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The X-Men are sent on a mission to investigate a manor in the French countryside that has been suspected of harbouring new mutant activity. Howeverthey soon discover not only a new mutant…but a child of the future that was sent back to change the past…

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Witch Child


The night air was brisk and chilled. At least, it was in the high reaches of the sky. The figure's gaze shifted across the land, taking in all that was below as she glided on the winds with her arms outstretched like a pair of wings. Her dark cloak ruffled and whispered gently into the night, the wind whistled through the fabric as it blew behind her delicate form. The moon was guarded by clouds this night, making the figure invisible to the eyes of the mortals below. The hour was late and there was no sign of activity on the ground below but this was no reason for the spirit to let her guard down. She watched attentively as roads were left behind, passing through grasslands and swamps until finally she came to a stop in mid air. Below stood a small plantation with a quaint limestone-brick house placed on the edges of the gardens that had grown wild and untamed. She floated towards the Earth, her cloak billowing in swells of midnight blue, and within moments her feet touched silently on the grounds.

Silently the cloaked woman made her way towards the house, having landed not ten feet away from the entrance. She made no indication of waiting at the door to be let in, instead, she motioned towards one of the nearby windows. A small glimmer, an emerald green light, shone dimly from within the house; a beacon signifying safety. They had been waiting on her. The woman smiled in spite of the shadows. All was running smoothly so far.

She continued to circle the house until she stopped under the small balcony that hung from the top story of the house. The balcony was half hidden in moss and vines and under the cover of night, it made it difficult to distinguish that the French doors were slightly left ajar. The woman touched off the ground once more only to leap with ease into the air and land silently on the small balcony. When she peered into the room, she found the walls alight in a gentle flame from a fireplace on the opposite wall. The walls were a golden, honey yellow colour, giving the room an added sense of warmth as the fire continued to crackle and burn. Gently, she pushed open the French doors and entered the room without a sound.

As she entered the room, she pulled back her hood to reveal her face. Her hair came flowing down her shoulders in waves that framed her heart-shaped face. Her honeycomb-brown gaze swept about the room, taking in every detail that surrounded her. The room was a master bedroom, with a set of draws on the right wall, beside an old oak door that led to the rest of the house. An open closet stood on the other side of the door, with a few coats and shirts peeking out from the opened closet door. A night stand stood beside it in the corner. Finally, the woman's gaze turned to the large bed cast on the left wall from the fireplace. Upon the bed lay a woman lost to slumber. Her face hidden in curtains of auburn and white, she lay with her chin to her collar and a book still clutched in her hands as it rest on the beside. Her other hand lay protectively over her swelled, pregnant belly as she continued to sleep soundly. Beside her, her husband laid rolled with his back to them. He breathed deeply in his sleep.

The cloaked woman smiled. She made her way towards the sleeping woman on the bed and gently, rested a her hand on the woman's shoulder. The other woman took her time to wake, her eyes blinking in the dim light as she returned to the world of consciousness. She tensed when she noticed the hand on her shoulder at first. Her head shot up with startle only to still when her gaze matched the cloaked woman's face. She physically relaxed, her shoulders falling in half-relief, but her eyes told tales of worry and weariness. The cloaked woman gave a welcoming smile but despite the act of reassurance, the younger woman was not set completely at ease. She managed to rasp a question.

"It can't beh tahme-?"

The older woman gave a sad smile and nodded mutely. She reached out and gave her friend's hand a reassuring squeeze as she replied.

"He knows of you now. Of the child. It is only a matter of short time before he comes to know of your location as well."

The cloaked woman watched with a heavy heart as the other woman let a sigh of defeat escape her lips. She clutched her swelled abdomen protectively as she let a moment of thought pass between them. When the moment ended, the pregnant woman spoke up, turning her gaze back to the older woman.

"What's gonna happen now?"

The cloaked woman turned her gaze towards the open window. A sliver of moonlight shone through the cream coloured drapes and set her amber-yellow eyes a light with hope. She didn't turn away as she spoke.

"You and your family must leave this place. I have arranged a safe house for you but you must move quickly. Tonight at the earliest."

Though there was a look of surprise across the younger woman's face, she did not retort or make any kind of fuss about the abruptness of her orders. She gave a curt nod and replied in genuine agreement.

"We'll go wherever ya want us to. Just so long as he…"

She looked down at her abdomen again, brushing a hand over it gently. She smiled slightly when she felt a small kick under her hand. The baby within her seemed to want to make his or her own opinion known in this time of decision making. The woman lingered a moment before returning her gaze back to the woman and continuing to speak.

"…or she is safe."

The cloaked woman gave a small nod. She rested a hand on the woman's swelled abdomen. She felt the baby kick under her hand. She spoke gently, as if not wishing to disturb the baby's unknown slumber.

"She will be. I promise."

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