Dirty Dancing Card Series: Clover

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C l o v e r ;
Also known as a lucky charm or simply just charm, charming a lady isn't as simple as one thinks.

Chapter 1: The awkward triangle date

Amu swiftly grabbed four beer bottles and threw them in the air. She then caught them two by two and poured them into the glass cups. It was her daily work and she had gotten used to tending a few customers at one go.

"Amu-chan go go go!"

And unfortunate or not, Ran had appeared once more.

"Shut up Ran!"

Some looked at her weirdly but most ignored it. The regulars did not even show any sign of surprise.

"Heh, you are getting very good at it."

A guy with midnight blue hair and a well toned body commented. She shrugged off the comment. He pouted.

"How sad, my little Amu just ignored me."

She looked at him ticked off.

"I don't belong to you!"

"Amu-chan, can I have grape vodka."

The purple haired guy asked. Somehow, Nagihiko found out where she worked and paid her a visit whenever there was time. She nodded at proceeded to pour him a glass.

"Amu, go tend to the other guy."

"Eh? Why?"

"Or I will dock your pay."

She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Don't do it or I will find some other use for that tongue."

Amu immediately retracted her tongue blushing. While her back was turned against both her superior and her friend, she didn't realize they were having a silent friendly rivalry match. Both of them had tried to stare each other down before something interrupted them.


"Ah, Hinamori-san."

It was the blonde. Amu tried to remain passive when she talked to him. Apparently he was also another regular in the bar. Although it was hard, knowing that he doesn't remember her, Amu took the initiative to try and befriend him again. It was tough, but hopefully she would be able to cope with their current relationship. Nagihiko went to usher Tadase to another table away from the counter while Ikuto went to order someone else to set a table for him. They both knew that the topic is still a touchy subject, though they did it while glaring at each other.

Poor Amu didn't know why they disliked each other after having a particularly long talk during one afternoon.

- + -

"Ah, Amu-chan, it is nice to see you again."

"Same here. Nagihiko, would you like to have some tea?"

He nodded and stepped into the house. Ikuto was rather disturbed that another male was talking so casually with Amu.

"Fujisaki-san, I need to talk to you."

"Eh…Ikuto…he just came here."

"Amu-chan it is ok, I needed to talk to him too."

- + -

That was the only thing she knew. What they had discussed about however was still unknown to her. They had shooed her away when talking.

"A pack of cigarettes please."

She passed the pack to the person absentmindedly and collected the money, forgetting to count it. Really. What had actually happened that afternoon?

"Ne, Amu-chan go out with me to buy presents tomorrow."

"Eh? Why?"

"It's Kukai's birthday next week."

She widened her eyes. She had totally forgotten about that!

"Ah, I also need to buy him a present!"

- + -

"Oh my gosh, look at that blue hair guy, he so hot!"

"I prefer the purple hair one!"

Amu had to resist slapping her head for the 127th time. Ok, so there are two very attractive bishounen standing at each of her side. Big deal.

"I wonder who that girl is."

Oh great, now people are talking about her. Perhaps she should not have gone out with them. Ikuto seemed pretty insistent on accompanying them although he didn't seem interested at all. It was awkward walking around the shopping mall with people talking about you all the time.

"Amu-chan! Everyone is talking about you."

"I know Ran."

She mumbled, not used to being the centre of attraction. She sighed. Where was a hole when she needed one? The two by her side weren't being very helpful.

"Amu-chan, why not we check out the sports shop."

Nagihiko suggested. She nodded. Ikuto just looked on silently. Or sullenly sulking inwardly.

Footballs, basketballs, shoes and clothing. It is fabulous. Really. Amu sighed. What did Kukai like again? Oh yea, football and soccer. Supposing she bought a football and Nagihiko bought a basketball everything would be just fine. Not. It just seems…too forward. Argh. Damn that sentimental value etc. It is the thought that counts right?

Nagihiko went to take a pair football shoe off the rack. And paid for it. She smacked her head. So much for the bright ideas. Maybe she should buy a pair of football shoes and give them as a pair with the basketball. And everyone would start thinking that she started going out with Nagihiko. She did not just think that. No way. Someone might have came to mess with her little pathetic brain which have been crammed with too much emotional crap her had gone through.

"Amu, what are you doing there spaced out?"

"Ah, nothing…ehehehe…I was just thinking about what was best to give Kukai."

Ikuto took a basketball suit from a nearby rack and handed it to her. He didn't like the fact that she was thinking about other guys other than him. No one steals Amu from him and get away with it! He had to hit himself thinking about such things. Where's that baseball bat when you needed it the most?

"Thanks Ikuto."

Nagihiko looked on irritated at the couple. He should have been the one to do that! Not that sneaky cat! Tadase was right about him after all! Well, that was the first time that blonde idiot had been right after rambling about taking over the entire world. What's so fun about taking over the entire world? You don't even have your freedom after that! And before you did actually take over the world you would be sentenced to the mental institute for being a psychopath. He should really stop passing through the glue factory; the effects are really meddling with his well organized, sophisticated brain!

"Erm, excuse sir but here is your purchase."

He turned his attention to the quivering attendant. Ah, he might have been glaring at her too much while think of absurd things.

"Ah sorry miss, I was just thinking about certain things."

"Of…of course sir…thank…thank you for your purchase."

And so the awkward trio headed out of the shop and to a fast food restaurant for some lunch.

- + -

"Ano, Nagihiko-san, Ikuto, what would you two like to eat?"


"A fish burger would be fine Amu-chan."

She nodded and skipped off happily to the queue leaving the two boys behind. Neither talked until Amu came back carrying a tray. She put it on the table and started chewing her burger.

"Why are both of you so quiet?"

"It's nothing really, Amu-chan."

She shrugged and continued with her food.

"Oh, I remember them give us two cups of ice-cream as a promotional package."

"I will share with Amu."

Which cause a blush on Amu's face. He smirked.


"Amu-chan, I will give you mine. You need not share."

The two didn't even want to say each other's name out. Amu couldn't really take the tension in between them and decided it was best to leave for the day. What's with the guys? She shook her head.

"Amu-chan, maybe they both like you!"

Ran whispered into Amu's ear which made her flustered.

"No way, it is impossible Ran! Why …why would they….they li…like me anyway?"

Ran giggled like a little schoolgirl and flew out of Amu's reach.

"You will never know!"

The second series of dirty dancing. To those who never read the first series, read that first. The clover series is many about erm...dating, romance etc...? Anyway, there will be lots of fluff. Well, sorta since I like to cut it off making it into a gag...-.-

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