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Chapter 1: Party





Danny groaned as he lay down on his bed even from his room he could still hear his parents. It was Christmas Eve and once again they were fighting about the existence of Santa Clause.

Why couldn't his parents get along during the holidays like normal parents? Why did they have to have this stupid fight every year?

('Knock' 'knock' 'knock')

"Come in"

The door opened to reveal his older sister Jazz. "Hey"

"Hey" said Danny lifting his head to acknowledge her. "Trying to escape the fight before Christmas"

Jazz smiled at Danny's joke. "Ya" she said looking toward the door where the sound of arguing could be heard. "Looks like its gonna be a long one this year"

"Tell me about it I just wish there were some way I could get away from it"

"Then why don't you" she said, Danny gave her a curious look "Go visit Sam and Tucker or go to a party or something. As for me I'm going caroling with some friends" she said before leaving.

Danny sighed it wasn't that he didn't want to visit his friends. He'd love nothing more than to be hanging out with them right now. Listening to Tucker crack stupid jokes while Sam smiled cheerfully, this was the only time of year she wasn't dark and gloomy. But they were busy spending Christmas with their own families he didn't want to ruin their holiday just because he was having a lousy one. He learned his lesson last year after the whole ghost writer incident.

And he only party he knew about was the annual ghostly Christmas party and there's no way he could go to that 'or is there.' Danny took a second to think it over. Let's see 1) my parents are fighting and I'd rather be anywhere but here. 2) There's a big Christmas party in the ghost zone that every ghost is invited to.

'But what about halfas' that was the one flaw; he knew that regular ghosts could attend the party but what about half ghosts. Would they really allow him to join. Heck did he even what to join.





'Then again it can't be any worse than here' with that thought he transformed into Danny Phantom and fazed through the floor into the basement.

He stood in front of the portal to the ghost zone debating whether or not he should go. What if they attacked him, he was the ghost zone's number one enemy after all even he knew that going to a party full of enemy ghosts was a very bad idea. Danny shook his head, with the ghostly truce in place they weren't even allowed to attack him. At worst they would probably tell him to get lost. With that he jumped through the portal.

Once he entered the ghost zone Danny took a second to get his bearings "Alright now I just need to figure out where the party is"

It took Danny a while but finally after over an hour of searching he managed to find the place. He floated down and landing in front of the door then knocked.

When the door opened Danny was greeted by none other than Skulker.

Skulker glared when he saw Danny standing outside the door. "what do you want whelp?"

"I um...came to join the party" replied Danny sheepishly.

"This party is for ghosts only" said Skulker.

"Which I am" replied Danny.

"You are merely a half ghost"

"Which is still technically a ghost" he pointed out, he was thankful that Jazz had dragged him to all those stupid debates.

Skulker continued to glare at Danny for a few second before giving in "Fine but as a ghost you too must abide by the Christmas truce. Which mean no fighting or else"

Danny gulped and nodded. The room was far bigger on the inside. There was a large area with a stage at the far end and off to the side there were refreshment tables with punch, chips, sodas, and other snacks. The room was filled with various ghosts who all stopped what they were doing and stared at him the second he came through the door.

Danny started to become nervous with every one looking at him and made a bee line for the snacks. After a second of two the ghost when back to what they were doing, and ignored Danny's presence.

Danny took the time to look around at the ghosts assembled. He spotted many ghosts that he didn't recognize along with many that he did. Skulker was over by the door still glaring at him, Technus was rambling on and on to a very board Spectra and Bertrand 'Glad I'm not over there'. Desiree was talking to Dora . Youngblood was being chased by a very pissed Ember, and The Box Ghost was talking, and what appeared to be, flirting with The Lunch Lady. 'Ok that's just wrong'

"What are you doing here punk"

'Oh no' Danny spun around to find himself face to face with none other than Johnny 13.

Johnny grabbed Danny by the collar and lifted him off the ground till they were eye to eye with each other.

Danny shut his eyes as Johnny raised his fist to strike the halfa.

"JOHNNY put him down!"

Johnny looked over to see his girlfriend Kitty glaring at him.

"But, Kitty he's the enemy"

"No buts Johnny!" she said pointing her finger at him. "You know there's a truce today now put him down and be nice"

Johnny growled at Danny before putting him down.

