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Chapter 5.

Together they sat there, watching the sun set in the distance. The sun set in the distant sea. This time, neither of them were listening for the hissing of the glowing red ball that sunk lower and lower into the ocean. Karen was sitting there thinking, about her and Will and this girl, Grace.
Will sat there silent. He knew Karen liked him, and he also knew he had to be honest to her from the start. He really wanted to get to know her well, and hoped that they would get together, rather than him and Grace.
The darkness came and hid their faces so they couldn't see each other well. The stars came out, and the moon shone her silver rays at them.
'So, how long have you been together?' Karen asked.
'Two years' Will said truthfully.
'Do you love her?'
'I do' he said, again truthfully.
'Okay then. I guess we could always be friends' Karen spoke, feeling her tears suddenly start to rise.
Will sat in silence, feeling his heart almost burst. She didn't want him, but why had he gotten those signals from her if she didn't? He was afraid to ask.
As he sat there, Karen sighed and stood up.
'Maybe I should go?' she said, more to herself than to him.
'No, please don't' Will said. 'Please .. don't.'
'Why not? What's left other than friendship?' she asked, feeling tears build up inside of her but she refused to let them out. Suddenly she was mad at him for not telling her straight away.
Will sat silent in thought as he looked up at her. What could he say now? He stood up as he tried to come up with something to say.
'I love Grace' he started but stopped as he saw Karen's face, but then he continued. 'I love Grace, but I'm in love ... with you' he spoke firmly, knowing it was the truth.
Karen stood there, her jaw dropped as he spoke those last words. The tears finally let loose as she laughed slightly before kneeling down and kissing him softly on the lips. She pulled back slightly, looking into his eyes. Will reached up, gently wiping away her tears.
'Its true Karen, I may love Grace, but I'm in love with you.'
She whimpered slightly, unsure of what to say. Karen softly responded, 'Oh Will, I love you too. And it scares me a little.'
'Karen, I don't want to be just friends with you.' She looked up into his eyes, seeing the love he felt staring back at her. Karen sighed softly and reached up, cupping his neck and pulled him down for a kiss.
Will got surprised first but then he smiled in the kiss and snaked his arms around her waist to pull her closer. As he noticed Karen's respond he deepened the kiss and pulled her even closer. He wanted her in ways he never wanted a woman before.

Next morning Karen woke up first, just as the sun was starting to rise. She smiled as she turned around and noticed Will there. Suddenly she heard a screeching sound and looked up. They were still at the beach. They'd fallen asleep on the beech? She sat up and felt the cool air against her bare skin. She looked down and noticed her naked body, next to Will's. 'Damn' she thought. 'We shouldn't have done it here.' She got dressed in a hurry, as she woke Will up at the same time.
'Will, wake up. You need to get dressed before someone sees us.' She spoke to him.
He rolled over, but shot up to a standing position as soon as he realised where he was. He got dressed in a hurry and brushed the sand off of him and Karen as best as he could.
'Sorry, maybe we should've waited' he spoke silently as he brushed the sand off of Karen.
'No, don't be sorry' Karen said, 'I could've stopped it at any time, and I didn't.'
She turned around to face Will, who looked down into her hazelcolored eyes and felt his heart skip a beat. Yeah, he was in love for sure. He smiled down at her, and got one back.


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