Hey for all of you who are reading this story, thankyou, and I wouldn't mind some reviews Hey for all of you who are reading this story, thankyou, and I wouldn't mind some reviews.

This is a girl Harry who is called Violet, who Time travels to the past where the marauders and Lily are in their seventh year at Hogwarts.

Also I don't like angst, so ill try not to aim on all sadness or anything. It'll be a whole big mix with a bit of angst, adventure and romance in it.

Summary: Violet Potter, a girl who had just lost her last friend, found a estranged Time Turner less that ten minutes later after Hermione died. Taking all chances, she used it and instead of ending up two hours earlier with another self, she found herself back in time to the marauders seventh year in Hogwarts.

This is a Remus Lupin/Violet Potter fanfiction. Don't like, don't read.

Chapter 1

Nothing left to live for

Violet stifled a sob as she slid down the blackened wall, holding her last best friend, Hermione who was dying in her arms. She had been hit by a cutting curse multiple times in the chest and blood was oozing out of her at a fast pace. Her face was soaked with tears streaming down her face as she whimpered in despair.

"Hermione!" Violet cried, her body shaking with grief. "Just hold on! A healer will come for you" Hermione weakly turned her head slightly to look at violet in the eyes.

"I-I'm sorry, r-remember I will always believe in you" Hermione stammered painfully, slowly closing her eyes, but left with a small smile on her face.

Violet's eyes widened as she slowly felt Hermione go cool and limp in her arms.

"No!" Violet whispered. "Not you as well, please don't leave me all alone, I need you here, please!" Violet pleaded which soon turned into shouting as she begged her best friend not to be gone.

She barely heard a healer run over to Hermione, nor the voice that told her that Hermione was indeed confirmed dead. Violet just gazed unseeingly into nothing. Her life, her world had just been ripped away from her. She had nothing left, what was there to live for? Voldemort was still alive and he had just murdered her last one of her friends.

First he had murdered her parents, then her godfather, Sirius, then her mentor Albus Dumbledore and the list kept continuing on to Ron, Remus, Tonks, Fred, George, Percy, Ginny, Kingsley, Professor McGonagall, Mr and Mrs Weasley, Bill, Charlie, Neville, Luna and now last of all, Hermione had joined the growing list to the pile of people she was friends with that were dead.

Why couldn't she have died with them? She would finally be happy and in peace, but no, fate had to make her suffer.

Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she flinched and stared up at a healer who was trying to talk Violet into letting her bring her to St Mungo's without having to resort to force.

Confused as to why the healer was trying to get her to go, she glanced down and stared in shock. She had felt so numb with pain that it felt as if she wasn't feeling any pain at all. She had a deep gash in her left arm and right leg, which was bleeding profusely, her pinkie on her left hand, was broken and her muggle clothes were coated in Hermione's blood.

Closing her eyes, Violet put her hand to her mouth in an urge to not vomit. It felt as if all the pain was rushing in at once.

Unsteadily, she rose to her feet with the healer's help before feeling immense guilt. How could she get help from the healers when it was her fault Hermione died! She didn't deserve it, it should be her that was gone.

So quite unexpectedly, she did the only thing she could think off. She ran, much to the healers shocked expression.

Now that Hermione was dead was there any point in trying to survive? She deserved to die, many of the people she had gotten closer to had died for her.

She continued to run, run away from where she saw Hermione fall, fall to curses that were meant to hit her.

But before she knew it, she stepped on something and slipped, falling hard on the ground, stifling a shriek as her wounds screamed at her to be tended.

Violet shook as she cuddled herself into a small ball, trying to escape reality. She imagined herself giggling with Ron and Hermione as all three of them were trying to find out their animagus forms. Ron had been a red cat much to her amusement, Hermione had been an eagle and she had been a red fox with green eyes.

Why, oh why did they have to die? Why them? They didn't deserve it.

Her wounds throbbed with pain, but she tried to ignore it, which didn't work as well as she had hoped.

Sobbing, Violet knew that she would have to open her eyes, none of that was real, it was all in the past and now she would have to face reality.

She opened her eyes slightly, but a slight sparkle caught her eye. Trembling, she lifted herself up and looked straight at it. Her mouth dropped open. There right next to her was a Time Turner. Well it looked like a Time Turner, but the gadgets on it looked a little modified than the Time Turner Hermione had used in her third year.

Staring at it, it seemed to whisper to her, to take it, to save Hermione so she wouldn't be alone any more. Almost hungrily, she crawled to the time turner and grabbed it.

"STOP!" a voice, shouted far away. Jumping she turned to see an auror running in her direction shouting at her to let go of the Time Turner.

Her eyes widened in literally horror. If they took the Time Turner away, then Hermione would be lost forever. She would never see her again. To be comforted by her, to fight next to her, to laugh jokily at her.

Without Hermione what was the point of living?

With new found determination, she shakily stood up and looked at the auror who had seemed to have gained the attention of the other aurors and more of them were running towards her angrily.

'I'm sorry" She whispered before taking the Time Turner and putting it around her neck and slowly twisted the hand twice. Watching, she felt the time spin, before everything was all a blur of colours around her.

Everything was turning white. It was hard to see, was she finally dying? Cause if she was it felt nice.

The white light slowly died down and she could see the outlines of the great hall of Hogwarts. But something was off, no many things were off. How come everything looked less modernised and she couldn't recognise any of the students, not to mention about twenty wands were being pointed at her in that moment!

Looking up, she felt as if she had been hit by a hammer. There right in front of her was Professor Dumbledore! He looked as well as ever, except maby a bit younger. Everyone was silent, no one moved a muscle, no whisper, nothing.

"Who are you?" Dumbledores loud, booming voice interrupted her thinking.

Instead of answering, she slowly looked around the great hall, starting with the Slytherins. A couple of people looked a bit familiar to her but she shrugged it off. She slowly moved on until she looked over at Gryffindors table and paused in shock.

There sitting at the table were her mum, dad, Sirius, Remus and Pettigrew who were all staring at her in return. It was like they were trying to have a staring competition, only they were probably staring because she was the centre of the chaos and also because she looked like a girl version of James except with green eyes.

Looking back up to the head table, she gazed there before looking at Dumbledore with a questionable look.

"Am I dead?" Violet asked quietly but somehow, everyone in the great hall managed to hear her. Not even a clank was heard in the distance.

Dumbledore looked at her suspiciously before answering.

"No, my dear, why would you think that?"

That got Violet stumped out of her shock.

"What?" she whispered brokenly before falling to her knees unable to stand up any longer due to the pain. Professor Dumbledore's eyes widened, as he had seemingly not seen how injured she was. Tears streamed out of her eyes as she looked on with longingly.

"If I'm dead, then I'm glad, ill finally be able to go in peace, but if I'm dying, please let me go" Violet sobbed.

Professor Dumbledore seemed to have twitched his eyebrow as she spoke, but she tried not to think about it.

Her eyes felt heavier and heavier. She didn't know whether the pain had caused her to hallucinate and was now making her black out, or if it was from time travelling? She had absolutely no idea, but one thing was for sure. She would not be able to save Hermione Granger. Her quest had failed and now she would pay the price.


Well that's the end of that chapter. I'm not really good at the whole despair type of thing, but I'm trying. I'm trying to make this a bit different to the other back in Time stories so hopefully it'll work out good.

This is meant to be a sort of prologue to the story, so the other chapters will be longer than this one.