Danny brushed himself off and looked over at Johnny who was still glaring at him. "So, you like cars?" he asked trying to strike up a conversation.

Johnny crossed his arms. "What's it to you punk"

"Well it's just that this really cool new truck came out and-"

"Wait, you don't mean the Ginormo 7000 do you?" said Johnny now somewhat interested in what Danny was saying.

"Ya," replied Danny "it's got a DVD player, a GPS satellite guidance system, and rims"

"Big spinning rims" said both Johnny and Danny at the same time. They looked at each other for a second before laughing.

Kitty watched as the two continued talking completely ignoring that she was there. After a while she had had enough and stormed off.

Ember who was still chasing Youngblood stopped as see spotted her best friend Kitty looking very pissed "Yo Kitty"

Kitty spun around, the anger on her face softened when she saw that in was Ember. As she looked at her she couldn't help but notice that Embers hand was in a wrap, but decided not to comment. "Oh hey Ember"

"So where's biker boy" asked Ember referring to Johnny. It was odd to see Kitty at a party without her boyfriend with her.

"Over there talking with the ghost boy" she said pointing to where Johnny and Danny where.

Ember looked where Kitty pointed and was shocked by what she saw. Danny and Johnny where talking and laughing like they were best friends.

The two friends talked for a few minutes till Danny and Johnny walked over to them. When he saw them Danny couldn't help but notice the wrap on Embers hand.

"Hey Kitty why'd you take off like that?" asked Johnny clueless as to why his girl had ditched him.

"I didn't take, off I was there plenty long enough to be ignored" she said walking off in anger.

"Kitty wait! What'd I do!" asked Johnny running off to catch her leaving Danny and Ember alone together.

"So what are you doing here dipstick thought you'd be celebrating with your stupid family and friends"

Danny shook his head. "My folks are busy arguing with each other and my friends are all busy with their own families. What about you, why are you here?"

Ember looked at Danny like he was a complete idiot. "It's a ghost party duh"

"I mean why aren't you with Skulker aren't you two dating?"

Ember glared at Danny her hair flaring up a bit "Don't talk about that bastard!"

Danny waved his hands in front of him apologetically. "Sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. So what happened to you two?"

Ember calmed down and crossed her arms over her chest. "Let's just say he didn't take me dumping him too well"

"Wait, you mean he did that to you" he said pointing to her wrap. He looked over at Skulker who was still standing by the door as his eye glowed bright with anger "I'll rip that jerk apart"

Ember was stunned by Danny statement but couldn't help but feel flattered by it. She saw Danny begin to storm off but quickly grabbed his arm to stop him. "Wow there babypop, as much I enjoy the idea of you kicking that jerks ass theirs the little matter of the truce"

Danny stopped when Ember mentioned the ghostly truce, as much as wanted to pound Skulkers metal skull in he didn't want to cause a scene. And he definitely didn't want every ghost in the room coming after him. "Your right, but I'm still gonna kick his butt next chance I get"

Ember smiled it was sweet to see the guy want to fight for her. "Don't worry babypop he's not the only one who got in some good shots"

Danny smirked at the thought of Skulker on the receiving end of one of Ember's blasts. But still made a mental note to hit Skulker extra hard the next time they fought.


Danny spun around just in time to be tackled to the floor by a black and white blur.

Danny opened his eyes to find himself staring up at a very familiar face. "Danielle?"

Sure enough the person who had literally floored him was none other than his very own 12 year old clone/cousin Danielle/Dani. Her red lips cured in a huge smile.

"Danny how are you? What are you doing here? When did you get here? How long are you staying?" the obviously over excited girl asked overjoyed to see her cousin at the party.

Danny blinked his brain processing everything Danielle had just said "I'm fine. Needed to get away from my family. Got here about an hour ago. Staying as long as I can. And can you please get off me."

Dani blushed a bit and quickly stood up, then offered Danny a hand.

Danny accepted the hand and rose to his feet. "Thanks"


The two halfa's stopped talking and looked over to see Ember arms crosses giving them a curios look."So you two know each other?" it was more of a statement then an actual question.

"Ya, Danny's my cousin"

Ember was shocked she looked at both ghosts and instantly noticed the resemblance.


Ember looked over to her right to see that it was Technus that had called her.

