What Did You Do?

Briar Elwood

Summary: These are just various theories on the possible blurb from BD. Possible BD spoilers, I wouldn't take a chance if you're worried. Most stem off a well-thought out theory doing with Tanya and the Denali tribe.

Disclaimer: I'm not Stephenie Meyer.

A/N: Okay, this first one I'll include the whole blurb in italics. After that, it'll just start with the ending quote.

Also, the first one could very, very easily follow my oneshot Killer, a theory on the preface of BD.


Jacob's back was facing me, his shoulders heaving as he took several audible groans. He sounded more feral than I could have ever imagined.

The realization struck me, sliding down my throat and into my stomach like a vat of melted ice. For the first time in my life, I realized I was truly scared of him.

"Jacob… What did you do to Edward?"

Jacob didn't respond but that could've been because my voice was so quiet and hoarse. I attempted to clear my throat.

"Jacob…?" My voice had a strange edge to it. I tried desperately to keep my eyes off the slump of flesh and cloth in front of Jacob. "What did you do to Edward?" At the last syllable, my voice cracked, the squeak louder than anything I'd actually said. Apparently that caught Jacob's attention. His head snapped around, noticing me for the first time. I half expected him to relax some at the sight of me, half expected him to become enraged even more. I didn't expect him to not change his expression or posture at all. It frightened me.

"Jacob…?" I whispered.

An animal-like snarl slipped from his lips and he burst past me, exploding into a blur of fur. I stayed frozen where I was, eyes fixed on where he had disappeared to, until a single name entered my thoughts.


An unsuppressable wave of misery washed over me, making me stagger back from the weight of it. Slowly, I turned towards the slump I'd been avoiding, finally allowing the sight to completely register in my mind.

I almost couldn't recognize him. It was unnerving to realize that the mess was absent of any blood but it shouldn't have surprised me. One long, pale arm was flung over his head, partially hiding his face. Bits and pieces of his body had been clawed off and I knew that red would've highly overpowered any other color if he weren't undead. The little I could see of his face made me grateful I could only see that much. More accurately, I should say the lack of his face.

If I were still human, I would've been long gone, consumed by racking sobs and painfully losing any contents of my stomach. Instead, a mournful and loud cross between a whine and a roar emitted from my throat. I dropped to my knees and crawled closer to my husband. Why wasn't he healing? Why wasn't he coming back? Jacob hadn't burned him and scattered his ashes, he should be fine! Why wasn't he okay? Why wasn't he okay?

I cradeled his body in my arms, hiccupping wildly.

"Edward…" I whispered between hiccups. "Please… Edward…"

A strange movement from under my hand surprised me and I drew back, eyes wide as I tried to figure out what it was.


I gasped, eyes traveling to his face which was steadily mending itself back together. As a human, goosebumps would've been scurrying up my arms and spine and I would've scrambled backwards in disgust and wonder. Instead, my arms slowly slipped from around his body and to his reforming hands.

"Edward?" I whispered as a nose grew back.

"Bella?" his lips questioned hoarsely. His eyes reformed, scrunching and blinking wildly at the sudden light. They fell on me, his mouth contorting in pain.

"Ahhh…" Suddenly his expression hardened. "Where is he? Did he hurt you?" He pushed himself up to my level, straining with effort. I shook my head forcefully, tightening my grip on his hands.

"I don't know, I'm fine, what about you?" I asked, one hand resting on his cheek, now perfect and smooth. He shook his head, taking my hand in his again.

"I'm fine, Bella. Don't worry about me."

"Don't worry about you?" I demanded, the dissolving stress fueling my anger. "Edward, you could've died if I hadn't woken up!"

"Bella…" he protested quietly, his voice soothing. He rested his forehead on mine, leaning in to distract me with a kiss. I refused, pulling back slightly.

"You keep forgetting I'm not human anymore, Edward."

He sighed, dropping his head and closing his eyes. "I know," he whispered sadly.

Misery suddenly swept over me and I distantly wondered why I was on this emotional roller coaster. "Maybe Jacob was right," I muttered.

Edward frowned as if doubted that were possible. "Right about what?"

I gestured at myself. "About this. Me. Becoming a vampire."

Edward sighed. "Bella…"

I glowered at him. "Don't 'Bella' me. You know and I know that you're still not completely thrilled about this."

"Bella, that's—"

I ignored him, pushing myself up to my feet and brushing my pants off absentmindedly. "I'm gonna find Jacob," I declared. Edward's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. He scrambled to his feet as well, attempting to grab my hand. I jerked away.

"Bella, he'll… he'll kill you!"

I shook my head. "I have to try." I turned to leave, only just realizing the fight outside had stopped. I wondered who I'd lost.

"No, Bella, wait! I'm sorry, please listen!" He placed his hands on my hips, forcing me to turn around and face him. I pushed his hands away.

"We'll talk later," I promised, softening my tone to show I wasn't really mad. I couldn't be. Not with Edward. "But I do need to find Jacob."

A/N: So… what do you think? Personally… this is actually my least favorite that I've written so far. I've got two others written and I'm forming another one in my mind… I don't know how many there'll end being, though. We've still got over 50 days.