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Danny Phantom Hundred Year Phantom

By Amber Pegasus

Chapter One

It has been a few days since Danny Phantom reviled his secret and become a hero all over the world.

For a normal life Danny has gone back to school withhis friends Sam and Tucker. As usual Mr. Lancer makes a roll call before class.







"Dash Baxter?"


"Tucker Foley?"


"Sam Manson."


"Danny Fenton."


Mr. Lancer, put down his clipboard, walked over to Danny, and said, "Mr. Fenton, please feel free to excuse yourself from class anytime soon. We'll be looking forward for you to save the day."

Danny, nodded. Then he herd a 'psst' sound. He turned around and saw Dash Baxter giving him a thumb up.

'Well, look on the brght side Danny,' he thought to himself, 'at least he won't bother you anymore.'

"Alright class. Now that we got that out of our system," said Mr. Lancer, "We have two new exchange students from London, England."

Just then, the two fourteen enter the classroom. One who has light brown hair, peach skin, red eyes. He wears a purple T-shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. While the other one has long dark brown hair, pale skin, and red eyes. She wears a red blouse, black mini skirt, and black shoes. Both of them wear matching watch rings.

"Everyone," said Mr. Lancer, "I like you to meet James Clockwork and his cousin Jane Timelet."

Danny felt concern and puzzled.

"What is it Danny?" Sam asked.

"I don't know," said Danny, "those last names seemed familiar."

"Come on Danny," said Tucker, "it's not like Clockwork's can't be in two places at the same time. Can't he?"

Sam and Danny shrugged.

"Alright James, you sit in front of Danny. While, Jane you sit in front of Sam," said Mr. Lancer as he arrange seats for the new students.

After class, Danny, Sam, and Tucker were at the hallway.

"Guys, something tells me that there's something going on around hear," said Danny.

"Come on," said Tucker, "What could it possibly go wrong."

"It always goes wrong when bad things happen," said Sam.

Suddenly Dash came running to Danny and his friends.

"Fenton... your... not... going... to... believe... this...," he said as he catch his breath.

"Don't tell me someone replace you at the varsity football team?"

"No, not really," said Dash.

"Well what is it?" Danny asked.

"Well Danny," said Dash, "I was walking down the hallway minding my own business. Until, one of the local girls wondering where you are. I told them you was at the boys locker room. While they went looking for you. I ran to find you."

"Man, Dash," said Danny, "You are one sly fox."

"You better run and hide," ordered Dash.

"Are you going to beat me up?"

Dash immediately shook his head and said "No, I meant you and your friends better run and hide before one of the the girls are going to play dog pile on the hero."

"What about you?" Danny asked.

"I'll try to stall them run!"

With no further argument Danny and his friends run until, they made it to the other side of the hall way. Danny, Sam, and Tucker stopped running in the hallway to catch their breath. Suddenly, they heard a loud scream.

"What was that?" asked Sam.

"That sounded like Jazz," said Danny.

By then Jazz ran toward Danny and his friends.

"Jazz," said Danny, "What happen?"

"Well I tell you," said Jazz as she cleared her throat, "I was walking down the hall and I saw a mob of boys in front of me. They asked me if I related to you. I answered yes to them."

"Then what happen?"

"After I answered one of their questions. One of them began to fight and argued over me. So I ran," said Jazz.

"Man we got to find a place to hide," said Danny.

"We know a place to hide," said someone. They turned around and saw James and Jane.

'You know a hiding place?" Danny asked.

"Yes," said James, "follow us."

By then they led them to a deserted study room in the library.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Trust us."

As they enter the room Jane quickly pulled the shades down.

"All right," said Danny, "What's going on here?"

"I think it's time we told them master," said Jane.

"I believe so," said James, as he and Jane, took off the ring.

Danny, looked at James and Jane, with confusion then he looked surprised. It turns out that James, was really Clockwork and Jane, is another ghost in disguise.

"Clockwork, it was you after all," said Danny.

"Hello, Danny," said Clockwork, "I believe my last minute entry was a little late. What do you think Timelet?"

"I think your timing is right," said Timelet. She has green skin, red eyes, and black hair. She wears a red and black dress and a watch necklace.

"Danny, I like you to meet my escort and apprentice Timelet."

"I've always heard stories about you when you defeat Pariah Dark and Dan Phantom," said Timelet.

"What you know man," said Tucker, "you got a fan from the Ghost Zone."

Timelet, smiled and blushed at the same time.

"I need your help Danny," said Clockwork, "I have a mission for you if you'd like to come with us."

Timelet, began to open the portal to the Ghost Zone. As Danny was ready to go to the Ghost Zone he turned around and saw his friends who was worried and concern about him.

"What about my friends?" Danny asked.

Clockwork's smile turned into a frown and said, "I'm sorry Danny. This mission is only for you."

"Come on, said Tucker, "we always help out Danny, when ever he's in trouble."

"Tucker's right," said Sam, "we're in this together."

Timelet, turned to Clockwork and said, "It seems you are trapped Clockwork."

Clockwork, sighed and said, "I believed so. Very well Danny, you and your friends can come along."

Sam and Tucker, let out a cheer except Jazz, who smiled as a tear rolled her cheek.

"i wish I could," said Jazz, "but I must remain here and tell mom and dad that you and your friends are going to a mission in the Ghost Zone."

"I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too."

By then Danny and his friends are going to the Ghost Zone. Jazz, thought to herself, 'Danny, Sam, and Tucker, please be okay.'

To be continued. . .

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