A.N: Hello everyone. I just recently got into Code Geass and I absolutely love it. I've written a fanfic about Kallen and Lelouch as they are my favourite characters and I love the chemistry between them.

This takes place after R2, post revolution so there will be some spoilers on past episodes.

I will be making this into a short 4 chapter series.

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"I guess this is the end for us." She admitted descending the stairs of their old mobile headquarters, removing the red headband on her forehead. "It's weird when I think about it. After all this fighting…It feels refreshing."

They were alone in the former base of the Black Knights. The rebellion was over. The emperor was dead and Britannia had officially reinstated Japan's identity as well as the other countries they had invaded. They had won and now only two were left.

Leader and ace pilot.

Zero and his Q-1.

She placed the headband on his desk as he was buttoning his school uniform jacket. Kallen was met with questioning purple eyes.

"I won't be needing it anymore or this jacket I suppose." She explained but she did not relinquish the latter, folded neatly in her hands.

"You're still my bodyguard aren't you?" A quick smile was sent his way.

"Lelouch Vi Britannia doesn't need a knight like me. There are enough Japanese knights these days with Suzaku alone. Plus calling me K-1 will sound weird and taking all his thunder would just be plain embarrassing." She said leaning against the desk, her neck leaning back to look up at the dim ceiling.

"Besides, you told me Zero was created for Nunally's sake and for the sake of justice. The world is not perfect but it's a better place, a peaceful gentle place. She needs her Lelouch-onii-sama now and the people need to start living by their own will."

"What are you going to do?" He asked her picking up the headband.

"Haven't you already guessed? You are Zero after all. You know all." He smirked at her barb.

"Zero or not, I can't figure you out all the time. You are a loose cannon, Kozuki Kallen."

"Same can be said for you. I should go Lelouch, my new life awaits me." Pushing off the desk, she stood at attention before him.

"It was an honour walking the path of chaos alongside you even if I wasn't there all the time." Her voice was strong, blue eyes reflecting it. Lelouch turned his chair around, his eyes looking intently into hers.

"You were there when it mattered. Arigatou, Kallen." Azure orbs widened slightly at the familiar words.

"Take care Lelouch." She turned around heading for the door.

"Are you sure you don't want to come back to the Academy with me?" He called after her.

"Not yet. But I will be there in time for the festival. And for god's sake, don't keep Shirley waiting forever! A girl can only wait for so long when it comes to idiots like you." Her tone softened but she did not turn back. She had sworn not to. "Give my love to them all until I can do it myself."

"Ah…I will. Take care and if you ever need anything-"

"I definitely won't call you. Same goes for you." She cut in with her own smirk.

"Kallen." She looked back in time to catch the mask that was thrown at her.


"I don't need it anymore. Keep it." He said turning his back to her as he returned to his computer.

"Sayonnara Zero." The door closed with a resonant click, leaving the former leader of the Black Knights alone. The headband still held tight in his grasp.


A sleek black car rolled up to the medium sized house located one hour from Tokyo city. The driver exited and rushed to open the door for his master. A man emerged from the car tall, dark haired and slim. The aura emanating from his person was as formidable as the cape he sported. He waved the driver away with a few instructions before he made for the front door.

By the time he had rung the door bell, his car had left the premises and the door was opened by an unfamiliar young blond girl dressed in a plain blue kimono. He registered the shock on her face as she ushered him.

"Forgive me for starring. I just started 4 months ago so I didn't recognise you immediately, my Lord," she said bowing.

"It's alright. Is your mistress home?" She nodded slowly with a frown and was about to speak when a familiar dark haired woman walked into the grand hallway, wiping her hands on her apron.

"Ara, Misa-chan, please return to your duties in the kitchen. Her ladyship wants some snacks and tea. I'll take care of our guest." The girl, Misa, nodded and rushed off, her geta clicking until she entered the kitchen.

"Forgive her, she's a bit overeager."

"When was she hired?" He asked removing his dark glasses, revealing shadowy plum eyes.

"Not long ago. Her parents died in the rebellion, she is britannian but grew up here in Japan. The mistress took her in immediately and she works part time here as a maid, the rest of the time she is at school. She looks up to her ladyship very much. Other than that, it's been a long time Lelouch."

