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As soon as Sirius had heard the news that Lily had said she'd go out with James again, he had to track her down. Of course, she took shelter in the girls' dormitory. Fine. He would find her tomorrow, at classes.

Lily was avoiding both him and James. James was still deliriously, lovesickeningly happy.

But, Sirius had managed to corner her after Transfiguration, and had immediately said, "I was right," triumphantly.

Lily flushed and said, "I don't know what you're talking about, Black."

Sirius just smirked, and said, "Knew you fancied him, Evans," before setting off to find Moony and Prongs.

Roughly Three Years Later

Sirius knew exactly why James had sent him an owl, telling him to come to his house. He wasn't surprised to see Moony or Wormtail arriving either.

Moony didn't seem to be so sure why he was there (which was odd for Moony, generally the most observant of the Marauders). Wormtail, of course, was as worthless as a sack of potatoes when it came to noticing anything besides food. But to Sirius, it was as clear as day, same as it was when he'd told Lily he'd been right.

And, the reason was explained clearly enough with Lily's beaming smile and James's same lovesick expression that he'd had after he'd come back from Hogsmeade – like Lily had put a Cheering Charm on him for a bit of a laugh. (A permanent one, mind, since Prongs hadn't stopped smiling for probably a week.) Lily finally kissed him, not too long after, having continually insisting she didn't fancy him (she'd given up denying it). The stupid lovesick smile had come back, setting up permanent residence on James's face, whenever Lily was around or mentioned. It was almost cute. Almost.

Then, there it was, the conformation of Sirius's suspicions: "Lily and I are engaged," James said, accompanied with the stupid grin.

Sirius had grinned himself, and, clapping his mate on the back, said, "Good job, Prongs." Both Remus and Peter had congratulated James, while Sirius gave Lily a hug, and whispered in her ear, "I was right." He smirked, and this time, Lily didn't bother to try to correct him.