TITLE: Left Behind
AUTHOR: renisanz
SUMMARY: Many questions arise when Ronon brings an mysterious young woman to Atlantis. There are no easy answers. A sequel to "Leather" and "Let Go."
CATEGORY: Drama/Mystery/Romance
DISCLAIMER: I don't own 'em, but they're fun to play.
NOTES: This story contains some spoilers for Season 4. See my fic "Let Go" for background on Ronon and Jenifer's relationship up to this point, because the events of that story are directly referred to in the opening scene. Story is set sometime during Season 4, after "Quarantine." Teyla's not pregnant, but the Athosians are still missing.

I strongly suggest that you read "Leather" and "Let Go" (in that order), before you read this; they're both only 2 chapters, so it won't take that long. This story may be a bit confusing in some parts otherwise. Or, ya know, you can just dive into this one. ;)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dr. Jennifer Keller was daydreaming when she heard the alarm sound, signaling an unscheduled offworld activation. It startled her every time it rang out, but this instance was colored by the fact that Ronon had finally—wonderfully—kissed her.

They had been waiting to be rescued after being locked in room in one of Michael's abandoned labs. It took her only a moment to recover from the shocking sensation of Ronon's warm mouth pressed against hers in a gentle, yet slightly urging kiss. Then she figured she'd better kiss him back if at least to show him that she was in fact still interested in resuming what they had started during the quarantine lockdown on Atlantis some weeks earlier.

But as Ronon's fingers grazed the back of her neck, Jennifer leaned a bit more into the embrace, her hand coming to rest against his chest. She wondered whether it would be too forward (like it mattered at this point) to fist her hand in the fabric of his shirt, and pull him closer because this was their first kiss and, boy, was it amazing, and sweet and so very tantal—Mmmm. She nearly moaned at the feeling of whatever his hand was doing to the sensitive skin at the nape of her neck, and was pretty sure that was the reaction he was trying to elicit. Their lips met again and his tongue caressed the inside edge of her lower lip, and she nearly lost all rational thinking ability at that point—until a thought thrust itself before her id.

Wait . . .what if we don't die horribly? It was that single, sobering question that caused Jennifer to pull away. Their current situation, while private, was not an ideal one in which to indulge in their previously missed opportunity.

And then the Sheppard and McKay showed up, having figured out how to unlock the door to the lab. Perfect timing as ever, McKay, Jennifer lamented.

However, Jennifer was truly appreciative of being freed from the room as well as reluctantly thankful that McKay had not overridden the security lockdown a second sooner. It was enough having to explain what had happened to her shirt (she was glad she could blame her flushed face on the embarrassment on that incident) without the added complication of being caught making out with her temporary roommate.

Now her radio came alive with Chuck's voice on the other end requesting a medical team to the Gateroom, she practically flew from behind her desk, going through a mental checklist of the supplies she would need.

"Is there info on the nature of the injuries, and how many?" she asked.

"Uh. . .no apparent injuries, ma'am."

"I don't understand," she replied.

"Er. . .Ronon's on his way to you," Chuck voice sounded as confused as Jennifer felt at the new information. She allowed herself a brief moment to bask in the relief that Ronon wasn't mortally wounded. But then, he could be injured and just on his way with someone else. The man once had a knife of glass embedded in his shoulder and still had insisted that others be treated before him.

"You might want to bring a wheel chair," the Gate technician suggested after a pause.

"Wheel chair?" Dr. Keller mouthed the words, and then looked to Nurse Marie Ko and asked her to go and retrieve one. Confusion was not good when facing a medical emergency. She quickly recovered and decided that the sooner she got to Ronon, the sooner she could figure out what was going on. She motioned for the medical team to follow her as she informed them, "Let's go. We'll meet him on the way here."

Jennifer skidded to a stop in front of the transporter as the doors slid open. She was taken aback for a moment as she took in the scene before her. Ronon stepped out into the corridor, with an unfamiliar young woman curled in his arms. There was something unmistakably tender about the manner in which Ronon cradled her against him, and in that moment she knew the woman was not at all unfamiliar to Ronon. Her eyes were closed and her tear-stained face contorted in pain. Eventually a small cry escaped her lips and Keller's gaze followed her hand as it went down to brace the swell of her abdomen. Oh God.

"Ronon, what happened?" Jennifer motioned for the wheelchair to be brought forward even as her eyes scanned him for any sign of injury he may have been hiding. It was obvious now who it was for.

Ronon just shook his head as he regarded the girl in his arms.