"It has Sayoko-san. How are you these days? I only know what I hear from Nunnally." He replied removing his shoes before he followed his old maid thought the residence.

"I'm well thank you. Our mistress has very little needs. The Red Flash of Japan can take care of herself as you well know." Sayoko said with a kind smile tossed behind her shoulder. She stopped when she saw the odd look in his eyes.

"What is it Lelouch?" He looked like that young boy she remembered whenever he had wanted to ask for a favour on behalf of his precious sister.

"H-How is she?" Sayoko smiled knowingly.

"Since the last time you saw her, overworking herself. She keeps busy and has been taking private lessons from your brother." His eyes sharpened.

"Schneizel was here?" He growled. Sayoko giggled at his darkened mood.

"Hai. He visits by appointment but not as often as Milly-chan, Suzaku-san and Nunnally-chan. How long will you be staying?" She asked stopping in front of a large set of cherry tree wood doors.

"As long as it takes." He replied. That seemed to satisfy her as she lifted her hand and knocked three times.

"My Lady, you have guest."

"I don't have any scheduled appointments Sayoko-san and it better not be Suzaku trying to get me to go shopping for Arthur again. I swear I'll shoot his ass if he's here for that." She said through the door.

Lelouch could not help the small smile that spread on his features. Some things never changed. Sayoko opened the door with a finger on her lips. He slid inside, the door closing silently behind him. The study/office was bright due to the light that filtered through the French windows, casting its glow onto the desk and its occupant.

He was shocked to say the least, as his eyes took in the sight before him. Kallen Kozuki-Stadfeld had grown her hair out since the last time he saw her, the long strawberry strands pooling past her mid-back and the familiar twin strands framing her face that had lost all its teenage fat years prior, softening her features over the years. Cerulean eyes were a lighter shade than before, giving the allusion that you were starring into the depths of the skies.

But her appearance wasn't what had shocked him: it was her clothing. She was wearing a very elaborate and very formal red Britannian dress that complimented her curves, showing a tasteful span of flesh and from the style and fabric, he could only guess that it had been sent from within the royal family. The only thing that reminded him of his old Knight was the scowl that was on her face as she read over some papers.

"You look lovely Q-1. Truly the Red Lotus of Japan is a sight to behold," he said startling her out of her thoughts. Kallen's eyes widened with recognition. She would know that voice any day, in any lifetime. She schooled her features and stood from her chair, her dress rustling as she neared him.

"Flattery will get you nowhere quickly, my Lord." She said curtsying with false pomp. She rose and stood with a hand on her hip. "To what do I owe the sudden visit? Do you have some official business with me?"

"Can't a guy visit his close friend unannounced?" He said shrugging his broad shoulders. An unlady like cackle was his response.

"I thought you had a big ceremony to attend four days from now. I already got the invitation from Nuna-chan." She said looking him with suspicion creeping into her orbs. "She sent me this dress to wear to it. I was just trying it on and I'm surprised she had my measurements."

Lelouch shrugged his shoulders, a whimsical expression on his face. He wasn't going to answer that one; he liked his head right where it was. "I can assure you it wasn't my idea." She glared at him before she sighed.

"Why are you here Lelouch?" Her voice was devoid of emotion.

"I need time to think quietly-" He started but she raised her hand.

"No you don't. You think ahead every god damn minute of the day. You're up to something." Exasperated with his silence and nerve racking smirk, she turned about face, towards her chair behind her desk, sitting down with the back facing him.

"I suppose I should invite you to stay for dinner?" His old smirked graced his lips.

"We have a lot to catch up on; I will gratefully accept the invitation."

"That wasn't an invitation bastard!...Arg! Sayoko!" The door opened immediately.


"Kindly show his godliness to the guest room. Call him when dinner is served."

"Hai, this way Lelouch-sama." He stared at the turned chair, catching a glimpse of Kallen in the reflection of the glass. Her eyes were shining brightly with a glare. Sending a bow her way, he left after Sayoko.

He could see he had a hard fight ahead of him, Kallen was a stubborn as he was and twice as loyal, but he had no doubt he would emerge victorious. After all, he was betting his whole future on that woman's response.

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