Hyde Park is filled with happy families with small children, all happy and laughing. I feel out of place, no scratch that, I am out of place despite giving the appearance of fitting in.

I look like a somewhat normal not quite sixteen year old wasting away the day in the park; in reality I'm creating an exclusion zone.

An exclusion zone, is a small area created by a runic array that will temporarily hold back the anti escape wards used by Aurors, thus giving me the chance to escape. It won't hold for long, a minute at best, but if I stay, within its confines then that's all the time I need to Apparate away.

The magic takes and I get up and walk away. Unless someone dispels it the zone will last for twenty four hours or until triggered. I've got an owl to send to Dumbledore, he'll meet me of that I'm sure.


Because he needs me as much as I need him.


Dumbledore rubbed his eyes tiredly.

Three hours.

Three hours since Harry Potter had successfully robbed the Ministry of Magic, three hours since all of his mistakes had come back to him as he stared into those cold, green eyes and, he thought as his gaze turned to a near inconsolable Nymphadora Tonks, three hours since he'd found a curious link to the missing saviour.

For the majority of the last three hours Dumbledore had been at the Ministry dealing with the fall out of discovering that the Boy-Who-Lived was alive and subsequently allowing him to get away.

Now he had finally gathered his Order in Grimmauld Place so that they could be briefed and so that he could get some answers.

"I now call this meeting to order," Slowly the murmurs subsided "By now everyone is aware of what occurred this morning is that correct? Good. Now before we continue does anyone have any questions?"

Before anyone could ask a question Fawkes appeared in a ball of flames with a letter in his mouth. Blinking in surprise Dumbledore reached out and took the letter. He knew that if a letter was delivered to his office while he was away Fawkes would bring it to him if the phoenix considered it to be important.

Opening the envelope he found a single sheet of cheap parchment.


We need to talk.

Hyde Park within an hour of opening this, come alone.


Pushing magic into his eyes Dumbledore activated his Mage Sight, magnifying the twinkle in his eyes. He recognised traces of an alarm spell which was how he assumed Harry knew when he got the letter.

"It appears I have a meeting that I must attend with a potential Order member, I ask that everyone will wait here until I return and postpone the meeting. I'll be back within the hour."

Dumbledore waited briefly for the murmurs of assent before grasping Fawkes tail feathers and disappearing in a flash of flame.


I feel a pulse of magic from my alarm spell and smile, I'd half expected Dumbledore to be out of reach since my visit to the Ministry but obviously I was wrong. I move through the park until I come to rest on the bench that sits in the middle of my exclusion zone.

I picked Hyde Park because it's highly unlikely that Dumbledore will try and capture me here since my previous reaction to imprisonment says that I'll fight it with everything I have.

It doesn't take long before I spot him crossing him the park in a plum coloured suit that looks fifty years out of date. I wave my hand and perform the radar charm, it appears to be wandless magic but the tip of my wand is sticking out of my sleeve.

Dumbledore is the only magical person within its range but that doesn't mean that there aren't others lurking beyond the range of the charm.

I'll say it again; my paranoia has kept me alive.

Dumbledore seats himself on the bench opposite mine and waves his hand about looking like a crazy old man for all to see. I can feel the magic though and extend my own magic towards it.

Each spell has a different feel to it and my memory's telling me that he put up a silencing ward and a notice me not charm. I can't fault him for that.

"Hello Harry."

I scowl; I haven't gone by that name since I ran away from the Dursleys at the age of five. I prefer Cayden, I like Cayden. People who know me by that name either fear or respect it because of my own achievements not something that I can't remember. I didn't know what it meant when I picked it from a book that I'd read but it fits me.

In Gaelic Cayden means Spirit of battle.

People don't respect the Boy-Who-Lived though, he's a symbol to used and locked away until he's needed again.

I'll let Dumbledore call me Harry though, whether I like it or not Harry Potter and Cayden are different parts of the same person.

That person being me.

Still I don't have to like it.

"Hello Albus, I know the prophecy," straight to the point, that's me.

"I assumed so but please tell me what you hope to get from this meeting, from what I've gathered so you're a rather independent person."

Who would've thought? Albus Dumbledore's a smartarse.

"I am," I reply shortly "but I also know when I need help.

I want to confront him so badly, I want to rage and scream about leaving me the Dursleys but I don't.


It serves no purpose and while I resent him for it I forgave him a long time ago, keeping hold of anger is futile but just because I forgave him doesn't mean that we aren't going to sit down some time soon and he's going to explain his reasoning to me.

Just because I forgave him doesn't mean that I'll ever forget.

