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This story takes place between Chapters Two and Three of 'What She Can't Say'.


Chapter One – Finals Week - Revisited

From 'What She Can't Say' Chapter 2 'Finals Week'

Kim stood in the center of a small group of various committee members, giving last minute advice, direction, or instructions for whatever they had planned over the summer break. One by one, those same various members, having received what they sought, thanked her, and broke off from the group.

It was normally no big for her. But she found that her cheeks were starting to get just a little bit red when all of them made some kind of comment to her as they left about her enjoying her summer with her new Beau.

When they were at last all gone, she took a deep breath, clutching her horde of books tightly to her chest. The last three weeks had been more than intense with studying, her having to fill in for Bonnie in the committees and teams they were both involved in (the ones that Bonnie actually deemed were important enough to put work into that is), her normal load of various minor and medium 'somebody needs help/I can do anything' hits on the website and dealing with the continuing ramifications that were coming down from Drakken's scheme.

Billions in dollars of damage had been done worldwide. Governments wanted heads. Her Dad had been called before a Congressional Committee to discuss his Cybertronic discovery and all the implications about it. She and Ron had been the center of a constant demand for interviews and appearances of news shows and the like.

And they still had to be dealing with FINALS!

But this was it. Today was the last day of those. She was done! Now all she was waiting for was for Ron to finish his last test. They had a short week next week to close out their classes then they were off for the summer!

She blew a breath upwards that flipped her bangs away from her forehead. Hopefully now the craziness would lessen and she and her 'Beau' would have more time than what they had spent with her tutoring him in math.

She started to slink tiredly toward her locker. Thinking back, the sum, and total of their 'close' time together recently had been 'sleeping together' on a couple of quick plane trips. But even that had been nice. Him leaning the seat back, letting me put my head in his lap, his arm around my chest to where my hands where holding his in front of me. Very nice.

And there was most definitely something else. In all the years she's known him, she had seen a whole host of 'New Ron's'. But the one that had come out in the last several weeks, it almost left her breathless.

Outwardly he hadn't changed. He was still the biggest goof, the happy, devil may care guy that she had always known. And his manner and personality hadn't changed either.


She had seen him, on those missions where it really counted, when the chips were down, when he knew that he had to make a decision and stick to it, when someone was counting on him and it was time to play, when he was the last man standing and the bet was called, how he was perfectly capable of showing a maturity, a drive, a dedication, a willingness to lay it on the line that more than once had saved the mission—

Or her life.

And that trait was starting to show now in all his work. Outwardly, the lazy, lackadaisical, it can get done tomorrow Ron was still there in word and tone. But when it actually came time to do the work, he was there before he was suppose to be, he was interested and he was trying even if he was still hopelessly lost.

Even more so, he had been talking to Wade, trying to figure out why he had such a hard time with the gadgets, why was he always loosing his pants, what could he do to avoid the same repetitious mistakes that he was constantly making.

None of it was working so far but at least he was trying.

And there was something else different about him that she hadn't exactly put her finger on yet. But considering how little they had seen each other outside of times of total crisis (be it study, tests, commitments or mission) mode, there hadn't been exactly a lot of time to just sit and talk.

She finally reached her locker, opened it, and heaved her books into it. She couldn't wait to turn them all in next week but that of course also meant that it would be time to pull the computer out so that Wade to have it picked up for its annual upgrades and maintenance.

She ran a quick check on the website to see if there was any activity—

"Hmmmm," she mused. "Baby sitting quintuplets in Tibet, well, they're not going to be pampered. Lost Llama in Lima, nothing to spit at. Missing octopus from Australian aquarium, I think after that fight I had with that one belonging to Senor Senior Sr, I'll keep that one at arms length."

She scanned a few more hits then she stopped and blinked. She reread the line twice, and a grin that just barely bordered on evil, slowly crossed her face.


Kim's head was still slightly spinning as she sat beside Ron in the Bueno Nacho booth. The fact that they were actually sitting together instead of on opposite sides was unique enough, but the fact that she was still mainly trying to cope/grip the couple across from them—

Monique had sat down first, turning to help guide Felix, her new boyfriend, into the spot next to her. The brown haired boy was lifted by his chairs 'seat' which then extended sideways (that side of his 'wheel' chair retracting and getting out of the way for him in a complex manner that made Kim's eyes hurt to watch), sliding Felix in at the perfect height to be deposited on the bench behind the table across from Ron.

So now Kim was trying to handle this new 'two couple' mode. It wasn't that she didn't think that she could; while it weirded her out, she knew the main reason was simply that it had happened without her or Ron noticing each of their best boy/girl friends coming together into a couple. And even more so, at least while Eric had been messing with everything in her head Kim could tolerate (but not accept) such a lapse. But had the last three weeks been so chaotic with investigations and interviews on top of tutoring and finals; on TOP of the fact that she and Ron had been adjusting to being a couple of their own. had all of that caused her and Ron to be so completely blind to what was now before them? It had to have been for now that she thought those same weeks back over, she realized that Monique and Felix had been awful close during that period and she didn't recognize it.

