Malik and Bakura get into trouble in math class.

Math Class

Tick. Tock. Tick.

Click. Click. Click.

Malik tapped his pencil against his desk, keeping in time with the clock overhead. Outside it was cloudy and wet, even though it was already the second of June. Math class was as slow as ever, and to Malik, it seemed to be getting slower.

It aggravated him because, he wasn't sure why, but it always seemed as if he was tapping faster than the clock. Perhaps the clock was slowing? Perhaps Malik was too hyper?

Click. Click. Click. Click. BUMP.

"Malik! Shut up!"

He turned around to find that his friend, Ryou, was no longer sitting behind him. He had been replaced by the soul of an ancient, evil thief.

Malik smirked and went back to his tapping.

Click. Click. Click. BUMP.

Bakura kicked his chair again. "I mean it! Shut up!"

Click. Click. BUMP.

Bakura stole Malik's pencil, but Malik wasn't defeated. Bakura couldn't beat him in a card game, he wouldn't beat him now. Malik reached into his backpack to find a pen.

All the class was silent. Malik couldn't bear it. He had to do something, even if he only made the annoying tapping noise.

Seeing him pull out a red pen, Bakura grabbed a large portion of Malik's hair. "Don't you dare…"

But Malik was not intimiedated by Bakura. He never had been. He grinned.

Click. CRASH!

Bakura launched himself at Malik, pinning him to the floor. He pulled his fist up and was about to punch the helpless blonde when the teacher intervened.

"BAKURA! ISHTAR! Take your seats and finish your review work! You'll be seeing me at lunch." The teacher, an elderly, impatient man, walked slowly back to his desk.

A small cry was uttered above Malik, and he realized that he was no longer gripping the face of his foe, Bakura, but the confused face of his companion, Ryou.

After class, however, Bakura was back to endure his detention. The two boys sat on opposite ends of the room, not looking at each other.

Tick. Tock. Tick.

Click. Click. Click.

Author's Notes:

I wrote this because I was bored in math class and our substitute teacher was ridiculously unfair. Well, not that bad… but still… she was dumb.

Random fact: Every Yu-Gi-Oh! fan I turns into a Naruto/Death Note fan. I haven't, but a lot of people do. Look at DeviantArt and you'll see pretty fast. XD