come on guys! Let's eat!" they called waving the others over.

"You heard'em boys. Get a move on!" John called over his shoulder as he quickly made his way to his sons. A few minutes later they were seated in booths in the middle of the restaurant and drink orders were taken. Settling back in their seats John and the other hunters enjoyed watching the varying scenes on the walls and listening to the boys plan their day's adventures.

Dean's eyes almost popped out of his head when pan after pan of eggs, bacon, ham, hash browns and other breakfast foods were delivered to their tables. Filling his plate with a little of everything he began shoveling spoonfuls of the delicious foods into his mouth not caring that his mouth was open.

"Ewww, Dean! That's gross!" Sammy cried dropping his gaze to the giant strawberry in his hand. He took small bites of the fruit relishing the taste of the sweet berry. After popping the last piece into his mouth, he reached over and plucked two more out of the bowl in front of him.

Half an hour and several full stomachs later the small group emerged from The Land and set about exploring Epcot. They rode through The Living Seas getting off at the Observation Deck where the boys raced from one side of the aquarium to the other pointing out all the different marine animals. From there they saw the dinosaurs in The Universe of Energy ride and rode through time inside the geosphere called Spaceship Earth.

By noon they had pretty much tired of the park wanting to go on some faster rides. Deciding to change parks they exited Epcot stopping to ask the attendant if the monorail went to the MGM Studios Park.

"I'm sorry sir." The park attendant said. "It only goes to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. But you can catch one of the Disney buses. Go left and follow the signs that say Disney transportation. There will be a big board that tells which stop you need to wait at to get to MGM. It shouldn't be a long wait. The buses come every twenty minutes."

John led the way to the bus stop for MGM and minutes later they were sitting on the bus. The men leaned back and rested knowing once they got to the park there would be no stopping for a while. But all too soon the bus pulled to a stop at MGM and the group filed off and walked the short distance to the entrance.

Grabbing a park map Dean and Sammy walked ahead happily pointing out things they wanted to see and do. Spotting the theater the boys raced each other to the door. "Hurry up dad!" they shouted. "This way!"

John and company caught up and made their way through the maze of ropes to the door of The Great Movie Ride. After hearing that gun shots were heard and a pop gun was used by the driver, John was ready to turn around and find another ride. But Sammy and Dean's pleading along with the use of both boys puppy eyes had him giving in. He kept an arm around Sammy the entire ride and was overjoyed when his youngest didn't react to the loud noises at all.

From there the group headed to the Muppet's 3D movie and then rode Star Tours which the boys decided to ride twice more before moving on. As they walked down the street looking for another ride Dean saw a sign for The Sci-Fi Diner and couldn't resist stopping his family for a late lunch. Walking into the building they weren't impressed with the waiting area d├ęcor of wooden walls and beams. That changed however when a waitress escorted them into the dining area.

Dean and Sammy stopped and stared around astonished at the sight before them. It looked like they were standing at a drive in movie at night. Rows and rows of convertibles sat facing a movie screen. "Cool!" they hollered following their waitress to their cars. Sliding into the front seat of a blue car Dean looked down and was slightly disappointed to see a table instead of a dashboard. Glancing up at the movie he watched the credits for different monster movies chuckling at some of the outlandish costumes.

After a leisurely lunch, they made their way to the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. Snagging front seats they settled back to watch the show with Sammy tucked safely between John and Caleb. They watched cheering as Indy evaded spears and a giant rolling ball. When the host came out asking for volunteers Dean and Sammy eagerly pointed at Caleb who was immediately called.

"This isn't funny, boys." Caleb whispered as he stood and started for the front. What'd I ever do to you?"

"Do paints ring any bells for ya?" Sammy asked with a grin.

"But that was years ago!" Caleb protested.

"You know what they say Caleb." Dean smirked. "Payback's a bitch."

Shaking his head Caleb trudged up to the host. Plastering on a smile he answered the questions thrown at him and did what he was told.

Dean and Sammy almost rolled off their seats laughing as the host made Caleb stand on one leg with his arms straight out. They both knew he'd get them back for this but right then it didn't matter.

