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Chapter 1- Recalled

on the Teen Super Ship, Revenge's Bridge; during Summer Vacation

"She is going to be happy with us, now," a teen said to her copilot.

He nodded and said, "You do know, that she isn't going to be happy until we catch…"

"You two, stop talking about her and get back to work," a voice said behind them.

The copilot turned around to see who told them to shut up. There, just in front of him, was Cree, the second in command of the ship. "C-Cree!" he squeaked.

"Jamie, Report," Cree commanded the blond teen pilot, as she ignored the copilot.

"We are closing in on the KND's transport ship, Ma'am," Jamie reported, not taking her eyes of the ship in front of her.

"Good; James, never squeak my name ever again," Cree yelled slapping the sandy haired copilot across the face.

"Ow!" he involuntarily let out.

Cree glared at him and said, "I shall let the captain know."

With that Cree turned and left the bridge.

"I wonder what she meant about that." James asked out loud.

"Boys," Jamie mumbled under her breath shaking her head.

- - -

Revenge's Captain Quarters

Amber was a seventeen year old girl, with shoulder length, medium brown with caramel highlights, and baby blue eyes. She was wearing a white t-shirt under a black Wanted Jack Sparrow t-shirt, a pair of blue bell-bottom jeans, and a pair of black boots.

She was in her quarters listening to a mixed CD that had two songs from the new band, Ministry of Magic, and trying to hack into the KND moon base's mainframe. It is getting harder than it ever was, she thought.

"Access Granted," her laptop said.

"Yes!!" she yelled. "The Hactress still had it."

She typed in her old alias, Number 007, in their database. When her file came up, she saw the latest picture they had of her, which was from the last time they had spied on and tried to capture her. Has it really been a year since that day, she thought.

She read her file.

Number: 007

Name: Amber Uno/Wigglestein

Family: "Father" aka. Benedict Uno/Wigglestein, and the Delightful Dorks from Down the Lane.

History: Was a great fighter, leader, and hacker; the "Triple Threat;" leader of Sector G until she turned 13 (was replaced by 417); great friends with Cree Lincoln (number 11.)

Was scheduled to be decommissioned on April 21, 2004, but escaped before the actual event and caused a lot of damage to the Moon base; escaped to Father's Mansion; last seen by No. 1's team.

Status: Unknown, but most likely armed and extremely dangerous…

Her computer blared a warning; the KND High command was trying to locate who was looking at her file. Her hands flew over the keys and she sent them a spike. A spike stops people from tracking your signal, and you can track theirs and send them a message.

She sent them a message that said,

Nice try, you little twerps,



She laughed at their feeble attempt to locate her.

"Ahem," she heard from behind her.

"What is it, Cree?" she asked as she shut off her computer.

"We are closing in on the KNDtransport ship," Cree reported.

"Good, we can save No. 300 from being decommissioned in his prime," she replied walking out of her quarters.

"Amber, I wish you would stop doing that," Cree said as she fell in step with her.

"Stop doing what exactly?" she asked smiling.

"Hacking into the KND database."

"But that's really fun," she pouted.

"That could give away our position!" Cree replied.

"They haven't gotten even close, to date, and besides I'm the Captain of this ship and a member of the Teen Court. Don't forget your place, Cree or should I say Number 11," she retorted.

"I won't forget my place in your presence again, Milady," Cree said bowing.

They walked into the bridge; then everybody stood up.

"At ease," Amber said walking to the captain's chair.

Everyone went back to what they were doing as she sat down and asked, "Are we within hailing distance?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Heather, the brown haired comm. Officer, replied. "And, they are hailing us."

Amber sat up, crossed her right leg over her left leg, and commanded, "Bring them up on the screen."

The view screen flickered to life and Nigel Uno's bald head filled the screen.

"Number One, long time, no see, I was going to hail you in a minute," she said smiling pleasantly, looking at the screen. "I see that the gang's all here; hi, Crabigal," she said using Cree's affectionate nickname for her sister.

Cree appeared at Amber's left hand side to help with the negotiations.

"What do you want, Cree," No. 5 asked.

"You got it all wrong, Abby, it's not what I want, it's what she wants," Cree replied pointing at Amber.

"Amber, what do you want?" No. 1 questioned.