"What!" she growled annoyed that she had been interrupted.

"You are on in 4.9 minutes" he said Technus paying no attention to the ghost's anger.

Ember frowned. "Fine I'm coming" she said before walking off.

Danny turned his attention back to Dani. "So what are you doing here anyway?" he asked confused as to why she was hanging out with his enemies.

"Are you kidding this party is awesome! I come every year!"

Danny nodded. "Ya it is pretty cool. So how have you been? Must be pretty cool to do whatever you want to. No parents to tell you what to do"

Dani's face saddened. "Actually it gets kinda lonely"

Danny mentally slapped himself. 'Smooth Danny, real smooth' "You know Dani your not as alone as you think. You may be my clone but to me you're more than that. As far as I'm concerned you're just as much a part of my family as Jazz or my parents and no matter what happens I'll always be there for you"

Tears began to form in Dani's eyes. "You really mean that?"

Danny just smiled. "Of course I do, I wouldn't say it if I didn't"

Dani hugged Danny as tight as she could unable to hold her emotions in check anymore. All her life she had felt like an outsider with no home of family to call her own. For someone to actually consider her family was like a dream come true, even if it was only Danny it was more then she could ever have hoped for.

Reluctantly Dani finally let go of Danny wiping away the tears from her face. "Thanks couz"

Danny smiled as he stood back up again. "No problem, now since its Christmas I've got a little something for you" he reached behind his back and pulled out a silver P.D.A and handed it to her. "It's got games, music, a built in recorder, and mine, Sam's and Tuckers phone numbers, so you can call us whenever you want. I even had Tucker modify it with a mini ecto converter so you can charge it using ecto energy."

Dani smiled at her cool new gift than something occurred to her. "Wait what about you? Don't you need it?"

Danny simply waved her commend away. "Na, Tucker buy's me one every Christmas. It's no big deal." He then looked at her with a serious face. "Just promise me one think though ok?"


"Promise me that you'll use it to stay in touch and that you'll visit more often"

Dani smiled "promise"

Just then the lights in the room started to dim and the lights near the stage stared to brighten. They both turned their attention toward the stage to see Technus walking toward the center where a microphone was set up.

Technus stopped in front of the mic than cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. "Good evening ladies and gentle ghouls. Welcome to this year's annual ghost Christmas party. It is now time for the annual Christmas concert. I now give you the ghostly rock diva, the undead queen of pop, the ghoul of rock, the-"

"Get on with it already!" screamed someone in the audience.

"Inowpresentthemusicalstylingsof Ember McLain"

'So that's where she went'Danny watched as Technis left the stage and Ember walked on. He thought it weird that Ember would walk on stage, rather than teleporting like she usually did when giving a concert. 'Then again this isn't a concert she's just playing for some friends at a party'.

"Hey all you ghosts are you ready to ROCK"

The crowd's response was immediate as they cheered for her. Danny had to admit she defiantly knew how to work a crowd.

"Well to bad cause I'm not playing!"

Needless to say the crowd wasn't happy to hear this.

"What do you mean you're not playing?!"

"What's going on?!"

"What a rip!"

Even Danny had to admit he was a bit disappointed. He wouldn't have minded hearing Ember sing without having to worry about stopping some evil take over the word plain.

Ember's temper started to rise as did her hair along with it. "Look it's not my fault alright I hurt my hand yesterday and can't play!" she yelled raising her hand to show everyone the wrap. "So unless one of you dipsticks knows how to play a guitar SHUT UP!"The crowd instantly went silent after Embers outburst.

"I can play"

Everyone instantly turned their attention to the person who had spoken to find it was none other the Danny himself.

"You! This is rock music we're talking about dipstick not some stupid nursery rhymes."

Danny simply stood there arms crossed. "I can play"

Ember glared at the ghost boy before slumping her shoulders in defeat. "Fine, get up here"

Danny walked through the crowd until he arrived on stage where Ember handed him her guitar. "You better not screw this up for me dipstick!" she hissed glaring daggers at him.

Danny gulped and nodded.

Danny started playing but almost immediately hit a very loud, very bad note. The audience covered their ears in pain from the screeching noise.

Danny's face went red in embarrassment and Ember shot him a glare looking like she was going to kill him.

She didn't and Danny went back to playing this time without the ear splitting bad note.

