The Fountain of Youth

Chapter One

"You're not a General, Taichi."

Yagami Taichi

Age: 23

Digimon: Agumon

Advanced Energies: Crest of Courage, Digivice of Courage

Digivice: Modified – Digivice of Courage

Chosen Family: Hikari (Sister), Tailmon (Sister's Partner)

Former Citizenship: Japan

Known weaknesses: Pride, Overly Protective, Hikari, Sora, Shuichon

Other: Has an unmistakable hairdo and unmistakable goggles over a blue headband.

Taichi walked quietly down the hall with Koromon sitting on his head. A blue headband held his hair up from out of his face and stretched down the back of his neck. His goggles that Hikari had given him as a gift on his sixteenth birthday rested on his head. He wore a blue sweater, to help with the September chill outside. His legs were covered by light blue running pants with two white stripes going down the side of them. Having just came away from his soccer practice, everything clung to him from the sweat that dripped off of him.

Two guards looked over him, and the digimon on top of his head. He showed them his digivice. It was orange and in the shape of the crest of courage, with the main piece in the center of it. "Go on in." One of the guards said, looking over his clothes with a look of disgust.

Taichi nodded and walked through the door. The man in a suit with black hair was talking on the phone when he saw Taichi. "Look, I'm going to have to call you back. Taichi Yagami just arrived." he said into the phone. Taichi heard the other voice speak and Koromon lifted his ears just enough to hear the conversation. "Yes." the man said to the phone. "Very well, I shall see you tonight at the Sau-de-loin."

The man hung up the phone and nodded to Taichi, "Sorry about that. I've got a contract that I have to work out all the details too, and while my partner is being very corporative, he's being a stickler."

Taichi said nothing, but studied the face of the man. He was very Japanese, without an ounce of any other blood in him, and he looked very much like it, Taichi often thought that the man would be the epitome of a Japanese Bloodline. He was the CEO of the company Data Field. It was a small Electronics company that was starting to make its name more well known. Especially in its advances in Electro-Magnetics and it's relation to Digimon. Their top researcher was none other the Koushiro himself. Youn Kasan, the man in front of him, also had made some discoveries.

"Please Taichi-san, take a seat." Kasan motioned to the black leather chair in front of him.

"Thank you, but no." Taichi said, bowing slightly.

Kasan raised his eyebrow at Taichi, but shrugged the gesture off. "Koushiro-sama has made a very interesting discovery. He says that there is a way to charge a digimon with electricity in this world, then send the digimon over and cause them to become stronger."

"You wish to sell this to the Chosen?" Taichi asked.

"Not yet. Koushiro says the process is not perfected, and he's running into a few complications." Kasan told him, his hands in his lap. Taichi snorted. A few complications for Koushiro meant that he couldn't even know where to begin... even with the classes at the University of Tokyo he was taking. "But it is something that I thought I would inform you of for when it is complete."

Taichi didn't like this man already, but he knew Kasan was asking for something else beyond a contract. He wasn't the man to give away information. "What are you asking for?" Taichi asked slowly.

Kasan grinned, "Well, it just so happens that the demand for my companies products is starting to grow. Especially where Europe and America are concerned."

"You want to have Chosen carry it through the Digi-ports to those areas." Taichi said.

"With the rising costs of fuel and gasoline, it's getting more and more expensive, and we do not have the money to start up another set of factories in those places." Kasan told him, "I would be willing to pay for what it's worth. I know that large quantities can not be carried at a time, but I'm willing to pay 100 yen a crate. One Chosen will surely be able to move thirty to fifty crates in an hour. 3000 to 5000 yen is a fair price, is it not? I will even give a bonus 1000 yen a day."

"Enter the Dark Zone." Taichi told him, his eyes narrowed as he glared at Kasan.

Kasan chuckled, "You know, no one can take you serious when you curse like a digimon." he said, "Now be honest, Taichi-san. This is a fair deal, is it not?"

"We don't contract out our services." Koromon told him firmly, "You know the Chosen don't do that. That's why you've come to Taichi, so that you could manipulate things your way."

"As General of the Chosen Government, you could make an exception to the rule, Taichi." Kasan purposefully left off the san, and making sure that Koromon knows he will not address him. "I'll give all Chosen a twenty percent discount on all my products."

