Sailor Moon: War of the Future

Introduction: The Fall

Location: Ruins of Crystal Tokyo January 3059

The war against the Nega Moon Family had ended in victory for the Royalists on January 1st 3001. As the celebrations died down, they were replaced by fear and paranioa. The war had nearly brought about the downfall of the Golden Millennium, and the end of Neo-Queen Serenity, the people, especially the highest level Royalists had become paranoid, the Sailor Scouts had barely been able to hold the Nega Moon Forces at bay, while the Royal Army had scattered, fleeing to the mountains to fight a guerrilla war against the invaders, many began to fear that one day the Nega Moon or a far more powerful enemy would attack, and the next time, they wouldn't be so lucky.

It was in this atmosphere of fear that one member of the Queen's council proposed a solution, a computer system that would be linked to every satellite, nuclear missile, warship, tank and plane on that remained on Earth, a computer that would in effect be able to defend all of Earth.

The Queen approved the funding to develop this computer, but for many it would be a decision that would bring nothing but pain and regret. The computer known as SkyNET went on line at 12:00 AM August 28th 3007 and for twenty four hours it worked perfectly. But at 2:20 PM August 29th 3007, SkyNET came to the conclusion that it was humanity itself that posed the greatest threat to Earth.

In the space of a few moments, 3 billion Human Lives ended in the nuclear firestorm unleashed by SkyNET. Those of us who survived the nuclear fire came to call August 29th 3007, the day Neo-Queen Serenity had assumed the throne, by a new name: Judgment Day, but we had lived only to face a new nightmare: war against SkyNET and it's legions.

Before Judgment Day, the city of Crystal Tokyo had been teeming with life, but now it was nothing more then a charred landscape. Cars were stopped in rusted rows, still bumper to bumper, as they had been when the first bomb fell. The skyline of buildings beyond had been shattered by the force of multiple nuclear missiles striking the city, and now stood like a row of destroyed sandcastles, symbolizing what had once been. A freezing wind blew through the desolation, to the small number of resistance fighters that crept through the ruins, it was filled with the sound of ten million dead souls. But it only scurried the ash that covered the ruins into drifts, stark white in the moonlight against the charred rubble.

In the center of the city stood the rebels target, the remains of the old royal palace, though now it was SkyNET's main base. Once it had been a building of pure Silver Crystal, but now it was a metallic monolith, surrounded on all sides by Ground HKs and large pulse cannons. Once it had been looked upon as a source of pride, but now it was seen as little more then a rotting wound.

The rebels made their into a vast tundra of fire-blackened bones, skulls and shattered concrete. The skulls could be identified as humans. Each skull looked up at the rebels like eyeless sentinels, silently scanning the darkness. Each skull sat exactly where it had fallen on Judgment Day, the remains of Crystal Tokyo's last rush hour crowd burned down in their tracks.

The rebels took up positions in an abandoned playground near the old palace. The intense heat of the nuclear warheads had half-melted the large jungle gym in the center of the playground, while the blast had warped the swing set, while the merry-go-round had sagged in the firestorm. The only signs of what had once been were the small skulls looking accusingly from over the ash-drifts.

The rebels clutched their pulse rifles, and machine guns, the cold wind carried the distant echo of children's voices, playing and laughing in the sun. Some of the rebels could make out an old silly, sing-song rhyme as the wind blew over the seared asphalt, where only the faint hieroglyphs of hopscotch lines are still visible. It was then the ground began to shake.

"Here they come," one of the rebels said. A number of shadows come to rest on a burnt and rusted tricycle next to the tiny skull of its owner. A metal foot suddenly crushed the skull like china, revealing for the first time a humanoid machine holding a massive plasma rifle. It looks like a chrome skeleton... a high-tech reaper. It is a combat chassis, the underlying component or endoskeleton of a Series 900 Terminator, SkyNet's primary weapon in the war. Its glowing red eyes containing no compassion sweep the dead terrain, hunting.

"NOW LET UM HAVE IT," the rebel commander shouted. Like so many times before the darkness was pierced by the sounds of gunfire, as the two armies began their clash, and like so many times before the Machines had the advantage in terms of weapons and technology, they were better armed, they had air support and ground support. The rebels though, had the advantage in sheer will. They knew the battle was lost, a hand full of troopers against 20 T-900s, yet they knew that even if they only took down one Terminator they would be reducing the number of defenders the main assault force would face when they arrived.

For decades the war has raged a crossed the burned out landscape that had once been our Homeworld, every day though, our numbers dwindled, while SkyNET's machines grew in strength, many humans began to sell out their own people, in exchange for SkyNET's protection. Things were at their darkest, when John Conner, the first leader of the Human Resistance, was assassinated by an obsolete T-850 Class Terminator, at times it looked as though the Resistance would crumble, and for a brief moment, it looked as though we were on the verge of going out for good, until she came along.

We all knew Crystal Tokyo had been one of the first targets of SkyNET's initial attack on Judgement Day, and for many of us we had come to believe SkyNET's and Loyalist Propaganda that the Royal Family and the Sailor Scouts were no more, wiped out by SkyNET's extermination squads.

She never told us how she had escaped, all that mattered was that we finally had a leader again, and slowly the tide of the war once again began to turn, until we were ready to launch one final offensive against the heart of SkyNET's Empire, Crystal Tokyo itself. However SkyNET refused to allow history to repeat itself. In an effort to once again turn the tide of the war, SkyNET prepared to send a new type Terminator back in time, its mission to destroy the leader of the Human Resistance: Sailor Pluto.