"Here we are, Bella!" Renee pulled up in front of a big, cream colored building. It looked exactly like it did in the pictures. Other kids who looked the same age as me were here- some carrying suitcases or boxes inside, some saying their goodbyes to their families. A few kids were even tearful. I was sad too, to not have my friend accompany me here, and to be alone for the entire summer, but I was sure I would make friends. Nervousness and excitement overpowered my sadness. California Institute of Music, I thought with a feeling of pride. The day I got my acceptance letter I was thrilled. The only thing that irked me was that I was required to take 2 classes. Our first preference was the longer class and we would be performing that instrument, or would be singing, in the case of vocals, at the summer ending concert. I had taken violin as my first preference and vocals as my second. I couldn't sing, but I didn't know how to play any other instrument either.

"Come on, Bella! Don't just sit there and stare. We've finally reached!" Renee was already out of the car and opening the trunk.

I got out and Phil handed me my suitcase. Phil was Renee's boyfriend. The only reason he came along to drop me off was to give Renee a ride back home. Its not that we didn't get along, we just weren't close enough yet to have reached the stage where he would come to say bye.

"Thanks, Phil" I muttered.

"Well I guess this is goodbye, honey!" Renee was dabbing at her moist eyes as she pulled me into a hug.

"I'll miss you, Mom" Renee started to cry more.

"Don't forget anything I told you. You can call anytime. It doesn't matter if its midnight or noon. Keep in touch. I'll miss you. Love you." Renee ended, wiping at her eyes.

"Love you too, Mom. Bye, Phil." I gave Renee one last hug before picking up my suitcase and heading inside. I'll park the car later, I decided. I had to get my dorm number and put my suitcase away first.

Once inside, I joined a line to get the details for my stay here. As the line inched forward, I began to wonder about how things were going to be. Who would be my room mates? What if she or he didn't like me? I hoped they're good people. My classes would be interesting enough. I just hoped I'm not the worse here. Okay, I was starting to worry too much. Calm, Bella, calm. Worrying isn't going to do you any good.

I had reached the desk by the time I finished calming myself down. A flustered looking lady with curly red hair glanced up at me before asking, "Name?"

"Isabella Swan." I replied, watching as the lady, whose nametag read Mrs. Cope pull out a file with a big 'S' on it. "Swan… Swan…" She muttered under her breath before pulling out a few pages stapled together.

"Here you go, dear. Your dorm number, building, room mate's details and schedule are in here. If you need anything, or have any questions, there are contact numbers on the last page. I hope you have a nice and enjoyable experience here!" She said this all in one breath and I found myself staring at her for a second before blinking. It was obvious she had memorized it. I thanked her and gave her a smile. I dragged my suitcase back outside and sat down on the steps. I was in dorm #34 in Percussion Building. Not very original, naming buildings after instruments. I put my suitcase back into my car and looked at the map of the campus included in the sheets. Percussion Building was in the corner of the campus. I traced the route there and then drove over, eager to meet my new roommate for the summer. Wait a minute, Mrs. Cope said roommates, which meant I had more than one roommate. I parked in the parking lot outside the building and looked through the papers once again. I had two roommates: Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale. Alice and Rosalie were from Forks, Washington. Hopefully they're nice, I thought, worrying again. I locked the car and dragged my suitcase inside the building. Spotting an elevator, I head over and saw a building map. #34 was on floor 3. There were 10 rooms per floor, 9 on the ground floor. Rooms 1-9 were on the ground floor, 10-19 on the 1st floor, etc.

The elevator came to a stop and I walked down the hallway, searching for room 34. It was on the left side. I took a deep breath and knocked hesitantly. I didn't know if someone was already inside. Then I figured, it's my room too. Not waiting for an answer, I opened the door and walked inside. A small, pixie like girl was hanging up clothes in the closet. When she heard me come in she turned around. She had short, spiky black hair and was beautiful. She had grey eyes and small, perfect features. She smiled at me and ran over.

"Hi! I'm Alice Cullen. I'm guessing you're Isabella Swan." She said, really fast.

I smiled at her too. Her enthusiasm was contagious. "Just call me Bella." I pulled my suitcase inside and studied the room. The walls were painted a light, baby blue. The room was bare, except for 3 beds in a row opposite from the door and 3 desks. Alice had already claimed the right most bed by putting her suitcase on it. Or rather, suitcases. She had 3 suitcases, each only a little smaller than mine. I put my suitcase on the middle bed and turned to her with my eyes wide. "Alice? You do realize we'll be here only for the summer, right?"

She looked at me with an odd expression. "Yes. Why are you asking?"

"You brought 3 suitcases! For just the summer!"

"Of course, Bella. I couldn't decide between some stuff so I decided to bring them all!" She said it in a tone which implied that it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Just then the door was flung open and a tall, gorgeous girl entered. She had blonde hair that went down till the middle of her back and blue eyes. She looked like a runway model.