Ember bobbed her head to the beat till it reached the point in the song for her to sing.

"It was, it was September

Wind blows, the dead leaves fall.

To you, I did surrender,

two weeks, you didn't call.

Your life goes on without me,

my life, a losing game.

But you should, you should not doubt me.

You will remember my name.

Ember, you will remember

Ember, one thing remains.

Ember, so warm and tender

You will remember my name.

Your heart, your heart has mended,

you're wrong, now bear the shame.

Like pleasant dreams

in cold December-

nothing but ashes remains.

Ember, you will remember

Ember, one thing remains.

Ember, so warm and tender

You will remember my name.

Oh, Ember, you will remember

Ember, one thing remains.

Ember, so warm and tender

You will remember my name.

Yeah, you will remember my name."

For the next two hours the musical duo continued playing. By the time they were done the whole crowd was chanting both their names.

Danny and Ember walked over to the refreshment table to grab something to drink. Both were a bit exhausted after the mini concert. Danny more so since he had never played that long before.

Ember looked over at Danny as he downed a cup of punch. Being so close to him she couldn't help but notice how he looked. The sweet on his body caused his suit to stick to skin showing off the muscles underneath. She quickly turned her head to hide her blush. "So where'd you learn to play like that?"

Danny put down his glass and looked over at the ghost rocker. He shrugged. "My friend San bought me a guitar a couple of years ago. I used to play all the time but lately between school, friends, and ghosts, I haven't really had any time to play"

Ember nodded; being a ghost she usually had plenty of free time to practice her music. But there were days when she was so busy that she simply couldn't find the time.

Then another thought occurred to her "Hey, how did you manage to keep up with me? It was like you knew all my songs by heart?

Danny couldn't help but blush as he scratched the back of his neck trying to come up with an excuse. "Ya… well… ya see… the thing is… I kinda do"

"WHAT!" screamed Ember spitting out her drink. "But we're enemies!"

Danny just shrugged "Just because we're enemies doesn't mean I can't enjoy your songs. I prefer to judge music by the songs themselves rather than the people who sing them. You may be an evil ghost bent on world domination but when it comes to music, You Rock!"

Ember was shocked, she couldn't believe it. Did Danny Phantom sworn enemy of all ghosts just admit that he liked her music? She was impressed by how mature he was in not condemning someone's music simply because of who the artist was. 'Maybe he's not so bad after all'


Danny and Ember both looked up to see Youngblood floating above then. The child like ghost was dressed up as elf. Wearing a green tunic with two yellow buttons, and a black belt with a large yellow buckle, he had on green sweatpants, green pointed shoes, and a red pointed hat with a white ball on the end.

"What do you want kid" said Ember slightly ticked at being interrupted. Again.

"The others are getting together in the basement, you in?" asked the young ghost.

Ember shrugged her shoulders. "Sure we're in."

Ember grabbed Danny's hand and led in over to some stairs and down into the basement. The room wasn't anything special it had an old worn brown couch, two brown arm chairs that were also worn, and the most hideous green rug Danny had ever seen.

Danny looked around and saw that they weren't the only one's there, Johnny 13, Kitty, Youngblood, and even Danielle where there. Johnny was relaxing on the couch, while Kitty sat next to him filing her nails, and Youngblood and Danielle chased each other around the room.

Danny turned to Ember. "Umm, Ember what is this?"

It was Johnny who answered his question. "Just a place to hang, the party might be fun, but all those adults really cramp our style. We usually just come down here and hang after Ember puts on her show"

Ember when over to one of the chair and plopped down sideways in it, her legs hanging over the arm rest. Danny shrugged and went over to the other chair and plopped down into it.

Youngblood and Dani collapsed on the floor breathing heavy from running around. Youngblood was the first to regain his breath and struck up a conversation with Dani.

In a few minutes everyone was chatting. Danny was surprised by how much he had in common with the others, they talked about music, T.V, friends, cars, even what a pain adults were. It was like he was hanging out with a bunch of normal teenagers rather than a group of ghosts who usually tried to kill him.

"So what did you guys think of Embers show this year?" said Youngblood.

"It was great especially Phantom's guitar solo" said Kitty.

"Who knew the punk knew how to play?" replied Johnny.

