His head had been swamped with thoughts from the night before. His adventures had certainly been worth remembering yet he kept trying to forget them. Yes, he loved his brother, but he had never loved him like that. He had never loved anyone like that. Just thinking about kissing Jeff sent chills through his spine.

Jeff's delicate face and silky hair...

"Quit it, Matthew!" he silently yelled at himself trying his best not to wake the younger man sleeping on his chest. He shouldn't think about Jeff that way. Jeff is his brother, his best friend, most certainly not his lover. Besides, Jeff was a man. A man for Christ's sakes. "I'm not gay. I'm not even close to gay. I like wo-- no, I love women." Matt tried to reassure himself with his words. But last night... no, surely last night never happened.

Jeff's eyes sparkled like emeralds...

Last night was the Big Ass Christmas Bash Party at his house. Everyone had been there. He'd had a few drinks, alright he had more than a few. He remembered everything from last night. Didn't he?

Jeff's lips, so soft and pink...

Surely he hadn't had so many that he... no of course not. He hadn't drunk enough to have sex with his brother. It could have just been a dream. He's had drunken dreams before. But if it was a dream, why did he wake up under the same blanket as him? Why were they both practically naked?

Jeff's hands, so attentive to all of his needs...

Wait, his needs? He didn't 'need' Jeff to please him; there were millions of women out there who would jump at the chance of a one night stand with Matt Hardy. But it wasn't one of the millions of women, it was one man. One man made Matt feel like he was on Cloud 9. No matter how hard he tried to block the image of Jeff out of his mind, it kept coming back.

Jeff's hard cock rubbing against his own...

It was true. He had slept with the only man he's ever had feelings for. It had been amazing. The most intense love making he had ever had. Jeff had loved it too, or at least he thought so. Sure, to many this was wrong, but he felt as if he had a deeper connection to his brother now. Not just his brother, his lover. He was in love with his brother, but did Jeff love him back? He could only hope so. He would find out when Jeff woke up. He looked down at the gorgeous body clung tightly to him. "I want to wake up to this every day for the rest of my life." he whispered to himself. His eyes close as he quits fighting back the memories.


Everyone had already gone home from the Bash leaving only him and his younger brother. He and Jeff had been wrestling in the living room floor just like when they were kids. Their shirtless bodies glistened in sweat. He remained dominant throughout the "match" until a few pinning combinations later. Jeff sat on top of Matt pinning his shoulders to the floor with his forearms. There they were, inches from each other. The world seemed to stop as they stared into each others eyes. Matt had never seen this side of Jeff before. He was so silent and the look on his face puzzled him. What was going on in that mind of his?

He felt Jeff's grip on him loosen. He propped himself up on his elbows with Jeff still on top of him. Jeff's hands slid up from his shoulders to his face. The way Jeff touched him, slowly running his fingers through his hair, it felt so heavenly. Jeff fingers gripped his dark locks and massaged his hair. He closed his eyes to savor this feeling but only for a moment. His senses were awakened by the touch of Jeff's lips on his. In shock, his body completely motionless as Jeff's lips work on his. The kiss was so sweet, so tender. Their lips opened allowing their tongues to explore each other's mouths. He leaned back, pulling Jeff's body even closer to his. His hands found their way to Jeff's waist pulling on the belt loops of his loose pants. The feeling of his brother being on top of him got him excited. He felt himself starting to grow but was restrained from the weight of Jeff's body on him.

Jeff broke the kiss, still hovering over his lips as their eyes locked in a deep stare. Had Jeff noticed his growing erection? He was breathing so hard that he lifted Jeff's body with every breath. Jeff broke the silence when he whispered "Have you ever been with a man before?" Did he really just ask me that? "No. Why would you think that? Wait... have you?" Jeff didn't answer so Matt repeated his question. "Have you, Jeff? Have you ever... 'made love' to a man?" Jeff's eyes lowered as he nodded his head. Matt's eyes widened as he saw Jeff nod. "Who?" he asked. Jeff lifted himself up off of Matt's chest and rolled off onto the floor, lying next to him. "It was Shannon. But Matt it was right after his divorce." He said defensively. "I was lonely and he wasn't doing so good either. We never intended for it to happen, it just kinda happened."

Jeff waited before speaking again. "You don't think less of me, do you?" Surprised at his brother's last sentence, he rolled over to match Jeff's eye level. After a few seconds Matt finally had the courage to speak. "Of course not. I'll always be here for you no matter what decisions you make. I love you. Remember that." He found his hand cupping his younger brother's face. Jeff had a new elaborate design in his beard this week. Matt ran his small finger through the maze of hair. Jeff's body shivered at his touch. Jeff reached up and held his hand close refusing to let go. An unspoken word of trust was made between the two as Matt pulled himself closer to Jeff. "I love you too." was all Jeff could bring himself to say.