"What do you think I can do for you?"

"I'm a powerful wizard and rather skilled if I do say so myself yet I'm in no way capable of killing Voldemort by myself even if he didn't have his Death Eaters. I'd say that I could defeat all of his Death Eaters save Bellatrix Lestrange and I believe I could even overcome her with some difficulty. You're reputedly the only person Voldemort ever feared and if the reports that I've read of his last rise are true you're capable of holding him to a draw. Between us we could defeat him, the prophecy says that only I can kill him but it doesn't say anything that stops you from beating the shit out of him beforehand," I stop, I've said my piece for now.

"So you believe in the prophecy?"

"No but Voldemort does and that makes it self fulfilling," I know how he knows the prophecy since it was marked on the orb that the seer made it to him but his eyes narrow slightly when I say Voldemort believes in it.

No way and I telling about my connection with a certain Dark Lord.

"I've sworn to oppose Voldemort so it is only natural that I aid you, how do you propose we go about this alliance?"

"What do you think?" I shoot back, I'm winging it at the moment but I've got a few ideas and want to see how his compare to mine.

"I would like you to accompany to a Fidelius protected location…you do know what the Fidelius Charm is do you not?" I nod and he continues "Once there you will be inducted into the Order of the Phoenix and I along with some of the Order's more skilled members will begin working with you and building up your skill. I would also like you to attend Hogwarts for your sixth year if for no other reason then to give the public hope. For now I suggest we keep your return secret."

I turn the ideas over in my and they match my own but need a few amendments.

"I won't swear any oaths other then a vow of silence without good reason or depending on the contents. I accept the proposal of training and keeping my return secret. What's Chami told you about me?"

"Chami?" he asks, intrigued "Ah you must mean young Nymphadora. After your display at the Ministry earlier and her recognition of you she has been quite uncooperative. The only people who know the two of you are acquainted are Aurors Shacklebolt and Robbards, both of whom are keeping quiet for now and myself and your godfather Sirius Black, she hasn't revealed anything and I was intending to question her before I received your letter."

Did he say godfather? I voice that thought.

"Yes I did and he is quite anxious to meet you."

I 'hmm' noncommittally and make more plans.

"I'll go with you now but I want to be disguised, I trust you didn't tell anyone who you were meeting," he nods the affirmative and I go on "I need an oath that you won't tell anyone what I'm about to reveal."

He hesitates briefly and makes the oath putting in amendments that he is freed from it if I'm breaking laws. Smart man.

"I'm a metamorphmagus."

"That actually explains some things," Dumbledore muses "Like how you stayed hidden for so long. I assume that is how you intend to keep your identity secret from the Order?"

I nod.

"Remus Lupin is a werewolf and old friend of your parents; do you know how to conceal your scent?"

I draw my wand and wordlessly perform the necessary charm, the last time I used this I'd driven a silver spike through another werewolf's mate. My features change until I've got dull brown hair and eyes with unremarkable features and appear to be in my mid thirties, in other words I'm someone you wouldn't look at twice. While I was doing this, Dumbledore was busy writing something using conjured implements and hands the slip of parchment to me once I finish.

The Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix is located at 12 Grimmauld Place London

I burn it and vanish, the ashes once I memorise it and rise from my seat. Most people would think that in my position I'd demand oaths of loyalty or something of that sort from Dumbledore but the simple fact is that we both know that if he screws me over then he's fucked because I'll watch Voldemort burn Hogwarts to the ground before I do anything.

Dumbledore extends his hand and I grab it without hesitation. I hate Side-Along Apparition, mainly because I don't control the destination but it's more convenient then me Apparating blind.

I guess I just need to have a little bit of trust.


With the slightest of pops we appear in what I think is the hallway of a house that until recently was abandoned. There's a troll foot umbrella stand just inside the door which I assume leads outside and a covered portrait on the wall, Dumbledore gestures to the portraits and mimes silence, I acquiesce with a nod of my head.

I follow Dumbledore until we come to the kitchen, he walks straight through but I take a moment to steel myself, Chami, my Chami, is inside. I walk through and my eyes sweep across the gathered group. Tonks looks miserable and I feel like an utter bastard.

Hell I am an utter bastard.

"This, my friends is Lewis Moore and I have just inducted him into the Order, please make him feel welcome."

The group murmurs their greetings and I get several thorough examinations from some of them, these people I take notice of and mark them as the more capable members. Alastor Moody watches me suspiciously while Severus Snape appears to be trying to memorise every aspect of me. His presences is a surprise, it's well known amongst those who sell illegal ingredients that the Potions Master uses a certain mark on his arm to gain access to the rarest ingredients.

