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Chapter 1.


He knew he had to go away, far away from the Big Apple that was New York City. If he didn't he'd go insane. His family and friends, even Grace went on his nerves. She was his best friend and the only real family he'd ever had but she went on his nerves with this boyfriend/girlfriend thing and the fact that she was always trying to make them end up in bed together. He hated that part. He loved her with all his heart, she really was his best friend and companion but he knew he couldn't make her happy in the sense she wanted to, by marriage. He was gay and he knew it even though he tried to deny it to everyone, most of all himself.
'Will, you're as gay as christmas' his friend Jack used to say. He had recently met Jack at a party. They had connected instantly. Jack was gay and he wasn't afraid to show it, Will envied that about him.
Now however, he had to leave the city or else he would probably do something he couldn't take responsibility for later. He sat on his bed, thinking. Grace was expecting him over at hers in a few minutes. Jack was on the phone talking to him. Will zoomed out as Jack went on and on about something. He didn't know what he was talking about so he zoomed out. He finally just hung up on Jack, got to his closet and took a bag, packing it with some clothes and the most essential such as hairgel and shampoo. He grabbed his wallet on his desk and went downstairs. His mother was in the kitchen making a drink as usual and his father .. was absent as usual. Something with business his mother said.
'Okay mom' Will said, 'I'm leaving for a while. I can't stay here anymore. I need to leave the city.'
His mother turned around with a dim look in her eyes. Her hand holding a Manhattan drink. Will rolled his eyes and walked towards the door.
'Okay dear' Marilyn said, 'see you later.'
Will sighed and held his bag tight as he got into the cab that he had called for.
'Airport' he told the driver and the car was steered away from the curb and out to the street, as it made its way towards the airport.
Will looked back at the house that had been his home for the past twenty years and then he turned around, vowing to never set foot on this street again, or in that house. At least not for a long time.

He got to the airport and bought himself a ticket to a city that was as far away from New York as possible within the United States.
The plane would depart quite soon and Will was seated by the gate and waited. He hadn't much luggage with him, just a sportsbag that he took as handluggage.
He got his seat in the plane and did what was supposed to be done before the plane took off. Then he must've fallen asleep because next thing he knew, he was hit in the head by something. He opened his eyes and was met by a pair of hazelcolored eyes. He felt his heart skip a beat.
'I'm so sorry mister, are you okay?' he heard a female voice ask him.
'I'm fine' he answered and smiled at the hazeleyes. He resisted to rub his head where one of the womans bags had hit him.
She smiled back and put her bags away in the compartment above his seat, before looking at her ticket.
'It looks like I'm gonna sit next to you on this trip' she spoke softly, smiling gently.
'Oh, be my guest' he smiled and got up to make room for her to sit next to him.
She made her way inside his seat and sat down in her own, as he followed her to sit down again.
'Are you sure you're okay?' she asked him as she shyly looked at him as they sat down.
'Yes, I'm fine miss, don't worry about me' he spoke softly.
She almost blushed as he called her miss.
'Karen' she whispered, 'Karen Delaney.'
'Will Truman' he smiled. He liked her, he really liked her.
'Nice to meet you mister Truman' she spoke.
'Please call me Will' he asked her.
'Alright, if you call me Karen' she smiled.
'Deal' he said and reached out his hand.
She took it and they shook on it.


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