Taichi turned around, then shifted his head so that he could just barely see the man, "Baka." he swore at him, then walked out.

Kasan stood up as Taichi walked out, "Remeber this Taichi. You may be called a General by the RDW, but you are not a General, Taichi. You're just playing a game trying to be the hero!" Taichi ignored him as the door slammed shut.

As the two walked down the hall, Taichi looked up to his partner and grabbed him off of his head. "You know, you really shouldn't have said anything."

"Why not?" Koromon said as Taichi held him in front of him. "He deserved to know that we aren't going to be manipulated."

Taichi grinned, "As much as I want to argue with you, you do have a point, but next time let me do the talking."

"Oh, that's right... you're taking a class on how to do this." Koromon said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

Taichi looked down at his digimon and Koromon smirked at his partner. The two walked down the hallway until they could see the door.

"Taichi." Koromon said softly, his antenna indicating to a person.

The human looked up from his laptop he was holding. "Taichi." the man whispered.


There lay an awkward silence between the two. Koromon shifted uncomfortably in Taichi's arms. Last time, he and Tentomon had to break the two apart. "Did you accept?" Koushiro asked cautiously. His lab coat swayed in the breeze from the door as a group of people came in.

"Traitor." Taichi snarled at him. Taichi walked by him, and their eyes met as they became parallel, and Taichi moved on. He had gotten to the door when Koushiro turned around, "I told him not to do it, Taichi. I told him you don't take personal contracts." Taichi acted like he didn't hear and continued to walk.

"Koushiro?" Motimon asked from the inside pocket of the lab coat, "If you're the one who's right then why does almost everybody else side with Taichi?"

Koushiro looked down at his partner, "I'm not right Motimon... neither is Taichi-Sama. We just have... different ideas on how some things should be done."

"I don't understand, you two used to be best friends, how can different ideas come between you?" Motimon asked looking curiously up at his partner. Koushiro said nothing, for he had no answer.




Hikari looked up from her desk as one of the students came near. "Excuse, Hikari Sensei, I have a question." The young chosen was 13 years old, but tall for his age, he was one of the three younger kids in her class. She taught Digital History in the only school in the city of Verdani, the largest city in the digital world. "My mom doesn't want me out past ten, or she's going to take away my privileges from coming to the digital world." Hikari looked at the clock. Suran, the student that had come up lived only a little ways outside Los Angles. It was currently 9:38... A.M. In Verdani, which happened to be exactly the equivalent P.M for Suran. "Yeah, go ahead. This is going to cause some problems though." She told him, she thought for a moment, "Did you parents pay for this tuition, or is it come out of your own pocket."

Suran shook his head, "My Cousin, Dingo is paying for it." Hikari looked over the kid. Dingo... was paying for this kids tuition. Not that that wasn't great and all, but how did Dingo manage to do that... unless. She liked Dingo, the Australian was fairly laid back and definitely the interesting type, but he tended to need money a lot, though he had only asked Taichi once, and he had never asked her for it. His Ganimon was another story however, the little digimon could swoon six different girls at once, and still have enough time to work in the underwater mines.

"I'll figure something out." Hikari told the brown haired boy.

The boy nodded and left, leaving Hikari to look over the kids. She picked up her phone and texted a message to Oni-chan. Hey, you going to be home tonight? I have casserole in the oven and Mimi, Micheal and Takeru are coming over. She sighed as she sent it. Oni-chan had been so busy lately. Along with his studies, he had been going over to several countries to let their Chosen be apart of the RDW, or the Republic of the Digital World. Currently all but six countries had agreed. Chile, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, China and New Zealand. New Zealand was likely to be over in the next week however. Out of the four Chosen living there, three had wanted to maintain their New Zealand Citizenship as well as be Citizens to the RDW. They were waiting back on the reply.

They had just won over the Saudi Arabia government to allow their Chosen, but according to Taichi, they had to do some nasty negotiating. The RDW had to pay the Saudi Arabia government the equivalent of three million yen for each Chosen that joined with their former Citizenship to Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabia dictators had thought that RDW would not be able to pay it for all sixty six Chosen that resided there. Taichi had proved them wrong however. Already, within the week, the Chosen of the Verdani and Urd city states voted to use Government money to pay off that debt.

