Summery: (SR2) War ravages a futuristic Nosgoth under Kain's tyranny. Rayne, a Dhampir and powerful blood witch with a long, if chaotic, life, goes back in time to save her world, though her chances of success are minute. Raziel/OC


A few million years ago, Nosgoth was on the brink of collapse. The empire which ruled over it with an iron fist was doomed from the beginning, it's said, and never really had a chance. The ancient texts tell of the fall of this empire, and the fall of the entire world. An apocalypse, so to speak, but one that was stopped just at the edge, pausing there, and being anchored down to that spot by someone or something.

That ancient empire was eradicated, and from its ashes there emerged the blood witches. They came in a time of crisis, their magic emerging out of a dire need, and awakening to the call of the earth itself. The ancient texts tell of how these women wiped away the remains of the doomed empire, turning them into ashes which they sent into Nosgoth itself to replenish the earth and give humanity one last chance. Humanity took this chance, and put the past behind them. Through a combination of magic and, after a million years, technology, the human race flourished in a dying world, perpetuating it's surface with the new magics that came up in this time of need. The elemental magic, the conjuring magic, the enchantment magic, and many, many more. There was crime, there always is, but the people thrived, and pushed forward. Nosgoth survived.

Nosgoth was once at peace, this much is true. But peaceful compared to how it is now…Just getting rid of the small, daily wars that dot all the cities and I'd call that peace. A lot of people say it was reemergence of the vampire race which caused these wars.

Unfortunately, this is, in fact, very true. Vampires have been around for a long time, but throughout the history of Nosgoth's reconstruction, they've stayed hidden in the shadows. People blame us for the rise of the wars, thinking we just up and appeared out of thin air one day and, BOOM, the whole world is in chaos.

The thing is I understand human nature too well to believe that, even if the vampires had emerged from the shadows without…him, then the wars would have started solely because the vampire race up and decided to dominate the earth. It isn't about whose responsible for these wars, it's about the fear and the jealousies. Vampirism was, a long time ago, perceived as a plague, something evil, something that needed to be destroyed. And, perhaps, there was religion involved in it. Some priest up and decided their god said vampires were a blight upon the world and spread it around, but mostly I think it was because of fear. It's an age-old circle that goes round and round in spite of anyone's best efforts to stop it, or, at the very least, stem the flow. Humans fear what they don't understand, but they also fear anything more powerful than they, anything that they can't control, and what they fear, they seek to destroy. It isn't bad, necessarily, it's a survival instinct, point of fact. But humans must also justify their actions. A vampire is not a monster, a thing, something that cannot think for itself. A vampire is just as much of a person as a human is, they speak, feel, think, and are aware of themselves and their surroundings. And so, therefore, there must be some deeper reason why they must destroy the thing they fear. Oh, of course, it feeds upon their blood, their life, just as they feed upon the life of animals and plants, but animals and plants are beneath them, humans are not beneath the vampires, therefore the vampires must be evil.

Humans also seem to have this superiority complex that has been known to get them into trouble.

Nowadays, however, that is not the way the world turns. Nowadays the people know better. Vampirism is no longer seen as a plague, but as a method of survival.

My name is Rayne, and I live in a world where there is little order. Chaos and small daily wars are waged in a society that once built technologically advanced cities and cultures, but whose ruins became a testament to the rising power of an ancient vampire lord named Kain, who is, perhaps, the only being to this day who is older than I am. Legends say he was asleep for centuries, and when he awoke he built his new empire solely because the Elder vampires actively sought him out and swore their allegiance to him without question. They are all dead now, killed either in Kain's service or by Kain himself. And the fighting that had been going on beneath the eyes of the humans who flourished and blossomed with their technology and advanced civilizations suddenly reached a crescendo. Now technology, magic, and the power of those vampires who resist Kain's rule ignite the wars as Kain's empire fights for dominance while humans fight to survive and to reclaim their lost power as the dominant race. Though neither race, color, nor gender matters much anymore. Vampires are not the only enemy, there are, in fact, humans in Kain's service, and not everyone is fighting to defeat him either. Some are simply fighting to survive.

Because the world itself is dying again, and this time, I don't think the blood witches will be able to save it.

Kain emerged centuries ago, and back then I was a child, barely 5 years of age. All I remember of that day was my father coming for my mother and I, to hide us, to protect us. My mother, being human, did not last very long, in spite of my father's best efforts. She died shortly after it started, not because she was killed, nor because she was ill or starved, but because she knew she would only become a burden, and she would not survive long anyway. So, in order to lessen my father's load, in order to give me a better chance to survive, she sacrificed her lifeblood for me. Feeding me from her neck as she had from her breast when I was but a baby.