"I didn't and I'm related to him." Said Dani.

"You are?" asked Youngblood, looking over at the ghost girl.

"She's the dipstick's cousin" said Ember.

"WHAT!" screamed everyone except for Danny and Ember, who were now staring at the girl.

"Wait if you're the punk's cousin how come none of us have ever heard of you fighting ghosts before?" asked Johnny eyeing the girl.

Dani froze, not sure how to answer that. Luckily Danny stepped in and answered for her. "Because she doesn't want to she doesn't like to use her powers to fight ghosts unless she has to"

"Wait, so you don't care that she's not following in your footsteps? Figured you'd be teaching the brat everything you know?" said Ember.

Danny shrugged "Actually I prefer it. Ghost fighting is pretty dangerous and I'd prefer it if Dani wasn't involved. Speaking of which; I'd prefer if you guys didn't tell any of the other ghost about Dani and I being related"

Johnny crossed his arms over his chest "And what if we decide to come after her our self's what ya gonna do then punk?"

Danny laughed a little at that "Please, no offense but coming after a little kid just doesn't seem like your guy's style. Beside's she could probably take all of you, just because she doesn't like to fight doesn't mean she can't. But guys like Skulker and Technus are a different story I doubt they'd hesitate to hurt or even kill a kid if it meant getting to me. I don't want her to have to deal with that just cause of me."

Johnny looked over at the ghost boy for a second before responding. "Long as she doesn't mess with me I don't really care"

The others nodded felling the same way.

Danny smiled. "Cool so what should we do now?"

"We could play seven minutes in haven?" said Kitty in a sweet voice bating her eye lashes at Johnny who smiled in return.

Danny gulped. "Uh aren't Youngblood and Dani a young for that game" He said hoping it would stop them from playing.

Ember just waved Danny comment away. "Relax dipstick if it lands on one of the kid's we'll just have um kiss instead of making out" then got up and walked off.

Danny tried to think of something else to say but couldn't so he went to sit on the floor.

Ember came back with a bottle and sat on the floor with the others, the only one not sitting on the floor was Johnny.

"Johnny aren't you gonna play?" asked Kitty disappointed that her boyfriend wouldn't be joining them.

"I'm coming" he said getting up from the couch. When no one was looking his ghostly shadow appeared next to him and Johnny whispered to the creature. "You know what to do" the creature nodded and Johnny went to sit with the others.

"I go first" said Dani as she excitedly spun the bottle.

Round and round it went till it finally landed on: Johnny.

No one noticed as a faint glow covered the bottle and turned it so that it now pointed to: Youngblood.

Dani and Youngblood both blushed bright red.

Slowly the two ghost children leaned in inch by inch till they their lips were almost touching.

"Would you two just kiss already!"

Dani pulled away and shoot a glare at Ember. "Hey cut me some slack this is my first kiss alright!", then turned back closed her eyes and kissed.

The two ghost children became lost in the sensation of kiss, and continued for well over a minute.

"You guys can stop now" said Danny a bit of an edge in his voice.

Dani and Youngblood quickly pulled away from each other their faces bright red.

Dani cast a quick glance around. Ember was smirking at her. Kitty was trying hard not to laugh. Danny was glaring daggers so hard at Youngblood that the kid would be dead if he wasn't already a ghost. And Johnny, well Johnny didn't seem to really care about any of it. "So who's next?" she said shyly.

"Why don't you go next Kitten?" said Jonny smiling at his girlfriend.

"Alright" she said happily.

Once again the bottle spun this time landing on: Danny.

Just like before no one noticed a faint glow cover the bottle as it moved a bit so that it was now pointing to: Johnny.

Kitty blushed bright red while Johnny just smiled the two of them got up and headed for a closet near the end of the room.

10 minutes later the two came out of the closet, now wearing each other's jackets.

As Kitty sat down Ember noticed a hicky on the girls neck and grinned. "So you to have fun?" she asked.

Kitty looked over at Ember and stuck her noise up at her. "What do you think" she said crossing her arms.

"Your up dipstick" said Ember sliding the bottle to Danny.

Danny gulped and started to panic. "Me...but I don't…I mean…maybe someone else should…"

"What's the matter puck, ya scared" said Johnny, using a deeper voice at the end.

"Of course not" said Danny crossing his arms. "It's just that..."

