Okay. So I got this review from a anon flaming this story to a certain extent, and honestly, that is the first flame ever...and it makes me not want to end this story, and just let it fall under a truck. But because I know there are ten other people waiting diligently for the final chapter.

But if in fact you do come back "misery ()" let me be straight up with you, no, this isn't planned out on any level. I don't brain storm. It's a fucking bother. I write as it comes to me, and I'm sorry for being human and forgetting a few details from the beginning. If you don't want to take me seriously, I don't care.

And next time, feel free to flame, but don't be a pussy and hide under an anon, come front with a name I can reply to so my other readers won't have to have their time spoiled, by someone else. I put alot of heart in my stories, and as much of a slap in the face that review was, I will remember to check my stories more, so I won't have this happen again.

For all the people who have no idea what the hell I'm talking about (which should be all of you except 1), don't worry, the next chapter will be comming out with a fantastic ending, because this does infact have "Humor" when you look it up.

:T -it's a smilie face-

I'm thinking up wonderful endings at this very moment. Sorry for making you all excited for a chapter of AN.