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As Hermione stood on the edge of the bridge, she smiled knowing that it was all almost over. She should have known Draco wasn't on the level, he never had been. During the first month of her seventh year, Draco used his charm on her, trying to convince her to date him. She fought him at first, even hexed him a few times, but he didn't relent and continued to pour the charm on. She remained strong against him until shortly before Christmas when she really started to believe he was serious about her. She tucked away her pride and agreed to date him, public relationship and everything.

Harry and Ron pretty much ignored her, refusing to even talk to her unless it was completely necessary, Ginny would call her one name or another because she felt that Hermione had broken her brothers heart and the majority of the Gryffindor'srallied behind Harry and Ron, leaving Hermione completely alone with the exception of Draco.

He held her, comforted her and even threatened to hex them for her, but she refused saying they would come around eventually – they never did.

She dated him happily for the next few months, finally losing her virginity to him a month before graduation. She didn't regret it at the time, they had been going together for a while and she really believed him when he said he loved her.

He continued with the game until two weeks before Graduation and then he sprung it on her. He told her that she was nothing more to him then a bet and he had won a great deal of respect from his Slytherin friends for bagging the Gryffindor Princess. She didn't believe him at first but the high fives he was receiving from his mates confirmed his story.

Harry and Ron still stayed away, only approached her once to say they told her so. She nodded to them, they had told her it was a farce but she went against them and dated him anyways, she wouldn't deny them that.

The night before Graduation, Hermione discovered she had gotten pregnant by Draco and what resolve she had to be strong had broken. Her parents would never accept her or the child, Draco would never accept her or the child and Harry and Ron sure as hell wouldn't accept them. She climbed into her bed and wrote four letters, one to each of them. She then called for Dobbyand asked him to deliver the letters the next night once Graduation was over and everyone was celebrating. He agreed readily and disappeared with a pop.

Graduation went by rather smoothly and Hermione had of course Graduated with top honors. She smiled as she accepted the praise of her now former professors, and smiled towards the other students even though her own house acted as if she didn't exist. She walked back to her table proudly, not giving the slightest indication that anything was going to happen that night and continued to watch as everyone graduated.

The students dispersed, heading for their common rooms but Hermione didn't. She left the great hall, leaving her certificate on the table and set off towards the bridge, she had done what she needed to do and was free to be free from her pain once and for all.

Dobby appeared in the Gryffindorcommon room only 10 minutes after they had arrived. He gave the first letter to Harry and the Second to Ron before disappearing with a pop to deliver the the third letter. He handed the letter to Draco and vanished quickly, remembering who the boys father was. The forth letter was given to her parents and when his chore was complete, he arrived back at Hogwarts without a care in the world, he had done Miss. Hermione a good job.

Harry was the first to open his letter and dropped his butter beer on the floor. He quickly turned pale and turned to see an equally pale Ron looking at him. They compared letters and ran from the common room, they had to stop her.

Down in the Slytherincommons, Draco broke the seal of his letter and read through it quickly, turning pale witheach word he read. He had in fact dated Hermione for a bet but he had also fallen in love withher along the way. He planned on confronting her and telling her the truth once they were on the train heading back home.

He scanned the letter once more, reading each word as his throat constricted.

Dear Draco,

It took almost 7 years but you won. You used me and threw me to the side just like they told me you would. The funny thing is, Draco, is that I loved you, I gave you my heart and you hurt me for it.

I'm only writing you this letter to tell you that even though you hurt me, I still love you and the only way I can stop the pain is if I stop the source. I hate that things couldn't have been different, I hate that this child that we created would never have the life it deserved, yes Draco, you read correctly, I am pregnant with your half blooded child and I hate that I will never see what a child from us would have looked like ... but I cant do this. I lost everyone because of you and now I have nothing, so with this letter, I tell you good bye.



Draco quickly tucked the letter in his pocket and ran from the commons, he had to stop her and tell her th truthbefore it was too late. He ran through the halls frantically, searching for any signs of her. He checked the towers and found nothing, but when he reached the last tower, he noticed a red haired boy and a raven haired boy, running as fast as they could to the bridge. He glanced up and spotted her, standing on the edge withher hands raised in the air. He dashed down as quick as he could, his lungs burning withthe exertion he had put his body through. He managed to reach the bridge at the exact same time as Ron and Harry, who were also panting for breath and trying to call out for her. Draco glanced up and his eyes looked straight into her brown ones and she fell.

All three boys ran with every last bit of energy they had, none thinking clearly enough to pull their wands and stopped where Hermione had fallen. All three looked over the side to see her disappear from sight and all three called out to her.

It was done, nothing could be done now, Hermione was gone from their lives forever. Draco glanced to the ledge once more, tears in his eyes and spotted her wand, broken and left behind just like she had felt when she took that final step to freedom.

That night and well through the next day, Harry, Ron and Draco searched for her body along with the professors. She was never found but they knew what they had watched and knew she was gone. Word spread quickly through out the school and despite who she was and what they had all black listed her for, everyone felt a bit sorry for the brightest witch of their day.


A year later, Hermione's death was still talked about, including the events that had led to her death. Harry and Ron never forgave themselves for abandoning her and Draco became colder and even more shut down then anyone had ever seen him before. They all wished they would have done things differently, but it was to late... she was gone but not forgotten.

In a small cottage in Scotland, A bushy haired witch looked over to her sleeping baby in his crib. His hair was as blond as his fathers but his eyes were the same warm brown as her own. She felt free these days, happy to live her life as a muggle with a child she loved dearly. She knew her baby would have strong powers but she would figure that out later. All that mattered was she was alive, her baby was healthy, and from that day, she planned to live her life one day at a time, not even thinking of the people that abandoned her when she needed them the most... she was free.