A vampire cannot mate with another vampire and bear children, no, the infertility still exists where it always has. But, a vampire can mate with a human, and there is a 100 to 1 chance that the union will produce a child. However, while the gender of the child is dependant upon the father, the race is dependant upon the mother. Female vampires bear vampire children, while female humans bear human children. However, there is a chance, a very, very small chance, that when a vampire male takes a human as his mate, the union will produce a halfling, a Dhampir. Half human, half vampire, and 10 times stronger than both.

I was lucky enough to be born a Dhampir, if I wasn't, I wouldn't be alive right now. Of course, I still might not be alive if it hadn't been for the circumstances, which was mostly a long string of pure dumb luck.

Dhampirs are as valuable as they are rare, and a threat to the vampire hierarchy, which was based solely upon age, and age typically dictated power. With Dhampirs, that's not the case. The only reason I lived to be old enough that I could survive on my own was because of my father. He was one of the few vampire lords that did not submit to Kain simply because he was the oldest geezer in the entire world. Unfortunately that made him rather well-known, something that, in this day and age, will get you killed, or worse. He had enough contacts, however, to keep me safe, hidden, and a complete secret until I had the power to take care of myself.

The woman who became my surrogate mother was a blood witch, and a powerful one. Of course, the most powerful blood witches keep to themselves and always make sure as few people as possible know about them. This one was in a shaky alliance with my father simply because he helped keep her a secret, but when it came time for her to return the favor, she was, at first, reluctant.

Until she realized what I was.

I was still very young when she made me her apprentice, and in the protected underground bunker that was her home, she taught me far more than my real mother ever could. She fed me on knowledge and the power it filled my veins with. She taught me to see the world through many different eyes, where I could look upon sights that neither humans nor vampires could have ever hoped to glimpse. She taught me how to call upon ancient powers that was only accessible to me through my human blood, and much, much more.

She also taught me about myself, explained to me what made me different, what made me special, powerful, unique.

As a Dhampir, I am not susceptible to the weaknesses that plague the vampire race. Even as a child neither sunlight nor water could harm me, and I do not need blood to sustain me. Normal food will do, though I can still feed and gain strength from blood. What's more, through my master's tutelage, I can gain much more from blood than strength and sustenance. I can gain the knowledge, skills, and power from the one I am feeding from, as well as some of their memories. After I learned to do this, my master willingly offered me ritualistic sacrifices of her blood every other day so that I would more swiftly gain the knowledge and powers she wished, rather desperately, to pass on to me. What else made me different was my ability to blend in with either the humans or the vampires quite perfectly by changing my shape. I could also transfigure my appearance at will through the magic I learned from my master. I could change the length of my hair, the color of my skin, of my eyes, my height, my weight, anything. But the change was never permanent. It would last for a period of two days and then I would have to change back for at least a minute before I could keep up the disguise.

And it was always painful.

I am, perhaps, not as physically strong as I might have been had I been a full-blooded vampire. Nor am I as fast, nor are my psychic powers quite as powerful as they would have been considering my age. However, my dark gifts, my ability to use human magic, and my power to absorb power, knowledge, and skills through blood more than makes up for this. I have partaken of the blood of many hardened warriors, martial artists, marksmen, technicians, scientists, and much, much more over the years. I have even taken blood from other witches and sorcerers, though none of them have ever been nearly as powerful as my master had been. Her knowledge still courses through me, alive so long as I am alive. And for centuries I have hidden, I have survived, if only because my true nature has yet to be discovered.

I know that if I am discovered, an ancient, powerful, female Dhampir, then I will be hunted down relentlessly and either killed, or forced to become the mate of Kain or someone else in his service in hopes that they can breed more Dhampirs from my semi-fertile womb. Personally, I think I'd prefer the former. But all the same, thoughts of making a stand, of boldly attempting to end Kain's reign, to end these wars, to stop the fighting, stop the madness that devours Nosgoth from within, they cross my mind on occasion, and my desire to live, to survive, fights them back.

I am powerful, I have to be to survive. I am a blood witch, I am a necromancer, I am a sorceress, I am a shapeshifter, I am a ninja, I am a huntress, a hacker, a markswoman, a swordmaster; I am a Dhampir, and I am afraid. I am afraid of the creature that seeks to rule Nosgoth without caring about the fact that he is destroying it beyond repair, without caring that he will be the king of a dead land. I am afraid of the ancient vampire, of the generation that existed before this one. I am afraid of him, and of what he might, of what he would, do to me if he had any clue or hint that I even existed.

