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Chapter 5

Sara was just about to take a shower when there was another knock at the door. She mumbled to herself and wanted to ignore it, but curiousity got the best of her and she made her way to the door. When she opened it, she secretly wished she had ignored it. "What do you want Grissom." she said bluntly, opening the door to allow him in.

He didn't budge. Nervously he spoke, "I wanted to talk to you."

Sara plopped down on the couch waited for him to continue.

"Uh." Silence followed.

"Look, you can either come in and talk to me or you can continue being a mute and go away. I don't have time for your stupid games. I have things to do." Sara snapped.

Grissom was taken aback. He stepped forward and closed the door. "I'm sorry if last night made you angry I-"

"Oh, I'm not angry. I'm more angry at myself actually." she said. Sara shifted herself on the couch. "But I'm not angry at you. Hell, I'm not even surprised. You're Grissom. I expected no less."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Sara stood up and began wandering around her confined apartment. "Well......you're the only man that would take a woman to dinner just to introduce her to his fiancee..."

She made her way to the small bookshelf, where her eyes immediately found the Entomology book he'd given her a few years ago. She let her finger trace the edges before slowly turning around.

Grissom looked at her with a softness that took Sara's breath away. Sadly, she wasn't shocked at his following words, "I'll see you at work tonight."

She refused to let herself cry. He was only a man. And all men are jerks.


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