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The elevator doors opened with the usual 'ding' sound and Tony and Ziva walked out, bickering as usual. McGee was already seated at his desk.

"I'm just saying that you should at least watch classic movies, Zee-Vah."

Ziva sighed. "I like books better."

Tony shook his head as they walked into the 'bullpen'. "Books? I didn't pick you for the geek type, Ziva." Tony looked up and Ziva was gone, "Ziva?" he said.

"Could a 'geek' kill you with a paperclip?" Ziva hissed in his ear from behind and held a paperclip to his throat threateningly.

Tony gulped. "I don't know. You'll have to ask McGee."

"I'm right here, you know?" McGee muttered.

Ziva ignored him and was about to reply to Tony when a man walked into the bullpen.

"Oh." He stammered, taking in Ziva's position over Tony, "Am I interrupting something."

Ziva stood up quickly and looked at the man. He was about thirty with light brown hair and green eyes. Ziva smiled in approval. He was very attractive. "Not at all." She said and stepped out from behind Tony's desk. "I was just about to kill my partner here." She said calmly, "but I can do it later."

Tony scoffed. "You would not be able to kill-"

Ziva threw him a meaningful look and pulled her knife out, examining it. "Yes, Tony?"

Tony closed his mouth and turned to the man that was still standing there, rather awkwardly. "Can I help you?"

The man took a step forward. "I'm Special Agent Lachlan Reynolds." He said, "Is Special Agent Gibbs here?"

Tony stood up. "He's stepped out for a moment. Is there anything I can help you with?"

Lachlan thought for a moment. "No." he said decidedly, "Do you know when Agent Gibbs will be back?"

The elevator doors 'dinged' and Tony suppressed a smile. "Right now."

Lachlan turned around and came face-to-face with Gibbs.

"Can I help you?" Gibbs asked.

Lachlan put his hand out. "I'm Special Agent Lachlan Reynolds." He said as Gibbs shook his hand, "I have been informed that I will be joining your team."

Gibbs dropped his hand immediately and walked to the director's office without another word.

Lachlan turned to Tony and Ziva. "What did I do?" he asked confusedly.

Ziva shrugged and sat behind her desk, leaning back in her chair. "Nothing."

Lachlan looked even more confused. "But-"

Tony put his hand up. "Seriously. I wouldn't worry." He said, "It's probably better if you don't work for our team anyway." He said, gesturing to Ziva, "You saw her try to kill me before, right?"

Ziva laughed. "I could never kill you, Tony."

Tony was surprised. "Really?"

"Yes." Ziva said, "because then I would have to go on the run." She thought for a moment, "and that really is not something I want to have to do again." She said, still playing with her knife.

Tony feigned hurt. "That hurts, Ziva."

Ziva threw her knife so it dug into the wall just above Tony's head. "Although," she said thoughtfully, "It would not be too difficult to hide your body."

Tony pulled the knife out of the wall and tried to get his heart rate back to normal. "You could have killed me! What if I had moved?"

Ziva laughed. "Good thing you did not, yes?"

Tony stabbed the knife into his desk. "Crazy chick." He muttered.

Lachlan chose this time to talk, after observing the scene that had just unfolded. He did not seem at all fazed by what he had just seen. "Where did you learn that?" he asked curiously.

"What?" Ziva asked.

"To throw that knife so perfectly."

Ziva laughed. "I do not think you want to know."

Lachlan leaned over her desk. "Oh, I think I do."

Ziva leaned forward so that she was face to face with Lachlan. "Mossad." She said simply, expecting Lachlan to be deterred.

Lachlan smiled. He had such a good smile. "That's interesting." He said.

Tony walked over to Ziva's desk. "I think now is a good time to have a chat about rule twelve." He said, trying to keep the jealousy out of his voice.

Lachlan looked up. "Rule twelve?"

Ziva leant back in her chair again. "Never date a co-worker."

Lachlan observed Ziva. "That's an interesting rule." He said thoughtfully and looked fom Tony to Ziva, "Did you two have some past-"

Ziva laughed. "I do not think so."

Tony frowned. "Don't act like you haven't thought about it, Zee-Vah."

Ziva grinned. "Oh, of course I have." She mocked, looking Tony up and down.

Gibbs walked past and slapped Ziva and Tony on the back of the head.

Tony rubbed the back of his head. "Thank you boss."

Lachlan turned to Gibbs. "Am I in?"

"Apparently." Gibbs said shortly.

Tony and Ziva looked at each other, then to McGee who was still sitting at his desk. It was obvious that Gibbs was not happy about this.

Gibbs looked up from his desk. "Take the desk at the end."

Yep. Gibbs was definitely not happy about this.

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