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Chapter 9- Missing Violet

Remus's Pov

I shifted my eyes open only to see I was in the hospital wing. Amazingly enough, I didn't really hurt too much, except for my head. This was one mega headache. I groaned slightly and instantly a worried James appeared in my view with Sirius slightly behind him and Peter on the other side.

"Are you okay Remus," James asked me, but I could tell his mind was drifting else where. I nodded slowly, trying not to make my headache any more painful, but then I decided to try and get some answers. It wasn't normal for James, Sirius and Peter to be in the room right when I woke up.

"What's going on?" I questioned and kept shifting my gaze onto each one suspiciously. James looked uneasy for a moment before looking pleadingly at Sirius and Peter. Sirius had that look that said 'You're on you're own in this one,' while Peter just shook his head. James sighed in defeat before turning back to me.

"How much do you remember of last night?" James asked hesitantly and... seriously? I frowned. James was hardly ever serious. But then dread came over me. Did I hurt someone? Please no! I could feel my face pale at the thought of myself ripping apart someone. I quickly looked around the hospital wing, but no one was there except for us. I frowned, but then everything came back to me.

'Trying to get out of the Shrieking Shack, finding out my mate was Violet, and then... the piercing scream that came from the castle'.

I gasped and lifted myself off my bed, but was immediately pushed down by Sirius.

"Who screamed?" I rushed out, my voice came out crispy and dry but I took no heed. Was the scream because of the monster in the Chamber of secrets? Did it strike again? I felt a rush of fear but immediately shook it off. I probably didn't even know the person. At least it wasn't James, Sirius or Peter.

"We don't know," Peter whispered nearly in tears. He shivered and put his arms around himself.

"Everyone is stuck in their common rooms. No one is aloud out or in and we are locked in here as well," Sirius said solemnly. My eyes widened and stared at all three of them and for the first time since I woke up, I noticed the three of them were pretty pale and looked on the verge of crying.

But before I could say something else James burst out "What if that was Lily screaming?" His voice shook with every word that he said but I didn't say anything because I was just struck with the same realization that James had. What happened if it were Violet who screamed? I felt my face pale at that thought. My heart sank in panic. Violet, the one that was my mate and the person that I was starting to feel heavily for, it couldn't be her. It just couldn't. She didn't even know that I.... Did I love her? I only knew her for about a month, but in that month I found myself loving everything about her.

No one knew what else to say. We were all tense and worried as we waited to be let out and get news about what had happened.

But before we could say anything else, Madam Pomfrey came out of her office looking pale and shaken up. She stopped when she saw us.

"What happened? Who screamed?" Sirius questioned quickly. He looked like he didn't care about what had happened but the marauders all knew. He only went like this when he was freaking out.

Madam Pomfrey looked like she just wanted to escape from our questions but she sighed sadly and tears were brought to her eyes. I knew that what ever Madam Pomfrey was going to say, it was going to be bad.

"We're not sure exactly what happened," Madam Pomfrey stated sadly. " But a student is missing," I paled in horror. Missing? What exactly did that mean?

"And who was this person?" James voice shook again so much that we could barely know what he said. Madam Pomfrey looked at us all with sympathy and sadness that I instantly knew we were connected to the person. I stared at her dreading what she was about to say. It probably wasn't Violet or Lily. But then, why did she look at us like that?

"The person missing is... Violet Connor,"

I froze. No, it was impossible. Not Violet. Not her. A tear made it's way down my cheek but I took no notice of it. The voice of Madam Pomfrey seemed to echo threw my ears.

"The person missing is... Violet Connor,"

"No," I whispered in denial and saw that Sirius, James and Peter both had the same looks of horror on their faces.

It felt as if my heart had just been ripped apart. Violet, my mate, was missing. Did I even appreciate her? A sob broke threw, but I turned away and cuddled myself into a ball while more sobs broke out of my mouth and before I knew it, tears started streaming down my face uncontrollably. She was my sun and without my sun, I was nothing, nothing but darkness.

I heard a horrified whimper from Peter but I took no notice of it. Why was it that just when I realized that Violet was my mate, that she was taken, snatched away from me? Why did this happen to me?

I felt a soft hand on my shoulder but I ignored it. I should have been there for her, protected her. But I couldn't because I was a bloody werewolf! I would have rather been stabbed with silver than see Violet taken away. Would I ever see her again? Was she even alive? No, NO, she had to be alive!

"Albus is looking everywhere in the castle for her and for whatever took her," Madam Pomfrey tried to comfort us, but I barely noticed her attempt. Why did this happen? Why did it take her? Did she know something? Or maybe whatever it was that took her wanted to know how she ended up in the great hall by a bright light. Heck, everyone wanted to know how that had happened, but I was going to wait until she went out of her shell.

But now... that didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was that she was missing. I felt like screaming, shouting to the world that this wasn't suppose to happen.