"Rose!" Alice squealed and ran to the girl. "We're roomies!"

The girl, Rose laughed. "I know! I was so happy when I was your name on the list of my roommates. You and some other girl…Isabella, I think." She hadn't noticed me yet.

I stepped forward. "Hi. I'm Isabella Swan, but you can call me Bella." I tried not to think how I, plain old Bella with brown hair and brown eyes, looked next to Alice and Rosalie. I felt myself blushing. That was another thing I didn't like about myself. I would turn as red as a tomato at any little comment. And not to mention that they were already friends, which made me feel a little left out.

"I'm Rosalie Hale. Feel free to call me Rose." She walked over to the last bed and put her two large suitcases on it. "Well, I see Alice has already claimed one closet. Of course she just had to unpack her precious clothes the second she steps in."

Rosalie started to unpack her clothes. I began to unpack too. We worked in a comfortable silence for a few minutes until Alice finished her clothes. For such a small person, she could get things done surprisingly fast. She was the only one finished, so she sat herself on my bed and began to talk. "So, Bella, where are you from?"

"Phoenix, Arizona. I live there with my mom. Where do you live?"

"Forks, the rainiest place EVER. It's in Washington, in case you haven't heard of it. Rose lives there too." She threw her hands up to express herself.

"You'd be surprised. I was born in Forks and have visited the place every summer till the age of 12. My dad lives there," I explained. I must have been really unobservant this morning, passing over the fact that both Rosalie and Alice are from Forks.

"Oh! Do I know him? Forks is a really small place."

"You probably do. My dad is the police chief, Charlie Swan."

"Oh. Oh!" Her eyes grew wide with realization. Rosalie watched her, amused. "You're Isabella Swan. I can't believe I didn't make the connection."

"Relax, Alice." Rosalie cut in. "I'm sure there are a lot of Swans out there. So, Bella, tell us a bit about yourself."

"Well… My mom and dad got divorced when I was a baby. I've lived with my mom ever since. I don't have any brothers or sisters. I'm going to be a junior this year. I play the violin. Vocals are my second preference. What about you guys?"

Alice answered first. "I'm the youngest in my family. I have two brothers, Emmett and Edward. Edward and I are starting our junior years too! Emmett is going to be a senior. I play the electrical guitar. My brothers are here too. Emmett plays the drums and Edward plays the piano."

"Wow. You guys are sure one talented family. What do your parents do in Forks?"

"My dad, Carlisle Cullen, is the head doctor in the hospital. My mom does a lot of charity work. We only moved to Forks a couple of years ago. We lived in Alaska before that."

"I have a twin brother, Jasper. He's here too. We're both starting our senior years. I play the flute and Jasper plays the sax. My dad is a lawyer. I've met your dad a couple of times, when he came over to give my dad some information on cases he was working on. I'm dating Alice's brother Emmett, and she's dating Jasper. The five of us are best friends." Rosalie had finished unpacking too, and had settled herself on my bed.

"Okay, I'm finished too. It's already 6:30. Why don't we head down to the dining hall?" I was getting hungry.

Alice sat up and eyed me. "Bella, you can't be serious. Are you going to go to the dining hall in sweats?" She said the word like it was something bad. Rosalie eyed me too.

"Yeah. I am. They're comfortable, and I don't really care how I look." I was never one for fashion or dressing up.

"Bella, we are going to dress you. Please?" Alice looked at me with a heart breaking expression. She was pouting and had puppy dog eyes.

"Oh, fine!" I gave in. Alice jumped up from the bed and ran over to the closet. She started rummaging through it and then pulled out my dark slim fit jeans and a red t-shirt.

"Put that on," She instructed. I changed quickly. Rosalie passed me my jeans jacket.

"It's going to be chilly outside." Then she pulled something out of her closet. "Wear these." It was red ballet flats. I slipped them on. Alice pushed me onto the bed and started applying eyeliner and the lip gloss.

"Alice! We're only going for dinner!" Who wears make up just to go eat dinner in the campus dining hall? She ignored me.

"You don't need any blush … You have natural coloring." I felt my face flush at that remark and I was sure Alice saw it too. She smirked.

"Alice! Bella! Hurry up! I sent a text to the guys and told them to meet us at the dining hall in 10." Rosalie was already at the door, tapping her feet impatiently. "How far is it from here?"

"I think it's only a few minutes." I answered. I dashed back inside and grabbed the map. "Yup. It doesn't look too far from here." We walked to the dining hall, discussing what we would need to get for our room. We had decided on dark blue sheets to match the wall, blue curtains, and a blue rug by the time we reached the dining hall. We were going shopping tomorrow. We had entered through the double doors when I felt myself tripping over my own feet, my klutzy-ness coming to power. I flung my hands forward, ready to protect myself when I felt two strong, cold hands wrap around me and break my fall.