"That you're a chicken" replied Johnny smiling evilly.

"I'm not a chicken alright!" he yelled, and then spun the bottle with more force than needed. It spun and spun until finally landing on: Ember.

Danny gulped as he looked over at Ember who was glaring at him. 'Oh man'

Ember glared at him then got up, grabbed him by the hand and dragged him to the closet.

Once they were in the closet Danny tried to calm the obviously fuming ghost. "Look Ember we don't have to do anything, we could just stay in here for a while maybe talk or-" his voice was quickly silenced as Ember's lips pressed against his in a searing kiss. 'What is she doing?'

'This aughta shut the guy up' she thought as she continued to kiss him.

Danny was shocked by the sudden lip lock but didn't pull away. After a second or two he began to kiss back 'I shouldn't be doing this, but it feels so good, Sam and Tucker will kill me if they ever find out, is that her tongue in my mouth' The last thought pulled him back to reality as he realized that not only was embers tongue in his mouth but one of his hands had made its way to Embers breasts. 'Crap she's gonna kill me'

Ember was having similar thoughts. 'I can't believe I'm making out with this dipstick, dame he's a good kisser, is that his hand on my breast? I should kill him for that, but it feels so good'

15 minutes later the two finally emerged from the closet. Danny had a dreamy look on his face as he sat down.

Dani looked over at her cousin instantly recognizing the longing puppy dog look on his face. 'Oh great he's stuck in la la land'

Dani waved her hand in front of his face to try and get his attention. " Danny! Danny! Mission control to Danny come in Danny!" but Danny didn't respond. Dani looked over at Ember with a surprised look on her face "Wow, what did you do to him?"

Ember didn't respond, although it didn't show on her face she was on cloud 9 along with Danny.

Dani was getting frustrated she had tried everything. Waving her hands, snapping her fingers, even yelling in his ear, nothing worked. 'There's got to be some way to get through to him. I know!' She then leaned in and yelled. "Danny Vlad's captured your family and is holding then hostage!"

"WHAT" yelled Danny springing to his feet and frantically looked around before being brought back to reality by the sound of laughter. He looked around to see the others laughing hysterically at him. He glared at Dani who was rolling on the floor in laughter. "Not funny Dani" he said crossing his arms.

Dani wiped a tear from her eye as she tried to calm down. "I'm sorry, but I had no choose you'd have been like that till New Year if I hadn't done something"

Danny refused to look at his cousin and instead cast his eye around the room. His eyes went wide when he caught sight of a clock on the wall. "Oh crap it's 11:45 if I'm not home in 15 minutes I'm dead" this caused Ember to snap on of her own fantasy world.

"But Danny there's no way you can make it in time" said Dani.

"I'll take him" everyone was shocked as they turned their attention to Ember who just shrugged. "What I know a shortcut"

Danny said his goodbyes to the others before he and Ember left through the back door. Danny decided it was better if the other ghosts didn't see him leave, in case they tried to follow him an attack once the truce was over.

Neither he nor Ember said anything during the flight. Finally they arrived in front of the Fenton ghost portal. Both were very nervous and not really sure what to do.

Danny was the first to break the silence as he turned to Ember. "Um, thanks for helping me home"

"No problem, you enjoy the party?"

"Ya…it was…it was great"


The two stood there in silence for a few seconds.

"Well I guess I better get going" said Danny.

"Oh ya, me too" said Ember, her voice holding a hint of sadness.

Danny watched as Ember began to float away. "Ember!"

Ember stopped and turned back around to face the halfa. "Ya" she said a small amount of hope in her voice.

Danny rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "I was wondering… if you're not doing anything this Saturday… would you maybe… I don't know… what to go to dinner then maybe catch a move"

Ember floated back over to Danny and gave him deep kiss.

Danny looked at the ghost rocked a bit dazed from the kiss. "So is that a yes?"

Ember just smiled at him. "What do you think?"

"That I'll see you at the Fenton portal Saturday at 6" he said cheerfully.

"Count on it ghost boy" she said before flying off.

Danny watched as Ember flew off before going through the portal. The second he was in the lab he transformed back into his human self. "Man that's the longest I've ever been in ghost mode" he then ascended the stairs to his room eagerly awaiting Saturdays' arrival.

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