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Ziva walked down the stairs from the director's office and found her eyes immediately traveled to Tony's desk. Empty. She let out a sigh as she stepped into the bullpen, chagrined to find Abby pull her into a hug again.

"Abby," she said, trying to pry her off, "you already hugged me."

"I know," Abby muttered into her shoulder. "I'm just making sure you're still here."

Ziva finally pulled away and wrung her hands out nervously. "Where is Tony?"

Gibbs, Abby, and McGee all looked up at her. Gibbs was the one to answer.

"Not here."

Ziva nodded, her mind whirring. Then she turned and walked in the direction of the bathrooms. She stopped, however, when she overheard someone talking.

"…Damn elevator not working again…"

Ziva looked around to see the guy turn and take the stairs. She quickly turned back around and pressed the elevator call button. Five minutes later, the doors finally opened, revealing a rather disheveled Tony. Ziva looked down at his bruised hands significantly.

"Lose a fight with the elevator?" she asked.

Tony didn't say anything, just tried to pass her. Ziva put her hand out, trapping him.

"My turn," she said, pushing him into the elevator and pressing the close door button.

"Is there something you want?" Tony asked rudely, not meeting her eyes.

Ziva flicked the elevator switch, halting it. "We need to talk."


Ziva laughed bitterly. "I'm back, Tony. Back! Is there nothing you want to discuss?"

Tony was silent, still studying the floor.

Ziva piped up again. "What is it? What did I do?" she ran her hands through her hair in frustration. "Do you not want me back?"

Tony snapped his head up and pushed Ziva up against the elevator wall roughly. He fixed her with a glare. "Do I want you back? Of course I want you back!" he spat. "I've wanted you back for six months! How can you not see that?!"

Ziva opened her mouth to speak, but Tony continued before she could get a word in.

"You just disappear! You don't ask for help. Your phone is disabled. What the hell am I supposed to think?"


"And then you pull that stunt with the bloody car accident! How the hell did you even get a body?"


"You know what? Don't answer that. I'm sure with all your connections…" he said the word with as much malice as he could muster up, "…that would be no problem at all."


"And then you are just gone. And Mossad is stonewalling us and McGee can't find you on any radar. Abby couldn't even locate you, goddamn it!"

Tony stopped to take a breath and looked into her eyes, becoming increasingly aware of how close they were. He could feel her hot breath on his cheek. "And I missed you," he said softly, not looking away.

Ziva sucked in a breath. "You done?"

Tony said nothing. And then his lips were on hers. And all that mattered was the present.

Because for the first time in six months, they felt okay again.


Outside the elevator, Abby and McGee stood staring at the closed doors.

"What do you think they are doing in there?" Abby ventured.

McGee tipped his head to the side in wonder. Then he shook his head. "I don't think I really want to know."

They both continued to stare at the elevator in silence.

"Yeah me neither."

McGee broke out of his semi-trance. "Um, well I have to go do…" he trailed off, trying to formulate an excuse to leave.

Abby just nodded, not waiting for him to speak again. "Yeah, me too."

They looked at the elevator and then to each other, before waling off awkwardly.

Sometimes you were best kept in the dark.

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