But at the same time I know that, if I but had a drop of his blood, of that ancient blood, even half a drop, then there would be no more question in my mind. I would be his superior, and I could kill him.

But what good would it do to a land that is already beyond hope?

I am a survivor, but sometimes I wonder, what is it that I am surviving for?


As a vampire, my skin is as pale as death. I am taller than most human males, with a very gracious figure and long blood-red hair. My ears are tipped, my fangs are like silver, and my claws are black. My hands are not quite so cloven as the eldest vampires, with only three strong fingers, I still have four, but that's fine with me. In this day and age not being able to use five digits can be quite the handicap. Cloven feet, on the other hand, make good sturdy boots quite unnecessary. I tend to wear black leather out in public, with tight pants and top which covers little more than a sports bra. In private, however, I tend to wear T-shirts and pajama pants.

The thing is you want to look tough in these cities, you want to look like you can take care of yourself, or you're just making yourself a target. And being female, I am enough of a target as it is in spite of the fact that women are just as capable of looking after themselves as men. It all has to do with appearance, women can be strong and powerful, but they're still going to look like they can be overpowered quite easily, whether that's the case or not. But a vampire woman, that's a different story. Not even male vampires will mess with a female vampire, because they have the ability to make themselves look perfectly harmless and you truly have no idea just how powerful they really are. What's more, there really isn't a difference in power between a vampire male and a vampire female, but it's easier to gauge the male's power than it is the female's.

And so in a city populated with just as many vampires as humans, one needs to look like they're neither on the menu, nor that they're going to be easily taken down. And thus, walking the streets as a vampire female is the best way to do this, though it isn't the best way to avoid attention.

I am blond today, and I look older than the 18-year-old form my body got itself stuck in. My eyes are blue, and I possess a serpent tattoo on my chest. I blend in almost perfectly with everyone else on the street that I'm walking, except that I am a vampire and I am female.

I live an itinerate lifestyle, never knowing whether or not I'll have a roof over my head or if I'll be able to find myself something (or someone) to eat. I do not carry my valuables on my person, for I have far too many to fit, even in a roomful of backpacks. No, I carry it all in subspace. Money, weapons, spellbooks, clothes, supplies, and extra tanks of blood just in case. And I don't stick around long enough in any one place for people to figure out that I can pull a gun from out of nowhere, literally.

I am a survivor, yes, but I am also a fighter, and sometimes, every once and a while, I will take a chance, and I'll do anything I can to help. As a blood witch, I am both feared and prized for my knowledge and powers. Not many people know too much about the blood witches other than that we are like crosses between healers and necromancers, because that's mostly what the lesser witches are, more or less. The more powerful of our kind stay out of sight, out of mind, hiding themselves beneath the fabric of reality itself. But I never could get use to that place, the Window World, and I deal with life the way everyone else does.

But even though I try to help, to heal, to aid with my knowledge and my powers, being a blood witch, and admitting to having even a small amount of that talent, paints a big red target on your forehead. Not a good way to remain anonymous, and I've had some close calls. In fact I've had many close calls, but I typically have the sense to change every distinguishable feature before admitting to this power.

The thing is, blood witches are considered the most powerful mages in the world, and that's not a good thing. For the simple reason that it's completely true. Our magic is potent, its potential nigh-limitless, and it is ancient. We are much more than just female necromancers, much more than just healers. But no one needs to know that.

Do I believe what I'm doing helps in the long run? No, in fact I could very easily get discovered this way. But life without purpose is purely meaningless, and if I thought that killing Kain would make everything better, I'd make it my life's goal.

But as things stand, I really can't see how the death of that ancient vampire would make any difference in the end. He has already done the damage, and now all that's left is to survive.

I find myself in a pub where the idea of safety and shelter is enough to bring in more customers than it can really hold. But only those with money to afford a room can actually stay and have the benefit of the building's semi-protective services. I am able to pay for a room on the upper story because all those underground have been taken already, but it doesn't matter to me. Above ground it is easier to get out if there is a crisis, and on the upper story I could jump from the window of my room in order to escape.

"Are you hungry, Milady?" Asks the barkeep after I've paid for a room and he gives me the key. "The folks here would gladly give you blood to share your room." He explains.