She wouldn't have any doubt however, if Taichi did miss dinner tonight. The Iraq government was about to let the Chosen be part of the RDW, but had gotten a threat that if they did, the attacks on Iraq would become far more numerous, even though the Iraq government had U.S backing to protect them from any terrorists attacks, they were still hesitating. That wasn't even close to the messes with Iran, Sudan and China.

She glanced over her class, then stood up. "Can anyone tell me how the Government of the RDW works?" she asked.

The whole class was startled. Ami slowly raised her hand, "Mrs. Yagami... what about our essays?" she asked.

Hikari looked over at the 17 year old girl and her small in-training digimon. "We will finish them afterwards. It just occurred to me that I haven't taught you this, and it's something that I feel is very important."

Ami was startled but put her pencil down on the top of her desk. It rolled so that it hit the bottom and stayed there on the little lip. "So, can anybody tell me?" she asked.

A blond hair student from America raised her hand, "Isn't it based off of city states? Each city and the surrounding area is its own government, supported by the General of the RDW." Hikari turned her eyes to the girl, "Close, but not quite. The RDW works like this. Each city appoints a council of Five respected Chosen. Those five Chosen elect two other people. The Runner and the Wings."

Ami raised her hand, "The Runner is the Chosen who acts as the commune between the army of the RDW and the cities police force." she said proudly.

"Exactly." Hikari said, her eyes glanced to a blue haired boy, who was vigorously taking notes. Smart kid. She thought. "And the Wings?" She asked to the class.

Another boy, Sam Tull, raised his hand. Sam happened to be a Canadian Chosen, and was one of the younger Chosen who actually lived in the Digital World. Of about the fifty thousand Chosen, twenty thousand lived in the real world and simply visited the Digital World. The other thirty thousand had made it a permanent home. "The Wings are the one's who are the Economic supervisors of each city. They make the contracts with the Real World and each different city." he said.

"Yes, but you're missing one important part." Hikari told them, "What would be that?" she asked.

The class thought for a moment, before Sam Tull's hand went up again. "The Wings are not allowed to deal in contracts that concern transportation of goods from one spot in the real world to another spot in the real world and they can not deal in contracts concerning food."

"Why is it that food is not regulated in the Digital World like it is in the real world?" Hikari asked. They're was a silence as Hikari leaned up against her desk. She looked over at the blue haired kid with Terriermon who had duck tape over his mouth. "Jen-lee-san?" she asked.

The blue hair kid looked up from his desk, "Is it because no one can predict the amount of food that digimon will eat? With them constantly evolving and growing, it would be hard to predict how much food you would need without flooding the market, and any food we do have that starts the flood the market, one of the Colonels can sell it off to the real world."

Hikari smiled, "Exactly what are you doing in my class, instead of teaching it?" she asked him.

Jen-lee was startled by the comment. A noise was made by Terriermon, then the dog started obviously snicker in the desk beside him.

Hikari turned back to the class, "Alright, so each of the city states are organized. Thus, the digital world is now three different countries with smaller out post towns. Verdani, Urd and Skuld."

"What about Njoror?" Jen-lee asked, "I thought they where their own City State too."

"Not yet." Hikari told him, "The problem is dealing with the coast lines. Does Njoror, or Verdani get the coast line that extends along the southern edge of Server?"

"I thought they were City States?" Sam asked confused.

"All but about ten percent of the continent land mass of the digital world has been claimed by one city state or another, but there is at least two hundred miles of land mass between the borders of all city states." Ami told him as she twisted in her chair to look back at him.

"And that's in the constitution," Jen-lee muttered, "No wonder Njoror hasn't been able to be a city state. All land of up to two hundred miles of the coast would be no man's land."

"And considering that the city of Urd itself is within two hundred miles of the coast, we can't exactly be going and letting them become City State, can we?" Tailmon purred from her spot on Hikari's desk.

Hikari smiled at her digimon, "Now, the RDW. Exactly what is it?" She asked.