The small group spent the rest of that day and the days that followed enjoying all the rides and shows the parks had to offer. Before they knew it they awoke to the last day at the parks. Dressing quickly they headed to their favorite breakfast spot, Chef Mickey's. As they got off the elevator they saw Mr. Taylor waiting for them.

"Morning, Mr. Taylor." John greeted.

"Morning John" Mr. Taylor replied. "Since it's your last day, I thought I'd ask Sammy if there's anything he'd really like to do before you have to leave. What do you say, Sammy? Anything special you'd like to do today?"

Sammy thought for several minutes before smiling and walking up to whisper something in Mr. Taylor's ear.

Mr. Taylor glanced at the group in front of him and then looked back at the youngest Winchester. "You sure, Sammy?" he asked.

"Yes sir" Sammy replied with a grin.

"Okay, I'll set it up." Mr. Taylor said patting Sammy's shoulder. "Meet me in front of the castle at ten o'clock and I'll have everything ready. Okay?"

"We'll be there." John assured as he glanced from Sammy to Mr. Taylor wondering what his youngest had cooked up this time.

"Alright. See you then." Mr. Taylor stated as he started for the monorail. He waved before stepping onto the vehicle and disappearing inside.

Dean pestered Sammy all morning trying to get his secret out of the youngster. But Sammy didn't crack. He walked around with his family anxiously waiting for ten o'clock and his surprise.

At ten o'clock sharp the group was nervously standing in front of the castle. Sammy was the first to see Mr. Taylor and several others strolling toward them. He clamped a hand over his mouth to stop a giggle from escaping as his family stared at the newcomers in apprehension. Spotting his favorite character in the group he ran over and threw his arms around the sad donkey named Eeyore.

Mr. Taylor and Eeyore each took one of Sammy's hands and led him back to his family. "Surprise!" Mr. Taylor shouted smiling at the comical looks on the men's faces. Turning to the youngest Winchester he said, "Okay Sammy you tell everyone where to stand for the picture."

Sammy surveyed the group carefully before moving people and characters into position. Taking his dad's hand Sammy placed him in the middle with Dean standing in front of him. He then positioned Mickey and Minnie on either side of John and Donald beside his big brother. After they were set, he quickly positioned the other hunters, Goofy, and Pluto. The last thing he did was place himself beside Dean with Eeyore next to him. Seeing the camera man poised to take the picture he cried, "Wait! We forgot the hats!"

"Here you go Sammy." Mr. Taylor said passing out Mickey ear hats to the group making sure everyone got the hat with their name stitched on it. Stepping back to the camera he looked over the group and laughed. They looked like they were sucking lemons. "Okay, on the count of three, smile. This one's for Sammy."

The camera man counted to three and quickly snapped the picture. He took several shots wanting to make sure they got the best picture possible.

The characters spent a few minutes with the boys before waving good bye and walking back to their assigned posts.

"That was the perfect way to end the trip, Sammy." Mr. Taylor praised. "I'll bring you the picture tonight. For now, go back to riding and enjoying your day."

"Thanks, Mr. Taylor." Sammy said hugging the man before turning and racing Dean to the castle. They ran through the castle and headed for the rides. The group stayed in the park riding their favorites. They even watched the night time parade and the fireworks. Knowing it was now time for the park to close they reluctantly made their way to the monorail for one last ride.

Just as he promised Mr. Taylor brought the pictures to Sammy laughing along with the boy when he discovered that Minnie was kissing his dad in the photo. He stayed and talked with John and Bobby for a while and then said his goodbyes and left.

The next morning the group ate a quick breakfast at Chef Mickey's before packing the cars and returning home. Once home John and the boys brought their bags in and plopped down on the couch. Deciding that the time was right John told the boys his news. "Guys, since we're already mostly packed, we'll head out after lunch." Seeing Dean and Sammy about to protest he held up a hand for silence. "I thought you might like to stay at Bobby's for the summer. He's got some work I can do for him, and I know there's a little dog that would love to have her playmate back. What do you say? You two ready to hit the road?"

