So yeah. Sorry about any waits, guys. (If there is anyone actually waiting for this. * shrugs *) A lot of things have happened over the end of summer/beginning of the semester that needed to be taken care of first. I'm not going to bore you with the details, so yeah. Let's start this thing. This conversation happens in-between Hector and Florina's B and A Supports. Hector is Normal and Lyn is Bold.

What's a Guy to Do?

"Hey Lyn, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, Hector. What is it?"

"This pegasus knight… I think her name's Florina. She's a friend of yours, right?"

"Yeah. Why, what did you do to her? You better not have done anything to her…" –black squiggle–

"I didn't do anything! Look, sometimes when I'm doing something, she's around mumbling to herself. When I ask what she wants, she jumps and takes off! It's like she wants to tell me something but can't get herself to say it. I mean, last time she was talking to her pegasus!"

"She's shy around other men, so of course a big lunk like you would scare her. So just stay away from my best friend. That's all you need to do." –exits–

"Blast! That's not the answer I was looking for! Lyn!" –sighs– "Well, great! What's a guy supposed to do with an answer like that?"

It must be hard for Hector to get the girl.