Flint Barton raised his hand. Flint happened to be the younger brother of Michael Barton, and he also had a Betamon. He was nicknamed Betan. Where it came from, Hikari didn't have a clue. "The RDW is the army of the Digital World that watches over everything. They solve all economic and political problems between parties. The General is the Leader of the Army, followed by Five Colonels, and twenty-five Lt. Colonels. There main objective is to deal with things of Real World that affect the Digital World, and to ensure Economic stimulus and safety among digimon and Chosen, they are the police force among all cities. Their currently resides 1249 members, who owe no allegiance to any City State. The current General is Taichi Yagami and he will name a successor when he decides to step down. That successor must be Unanimously accepted by all City States, otherwise the Current General will have to select another until they come upon one they can all agree on." Flint's voice had confidence and courage in it.

Hikari was stunned, "My, my. You've certainly been studying this."

Flint lowered his eyes in shame, "I wish to be a member of the RDW some day, ma'am." he said softly.

Hikari looked around the class, "Now, as homework, I want an essay on how such a system can work, and why it won't fall apart. You may finish your essays on the Crests." Hikari walked back to her desk, her white shorts and tee shirt letting a breeze course around her body. She turned back to the class, "And I would double check the instructions if I were you." She plopped down at her desk. She would be so relieved when they found somebody to take her position so that she could teacher the elementary level kids, instead of at the College.

Terriermon snickered, as he turned and three people stared in horror at the directions.

Anybody trying to suck up and write their essay on the Crest of Light will have to come in at a later time and write another one on a different crest.

If Jen hadn't duck taped his mouth, he so would have told the student walking next to him to throw his paper away to Momenti.




Jyou stared at the readings of the Mikomon. He walked over and handed them to Gomamon. The digimon scanned through them, then turned his face to the digimon lying in the bed. "Well?" Mikomon asked softly, "How bad is it?" she asked.

"Worse then we thought, not as bad as we could've been." Jyou told her.

Gomamon smirked, "Translation, you'll get to enjoy that great yummy medical food for three weeks instead of two."

The partner of the Chosen scanned over her digimon, then back to Jyou. Her name was Shenree, and she came from the African nation, the Republic of Congo. She resided in the city of Urd, and had come to File Island to have Jyou take a look at Mikomon. "Will it really take that long?" she asked, "The factory gave me some time off, but they'll need me back on relatively quick there."

"Well, Mikemon will not be able to make the trip back, by Whamon or a Flier, or at least she shouldn't. She has three snapped wires. Normally this wouldn't be that big of a problem, but they all meet in her left paw, and the joint that connects them has deteriorated away. We'll have to rebuild that data from scratch, then reinsert each of the data wires." Jyou told her, "But the process will take two to three weeks, and she'll need at least two days of bedrest. Preferably three."

Shenree grabbed her D-3 and checked the time, "There's no way, I can do that, but I can't let Mikemon go around with a hurt paw." her voice was desperate.

"Aww, come on." Gomamon piped up, "Have some faith in Jyou, he always comes up with something."

Jyou rolled his eyes, "No, it's Taichi who always comes up with something. I just provide the details."

Gomamon chuckled, he honestly thought sometimes that if he didn't have Faith in his partner, he'd lose his Crest all together. Then again, the odd thing about that Crest was that it not only relied on your own faith, but the faith of others as well. "Hey, what about Kazemon... and don't think about her too much, we wouldn't want you to get the room de-sanitized with a nosebleed."

Jyou glared at Gomamon, but turned to Shawnee, "Actually, that may just work. Kazemon works in the Hospital at Urd."

"I went there, but nobody could figure out what was wrong." Shawnee told him.

"I'm not surprised, to eradicate the data of a joint is a hard thing to do. Other then here, the only place that has a machine that can detect that is Verdani. However, Kazemon does know how to do the operation. I can imagine that if I sent her a letter with the EXM- Rays, she'll be able to help you out." Jyou said, "That way you can go to work while Mikomon heals."

Shawnee was startled, "You could do that?" she said.

Jyou nodded, "Yeah, and the trip shouldn't be to hard on Mikemon's paw unless you get into a fight or something."

Shawnee was startled, but gathered herself together. "Thank you, Jyou-Sama." She said. Being from Africa, she didn't really know what the point of all the suffix's to the names were actually for, other then a form of reverence, but their were other ways to show that.

She walked out with Mikomon in her hands.

