The Doctor set the coordinates and set the TARDIS into motion, running manically around.

"Mwah ha ha hah!" he yelled at the top of his voice as the TARDIS shook manically.

"Doctor? What's going on?" Martha asked in a simpering voice.

"Mwah ha!" the Doctor continued yelling. As the TARDIS stopped shaking the Doctor continued manically laughing. The TARDIS door opened and a blond haired female pushed open the TARDIS door.

"Doctor!" Rose yelled and the Doctor stopped "Mwah ha ha-ing." Rose ran up to the Doctor and hugged him.

"I love you, I love you," the Doctor kept repeating, not allowing any of the other characters any dialogue. He kissed Rose passionately.

"Forgot I'm here then," Martha grumbled and sat down on the TARDIS sofa, looking at her watch.


"I love you," the Doctor repeated again several minutes later.

"That's exactly 3 minutes without oxygen, I'm surprised you to could survive that long," Martha said snidely.

"Respiratory by pass," the Doctor explained, before repeating his affections for Rose again. Martha rolled her eyes, and she twiddled her hair, wrapping it around her finger several times.

"I love you too," Rose finally said as soon paused for oxygen (his respiratory by pass had stopped due to over use.) "Hang on, who's she?" Rose pointed sinisterly at the woman behind the Doctor, who was wrapping her hair round her finger several times.

"Oh, that's Martha. She travels with me, but she's not perfect like you. I mean, she didn't even realise Carrionites were taking over Shakespearean England! Oh, and she's not nearly as pretty as you —"

"You took Martha to Shakespearean England and not me?" Rose said jealously.

"I'll take you to Shakespearean England now," the Doctor promised. Martha made a gesture of herself being sick behind the Doctor and Rose, which they both ignored, instead giving each other sickly sweet smiles. The Doctor set the co-ordinates with one hand, keeping hold of Rose's hand in his other hand. Every so often they'd give each other even more sickly sweet smiles, until the TARDIS dematerialised.

"We're here, Rosie-poo," the Doctor said to Rose.

"Rosie-Poo? Martha asked in disbelief.

"Yes, ickle-wickle Rosie-poo!" the Doctor said, gazing into Rose's eyes. "Rosie-kins, Rosie —"

"Yes, I've got the picture, Doctor," Martha said sarcastically. "Now, if you two don't mind I think I'm going to leave you know with this random teleport I've just found in my pocket and go and join Torchwood. Then, I think I'll be Owen's new girlfriend, have an illegitimate child with him that he won't accept, and end up on the streets. Bye!" And with that Martha teleported away.

"Finally," Rose replied, tugging the Doctor's tie.