Summary: Chris is Wyatt's son, but he was kidnapped by his mother when he was six months old. When on holiday they find him. What will they do? Will they get him back?

Piper and Leo sat around their kitchen table one morning waiting for their son to walk downstairs to breakfast. For three years he has been like a shell, ever since his son was cruelly taken from him he has never smiled...never laughed...he never got over it. For the first two years that his son was gone he spent two hours every morning trying to find him, then after he had been to work at the paper and written his article he continued again... always four to nine hours in the afternoon. It broke their hearts to see their son so broken. They vowed to themselves that if they ever saw Bianca again they would rip her apart limb from limb. They were broken out of their thoughts when Wyatt entered into the room fully clothed and walked straight over to the coffee machine.

Leo chuckled "You take after your Aunt Paige for the need of caffeine." Piper chuckled as well but Wyatt just turned to them and raised an eyebrow. Paige walked in the door and said "And who is using my name in vain?" thus beginning an overused argument about Paige's need for hourly fixes of caffeine. Wyatt just looked on, the only sign that he was amused by this situation was the small hidden amount of mirth in his eyes, and piper saw it and it warmed her heart to know that her son was still there.

The argument was halted by the entrance of three girls and Phoebe into the room. The eldest at nineteen was Prue, Phoebe's daughter, was arguing heatedly about the sleeping arrangement s for their mini vacation. While Mel and Pen both seventeen (Melinda and Penny), Paige's twin daughters, were trying to rouse themselves from sleep.

Piper clapped her hands together and said "Ok, so is everyone ready to go?" She was met by nods by everyone and simultaneously everyone moved over to one of the whitelighters and then the kitchen was surrounded by bright lights and then was left completely empty.

Little did they know that this trip was going to reunite them with a lost member of the family.

Meanwhile in L.A. a small brunette boy was cowering in the corner of his closet room. The shouts of an advancing enraged mother echoing off the walls. "Come out you little brat! It's your fault that your daddy doesn't want us! It's all your fault! Without you we would still be together! YOU RUINED MY LIFE!"

Poor little Chris just cuddled into a foetal position and tried to make himself melt into the wall. He was used to his mother's drunken states and he knew what usually follows when she catches up to him. His bruises still haven't healed off last time. Luck seemed to be on his side today as his mother gave up the banging on the door in order to go to the bar. Sighing slightly in relief he sunk down onto the floor and fell into an exhausted sleep, the pain from his abused ribs throbbing. Why can't anyone love me?

Once the Halliwells materialised in the hotel apartments they all split off to claim rooms. Wyatt physically pushed Prue out of the room that they both wanted and then closed the door in her face. Hearing her irritated 'hump' from the other side of the door Wyatt let out a woosh of air that could be thought of as chuckle. Then he crossed over to the bed and face planted onto it. Sighing loudly he turned onto his side and whispered Where are you Chris? Unbeknownst to him, on the other side of his wall was a little boy curled up in a ball wishing that he had someone like Wyatt to take care of him.

Will they ever meet?