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So, it's been a while since I've veered away from my other chapter story. So, yeah. This kinda came to me a long time ago when someone asked me, "What would you do if you woke up with a condom in your butt, and a number on your hand." This is kinda my answer to that.

Warning: Yoai...crack...

Disclaimor: Why the hell would I be writing on FANfiction, if I owned Naruto?


/Word/ Sounds

/words/ Thoughts

Many story's talk about drunken mistakes. You know, waking up next to a person you don't know, or know very well, but have no idea why your naked next to them

Many stories talk about the person they love, finally falling for them after one night of 'romance' also known as a Booty Call.

But does anyone take the time to realize you could wake up in some pretty crazy situations after a Friday night full of booze, friends, and maybe even strangers.

Not a one.

Or maybe...all of them, honestly...I really know. Nor do I care, for that matter. But now I'm just wasting time, lets get to the story,

So our dear protagonist, had, had a crazy night full of booze, friends, and strangers. But no, he did not wake up next to a stranger, nor a friend. He awoke on his knees,face-down on a bed he did not know. Something sticky and rubbery inhabited his ass, and it hurt, like no other.

On his hand was written a number, and a few misspelled words that read,

"Last night was amazing, Call me, Hun."

And to top this lovely ice cream sundae of a morning, he had a killer head ache, and apparently a new tattoo on left ass cheek.

I carefully extracted rubber from my butt.

"What the hell happened last night!?" He asked himself, rubbing his head, and the crust from his eyes. He looked everywhere for a pair of pants, let alone boxers.

And after limping around every inch of this condo he found them, hanging from the ceiling, with a piece of gum. He smiled, in a pissed off way.

"What the hell happened last night!?" He asked himself, once again.

"You know what I don't even care. I just wanna get the hell out of here."He went to go use the restroom, only to find, to his horror, he was fully covered with make-up. From black lipstick, to red eyeliner. So now, not only could he not remember a thing, but he was in full makeup, with, lash marks on his legs? Things couldn't get any better could they?

Oh, but they could.

After successfully gathering all his clothes, getting rid of the make-up, and picking up what was left of his pride, he limped out the door.

"What. A. Day. Today. Will. Be." He thought to himself as he pulled his phone out of some extremely tight jeans. He dialed the number,




"Hello" The other man had a husky voice, it was deep and rich, like an expensive chocolate bar.

"H-Hello" I stuttered not realising the effect of the beautiful voice,

"Who is this?"

"Sorry, um, this, Sasuke...I woke up with this number on my hand?"

"Oh, you." The words ran right off his tongue, I could almost hear his eyebrows raise.

"You did some pretty amazing things last night." He continued, his voice in a lower tone than before,

"Yeah, you did some pretty amazing damage to my body." I responded.

"Those are just the beginning, baby, it only gets better from there. I've got lots to show you. When can we meet again?"

"I hate to be so rude, but I don't even remember meeting you the 1st time!"

"Trust me, when you see me again, it'll all come back. Now I gotta go, I'll call back later, Hun."


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