He felt Jeff's hand move to the side of his face and his mouth close in on his. Before Matt knew what was going on, his little brother had climbed back on top of him. Out of instinct Matt returned the kisses, tasting Jeff's unique flavor on his tongue. Once again there was a growth forming between the two, only this time it wasn't in his pants. It was in Jeff's. He pushed his hand down to meet Jeff's growing member. Jeff moaned when he felt Matt grasp him through his jeans. Hearing him moan made him more excited so he decided to do it again. At the stimulation, Jeff tilted his head back and pressed his growing member harder against his brother's waiting hand. Matt closed the distance as he slipped his hand inside the loose jeans and enclosed his brother's fully erect cock in his hand. Every vein in his body was throbbing in excitement. He had never held another man before but his instinct let him know what to do. He rubbed his hand up and down squeezing the hard arousal as he noticed a hand slithering its way to the waistband on his gym shorts. He lifted his hips allowing Jeff to slide them off of his legs. Matt felt himself spring to life at the feeling of the warm air surrounding his ever hardening member. Jeff took control and stripped himself of his jeans leaving them both naked on the living room floor.

"Jeff..." his lips moved to say something but he was at a loss for words. His eyes gazed over at Jeff's body. Taking a mental picture of his beautiful physique. Beads of sweat ran down the pale skin moving in between the little hairs on his chest. His breathing slowed but his heartbeat didn't. Jeff was so stunning. No wonder the girls liked him so much. Jeff's hair was sticking to his face but not hiding those emerald eyes. The eyes that had been staring him down. Looking him over, inch by inch. His cock still throbbing from Jeff's touch. Matt's body trembled at the thoughts of his brother. He wanted him. He wanted his little brother. If he didn't make a move he would regret it forever. The silence seemed to last forever even though it was merely seconds. Jeff crawled back down to his level and kneeled in front of him. Matt now knew what he wanted to say to his brother, but he was nervous.

"Jeff?" he said. "Can we... Will you... I want you to..." He was silenced as Jeff placed a finger on his lips. "Shhh, Matt. I've wanted this for so long. I've dreamt of this since we were kids. I love you; now let me show you how much." Matt sighed a breath of relief. Just the words he wanted to hear. His feelings were shared. Matt watched as Jeff moved over to the couch, sitting on the middle cushion. He motioned for Matt to join him. Matt walked his way to the couch but stopped short. He saw the confused look on Jeff's face and had a sudden urge to change it. He knelt down in front of his brother, his lover, and ran his hands up the smaller man's thighs. Jeff leaned his head back at the sensation of Matt's gentle touch. There was a small drop of precum dripping from Jeff's waiting cock. Matt flicked his tongue against the head licking off the moisture. In one swift move, Matt had surrounded Jeff's member with his wet mouth. A moan slid it way from Jeff's lips as he grabbed and pulled the hair of the man giving him pleasure. Matt had no idea what he was doing but he had seen it done plenty of times. Enough to think he was doing it at least half way decent. He opened his mouth as wide as he could trying to take in all of Jeff's hard cock. He accidentally raked his teeth along the member making Jeff's hips buckle and shove his mouth down further onto the cock. He was about to gag until he heard the sounds emerging from Jeff's lips. The moans were enough to encourage Matt to suck harder and faster. He used his tongue to play with the tip of Jeff's pulsating member. He reached down to grab his own cock. Stroking it in time with his sucking.

"Oh god... Matt. Please, come here... I can't take much more." he panted. The urgency in his voice was noticed by Matt. He gave one last suck before climbing on top of his brother's lap. Placing a knee on each side of Jeff's thighs. They kissed as their swollen cocks rubbed against each other. Matt kissed Jeff's neck and collarbone. Jeff reached around the muscular body and began to slip his middle finger into Matt's tight entrance. Matt screamed at the pain and pushed his head further into his young lover's neck but Jeff didn't let up. He slid the digit further into the hole. He angled his finger just right causing Matt to moan in both pain and pleasure. Another finger was added and seconds later Jeff had added yet another. Matt swallowed trying to hold back his tears. Jeff didn't want to hurt him but there was no other way. Soon the pain had turned to pleasure and he felt some relief. Jeff moved his fingers out of him and said just three little words... "Are you ready?" Matt never said a word, but he nodded his head against Jeff's shoulder.

