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Chapter 2: The Date

It was Saturday night and all was quiet at the Fenton house. "WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?" well mostly quiet.

For the past half hour Danny had desperately been trying to figure out what to wear for his date with Ember tonight. Danny looked over at the clock and saw that it was now 5:30, 30 minutes until his date.

"Maybe I should just call the whole thing off" 'Except I don't know her number or if she even has a phone' "I could just not show up" 'And stand up one of the most dangerous ghost's in the ghost zone' Danny may not have been the smarted guy when it came to girls but even he knew you never EVER stood a girl up on a first date. Especially when the girl could fire beams of energy from her hands, very painful beams of energy.

Deciding he did not what to know what a scorned Ember was like he continued searching his closet for something to wear.

30 stressful minutes later he was ready. He was wearing a pair of black dress pants, black shoes, a black belt and a dark blue button up dress shirt.

Danny phased through his floor and down into the lab, he stood in front of the closed ghost portal hesitant as to whether of not he should open it. He still wasn't sure if asking Ember out had been a good idea, it was one thing for them to hang out at Christmas they weren't allowed to hurt each other then. But this, one wrong move tonight and Ember would be playing a song on his skull. "To late to back out now"

Danny walked over to the control panel and placed his palm over the open button. He hesitated for a second before finally pressing down on the button causing the giant metal door to slid open revealing the glowing green portal that was the ghost zone.

Danny stood back waiting for Ember to emerge from the portal.

He waited

and waited

and waited some more.

After almost an hour of waiting Danny finally gave up and headed for the lab stairs. 'I can't believe she stood me up' "Next time I see her I am so giving her a piece of my mind" As he reached the bottom of the stair case a blue mist escaped from his mouth.

"Looking for someone babypop"

Danny whirled around ready to tell the ghost girl off for making him wait so long but whatever remark he had ready quickly died when he saw her.

Ember was dressed in a baby blue spaghetti strap dress that stopped just below her knees and had a slit up the right side it hugged her body showing off every curve. She had on a pair of matching heels and her hair was let loose from its ponytail allowing it to flow down past her shoulders. Danny's jaw dropped and his eyes went wide a single word escaped Danny's lips "Wow"

Ember walked up close to Danny and closed his hanging jaw with a small 'click'. With one hand still holding Danny's chin she looked him in the eyes and in a sultry tone asked "So you like?"

Danny tried to speck but his brain had apparently decided to go on vacation.

Ember smirked even as a ghost she could still make guys putty in her hands. "I'll take that as a yes" She then walked over to the lab stairs, swaying her hips as she did giving Danny an eyeful of her tight buttock. She stopped at the base of the steps and turned to look at Danny. "So you coming" she asked before ascending the stair case.

Danny shock his head to clear the fog from his mind. 'Ok I'm going on a date with a ghost who is probably the hottest girl in this or any other dimension. And who is now waiting for me upstairs while I stand here like an idiot.'

Realizing how stupid it was to keep his date waiting he bolted up the stairs into the living room. He reached the top of the stairs and saw that Ember was nowhere in sight. He looked around for the ghost rocker and spotted her standing outside arms crossed and tapping her foot obviously waiting for him. He stepped outside and stood there still shocked by how beautiful Ember looked. It was so different from her normal rocker outfit it made her look like she was some else.

Danny felt something warm and wet on his lips and snapped out of his thoughts when he realized he was drooling. He quickly wiped his face and went over the waiting girl and offered his arm.

Ember smirked "And here I thought chivalry was dead"

"Technically so are we"

Ember giggled then accepted the arm and the two began walking. As they walked she took the opportunity take in Danny's appearance. 'Wow. The dipstick cleans up nice he actually looks hot'

20 minutes later the two arrived at a place called Giovanni's. It was one of the best and most romantic restaurants in all of Amity Park.

The two entered and walked up to the attendant, he was a well dressed man with slick black hair and a thin moustache. He looked like a stereotype rude French man out of some stupid movie.

"Hi, table for two please"

The man looked down at Danny eyeing him for a moment, then without even bothering to look down at his reservation book. "I'm sorry sir but I'm afraid that we are completely full. If you would like I could try and fit you in"

Danny glared at the man. It was obvious the guy wasn't even going to try and get him a table. "No thanks"

The two walked out of the restaurant into the night air. "Great so what now" asked Ember a slight edge in her voice.

