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Iruka grimaced as he bent down to pick up the huge pile of marking on his desk, looking forward to yet another long night of tedious grading. His students had all supposedy writen essays on the correct use of a summoning jutsu and it was going to be a night of frantic scribbling for him to get them all marked on time. Whilst most ninja might think that a quite life of teaching was pointless and boring iruka could see true worth in what he was doing and enjoyed helping this pupils greatly. If only there wasnt quite so much paper work though, as it took up almost all of his time. Not that it really mattered as iruka was almost never sent away on missions and didn't have much of a social life, sure he was rusty on his field skills and hadnt had an ounce of excitment in the last few years, but he was content.

As he began his leasurly walk home, under the weight of a lot of paper, he noticed that spring was starting with airy blossums on the trees and a freash sent in the air, clearing away the remaining grey of the winter. Yes, iruka loved spring for it was a time for new begingings. and iruka knew all about new beginings...


Kakashi lept down from the rooftop and quickly dispacted the ex sound nin. He glanced down the alley way before taking off in the opposite direction. That was five down and two to go.

As it normally did on missions his mind had gone onto running on black and white images. he found that this was the best was way of blocking out the fact that he had just slaughtered five human beings, this made him one of the most efficient shinobi in the village. After reaching his destination he burst into his preys hideout and hit the larger man at the desk squarly in the neck with a kuni and used another to simply slit the seconds neck. It was over in seconds and it took only a little longer for kakashi to locate the secret hiding place under the floor bored and retrrive the scroll which contained highly sensative infomation about the hidden leaf village.

As he brushed him self down and switched back on he thought about how easy the mission had been and how it hardly deserved a grade A. He had been expecting something so much more interesting and ,well fun! It had been childs play to retrieve the scroll and a part of kakashi almost hoped for it to be eleborate ruse which he would have to fight himself out of so that he could actually challege himself.

He quickly burned the remains of the men, moving quicky and restlessly,for some reason he felt cooped up and claustophobic even though he was totally free. Just as he left the hideout he heard the sound of thunder .

Kakashi groaned, he knew that sound and looking up at the sky his suspisiens were confirmed. Tonight there was going to be one hell of the storm and kakashi would be an idoit to try and travel in it. Which mean he had to spend another night in this tiny little village feeling like a caged animal. perfect. Now his claustophobia made sense.

He began to search for a reasonalbe inn or hotel to stay in before realising ,with another groan, that as he had been sent off on this mission at the last moment he had negleted to take any money or camping supplys with him. Oh well he was a hardened ninja, a bit of weather wouldnt kill him. Walking over to the nearest inset doorway and settling down for the night kakashi heard the heavy rain begin to pour down around him. he shivverd as the opressing atmosphere turned cold and miserable.

He was as comforable as he was going to get when he door was leaning against gaveway and a old bald head poked out. "I dont know who you are but nobody should be sleeping outside in this coming storm, would you like to come inside?" it said.

Kakashi found himself answering yes before he had time to mull it over. but he didnt realy care if he was walking into a house full of blood thirsty emiemies he could deal with that, he desparatly wanted to get out of the cold. Nearly noone knew this but Hatake Kakashi absolutly hated the cold.

As he steped over the threshold into the welcoming warmth, the old man turned to him and said in a surpisingly formal way."welcome to the house of the Umino family"

Umino! hmmmmmmmm Umino,Umino, Kakashi had hear that somewere before...oh yes it was the name of umino iruka that quiet school teacher who used to teach naruto!


Iruka turned the corner to see a stout old man with a doulble chin and a greasy face.

He stopped dead in his tracks, stopping breathing and dropping everything thsat he was holding. shock rushing through his system.

That was a man who he had never wanted to see again. A man from his past. His horrible, embarrassing, unforgeting past that iruka had done everything to leave behind.

And standinf in front of him was a man could drag it all up again and bring things to the surface that iruka would rahter die that let anyone know.

In short that man could destroy irukas life...again.

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