"The whole summer? Really?" Sammy questioned hope shining in his eyes.

"You bet, champ." John replied. "Think you can stand that?"

"Yea!" Sammy hollered. "We're going to see Muffie!"

"Why don't you two go pack the rest of your things and then we'll eat lunch." John suggested.

"Okay" Sammy and Dean yelled as they ran down the hall to their bedroom.

John peeled himself off the couch and headed into the kitchen to make sandwiches for lunch. He'd packed before they had even gone to Disney but the boys didn't need to know that.

Half an hour later the boys raced into the living room, tossed their bags on the couch, and then walked into the kitchen. Sammy walked over and sat by his dad. Holding up a book he said, "I need to take this back to Mr. John before we go, dad."

"You can go after lunch Sammy." John informed him as he poured milk for both boys.

Eager to get on the road Dean and Sammy gulped down their lunch in record time. "Bye dad!" they called as they ran out the door. They ran all the way to Mr. John's door. Standing on the porch they took a minute to catch their breath before knocking on the door. They smiled as they waited for their friend to come to the door. That smile faded a little when a woman opened the door instead.

"Hello there boys." The lady greeted. "Can I help you two?"

"Umm, yes ma'am" Sammy said shifting from foot to foot nervously. "We're leaving today and I just wanted to tell Mr. John good bye and give him his book before I go."

The older woman glanced sadly at the boys. "Honey, Johnny isn't here. He died last summer."

Sammy sucked in a breath at the news. "No, he couldn't have. We saw him last week. He taught me to play the piano and he let me borrow this book." He said.

Seeing the boy's distress at the news the lady's face softened. "Sweet heart no one was here last week. I was at my daughter's house." She told them.

"Yes, he was." Sammy insisted, "And I can prove it." He squeezed past her and walked into the living room. "He sat right here by the piano and taught me this." He said as he placed his hands on the keyboard and played "Danny Boy". Finishing he ran over to the chest before Dean could grab him and pulled it open. "Mr. John got the book from right here." He said pointing in the chest.

Spotting something Mr. John's wife walked over and leaned down pulling a red rose out of the chest. "Oh my." She exclaimed staring at the rose. "Johnny brought me roses when he proposed. And after we married, he always gave me roses on our anniversary. Our fifth anniversary would have been today."

"Sammy, I think we should go." Dean stated nervously glancing around the room.

"But, but" Sammy stammered as tears began rolling down his cheeks.

"C'mon Sammy." Dean ordered tugging on his little brother's hand. "Sorry we bothered you ma'am." He whispered as he pulled Sammy down the hall and out the door. He wrapped one arm around his little brother as he led him back to their home still trying to make sense of things. Shoving their front door opened he walked in and sat Sammy on the couch as he hollered for his dad.

"What's wrong, Dean?" John asked as he came into the room with Bobby and the others behind him.

Sammy ran over to his dad and threw his arms around him. "She said Mr. John's, that Mr. John's dead. But he can't be 'cause I saw him last week." Sammy babbled through his sobs.

"What's he talking about Dean?" John quietly asked as he picked up his youngest.

"We went to Mr. John's to return the book. But his wife answered the door and she said that Mr. John died last summer." Dean explained.

"Shit!" Bobby exclaimed pulling his cap off and hitting it against his leg. "How did I miss that?"

"Miss what?" Sammy asked looking up at his uncle.

"Oh, uh," Bobby stuttered, "I meant how did I miss telling you that Mr. John died while we were at Disney."

"But his wife said" Sammy began.

"She's just upset and not thinking straight son." John interrupted.

Sammy watched as the men and Dean exchanged worried glances. "What aren't you telling me?" he asked.

"Nothing, Sammy" John assured him with a smile. "Now come on. Let's go. Muffin's wanting for you."

Sammy scrutinized his dad's and all the other men's faces. He knew there was something they weren't telling him and he was determined to find out what.

AN- Dedicated to my dear friend Mr. John (better known as Johnny) who died a few months ago.