"Oh, la, la... Jyou-Sama." Gomamon snickered. Jyou rolled his eyes,

"Go Check on the Red-Veggiemon, I want to know how far that virus has progressed." Jyou told him, standing at his Six-three height. His blue hair was fairly messy and started to grow out. He hadn't got a haircut for two years, and it was showing... the reasons behind that... Taichi. He got into some stupid bet with him. Neither had yet to give. He had finally traded out his glasses for ones that fit, so that he wouldn't keep pushing them back up again. However, within the week, he found that he needed to push them back up on his nose. For some reason he had a feeling that his partner had to do with that.

He walked to his room and opened the door. He threw his white coat on a hanger flopped down on the bed for a second. He raised himself from the water bed and walked over to a file cabinet, and got out a folder. He scanned through the papers for the sixth time in the past four days. Three digimon had recently died due to an unknown virus. A Weedmon and a Sunflowmon. Both had digitamasized and were being taken care of by Elecmon in the Village of Beginnings. Now, that Red-Veggimon had it as well. None of the three were partners to chosen, but it still bothered him. Two Virus and a Data. He dismissed the fact that there wasn't a Vaccine digimon in there simply because that there had only been three cases. He did not dismiss the fact, however, that they were all plant type digimon. Two that were cousins of each other.

He was very perplexed by this particular virus, and had even had some biologist work on it who had done some studies into data anatomy. They had eventually found the cause. Plant digimon, like plants themselves, have a slightly different make up. Over each piece of compact data in a plant digimon was a firewall of data, not unlike the cell wall of a plant. This virus attack the firewall of the digimon's data packets, and causes for the data to radiate energy, weakening the walls of the data packets around it. Thus, the farther the virus got into a digimon's system, the faster it moved. He heard a knock on his door. "Come in." he called as he placed the papers back into the folder.

A familiar brown eyes, brown hair arrived in the room. "Hey." the General said as he walked in.

"Taichi, I thought you'd be off trying to get everything done so you could meet us for dinner." Jyou proposed as he placed the file back into the cabinet.

"I won't be able to meet you for dinner." Taichi told him.

"Iraq?" Jyou asked.

Taichi shook his head, "No. America is currently working something out with Iraq."

Jyou was silent for a moment, "It's China... isn't it?"

Taichi glanced up at the older boy. "Yeah. It's China. Eight thousand known Chosen live there and not a single one is allowed to come to Digital World. I've got a meeting with them in an hour and Akiyama wants me to take body guards to protect myself. By Azulongmon's beard, I'm so sick of politics. North Korea is Communist and we managed to work something out. Cuba couldn't wait to get their Chosen out of the Country, but China's holding on to theirs like they're gold." Taichi's took a breath after his rant, looked at Jyou and slammed his fist into the wall. "It's even worse then that." he muttered under his breath.

Jyou was silent, "Taichi... things will turn out, they always do. Then again... this is the real world were talking about. But everybody in this country looks up to you. You aren't unanimously voted to be the first general by thirty thousand Chosen without a reason. Rosemon of Tifiat forest came and acknowledged your position. Njoror is trying to become a part of this country because of you Taichi."

"That's just it Jyou." Taichi said quietly, "I have all the power here, but none of it in the real world. Kasan came to me today, trying to get a contract for us to do private transportation of goods."

Jyou chuckled, "So, a company tried to go through you instead of one of the wings. Kind of funny. All the other companies know you won't do it, so they've all tried to take a different route."

Taichi shook his head, "Look, I stopped by because I wanted to ask Gomamon something. I want him to try and hack the Chinese Government files and see why their so resistant to letting their Chosen be apart of the RDW."

"I take it you want him to use his unregistered laptop that he built?" Jyou asked, pushing back his glasses.

Taichi nodded, "Use anything else and they can trace it. There are some better hackers I know, but Gomamon's probably the least likely to get caught."

"Alright, I'll have him do that tomorrow. In the mean time, I've got a dinner to catch. Sure you don't want to drop by for a few minutes? You know Hikari-chan would really appreciate it if you do."

Taichi shook his head, "As much as I would like too, I can't. I'm sorry."

Jyou nodded. He knew how much stress Taichi was under, if he didn't want to come then so be it.




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