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No spoliers, just a bit of Jack/Ianto fluff, also includes the rest of the Torchwood team


Tosh fell into Gwen as Jack performed his famous hand-break turn sharply around the bend.

"Jesus Jack," said Gwen as her head smashed against the window, Jack spinning the SUV back round to hurtle down the road.

"Sorry," replied Jack, "I got a bit, erm, distracted," he said, mumbling to himself. Tosh looked over curiously at Jack, was the raunchy, horny infamous Jack Harkness blushing?

"I knew this was a bad idea," said Owen grumpily as Jack suddenly slammed on the breaks for the oncoming red lights.

"I know, every time we do this we almost get killed because Mr high-and-mighty over there can't concentrate and keep his eyes on the road"

Owen sighed and looked over at Jack. From his position in the front seat he could see everyone and their doings. Trusting that Jack could, hopefully, concentrate on the road for two minutes he turned around to look at the rest of the team. Gwen, rubbing the side of her now throbbing head, Tosh gazing contently out of the windscreen in front of her and Ianto resting his head gently on the window, his deep and regular breathing acknowledging the fact that the team's tea-boy was sound asleep.

Tosh's seatbelt was the only thing that stopped her going through the windscreen as Jack yet again had to swerve the SUV, this time narrowly missing a now truly terrified tabby cat.

"Right that's it," screamed Owen, "Jack, pull over." Looking slightly defeated, jack flicked the indicator and pulled over, flashing the indicators and unlocking the doors as Owen jumped out and went round to the rear passenger door. Pulling the door open and dragging the team's tea-boy out, rudely awakening the young Welshman.

"Wait, what? Owen, what are you?" he questioned sleepily as he was placed in the front in Owen's now empty seat, shutting the door firmly behind him. Madly pacing round the front of the SUV Owen slid in next to Tosh, slamming the door before doing up his seatbelt.

"Right now we can go," sighed Owen before whispering to the girls, "well, at least now his eyes should stay closer to the road," Gwen and Tosh laughing and sighing inwardly at the remark respectively.

"You planned this didn't you?" asked Ianto, now fully awake since being rudely moved by Owen, as Jack turned the SUV back onto the main road.

"Always," replied Jack, giving him his sexy, secret smile saved only for Ianto. Ianto rolled his eyes and went back to looking out the window his smile not going unnoticed by Jack who grinned, gave Ianto's thigh a gentle squeeze and went back to driving the SUV in a, finally, civilised fashion.

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