Danny ignored the tone in Ember's voice "I have alternatives; this isn't the only restaurant in Amity Park you know" 'Just the best one'

Later at an Italian restaurant

"Sorry sir we aren't accepting any more reservations tonight"

A Chinese restaurant

"It's a two hour wait. Would you like to leave your name?"

A steakhouse


Danny glared at the closed sign as his eye's glowing green with anger. "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS ISN'T THERE ANYWHERE TO EAT IN THIS TOWN"

Ember couldn't help but smirk it was fun to see the great Danny Phantom throwing a tantrum like a two year old. "So any more bright ideas?" she asked

Danny turned and glared at the ghost girl trying hard not snap at her. He closed his eyes trying to calm himself down. When he opened his eyes again they where back to their normal blue color. He grabbed Ember's hand and began walking; his voice still having a slight edge to it. "Come on I know one place we can defiantly get into"

Ember smirked 'Got to admit the guy's determined. That or he's too stupid to give up. Probably both' "Wonder if this is what Skulker means when he talks about the thrill of the hunt"

After over an hour of going from restaurant to restaurant the two had finally found a place to eat. It wasn't a four star restaurant like Danny had wanted. Hell it wasn't even a three star one but in was better than nothing. It was the Nasty Burger. Danny looked down at his food he and Ember had both ordered the same thing a double cheese burger with large fries and a cherry coke.

After the two were finished eating neither of them where sure what to say; it was one thing to be talking in a group surrounded by other people but now that they were all alone just the two of them it was a bit awkward. Danny was continuously dipping one of fries in his ketchup, while Ember was twirling her finger around the rim of her soda.

Having had enough silence Ember decided to break the ice. "So how ya been?"

Danny stopped dipping his fries and looked up at the girl. "Good, I've been good. Actually it's been pretty quiet no ghosts all week"

Ember smirked. "Beat you've been enjoying that"

Danny smiled. "Ya it's been great. Going to the mall, the arcade, poetry readings"

Ember raised an eyebrow. "Poetry readings?" Danny didn't exactly strike her as the type of guy to be into that sort of thing.

Danny shrugged. "Sam's idea"

Ember rolled her. 'Should've known' still the topic of Danny's best female friend got Ember thinking. She knew the girl was important to Danny. And that she had a thing for Danny, she had seen it the moment she saw the two of them together. What she wasn't sure of was if Danny felt the same way. "So what's the deal with you and the Goth chick anyway?"

Danny of course was clueless to the reason behind Ember's question. "What do you mean?"

"Come on you know she likes you?" Ember wondered if Danny really did know the girl liked him or if he really was that clueless.

Danny sighed "Ya I know it's just…everyone's always talking about how we make a cute couple and always calling us lovebirds. Not to mention that spell you put on me. For a while I thought that I really did like her but then Valerie came along and…"

"Wow Wow back up whose Valerie?" Ember didn't like the idea of having to compete with two girls for Danny's attention. Not that she didn't think she wouldn't win she could get any guy human or ghost.

Danny waved the question away. "Oh she's just some girl. You might have heard of her. She's called The Red Huntress"

"Wait isn't she that girl that goes around trying to destroy ghosts? Are you telling me you dated someone who wanted to kill you" 'Than again we're on a date and I was ready to kill him last week'

Danny smiled sheepishly. "Ya not exactly the smartest move"

Ember gave him a look that read (Ya think). "So how'd dating a ghost hunter help ya figure out your feeling for your friend?"

Danny shrugged. "It wasn't really Valerie. It was the dating in general"

Ember raised an eyebrow. "Mind running that by me again"

"When I was dating Valerie I liked it. But I shouldn't have liked it because I'm supposed to like Sam and if I like Sam then I shouldn't like Valerie. But I did like Sam and I liked Valerie too but I couldn't like both of them at the same time. Does that make sense?"


Danny sighed. "Look I love Sam I really do. She's one of my best friends and I would do anything for her but I'm not in love with her"

Ember smirked and batted her eye lashes. "What about me?"

Danny gulped and pulled on his shirt collar. "I'm uh…still working on that one"

Ember leaned in close so that she was inches from Danny's face her shining green eye's locking with Danny's icy blue and in a hushed tone said. "Maybe I can help ya out"

Danny took the hint and began to lean in the rest of the way. They leaned in close their lips almost touching until finally…


A try of dishes fell to the floor only a few feet away startling Danny and causing him to involuntary hit his soda spilling it all over Ember's dress.