"God dammit!" I shouted in agony before punching my fist into my pillow. I heard Madam Pomfrey go into her office probably to be alone or to be away from us. I weakly uncurled myself and managed to sit on my bed. I stared in agony at James, Sirius and Peter. They all seemed to wince at my intense look.

"Why?" I whispered to them, my eyes pleading with them to answer me. "Why did this have to happen when I just found out that she was my mate?" I heard a couple intakes of breath and knew they had just realized exactly how much Violet missing was going to effect me. Yeah, it effected them as well, but seeing as she was my mate, it was killing me to know that she could be gone and I might never be able to see her again.

"Why her?" I whispered brokenly. I was about to say something else but I froze as I remembered something.

"The marauders map!" I spoke louder in hope. She could be on the map! James eyes lit with hope as he turned to Sirius who hastily stuck his hand in his pocket and brought out the map.

Placing it on the bedside table next to me, Sirius took his wand out and pointed it at the map.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," Instantly the map showed. We all rushed over the names in all corridors and even double checked when we came to a horrifying realization.

"She's not on the map," Peter whispered as we all continued to stare desperately at the map hoping that somehow we missed her name and it wasn't because she wasn't in the castle. I slouched down defeated. She wasn't in the castle!

"I'm sorry Remus," James said softly. I gloomily looked at James and saw that he was... looking at me with sympathy? Why?... unless, they thought she was dead! I growled.

"She's not dead," I said strongly. James and Sirius gave me looks of pity while Peter just looked on solemnly.

"Remus..." Sirius trailed off sadly. "You have to face the fact. She's probably dead!" I looked away and tried to wipe away all of my tears from my shirt, but even as I had stopped crying, inside, I felt dead, numb. I nodded slowly, but I knew that without any evidence, apart of me would always hope for her to be alive, no matter what.

James slowly sat down on my bed while Peter and Sirius copied him and we all waited in an awkward silence.

"You know, at first, I thought she hated me," Peter broke in quietly making the us all look at him while he started to talk. Peter gave a tiny sad laugh.

"She apologized soon afterwards, told me I reminded of someone she hated and she shouldn't have reacted like that towards me. I never thought she would show that much compassion," Peter said timidly, while his eyes started to shine with unshed tears.

"Yeah, and she can be very fiery when she wants to be like when she slapped Malfoy," I laughed numbly and to me the sound sounded very fake. All three stared at me in surprise. I must have forgotten to tell them that before.

"What? Really? Man, I really wished I saw that," Sirius said softly but then frowned and looked at James. "She looks a lot like you James. Do you think she's related to you," James blinked before frowning in thought.

"Can't be, me and my parents are all that's left of the Potter's unless she's some long lost relative," He said thoughtfully. I stared of in space and tried to know exactly how she looked. Her long black hair that swam right down her back, her bright green eyes that always showed her emotions...

"She looks a bit like Lily as well," I murmured. James stared before nodding slowly, knowing I was talking about her eyes as well as a couple facial features.

"Why did this happen to her?" I uttered sadly. I felt tears struggling to fall down again but I paid no notice to them. I felt so useless. Right now Violet could be fighting for her life, while I was locked in the hospital wing until a teacher would let us head up to the Gryffindor common room.

Quiet footsteps started coming towards where we were all sitting and I instinctively sat up straighter as did the others.

There was a quick click before the door opened and in came Professor Mcgonagall. Unfortunately she didn't look like she was fine. Her eyes were puffy and red with bags under her eyes and her whole figure seemed to slouch down.

"Come, Mr Lupin, Mr Black, Mr Potter and Mr Pettigrew. I'm to escort you back to the common room," She spoke tiredly and seemed worn out but I didn't think about that. I instantly pulled myself out of bed and ran over to her.

"Have you found her?" I pleaded, hoping against all hope that she had been found well and alive, but Professor Mcgonagall numbly shook her head. Hope died inside of me, there was no way anyone would find her. She wasn't even in the castle!

"I'm sorry," She seemed to whisper but I took no notice. Maybe I should just accept it, but then another part of me rebutted. No, never, it had only been hours since she had screamed. She could still be alive!

A hand fell on my shoulder and started to push me towards the door and I numbly obeyed the hand. At least we would get out of the dreadful hospital wing.

"What exactly did happen?" James questioned softly, trying to get some answers. Professor Mcgonagall sighed sadly.

"As you know Violet screamed a few hours ago," Professor Mcgonagall shakily started. We all nodded, trying to get her to continue on. "Well, as you know we quickly got there and..." She broke off and I started to dread what she was about to tell us. We waited for a couple of minutes until she composed herself.

"And.. when we got there, there were big dents in the walls," She quickly took a deep breath and hesitated before continued on. "And... there was blood where Ms Connor must have been," I tensed. This just kept getting worse and worse. She was missing and she was injured? I felt intense fear rising up inside of me.

"Who took her?" Peter asked, but it half seemed as if he didn't want an answer.

"There was a message on the wall. It said 'Those who defy me will get the same as her fate'. We think she was taken into the Chamber of Secrets," She whispered while getting rid of a tear that fell down her cheek. No, she was...dead? Impossible. She could still be alive!

