What Did You Do?

Briar Elwood

A/N: All right, this one might be a long shot but it does address a question on the Eclipse FAQ page to which SM said she wouldn't give away any potential spoilers. And it's something I've been wondering since NM so…

"Jacob… What did you do to Edward?"

The shaggy wolf turned, black eyes obviously shocked at my appearance. I frowned, unnerved by the… well, grin on the wolf's muzzle. I was still trying to fully process the scene when Jacob leapt at me, giving out a bark. I braced myself for the impact, preparing to fight. I would try hard not to hurt him but I wasn't just going to let him kill me. Distantly, I heard an enraged roar, right before Jacob's fur brushed against me.

Jacob fell to the right, pushed be an almost-white stone. I jumped back, watching in frozen horror as Edward and Jacob fought, literally for their lives. A piercing howl rang in my ears as Jacob's head snapped back in pain. Edward froze and he scrambled off the wolf, hurrying to his feet as he attempted to wipe the blood from his lips before I noticed. The horror slipped to my stomach where the fear still rested, and the mixture boiled over to consume me from my toes to my fingertips.

I looked back to Jacob who was writhing in agony, his howls filling the area with resounding strength. I could see a growing patch of red on the side of his neck. As I watched, the wolf disappeared into a tan body, curled up in a tight ball as screams came from beneath the mass of long, black hair. I looked back to Edward who looked almost as horrified as I felt.

"Bella…" he whispered, voice strangely hoarse. "I'm… I'm so sorry…"

"You bit him," I accused, staying frozen from the confliction of wanting to slink away and wanting to rush into his arms. He could see the confliction and winced.

"I know. I'm sorry. I lost control, it was instinct…"

Suddenly the screams increased in volume. My whole body tensed.

"Is he… will he…?" I swallowed. "Is he changing?"

Edward glanced behind me, to Jacob. "I don't know."

"Is that even possible?" I whispered, the confliction dying slowly. I rocked back on my heels for the briefest second before taking three quick steps forward, practically collapsing in my husband's arms. He wrapped them around me, gentle but firm, nestling his chin in my hair.

"I don't know."


Carlisle had helped Edward and I take Jacob to the house, after which Edward forced a pair of Carlisle's pants on Jacob while Carlisle and Emmett held him down as best they could. I refused to leave Jacob's side, wondering if this seemed so much worse then how I remembered mine being because the venom was reacting with the genetic make-up of a werewolf. Edward was usually in the same room, leaving every so often, starting in a sitting position beside me, an arm wrapped around my waist. Slowly, however, he stayed standing, a hand simply resting on my shoulder, and, eventually, just staying by the door, leaning against the wall, watching.

After a few days, the screams suddenly started to subside. I saw Edward tense up and lean forward in anticipation from the corner of my eye. I straightened, practiced my brave face, and listened intently to his heartbeats.







I blinked, the curse not being at all what I'd expected to hear next. I looked up to Jacob's face, which was slightly paler than it had been. His brow was furrowed, mouth twisted as a hand brushed stray strands of hair out of his face. His still black eyes fell on me and he winced.

"Okay… I hate to say this, and when I say hate, I mean… really loathe, but… I'm really thirsty."


After Jacob, Alice and I had finished hunting (Alice had volunteered to come along when Edward had quietly announced he'd stay home), I sat down on a couch to interrogate him. He gave me a cross of a smile and a wince as he sat down across from me.

"Okay, so. You're back," I started. "Why? Why'd you attack Edward? And why'd you attack me?"

Jacob's golden eyes widened at the last question before he laughed suddenly, grinning. "I didn't attack you, Bells. It was supposed to be more of a… hug, kinda."

I raised an eyebrow. Jacob sighed, shifting his weight on the couch. "Okay. Uhm. I'm guessing you know that I was trying to go by instinct and ignore the pack when they phased."

I nodded.

"Well, I couldn't help but catch bits of their thoughts every now and then. And… I heard about Charlie. And your funeral." He met my gaze at that point, a ghost of deep sorrow dancing in his eyes. I winced.

"Oh. Yeah. Necessary cover story," I explained. He nodded.

"I get that now. At the time, I'd thought he'd killed you. Y'know, lost control and drank too much."

"So you came back to kill him."

"Vengeance is sweet." Jacob gave me a crooked grin and I saw a glimpse of the boy before the world was full of monsters and magic.

"And when you saw me, you were ecstatic I was actually alive," I continued.

"I knew I couldn't phase right then and there to hug you, that would've been awkward, but… I didn't expect Edward to wake up and see me supposedly attacking you."

"And now you're a vampire."

Jacob nodded slowly, looking down at himself. "Yeah," he whispered. "I wonder what the pack…"

"Carlisle and Jasper have been talking with them," I told him. "I don't know what's been said, but they're working things out."

Jacob smiled at me. It wasn't the smile of my Jacob but it wasn't the smile of the wolf-Jacob either. This was a new smile, sweet and sincere.

"And the rest we'll leave to fate."

A/N: First off, if this were more than just various theories, if this were a full-sized story, I would've included Jacob's first hunt. The way I envision it, when he let his vampire-y senses take over, his werewolf-y senses would've taken over as well, and he would've hunted in wolf form. shrug I don't know. Seems reasonable to me.

Oh, and, I would like to second Jacob's line at the end. I'm leaving a lot up to the reader: can Jacob still phase? What about Edward? Does being a vampire up him up for the Edward vs. Jacob deal? Does Jacob stay with the Cullens? How do the Cullens feel about this? Does the pack want to kill him or something? Can Alice see his future now? What about his body temperature? His smell? The questions go on and on. The answers are up to you.