Well . . . she did now . . . and she liked what she saw.

But having Ron sit next to her in 'their' booth at Bueno Nacho . . . that was going to take more getting use to than the idea of a Monique/Felix couple. It wasn't that she didn't like Ron being at her side, hips touching, a sense of tingling closeness; it was just that she liked the way that she could always look into his eyes when they were across from each other. She felt that she knew that he felt the same way about it as well.

"So Ron," Felix asked as he grinned, his eyes going from his friend across from him to the black girl beside him, the both of them recovering from gorging on something with so much grease that if he attempted to eat it, it would cause his face to become a minefield. "It's Thursday night. We have tomorrow off since the 'teachers' have to doing their yearend reports. That means that you have two days to finish the plans for The Big Night. How are the preps going?"

Ron was three quarters through his third Naco, bulging cheeks looking so like a hamster. Due to that, the response that he gave Felix was a thumbs up and an enthusiastic nod of the head.

Felix's question however, had a slightly different reaction on Ron's girlfriend. Kim's eyes went a little wide and it kind of looked like she shook herself a little. Felix looked over at her, "Kim? You okay?"

"Yes," Kim said, but her eyes were now looking pointedly sidelong at her boyfriend besides her. "Ron," and Felix's eyes narrowed just a pinch because the 'lightness and normality' in Kim's voice sounded a little pushed, "I haven't had a chance to tell you yet, but there was a mission on my computer in my locker that I accepted. It's not an emergency but we leave about noon tomorrow."

Ron gave her a questioning look but then cocked his head back and with a mighty gulp, swallowed the whole contents of his mouth. After a quick wipe of his face (using a napkin instead of his sleeve Kim noted with pride), "that's cool KP. I was going to try to make sure I had everything for the Big Night ready tonight in case we, you and I, had a mission between now. I also wanted it done in case we; and now, (and he nodded at the 'new couple' across from him) all of us wanted to do something tomorrow to celibate the end of school. But if our friends here want to take a wait on tomorrow, I can be ready to go at noon."

"Ron . . . Ron Stoppable . . . doing something ahead of time?" This was from Monique in a very disbelieving tone. She had not been able to speak for a moment as she was not been able to swallow her mouthful in quite the same way as the boy across from her (another fact being that she was only on her first Naco), taking her just a little bit longer to rejoin the conversation. She smirked an evil grin at Ron who was just giving her a 'superior' look back before she then looked to Kim and asked, "what kind of mission?"

Kim kind of threw her head one-way and one hand the other way as if it was 'no big' (but at the same time she avoided Monique's questioning eyes). "I don't have all the details yet," the redhead replied making it sound oh so routine, "but we're suppose to be guarding something."

Monique's and Felix's eyes both narrowed slightly. "How long do you expect to be gone?" Felix asked.

Kim's hand, after the expressive 'throw out' gesture, had come around stealthily under the table, coming to rest on the rear pocket of her pants—

The all-familiar tone carried through the air. Kim jumped up, palming the Kimmunicator in her rear pants pocket, "ooppps, forgot that I had a last minute meeting with the eco-club." She leaned in and gave Ron a quick peck on the cheek, "I'll call you tonight—" she then gave Monique and Felix a wave and she was out the door.

Monique's face folded into a deep frown. "That was weird."

Ron just shrugged. "KP's got so many things going on that I'm surprised that she's got time to do anything."

"But this mission your going on tomorrow Ron," Felix definitely had a worried tone in his voice, "how do we know that you'll be back in time for The Big Night?"

Ron threw off a wave of his hand. "Kim would never accept anything that would interfere with something so important. I for one, am not going to worry about it."

Monique and Felix, for some reason that Ron couldn't fathom, continued to look unconvinced.


"We're going where?" Ron's voice went up half an octave—

"Ron," Kim's reply had some exasperation in it, "it's no big—"

"We're doing WHAT?" Ron's voice had now made the full octave—

"Ron—amp down, you'll distract the pilot—"

Her boyfriend finally stopped talking, but he was looking at her with such open mouthed disbelief—after a moment that mouth closed, the eyes became empty and wet, the lower lip trembled—

"But—but" and Ron actually sounded like a three year old who had been told 'no cookie', "The Big Night! The end of the school year blowout! The event that we ALL have been waiting for for weeks! The final SMACKUP for the world champion between Steel Toe and—"

"Ron—" and Kim was clearly annoyed, "this mission is important!"

