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"Draco, hun, wake up." It was a kind order but an order non-the-less. Draco would have told the person exactly what he thought of being ordered around if his head wasn't about to split open from its constant pounding.

"Oooohh…" Was the only thing he managed to groan out before burying his face back into the warm sanctuary of his pillow. It was soft and hid his eyes from the light in the boys' dormitory. All he wanted to do was sleep.

"Draco. You told me Friday after class that you were going to need me to get you up today." The person grabbed him by his shoulder and as gently as they could and rolled him onto his back. He tried to pull away but ended up just groaning again and clutching his head. ", and you made me promise that no matter how bad you might look you still wanted me to get you up." The person added. "You look terrible by the way."

Now on his back, Draco glared up at the blurry form of Pansy as some of his memories come back to him. Crap. He had told her to get him up. It was Sunday, and he had homework to do that he had put off the last two days.

"Are you…wearing glasses?" Pansy asked incredulously.

Draco's hands went to his face. Shit. He'd have to return those sooner or later. At least he could hold them for ransom, he thought suddenly. The sudden thought caused his head to thump painfully, and he cursed under his breath. Leaving the glasses on his face, he sat up clutching his head with one hand and reached out to his bed side table and grabbed his wand. Muttering a spell under his breath a vial with purple liquid appeared on the table. He dropped his wand and grabbed the vial before chugging the contents down. His headache vanished.

Breathing a sigh of relief he turned his eyes on Pansy again, or an indistinguishable blur that might have been Pansy. Jeez, Potter had bad eye sight. He removed the glasses and rubbed his eyes. Everything settled back into their normal shapes. Pansy had her hip cocked and arms crossed across her chest with a knowing smirk on her face.

"Glasses?" She asked again.

"I was reading." Draco lied smoothly.

"Right. While getting smashed." Pansy added.

"Nothing wrong with that." Draco snapped at her.

Pansy smirked wider and leaned over the bed using one arm to balance and hold herself up.

"Did you use protection?" She asked dropping her voice to a whisper.

Draco narrowed his eyes. He should have asked Crabbe or Goyle to wake him.

"Always." He finally gave in.

She nodded once. "Good. Though you might think to raise your standards a bit, Draco. Saint Potter is hardly what I'd call attractive. I think Blaise is pretty close to coming out of the closest."

"Potter has other things to offer besides being attractive." Draco snapped angrily, feeling a certain primitive need to defend the person he had spent the last couple nights with. "Besides…Blaise is a fop."

Pansy let out a bark-like laugh. "Calling the kettle black, aren't we? Well…as long as you're happy…or whatever. Let's go get breakfast, and you can return those glasses."


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