Ember glared at Danny her blue dress now stained with a large red spot and her green eye's glowing with fury. "Would you excuse me a second" she managed through gritted teeth then got up from the table and headed straight for the ladies room.

The second Ember walked into the bathroom her anger exploded as she blasted everything in sight. By the time she'd calmed down the room looked like it had been hit by a bomb. Water flowed from the destroyed toilets and sinks, the mirrors where shattered, and even the walls and floor had blast holes in them.

Ember took a deep breath she wanted nothing more than to march out and beat the crap out of her so called date. But she managed to control the anger; she had promised herself that she would see this through to the end no matter how bad it was. 'Besides how much worse can things get?'

A few minutes later the two arrived at the theater. Danny walked up to the ticket counter and looked at all the different movies; he wasn't sure what Ember's taste in movies was so he picked the most popular one that was out. "Two for 'Dark Night' please"

"Sorry we're sold out"

Danny frowned then looked back up at the movie list. 'Maybe a horror flick Ember seems like the kind of girl who might like that. I hope' "Ok two for 'Trinity of Doom 2' then"

"Sorry sold out"

'So much for that let's try comedy' "Fine how about 'The Jester' "

"Sold out"

Danny sighed "Why don't you just tell me what isn't sold out"

Danny walked back over to Ember. "I got the tickets" he said handing Ember hers.

Ember took the ticket and looked at the title of the movie. She looked back at Danny raising an eyebrow. "Ponies"

Danny nervously scratched the back of his neck. "Ya it was only thing that wasn't sold out"

Ember rolled her eyes. 'I wonder why' "Whatever lets go"

Danny and Ember entered the theater, like any place on a Saturday night it was completely packed.

"Well, Well, Well, look who's here"

'Oh no not here' Danny turned only to be greeted by the sight of the person he least wanted to see, Dash Baxter.

Dash walked over with the intent to beat up or at least humiliate Danny till he noticed the blue haired girl standing next to him. "So what's you name beautiful?" he said flashing a smile.

Ember scoffed. "Not interested" She had dealt with enough muscle heads for one afterlife.

Danny frowned not liking the way Dash was flirting with his date. "Leave her alone Dash she's with me"

Dash blinked as he looked back and forth between the two realizing Danny was telling the truth. "WHAT. No way how did a loser like you score a babe like that?" He went over and pushed Danny out of the way "Hey babe how about you ditch the wimp and get with a real man"

"How about I kick your ass instead. Get lost before I knock your teeth out" then walked away.

As Ember walked past him Dash grabbed her wrist and turned her to face him. "Hey nobody talks to Dash Baxter like that"

Ember looked down at her wrist then back up at Dash. "Big mistake bud"

Dash just grinned. "What are gonna do about it?"

"I'll show you" she said beginning to charge up her ghost rays.

Danny saw Ember's glowing hands and decided he should step in before things went too far. 'Though it would be fun to see Dash get blasted through a wall' He walked over and forcibly separated the two and planting himself in between them. "Alright break it up you two"

Suddenly Danny was grabbed by the front of his shirt and lifted so he was eye level with Dash. "You're girl insulted me and since I don't hit girl's that means I'm gonna have to wale on you twice as hard!"

"Can't we all just get along?" he asked only receiving a glare from the tall boy. "I'm guessing that's a no"

Dash raised his fist ready to strike. Danny put his hand on Dash's arm and silently used his powers to momentarily turning Dash's pants intangible causing them to fall to the floor.

Everyone in the lobby began to laugh and Dash screamed like a girl when he realized his pants where now around his ankles. He quickly pulled them up before running off screaming.

Ember was also laughing. "That was great. I never would've thought a goody too shoes like you would do something like that"

"Hey just cause I'm a hero doesn't make me a goody good I've misused my powers plenty of times. Wait that didn't come out right"

"Please you're like the ghost world's biggest boy scout. What'd you do rob a bank?"

"Yes. But I also stuffed Dash's locker full of teddy bears"


"There was also the time I possessed him and had him beat himself up"

'Not bad'

"And the time I stole the Fright Night's sword to win a Halloween contest"

'Ding ding we have a winner'

Before Danny could even say another word Ember grabbed him by his arm and hauled him off to the nearest screening room. Whether Danny realized it or not he had just hit on one her biggest turn-on's she was a sucker for bad boys. Suddenly the idea of them being together in a dark room was a lot appealing.