A spy possibly, he's definitely someone that I'll need to watch.

"Now I believe we have business to attend, you may get to know our new friend later. Nymphadora I believe we must ask some questions of you?"

I almost curse myself when I realise something, I don't want Tonks to reveal that I'm a metamorphmagus but I never said anything about it to Dumbledore, at worst I'll have him get everyone here swear a vow of silence not to reveal the fact or personally memory charm them.

"Can't you leave her alone Albus, can't you see she's had a hard day," a woman standing behind Tonks snaps and I wince not having seen her face when I entered as she'd been turned away from me.

I've met Andromeda Tonks once, she's an independent woman and powerful witch, she'd have to be to get her family through the first war and raise Tonks on her own after her husband left her. She's going to do some damage when I reveal myself, I guess she'll get whatever Tonks leaves.

If Sirius is my godfather I wonder if he'll mind me using him as a shield.

"I'm truly sorry Andromeda but I'm afraid that these answers are important. Tell me Miss Tonks how long have you known Harry Potter?"

Tonks meets Dumbledore's kind gaze, her eyes are red rimmed and I can decipher the emotions in them and guess the reason for each one.

Happiness: I'm alive not dead as my disappearance suggests.

Sadness: I did disappear without a word; it looks like I was using her.

Anger : I'm alive and didn't tell her plus there's the whole 'may have been using her' thing.

I could be wrong though.

"I met him the summer before my seventh year and what would have been his second year at the time though I didn't know he was Harry Potter, when he introduced himself he called himself Cayden. It was obvious to me though that he was a street kid."

"Cayden?" Andromeda asks "The Cayden that you brought home when he'd gotten beat up?"

Tonk's nods, the time her mother is referring to is when I got caught by a gang of thugs during what would have been my third year at Hogwarts and beat up badly. I ended up better then them though, I survived. Tonks found me at my current home and took me to her mother's house to get her to patch me up. Andy, as she had told me to call her, offered me a home.

I don't know why I refused, it was a dream come true but I think by that time I was used to my life, it was something that I carved for myself and by staying with the Tonks' I would've had to tell them the truth and frankly I didn't want to be Harry Potter.

Snape catches my eye, or more his eyes do, they're gleaming. Performing Legilimency has a different effect on people's eyes, mine apparently have a type of hypnotic swirl but I suspect Snape's gleam. He's making the barest of eye contact with Tonks but that's all a master needs. I feel angry, Tonks is crap at Occlumency outside of a flimsy shield to protect her during a duel, and she never bothered beyond that.

As I consider what to do about my suspicions Snape speaks up.

"Well what else do you know? Where can we find him? What are his habits?"

"I don't know where to find him, I haven't seen him since Christmas," she sounds miserable and slightly defiant.

"Then what do you know about him, if we know his habits we may be able to find the arrogant brat," Snape sneers.

Nice to know what he thinks of me.

"Go to hell Snape, if Cayden wants to stay hidden then he can and I'm not going to help you find him by betraying his trust."

I expect Snape to explode but he does something completely different.

He laughs.

"The little changeling is in love," he crows "Tell me girl did he make you feel special, did he not ask you to change your form or did you volunteer to do so? Well guess what you stupid little girl, he's a Potter and he did what Potter's do best and used you."

The rooms explodes even as Tonks shrinks back from his accusations, I can see the uncertainty swimming in her eyes. She doesn't want to believe Snape but I've done nothing but support his view, except for the part about changing her appearance, I'd never ask her to do that especially after she told me what it was like for her in school.

Dumbledore is berating Snape along with most everyone else while Tonks is being comforted by Andy and a friend of hers that I recognise as Hestia Jones. Snape's voice rises above them all.

"If you won't tell us what we want I suggest we take the information, we are after all in a war and Potter appears to be our best hope unfortunately."

Dumbledore shoots down this idea but a lot of Order members agree with Snape and looking at it from their point of view I can't blame them. I guess I might need to reveal myself sooner then I'd thought since I refuse to put Tonks in this position. I discreetly slide my wand from its holster; I have a feeling that I'm going to need it.

My features fade to my base form and I inject magic in my voice so that my voice rises above the hubbub and people actually pay attention to me.

"If you've got questions for me Snape ask them."

Everyone turns to me.

A stunned silence ensues as I bare my scar.

The sound of Tonks chair scraping across the floor breaks it and I wince at the look on her face as she shoves through the people to get to me. It appears that she isn't going to bother going for her wand.

I make no attempt to dodge the small fist as it crashes into my face.