Jeff moved himself into position and grabbed his elder brother's hips. They looked into each others eyes and a silent invitation was made. Jeff lowered Matt onto his wet hardness. Pain shot through Matt's body as the walls of his ass gave way to his sibling's hardness. He was allowed time to adjust to the awkward feeling before Jeff slowly slid from the tightness. Matt lifted his head to look at Jeff, giving him approval to do it again. This time was more pleasurable as he felt Jeff's short thrusts attacking him. Jeff drove himself deeper into Matt causing a whimper from the bigger man. Matt regained his senses and his ability to move. He pushed himself down onto his lover and his knees shook as he was filled with heat. He felt a warm hand stroking his hard cock. He worked with the rhythm at the pace that Jeff had set. Sliding down the hardness as Jeff's hand was at his tip and sliding off when Jeff's hand reached his base. Moving in perfect harmony. He felt Jeff's mouth on his nipple. Little nibbles and licks sent him overboard. He came a little into Jeff's hand but his little brother wasn't through with him yet. Jeff forced into him harder and deeper. Digging his hands into Matt's muscular back caused Matt's spent body to tense up. The muscles stiffened around his plunging member as it hit Matt's prostate. They were both sent into the most intense orgasm that either of them had ever experienced. Jeff released himself into his older brother's newly stretched hole as Matt released the rest of his seed onto his and Jeff's abdomens.

They lay there, exhausted, trying to catch their breath. Forehead to forehead, nose to nose. In between breathes they shared a kiss. Quick but it was all they could manage. Matt rolled off of Jeff's lap and onto the cushion next to him. Matt couldn't stand the silence. "Jeff?" he said waiting to catch his attention. Jeff's head rose from it's resting place and turned to look at him. "Yeah, Matty?" he said sluggishly. Jeff hadn't called him Matty since they were kids but he still loved the sound of it. "Was it... I mean, did you... did you like it?" Matt asked nervously. A slight smile appeared on Jeff's face as he lifted his hand to cup Matt's cheek. "It was the most intense feeling I've ever had. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I wouldn't trade you for the world. I love you Matty. More than words could ever say." he said in his most sincere voice. Jeff reached down on the floor to search for his clothes. "I don't want you to go. I don't want to be here alone. Will you stay with me tonight?" Matt said as he grabbed Jeff's strong arms. "I'm not going anywhere. But I'll be damned if I'm not gonna let my balls freeze off." he joked holding up a pair of boxer briefs. Matt's face turned a pale shade of red at Jeff's words and he let out a small chuckle. "Of course not baby brother. I wouldn't want that to happen either." Jeff handed him his boxers before grabbing a blanket off of a neighboring chair. "Let's sleep down here tonight." Jeff suggested.

Matt leaned back on the couch as Jeff squeezed in next to him. They pulled the blanket up to their chests to avoid getting cold. He pulled Jeff in close and wrapped his arms around him tenderly. Jeff placed his head on Matt's firm chest. Of all the days Matt didn't shave it had to be the day when he cuddled up with his brother on his chest. Jeff ran his fingers down the little hairs soothing Matt. Matt was almost asleep when he noticed Jeff's hand quit moving. "Jeffy? Are you still awake?" Jeff didn't make a sound but nodded his head as his reply. "I love you, Jeffy." Matt stated. Jeff's grip on him tightened as he said "I love you too, Matty." He kissed Jeff's head and wiggled a little to get more comfortable. They both feel asleep with a smile on their face.

End Flashback

Jeff still laid motionless atop his chest. He smiled as he ran his fingers through Jeff's colorful hair. He felt more alive now than he had ever felt before. His senses were heightened and he could almost feel a burden lifted off of his chest. He closed his eyes and sighed. "Today is going to be a good day." Matt said to himself not realizing that Jeff had overheard. "Why is today going to be a good day? Don't you have a hangover?" Jeff mumbled. Matt hadn't even thought about how bad he felt. He felt so good everywhere else he had neglected to notice the headache that was working it's way up to a migraine. "Yeah, I've got one. But I'll feel better if you just stay here with me." he said. "Matty I don't plan on going anywhere. I'm gonna stay right here with you forever." Jeff said looking up at his older brother with loving eyes. The biggest smile appeared on his face. He had never felt more loved than at this very moment. "Good." He wrapped his arms around Jeff and held him even tighter as if something was trying to tear them apart. He fell back asleep with ease. Dreaming of the events that had occurred the previous night.