"Kim!" Ron came right back, his tone indicating that he thought that she was both insane and sorely out of touch with reality, "nothing is as important than this match! It was practically the only thing that got me through finals—"

Ron's mouth snapped closed on that sentence as 'the look' came into a certain pair of emerald eyes. "That—and my bon-diggity lovely, oh-so-helpful-and-demanding-turtor-of-a-bestfriend/girlfriend-who-helped-me-study-hard-for-all-the-finals of course," he hastily amended.

Kim's arms had crossed in front of her and her eyes smoked for another couple of moments, her memories going back to just how much the 'anticipation' of this same said 'Big Night' had cause way too much distraction and lack of concentration on same said study for finals (and just maybe if she considered it, another reason why she had missed the Monique/Felix linkup). That was only 'one' of several reasons why her own feelings for 'The Big Night' were something less than—

But Kim shook that thought out of her head. Right now she had to deal with the immediate, which meant that she had to keep herself calm about it—

"Ron," Kim forcibly changed her voice to try to sound reasonable, trying another tack to make her point, "what we're going too is important to the entire world. It's Italy, it's Milan, we're going there specifically because we're being asked to protect some of the most valuable items on the planet."

Ron's eyes got even wider and disbelief flashed in them and his tone. "We're going to a (his hands snapped up and flashed 'air quotes') fashion show KP. Their all over the TV and the magazines and—"

"Milan ranks right with Paris for fashion," Kim snapped back, 'calm' going right out the window, her annoyance at the 'WHOLE THING' back in full force. "And like I said, what is shown there affects what everybody wears all over the planet while your GWA is only for mental juveniles of all ages—"

Ron slowly crossed his arms, the beginnings of anger coming into his face. "Do you include Monique and Felix in that oh so narrow-minded estimate?"

Kim threw up her hands. "Yes! Unfortunately I do include Monique in that category, but given the choice between your stupid GWA SMACKUP and the Milan fashion expo, I KNOW which one Monique would pick!"

"I don't think you're very sure of that estimate," Ron said back in a low, controlled voice, sounding as if (if it could be believed) he was talking to a two year old. "If you had been, I think you would have said something when all of us were together yesterday afternoon in Bueno Nacho. But nnnooooooooooo, all you tell me and them is that we have a sudden mission; you don't answer to the where or what of it despite the fact that Mo asked you that question. And as I recall, you specifically avoided answering when Felix asked you just how long this mission would take. KP, you knew the GWA party is at MY house tomorrow . . . that is Saturday night, a party which we . . . we . . . as in all of us, have been planning for how long, a party which included both Mo's brother and both of your brothers . . . a party that all week you have . . . pointedly REFRAINED from saying anything good about—"

"I said loud and long," Kim hotly retorted, "that I had no interest in spending an entire evening with a bunch of loons screaming over something as fake as—"

"KP!" Ron sounded truly shocked. "This is the FIRST TIME my mom has allowed me to throw a party at our house! There is absolutely NO WAY that you could refuse to come—"

Ron suddenly stopped as if something had just occurred to him. A pained . . . hurtful . . . look came over him, denial flooding his face even as the horror in his tone gave voice to what he could only hope was the completely impossible—

"You . . . you didn't . . . Kim . . . I can't believe that you . . . you didn't . . . accept this mission in order to . . . you WOULDN'T just because you don't like wrestling . . . you COULDN'T for a single moment purposely on purpose . . . do that to us would you? To . . . me . . . would you? You wouldn't intentionally do something to . . . to . . . to cause the FIRST ANNUAL BIG GWA SMACKUP PARTY AT RON STOPPABLE'S HOUSE MADE POSSIBLE ONLY BECAUSE HIS MOTHER FINALLY ALLOWED HIM TO AND BECAUSE HIS FATHER FINALLY GOT THE HOME BOX SEAT CHANNEL . . . TO BE CANCELLED . . . would you?"

Kim's arms were folded in front of her chest, the look on her face could only be described as a glower—"Ron," she started—

Kim's hair then blew back from her face as Ron let out a HUGE breath—

"Oh you had me going there for a second," the blond boy babbled, face in his hands in his lap, almost sobbing out his relief. "I really really really really really thought for a second that you were going to tell me that just because you've dissed and ridiculed and blasted our plans for the party loud and long all week that you were really going to say that you took this mission just so the party could be a bust. I told Monique and Felix to trust because you wouldn't accept a mission that would take us through Saturday—"

"Ron, the fashion show is all weekend! We wont be going home until Sunday night—"

Ron's head snapped up, his eyes narrowed in intense thought; he added two and twelve, subtracted three, multiplied by six, deducted a simple fraction from that and then tried (but couldn't remember how) to round it out to the nearest whole number—

Anyway . . . eventually he came up with four—

The scream that emitted from the fast courier jet 40,000ft over the eastern seaboard caused 911 calls to be made from Maryland to Connecticut.


A/N: This is the first of two 'side stories' that took place during WSCS. I hope that it will help those who have been sending me PM's wondering when things would pick up again. I hope that you will like what you read.

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