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'Yes Mister Kaiba?'. A young girl, about 22 years of age, stepped into Kaiba's office. She wore a black, knee length skirt with matching blazer, a white blouse and black stiletto's

'What is this?!' Kaiba growled dangerously as he waved an envelope around.

'That's a letter, sir.' Loraine answered calmly. Though many people were easily intimidated by the great Seto Kaiba, she was always able to keep her calm. He simply didn't scare her.

'I know it's a letter! What is it doing here!? I specifically told you to get rid of this type of useless correspondence!'

The letter in question was in fact an invitation to the annual Domino City Charity Ball. Though Kaiba Corp. always made an extremely generous donation, the CEO himself never bothered to attend. He was always too busy.

'I thought it would be good for you if you attended this year, sir. Your circle of friends is very limited.' Loraine replied. That was an understatement though. Seto Kaiba didn't have friends. He didn't even have acquaintances. Just his
brother and his business associates. And Loraine, but she was his Personal assistant and the only employee he actually came in contact with on daily bases. She arranged everything from his appointments, lunches and business trips to his correspondence and phone calls. She kept his schedule, arranged meetings and even did his grocery shopping from time to time. You could easily say that without Loraine, things just wouldn't run smoothly.

'My personal life is none of your business, Loraine.' Kaiba said, a tone of warning in his voice. Intimidation didn't have any effect on Loraine and she simply smiled.

'It wouldn't kill you to attend, sir. Even if it's just for an hour. Show your face, shake some hands, kiss some babies and the people will be happy again.'
The young CEO threw the letter on his desk with a growl an dropped down on his seat.

'You know I hate these things, Loraine.'

'Sometimes you just have to bite the sour apple, sir.'

'Sour apple, my…I can't, I'm busy.'

Bingo. There it was. The forever used excuse.

'Sorry sweetie, not this year.' Loraine thought as she flashed out her Blackberry.

'Actually, you have nothing planned for tomorrow evening, Mister Kaiba.' She said.

'What?! That's impossible.' Kaiba shouted

'Not at all, sir. I arranged it so that you would have the evening off to attend the ball.'

'You…what?' Kaiba glared at her furiously. How could she do this to him? He was her boss! But two could play at this game.

'I still have to meet with the board about the software development of our new Duel Disc.' Kaiba said.' You can plan that meeting for tomorrow evening.'

'I'm sorry, sir. That won't be possible.' Loraine answered calmly, a small smirk forming on her lips

'What do you mean?!'

'You see, the board will also be present at the ball sir. And they can't possibly cancel that.' 30-love

'And what about Mokuba?! He'll be home alone!'
Loraine could see he was struggling for excuses and she couldn't help but smile.

'Sir, with all due respect, your brother is 18. He'll be off to college soon. I think he can handle staying home alone for one night, don't you?' she said sweetly.

'Eh…yes…well…I…I don't have a tux.'

'I've arranged for a tailor to come in this afternoon and your tuxedo will be ready by tomorrow.' Loraine said, still deathly calm.

Game, set and match.

The CEO glared at his young assistant with murder in his eyes. He would get her back. Even if it was the last thing he ever did. She would pay.
'Fine, I'll go.' He sighed and turned his chair towards the window.

'You can go now.'
Loraine made a little bow, even though her boss couldn't see, and left the room. On her way out she gave an entering Mokuba a high five and returned to her desk, just outside the CEO's office. A grinning Mokuba took a seat on the edge of his big brother's desk.

'What's up big brother? You don't look too happy.'

'As if you don't know, you traitor.' Seto snarled.

'What? Why, my dear brother, whatever are you talking about?' the younger Kaiba said with a sweet innocence in his voice.

'You planned this. You and Loraine. Just to get me to that stupid ball.'
Mokuba couldn't help but grin even wider.

'Aaw, c'mon bro, it's not like it's gonna kill you! And if it does, you can come back and haunt me.'

'Hmmph.' Seto turned to face his brother, still glaring.

'I can still fire her. Then I won't have to go.'
''You're not gonna fire Loraine, Seto. You're too fond of her.' Mokuba argued.

'Wanna bet?' the older Kaiba smirked.

'Fine, we're out of shampoo, orange juice, milk and toothpaste and we need some stuff for dinner. Are you gonna go grocery shopping?'

'I can't, I'm busy.'

'You just can't do it.'

'I can, but I'm busy, Mokuba.'


Seto stared at his brother with a shocked expression plastered on his handsome face.

'What did you call me?'

'I called you a wimp. You can handle the top Duelists in the world but when it comes to something simple like shopping, you chicken out.' Mokuba crossed his arms and grinned at his brother. Seto slowly got up from his chair, still glaring at his younger brother.

'We'll make a bet. I'll go shopping. If I get the right things, I don't have to go to that stupid ball.'

'And if you don't get the right things?' Mokuba asked.

'I'll let you decide that, if it happens.

'Alright bro, but I still don't think you can do it.'

Seto walked to the door and took his long white coat.

'You watch me.' He said and left his office.

When he passed Loraine he muttered that he was going out and headed for the elevator.

Mokuba followed and sat on Loraine's desk.

'Geez, Mokuba, what did you do to him. He looks like he's ready for war.' Loraine snickered.

'I dared him to go grocery shopping.' Mokuba grinned.

'You...what? Oh dear God…' Loraine stared at the elevator, floor numbers lighting up. The elevator was already on the Sixth floor.

'He's actually going shopping….'








'Did you give him the shopping list?'



Ground floor

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