As the movie started Ember waited for Danny to try and make a move on her. But after almost 30 minutes of nothing she was starting to get annoyed. 'If he thinks I'm going to let him get away with getting me all fired up then do nothing about it he's got another thing coming' Embergrabbed Danny's face and before he knew it kissed him hard on the lips.

Danny was a little surprised at Ember's forcefulness but it only lasted a second as his hormones kicked in and he began returned the kiss with equal force. This time he was one who in control as he pushed his tongue in her mouth while his hands roamed her back taking in every curve. Ember moaned as Danny continued to kiss her; this was what she'd been waiting for. This was why she'd agreed to this date, why she hadn't bolted or blasted the guy into dust, simply for his moment. It was incredible his kiss sent a cold chill down her spine the kind that could only come from a ghost, but his body was warm with a heat that only the living could generate. It was like nothing she'd ever experienced, it drove her wild and made her fell more alive than she'd felt in her entire afterlife.

As Danny and Ember continued their make out session neither one of them noticed that Ember's hair was growing more and more intense. That is until the flames set off the sprinkler system giving them both a cold shower.

Neither Danny nor Ember said a word to each as they walked out of the theater both of them soaked to the bone.

When they reached Danny's house Danny knew that he should say something. He glanced over at Ember and saw her hair was out and her makeup was a complete mess. "So did you have fun tonight?"

Ember tuned sharply and glared at Danny as she recounted the night's event on her fingers. "Let's see, it took us two hours to find a restaurant, dinner was crap, you spilled soda on me, the movie was awful, AND I'M SOAKED"

Danny flinched it was obvious from Ember's tome that she was more than a little pissed. Not that he could blame her tonight had been a complete disaster. It seemed that everything that could go wrong tonight did.

"Next time I plain the date"

Danny nodded. "Ok I…wait did you say next ti…"

Danny's words were cut off by a pair of soft lips pressing against his own him, before he could do or say anything the lips departed and Ember flew away leaving one very confused and slightly disappointed half ghost.

By the time they separated from each other Embers hair was back to its normal length. She smiled then leaned over and whispered into Danny's ear. "See ya next time babypop"

Danny walked up to his room and flopped down on his bed not even bothering to change his clothes as he began to go over the nights events in his mind. 'I can't believe that what just happened happened. I mean I take a girl on what's got to be the worst date in the history of dates and instead of yelling at me of beating the crap out of me. Which I wouldn't have blamed her for doing, she kisses me. Not only that but she actually what's to go out again!"

'Now what do I do? I mean I thought tonight would just a one night thing I didn't think I'd end up actually liking her. Hell do I even like her or is it just my hormone going off. And even if I do get together with her what kind of relationship could we possibly have? I'm a 15 year old halfa who fights evil ghosts and she's a 17 year old ghost who wants to rule the world. How the hell is that suppose to work?'

If my family or friends found out they'd think I'd lost my mind. And any ghosts found out they might use her to get to me or hurt her just for going out with me. We'd have to meet in secret and never let anyone see us together in public. And I can't do that I can't just go behind my friends and families back's so I can date some girl. No matter how hot she is, or how beautiful her hair is or how well she kisses, or…"

Danny stopped and shook his head realizing where his thought's where taking him. "Am I really stupid enough to risk my friends, my family and possibly my reputation just so I can have a fling with a super hot girl?"He let the thought linger for a few second before coming up with an answer "Yep"

Of course Danny wasn't the only one struggling to make a chose. Deep in the far reaches of the ghost zone Ember sat on her bed mentally debating the exact same thing. She too was reviewing the night's events. 'Agh! I can't believe I did that after everything that happened tonight I kiss him. Why the hell did I do that I should've pummeled the guy not made-out with him. So what if he's kind and brave and cute and has gorgeous eyes and is an amazing kisser and…"

Ember stopped and shook her head realizing where her thought's where taking her. 'He's still just a goody to shoe's. He's stupid, immature, and…and…and I like him. He's kind, brave, loyal, and a hell of a lot better than any of the idiots in this joint. Hell he's better than most guys' period'

'Dame it Ember use you head he's a hero and you're trying to take over the world, plus I don't think kicking each other's butts is good for any relationship. The only way it could ever work is if I gave up the whole world domination thing' Ember stopped and considered the thought. 'It's not like it really matters anymore all I ever do is cause some chaos then end up getting shoved in that stupid thermos and sent back here. Still I put a lot of time and energy into those schemes, am I really willing to throw that away for some guy?' "Aw what the hell you only live once…or in this case twice"

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