"I know that you are transporting No. 300 to the moon base for decommissioning. I am asking you, nicely, please hand him over to us," she said frowning as she looked at her tractor beam operator, Andrew.

"No, and how do you know that? That is sensitive information and is given on a need to know basis!" No. 1 shouted in shock.

She allowed a smile of amusement to creep across her face. "Did you forget, Nigie Dear, that I was a master hacker back in my days in KND, and I must say your codes are too easy to crack. Just so you know, I've have your communications jammed. So surrender."

"I think she's bluffing!" Wallabee, No. 4, exclaimed.

"That maybe true," she glanced at Heather, who nodded to show that she did take out their communications. "Go ahead; try to contact the Moon base. I dare you."

"Guys, she's not bluffing," No. 5 said off the view screen.

Boys, Amber thought, they always want proof.

"Now that you believe me, either surrender or we will do this the hard way. I know that, that certain type of ship has fewer weapons than this one," she stated and then nodded to Andrew, who started the tractor beams.

"I will not…What's going on No. 2?" No. 1 asked as their ship jerked.

"I don't know, but we are going backward!"

"Oh, Nigie Dear, they're only our tractor beam…" she started.

"Ma'am, we're receiving a transmission from M…..Home," Heather stated.

"Ok, wait one moment; Nigel, I have to take this transmission, but I'll see you in five. Auf Weidersehen," she said as Heather hung up on the KND transmission and brought up the other transmission.

A blond haired, teenaged boy appeared.

"What is it, Chad?" Cree asked.

"Amber, the Teen Court is calling every member to come to the Teen's Hideout on Mars," he said.

"Chad, it isn't that I'm not happy to see you or anything like that, but I am a little bit busy at the moment," Amber replied.

"But you have to come, a majority of the Court decided to reconvene and they are recalling all of the active teens back to Mars."

"Tell them that I'll be there as soon as possible," she replied. She turned to her crew, "Now, you maggots suit up and set all weapons on stun. This is a quick in and out. I want No. 300 on this ship in less than an hour."

- - -

The KND transport fit neatly in the ship's hanger bay.

Amber and Cree stood in on the hanger bay clad in their Battle Ready Armor without their helmets, with twenty teens in formation behind them. Amber turned to the teens and said, "I want the brats alive, but leave No. 1 and No. 5 for us. Your primary objective is to get No. 300 out alive. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Ma'am," they answered.

"Let's get a move on," she said walking to the hatch.

She pressed some numbers on the key pad; it only took two tries to get the right code. The hatched opened and she strolled into the transport closely followed by Cree. Cree signaled to the troops to follow in five minutes. Cree and Amber walked into the main room of the transport and looked around. The KND operatives jumped out of their hiding places and surrounded the two teens.

"I told you, see you in five minutes, Nigie Dear," Amber said calmly looking at Number 1.

"Amber, watch your left flank," Cree whispered in her ear.

Amber glanced to her left and saw Number 4 edging his way towards them. "Nigie Dear, are you sending the kangaroo to fight me?" she asked in a sing-song voice.

"Hope you like a big cell because you were scheduled to be decommissioned four years ago and Cree's was supposed to be three years ago," No. 4 yelled. "And I am not a Kangaroo!"

"Really? I thought you were a kangaroo because of your name," Amber replied sarcastically. "I had a big cell on my 13th Birthday, and I half destroyed the Moon base. Even though, I enjoyed the latter part of it, I don't want to repeat that performance. Anyways, I wasn't talking to you; I was talking to Nigie."

"Don't call me that! Number 4, stand down Amber is mine," Number 1 snarled.

"And Cree is mine!" yelled Number 5.

"Choose your weapon, Numro Uno," Amber stated pulling out her broadsword.

He chose a saber, which had been taken from a teenager captured on his last mission, and they circled each other.

"You think it wise, boy, crossing blades with a living legend?" Amber asked moving her blade up and down Number 1's.

Number 1 thrusted, but Amber easily blocked it and back flipped onto the communication console. She saw Cree and Abby fighting as well. Where are those teens, she thought as she blocked more of Nigel's attacks.

"You got the basics down," she said flipping over his head. "But let's see how your footwork is. If I move right," she stepped right and stepped to his right, her left. "Good, but can you predict what I'm going to do next?" she parried and started turning more on the offensive.

