The lights flickered threateningly as everyone picked themselves up from the TARDIS floor. "Everyone alright?" the Doctor asked. Getting all affirmative replies--aside from some grumbling from Jackie's direction--the Doctor moved to the scanner.

"Doctor, what's goin' on?" Rose asked, sticking close to his side.

"We've made it back, but I still need to seal the breach," he answered, working furiously. "There!" he said, throwing a switch triumphantly. With that, he turned to Rose, and kissed her soundly. "I had it all set up before I came to get you," he said, pulling away, "but, of course, I didn't want to finish the job 'til you were--"

Rose kissed him back.

"But what's goin' on?" she persisted, pulling suddenly away in turn. "I mean, we've been tryin' to get through to this side ourselves, but how'd you find out anythin' was wrong? We thought it was all on our end."

The Doctor cleared his throat, and tried to wipe the goofy smile off of his face. "Voila," he said, pulling out a pack of papers from within his jacket pocket.

Rose took it and read the cover page. "4.13, 'Journey's End', written by Russel T. Davies, what's this?" she asked, flipping through the papers.

"That, my lovely, perfect, amazing Rose, is what 'They' had in store for us," he explained.

"Looks like a script," she said.

"Exactly right," he answered. "My first clue were the spoiler websites, but then I went straight to the source. I managed to get a hold of that, then told 'Them' what they could do with their plans."

Mickey, Pete, and Jackie had by this time all taken a seat, just trying to follow the revelations.

"So, how'd you get over to our side?" Rose asked. "After all that you said about two universes collapsing . . . ."

"That's what I thought, at the time," the Doctor answered her. "But with your side destabilizing anyway because of the hole punched in it, turns out yours would be the only one to go. And, since it was on its way out anyway, I figured, why not do a bit of rescuing?" he finished with a grin.

Rose just jumped back into his arms and let him hug her for all he was worth.

"But that entire universe," asked Jackie, "what about all the people?"

"That's what I was telling you earlier," said the Doctor over Rose's head. "It was all just a plot device. A way to bring Pete back, let Mickey come into his own, and give Rose and me a couple of years of angsty separation to show just how much we still love each other." As he said this last bit, he held Rose even tighter, and spun her around.

"Where are your companions?" asked Pete from the sidelines. "We'd tried contacting Donna--"

"All safe with Jack back at Torchwood," the Doctor answered.

"Jack?!" exclaimed Rose, pulling away from him to stare in shock. "Captain Jack?"

"Yup!" the Doctor answered her. "That's our next stop. We're gonna get them away from the rift before everything goes crazy."

"I think I'd better read this," said Rose, leaning back against the console and taking a closer look at the script.

"First off," said Jackie, "I don't s'pose you've got any diapers on board, 'ave you?"

"Wardrobe room," said the Doctor happily. "Should have everything you need. Of course, I haven't done much travelling with infants, but the TARDIS is usually good like that. Show 'em the way, won't you, Mickey?"

"Sure, boss," Mickey answered, hopping down from his seat and leading Pete, Jackie, and Susie out of the console room.

"Meanwhile," said the Doctor, throwing levers and turning dials at the console, "we'll just be on our way." The time rotor came to life, and they began the journey to Torchwood.

The Doctor leaned against the console next to Rose as she read. He couldn't help his grin as he watched her. She was here, the world wasn't about to end, he wasn't about to get shot (shot by a Dalek, really, is that really what was supposed to get him in the end? Come on), and she wouldn't have to leave him. Life was good. And about to get better, he hoped. "Oh, Rose?"

"Yeah?" she said, still turning the pages and shaking her head as she read.

The Doctor reached into his jacket pocket, and pulled out a ring. "Just wondering if you might want to marry me," he said casually.

No reaction. That's strange, he thought. Did he ask her too casually?

His question was finally answered when Rose at last threw the script over her shoulder and jumped into his arms with a squeal.

"Would that be a yes?" he asked, when he recovered from getting the wind knocked out of him.

"Yes!" said Rose. "Yes, yes, yes!"

The end.