Stupid Malfoy

"You're in my seat, Weasley." Scorpius scowled, a frown forming on his haughty little face. Oh, Merlin not this again. I swear, the git gets so bloody arrogant whenever someone sits in "his seat". I mean, it's not like it has his bloody name carved into it.

"Well I don't plan on moving, Malfoy so I suggest you find yourself another spot." I hissed, getting out my transfiguration book and placing it on my desk.

"Must we go through this every day, Weasley? It really is quite tiring." he sighed, placing his brand new dragon-skin book-bag on my desk, pushing away my dusty old transfiguration book.

"It could've been over and done with minutes ago if you just sucked up your bloody pride and sat in another seat." I retorted, sliding his book-bag so it was teetering on the edge of my desk.

"I've sat here since the day we arrived at Hogwarts, Weasley. Now what gives you the idea of stealing the sp-" he continued heatedly, glaring daggers at me.

"Oh can it, Malfoy. I've got the same right to sit here as you do." I said exasperatedly, barely even registering the fact that Professor McGonagall was entering the classroom and everyone was just getting settled down. He narrowed his eyes at me and was just about to give some ingeniously witty retort when McGonagall interrupted him.

"Is everything quite right, Mr. Malfoy?" she asked, a hint of sarcasm lacing her voice.

"Well as a matter of fact, Professor. Miss Weasley here purposefully st-" he began heatedly.

"Of course there isn't a problem, Professor. I was just about to move out of my seat." I hastily interrupted him, quickly gathering my things and moving to the seat across from him Malfoy smirked and slid into his seat, a smug grin plastered across his face. McGonagall raised her eyebrow but began her lesson. I sent a glare to Malfoy and quickly whipped out my quill and notebook, bloody Malfoy already getting me behind on my notes.

About five minutes later and, mid-note taking, a paper plane flies over to my desk. I flicked it off my desk and returned to my notes. Besides, it was probably just Parkinson making fun of my freckles or something stupid like that again. Not even a minute later and another plane comes my way. I swear, do they think I didn't see the first one? I ignored it for a reason, prick! About thirty seconds later and I'm ambushed by two paper planes; one tangling in my hair and the other landing on my desk. I whipped around to my assailant and flipped them the bird as discreetly as possible. Oh, no surprise there it's none other than Malfoy. He then ever-so blatantly flipped me off as well. Soon enough and we're making faces at each-other like children. Although, it isn't until he scrunches up his nose and sticks out his tongue that I burst out laughing at the complete absurdness of it. I mean really, we're possibly the two most serious and studious students that Hogwarts has ever had and we're making faces at each-other. So, right in the middle of McGonagall's lecture on the transfiguration of solid objects and I burst out laughing.

"What is the meaning of this Miss Weasley?" McGonagall asked pointedly, still a bit irritated from the last interruption.

"W-well p-professor..." I stuttered, trying to think of anything that would be a somewhat believable excuse.

"Do you find transfiguration funny Miss Weasley?" Professor McGonagall asked, her voice rising with each word.

"N-no p-professor I was just-" I stammered, the infamous Weasley blush starting at my ears and making its way down my face.

"Ten points from Gryffindor and a detention for you, Miss Weasley!" she proclaimed, giving me a warning look as I sputtered in disbelief. As soon as McGonagall turned back around Malfoy smirked and gave me a "what a loser to get caught" look.

"Oh, fuck off Malfoy." I gritted through my teeth as I returned to my notes.