Then she heard the teens run into the room; three of them engaged the remaining operatives as the others searched for No. 300.

"They are going for No. 300!" Nigel yelled trying to disengage from his fight with Amber.

He started to run to where prisoners were kept, but somehow Amber flipped over him and cut him off.

"You hurt me, Nigie; you are supposed to be worried about capturing me. Imagine it, you taking me, alive, to the Moon base. Fanny, No. 86 or whatever you call her now days, would have to recognize that boys are good for something. However, I agree with my mentee, boys are good for nothing," she taunted. If bringing up No. 86 doesn't get him angry I don't know what will, she thought.

He charged at her; she neatly sidestepped. He kept charging and she kept dodging him. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her force of teens carrying a knocked out No. 300 out of the transport. She saw Cree and the other three disengage, and then she knew that she was in trouble. The door was on the other side of the room! Not a good thing, she thought.

She tried to fake No. 1 out, but he matched her every move. She knew that there was only two options left was to fight her way out or surrender and face the one thing she had been fighting and running from for those long four years. She picked fight because, after all, what were five twerps against a living legend like her; but if a third option presented its self, she would take it. She took a deep breath and calmed her muscles for the fight for her freedom. She knew that No. 1 was right handed, so she decided to use that information to her advantage.

She was left handed, so she attacked his left flank, only he predicted it and he cut her upper left arm causing her to drop her sword. Her right hand instinctively went to her injury. She knew that she was bleeding and there was a sword pointing in her direction. She also knew that they didn't know about the dagger strapped to her left thigh. She knelt with her eyes closed, trying to get control of all of the emotions that were threatening to spiral out of her control. I can't believe that he beat me!

She felt the cold steel against the base of her neck. She opened her eyes, looked at Nigel and smiled. "Go ahead, do it, it would only be doing me a favor."

"I don't want to do you a favor, but what is one less teen."

"Nigel Uno, stop what you're doing at once!" yelled No. 3 stepping in between Nigel and Amber.

"Kuki, move," Nigel commanded. "She is too dangerous."


While those two were fighting, Amber slid her right hand to her dagger. When the most opportune moment presented its self, she grabbed No. 3 and put the dagger up close to her throat. The other four froze and Amber made her way to the door using No. 3 as a shield.

"No. 1, give my regards to Moon base," Amber said when they got to the door. She lowered her dagger, pushed No. 3 into No. 4 before anyone could react, and left the transport.

She walked to her soldiers with a smug smile on her face.

"Where do you want the birthday boy?" Matthew, a brown haired, blue eyed boy, asked.

"Put him in one of the empty interrogation rooms and tie him to a chair. We wouldn't want him to escape," she commanded.

"Amber, you're bleeding!" Cree exclaimed.

"I am well aware of the fact," she snapped. "No thanks to you!"

"You need medical attention, Ma'am," Matthew said.

Guys, they don't know when to be quiet, Amber thought.

"I didn't ask for your opinion," she scolded.

"Please go the sick bay, Milady," Heather pleaded.

"I will, but first I have to send a transmission to No. 1," she said disarming her armor and tied a strip of cloth over the wound on her left arm.

She walked to the Bridge with Heather and Cree following her. When she got to the bridge, she sat in her chair. Heather hailed the KND transport and Number 1 answered, "What is it now?"

"Well, I feel bad that I couldn't stay, but I feel that I owe you a real fight next time we meet."

"That wasn't a fair fight?" he asked.

"Not according to me, it was a diversionary tactic. If you failed to notice that I wasn't even trying 'till the end, then it's true that boys are dumb," she said looking at her nails.

"Number 1 isn't going to fight you, I am going to!" shouted No. 4.

"Wally, Wally, Wally," she replied shaking her head. "Now, why would I lower myself to fight you?"

"You threatened No. 3!" he yelled.

"Only a little, but she's alive isn't she? Nigie Dear, please try to control your little hot-tempered friend, honestly; you are making my view on male leadership in the KND seem correct. Besides, No. 4, this is a leader's fight not a leader vs. little follower fight. Oh and by the way your communications will be down for an hour or two. Cheerio," she replied calmly.

Heather ended the transmission and Andrew turned off the tractor beam. She watched the transport leave the docking bay and it started its way to the moon base.

"Matthew, set a course for Mars. We have been recalled; we are going home," she commanded.