"How do you know it's Violet at all? It could be someone else!" I knew I was just grasping at straws, but I just couldn't help it.

"We did a check on all the students... and...this was hers," Professor Mcgonagall said while taking out what I recognized to be a time turner. I gasped as well as the other Marauder's. She had a time turner? I knew she was smart, even if she didn't like to show it, but was she really taking that many subjects?

It was then I got an idea.

I tried to think of what could happen to Violet. I imagined Violet cornered by a huge spider. It's huge ugly eyes stared hungrily at her. It snapped it's claws, before plunging at her...

And just by thinking of it made tears unwillingly come to my eyes and fall down my cheeks again. It wasn't fake tears. I seriously felt horrified at the thought of her in danger, this just... sped up the process.

"Professor..." I was half sobbing and half pleading. "Could I... I borrow the time turner, it... it makes me feel closer to her, knowing it was hers," I pleaded. Professor Mcgonagall seemed to take pity on me... luckily.

"Mr Lupin..." I tried to give her the puppy eyed look, and she reluctantly gave me the time turner.

"Fine, but if you use it..." She left it hanging, but I quickly nodded to her in reassurance, but then I felt another question that I needed answering.

"Where did this happen?" I questioned hopefully but unfortunately Professor Mcgonagal pursed her lips so I quickly added. "She wasn't trying to... come to me was she?" That seemed to have made her sad and she quickly shook her head.

"Mr Lupin, this wasn't you're fault, she after all, was in the 6th corridor at the time," I nodded slowly as if unsure. I looked over at the Marauders and could practically see the wheels turning in their heads. They definitely looked at me suspiciously.

It was quiet after that. I no longer felt sorry for myself, asking why did this happen to her. I was determined to help her. I would help her! Yes, I still felt fearful for her, but this was nearly overcome by hope. Hope that I would save her.

We arrived at the Gryffindor common rooms where she quickly left us and locked her door. As soon as we came in it felt tense. Everywhere people were huddled together fearfully, some first years were crying and it felt as if everyone looked up as soon as we came in.

"Potter!" Lily called trembling and to everyone's surprise went up to James and hugged him with all her might. He looked startled for a second before carefully putting his arms around Lily as well.

She quickly pulled back and looked at us tearfully.

"It's all my fault, if I had stopped her..." She whispered. I tensed.

"What do you mean?" I asked rushed. Did Lily know something. She looked at us solemnly.

"A couple of hours before...before it happened, Violet told me that if anything happened to her to give you guys her diary. She told me that it has a password on it, but you guys would know it. I didn't know she would know this would happen. I...I think she knew something was going to happen to her!" All the blood drained out of my face. But... how would she know?

"She..knew?" I whispered weakly and the same time Sirius said ",She left us her diary?" Why would Violet leave us her diary? And how would we know the password to it?

Lily nodded and a tear fell down her pale cheek. She seemed to take Violet's disappearance hard as I did.

"Did you want me to get it?" She asked us.

"No," I said at the same time Peter, Sirius and James all said "yes," I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

"No, I refuse to read it until she really is dead," I said strongly. Whatever is in that diary should be Violet telling us. The others reluctantly nodded as well.

"I'm going upstairs," I said and started moving away and towards the stairs. I heard the Marauders following and wondered if they would approve of my idea.

"Please tell me you're not going to try and do what I think you're going to do," James said as soon as we reached our dorm. I didn't answer, but pulled out Violet's time turner and looked up at them hopefully.

"Oh no," Sirius groaned while I nodded. Even Peter knew what I was wanting to do. Unfortunately, it was James who had to make me lose all hope.

"But Remus, yesterday was a full moon, how do you know you won't transform?" I froze. No way, I couldn't do it. I felt defeated. There was no way I could go back in time now. I clenched my fists and then banged them against the wall.

"No" I whispered to the wall. My last chance to find Violet... and I couldn't even do that. I had never hated myself as much as I did this moment.

"But..." Sirius dragged along the words. "Even if you couldn't, we could," I froze again, but this time from hope and quickly turned hopefully.

"Really?" I was nearly trembling as I anticipated the answer. Sirius smirked and nodded while James sighed before nodding as well. I turned to Peter who shook his head.

"I'll stay with Remus," Peter said and I nodded thankfully. I slowly and carefully gave over the time turner and stepped back.

"Now listen. I don't know how much you know about time turners, but you can not be seen by any teachers or students. They all think we are in the hospital wing, what would happen if they saw us?" I sternly told them before grabbing them and pulling them in a manly hug, Peter as well did the same. I nodded to them.

"Be careful and get Violet," I whispered and stepped back. Peter also stepped back with me but didn't say anything. Sirius and James then turned to each other and pulled the time turner over their heads. James carefully turned the time turner over six times and then let it spin. Soon they disappeared.

"Be careful and get Violet," I whispered again to thin air. I knew they didn't know it, but they took my hope with them and if they came back without Violet, I would have no hope left at all.


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