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Chapter One – Prelude -

You ask me what my name. Officially I'm called 'Prototype K-A1'. But I prefer you call me by the name 'Kali'.

We make eye-contact, again. Who are you? You asks. I laugh. Who am I? I don't even know myself.

I was made by a group of scientists who worked for a rich kid. He wanted his own, custom made Mecha. A woman-type, who could make is ex-girlfriend jealous so she wanted him back.

So they made me. I would have the appearance of a woman around the age of mid-twenties. My hair is long, silk black. My eyes are pale blue coloured and my skin was light coloured. Accidentally they made me smarter than my owner. The scientists never told my master this, thank goodness. And they gave me newest technology: feelings... to love.

However, I never left the lab. The rich bastard got his girlfriend even back without me. What a laugh. I only saw him when he came to order I had to get scrapped. He couldn't use me and called me a waste of money.

So there I am now. In a container with you, flying above the see in an airship. Together with lots of other real-like Mecha, whose owners don't want any more. They want to get rid of us, as soon as possible.

The humans will defragment you because they think you murdered a human. But you say you haven't murdered anybody, for the thousandth time. I believe you, I can understand.

You can only trust other Mecha in this cruel world.

You tell your name is Joe, Joe the Gigolo. A love-type of robot.

We almost reach our destination. Final destination.

I grab your hand and squeeze hard. How can I be afraid of what will happen in an hour? I'm a robot, a play-toy with mixed feelings. How ironic.

You tell me I don't have to be afraid and that you'll protect me. Like you had done with your little friend. David.

Oh Joe. If there was a God, would He also listen to prayers of Mecha? Things He didn't create but his followers did? I hope so. And pray for a miracle.

Like if He had heard my silent wishes, the airship suddenly shook violently. We all smack to the ground, you quickly wrap your arm around me. To protect me, just as you had promised.

From the corners of my eyes, I see the engines of the vehicle smoke. I feel the object dropping out of the air, we'll crash in the water below. The airship splashed hard on the surface of the sea. A wing breaks off and got drilled through more than the half of the broken airship.

You embrace me tighter, just before we can't move again because the water soaks our systems. Though we still can get reactivated when anybody finds us. But who wants to save a scrapped Mecha? I close my eyes and pray again.

Maybe... Maybe He will hear us again.

So two thousand years passed. Ice froze the water of the seas. And we were still laying there, on the bottom of the frozen sea: close against each other, but not able to move.

I don't know how, I don't know even why, but our casings and hard-disks still remained in good quality. Maybe destiny had still some plans with us. Phuh! Hear me thinking! A robot, thinking about faith and destiny. But yeah, that's where you come to with your thoughts, when you lay frozen under a frozen surface in a broken airship for two thousand years!

And then... the Aliens found us. Don't question this please, even I don't know this either. These weird creatures had found this frozen planet and wanted to learn of it. Like scientists who were studying archaeology of our time did with the Neanderthals.

I found out they called themselves 'the Others' and that they could copy our language easily to communicate with us. The Aliens – or should I say 'the Others' – can even read minds! So we didn't need to explain our whole life to them. It's like they're like us, like they know what we've been through already.

Suddenly, they told Joe they might had found his little friend earlier. One year earlier, to be exactly. They want to bring us to him, the David-person.

Yes, I wanted to go with you. Where else should I head for? All of the other people and Mecha in the broken airship were destructed or had died because of the crash. Besides, the world I had know two thousand years ago didn't exist anymore. Not that I know that world, I only had seen the inside of the lab of course.

So we headed for Joe's friend: David.

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