"How far along is she?" Jennifer asked, for the first time meeting Ronon's eyes.

"Not far enough," his deep voice was calm and stoic, but his hazel eyes betrayed the worry he was feeling. Ronon made to put the woman down in the wheelchair, but she clutched his neck tighter as she seemed to experience another wave of pain. Contractions.

"Is she injured at all?" Jennifer needed to know.

Jennnifer saw something flash briefly behind Ronon's eyes before he simply said, "No."

"Ok, you can just carry her the rest of the way. Come on." Ronon responded with a curt nod, and then Jennifer practically ran behind him as he made his way to the infirmary. Her mind was racing ahead as well, putting forth possibilities of what equipment could be modified to convert into an incubator, among other things in order to prepare the infirmary for the possible arrival of a premature baby.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Two hours earlier.

Ronon sensed it when he first stepped through the Gate. He and Teyla had emerged through the event horizon on the world of Mira, into a large clearing, and the nearest township was several kilometers away. It was late spring on this planet and the sun arched high overhead. It was a and typically beautiful day and everything would have seemed normal with nothing to indicate a cause for alarm—except for the eerie quiet. That's what gave it away. Though they were a distance from people, there should at least be the sound of the indigenous wildlife—birds chirping, insect buzzing—but there was only silence. Even the wind was still.

Teyla's hesitance backed Ronon's suspicions that something was amiss. He watched with an every growing feeling of dread as her head tilted in that familiar way, listening for the sinister voices only audible within her own mind.

"What is it?" he asked, grabbing her arm to bring her out of the trance. He thought he knew the answer—

"The Wraith have been here," she hissed.

His feeling of dread was instantly replaced by that of barely controlled rage. Not here. Not now. In an instant, his gun pistol was armed, set to kill, and he made purposeful steps towards the settlement.

"Ronon, wait," Teyla placed a placating hand on his arm now. "There is. . ." she shook her head as if uncertain, ". . . something else."

"The Wraith?"

"No. . . someone else. The wraith have gone."

Ronon was very unsettled. Teyla's powers had never manifested themselves in a way in which she was able to sense another human. Could it be some type of trick? He wasn't sure how much the wraith knew of Teyla's mental abilities, if at all. However, something told Ronon that they should probably find out what—or whom—this was.

But first he had to find her.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


That is all she had felt from the moment she awoke that morning. She rolled awkwardly onto side when she felt her husband get up from their bed. She felt the dip in her mattress as he leaned forward, bracing himself on his forearm as he leaned forward to brush a kiss against her brow.

Unfortunately his touch did little to warm away the feeling. She smiled anyway, pulling blankets up over her shoulders as she opened her heavy lids to look up into his dark brown eyes.

"Must you go out this early?" she said, but it was practically a yawn.

Her husband just smirked down at her before lowering his head to press a tender kiss to her lips. "You know I must," he sighed. She watched his face as his eyes drifted down to her growing belly. "Especially now," he smiled. "I must provide for my two favorite girls."

They'd had this conversation many times before, in various forms. "How are you so certain it's a girl?" During her entire pregnancy she had never asked him outright.

Her husband paused before he answered, seeming to serious think about it for the first time. "Well, I am not absolutely certain. However," he nuzzled her freckled nose with his, "it would be very unfortunate for all your beauty to go to waste. I'd very much like to see it passed on to our daughter."

"Mmm. . . wonderful answer," she giggled as her fingers combed through the short, blond waves of his hair. It was times like this that she was glad Ronon Dex had opened her eyes to the potential of the man to which she had eventually become bonded. He was probably the only man she knew who was humble enough to admit to preferring a daughter over a son.

He kissed her once more before backing away. "You should rest."

"Yes, I should," she agreed. "I had a restless night. This little once did not seem to want to sleep at all," she groaned as she rolled onto her back.

"Ronon's coming later today?"

"Yes. I've already finished his order. Hopefully I can acquire a few hours of sleep before he arrives," she replied as rubbed a soothing hand over her abdomen. The baby seemed to calm a bit. Still, she felt cold.

He watched her husband nod and then turn to leave.

He was almost out the door when she called. "Andri?"

She waited for him to turn before she continued, "Be careful."

He gave her a dubious look, and it wasn't unexpected. He was only going to harvest flowers after all, but she had the unshakable feeling that something might happen to him.

His face softened, and he quickly closed the distance from door back to the bed. His strong arms drew her close, and she savored the feeling of security, the smell of him.

"I will be fine, Seraih."


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A/N: Seraih is pronounced "sə'rī." Seraih and Andri belong to me.

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