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When I first met you, face to face, it was at your mother's funeral. Those eyes, so young, already filled with a maelstrom of emotions: pain, confusion, sadness, and yes, anger. An anger that you grew accustomed to showing around anyone else.

You tried so hard; keeping people away was a reflex, a defense. The only thing you knew how to do.

Yet I was blessed to see a smiling, happy Kyo. If only the world could have known you this way, instead of branding you a "monster" because of your birthright.

For so long, you bent your anger and frustration on others, blaming them for all these things.

I wonder, sometimes, if you had not been born the cat, would things have been any different? If you were born another zodiac member, would your life have been different?

Of course it would.


…After she came, things began to change, becoming so much better. She was like a healing, calming medicine, telling you what you needed to hear with no lies in her heart.

In turn, it is obvious how you came to love her. It's obvious to anyone, the way you protect her so, though you yourself would never admit it.

With this healing came knowledge—that the world was not as you first thought, and there is more good than you expected.

Finally, Kyo, you are beginning to understand.

It makes me smile so much to see you able to stand being around and talking to Yuki. Looking at you now, no one would ever have guessed that before, you glared murder at each other every second. Though you still fight, it had more feeling like, "we do this every day, it's nothing."

You're growing, Kyo, every day. I'm so proud of you. You will always be my son.

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