I consider this. Nights are cold, and places like this cannot afford heating each individual room. Only those in the basement are warm simply because of their location. And, besides, while I can sustain myself with human food a little blood goes a long way, and most of the time it is simply a lot cheaper to drink blood than eat food, though only when I'm not in a city that is overly hostile towards vampires of any sort and must keep up a human disguise to avoid unwanted attention.

"I am a little." I admit, and he nods a gesture over to a table in the corner.

"That youth there spent his money on food rather than a room, so he's been well fed even if he looks thin. There are others but…" He shrugs, but I get the gist. That 'youth there' is likely the handsomest human in the pub, and the youngest male at that. The rest are big burly guys that, while they would have plenty more blood than I need to fill me up for another two weeks, I did not particularly feel like sharing a bed with. Sex was hardly ever part of the deal, not with me anyway, but for some reason both males and females seem to expect it. The difference is that the females are less…insistent I suppose, but I am not bisexual, and sometimes sharing a bed with another woman, even if sex has nothing to do with it, feels awkward. I still would, but the thing is there are hardly any women in the pub that don't appear as though they can't afford a room, or as though they don't already have shelter. That's the only kind of woman who can come into a place like this though without turning themselves into a target.

He is small, and pale, but he does have some muscle, even if I can see hints of his ribs on his bear chest. He has long black hair, most of it covering his face. He's looking at a plate he seems to have cleaned with his tongue, either wishing there was more, or that he hadn't spent his last coin on food rather than shelter. Whatever the reason, his expression is dark and morose, though he is not timid. That's something I learn swiftly as I approach his table with my key in hand.

He looks up and I hold the key out so he can see it, "I have a room," I tell him, "And the nights are cold, would you mind sharing it with me?" I ask.

He glares boldly up at me, "I don't want your charity, Vampire." He snarls.

"It's not charity. Shelter and a bed in exchange for your blood, I'll even buy you an extra meal if you so wish." I tell him.

"Forget it." He snaps, turning back to his plate, "I barely have enough blood for me, much less you. Just leave me alone."

"I don't need much." I say, frowning. I admit, I'm surprised at this behavior. I'm not use to being refused like this, and not by a male either. I'm also surprised that he isn't, well, perhaps a little frightened of how I might react to his attitude. A decent number of other vampires would have slit his throat by now and taken every last drop he had for his insolence. Lucky for him I'm one of those who firmly believe in keeping up good relations with the human race for survival purposes if nothing else, and I don't steal blood unless I'm being threatened.

"I said no." He mutters, not looking up at me.

I try a new tactic. "Pleeeeeeeeease?" And he looks up to see me giving him a pair of puppy-dog eyes and the most adorable pout I can muster with my hands clasped in front of me.

This has completely thrown him for a loop, he has absolutely no idea how to respond to this, and is in a state of shock. I decide to press my advantage and I began speaking in a swift pleading voice quiet enough that no one else need overhear what it is I'm saying.

"You see I'm really not that hungry so I don't need very much but I really really hate the cold and I've got a room on the upper story so it's going to be freezing tonight and blankets aren't nearly as warm as a human body and you're probably the only guy in this room that won't be expecting me to have sex with them too so I'm honestly willing to pay for your next meal if you'll spend the night in my room with me. So, pretty please with a cherry on top?"

It's probably the fact that I did not feel embarrassed or humiliated in dropping the whole 'I'm in control like it or not' act that he's likely use to dealing with in all vampires which gets him to agree to stay with me. And perhaps part of him was desperate enough that he did want to take me up on my offer, but his pride wouldn't allow him to sink so low as that. Only when I ask him as though he'd be doing me a favor rather than the other way around does he feel better about the situation.

"O-okay…" He says awkwardly, still a little shocked by my change of personality.

"Thank you soooo much." I whisper. I then wink at him and return to my more debonair self as I straighten back up. I then gesture imperiously for him to follow, and I see him blink, and then attempt to hide a smile. Oh yes, now he understands.

After all, presentation is everything.


Despite popular belief, not all vampires are driven by both blood and sex…just most of them. Heheh, no, perhaps that's an unfair generalization.

Personally, I've never been able to have casual sex with anyone. Because of my training as a blood witch, the act is far deeper and far more personal to me than to most people. During sex blood and fluids are transferred between bodies, but more than that, a piece of yourself enters that other person, making them a part of you, and you a part of them. It is an act that joins two into one, and while at its very basic its purpose is procreation, it is that joining, that sharing, that combination which makes it truly pleasurable. I do not like sharing myself with someone whose name I don't know and whose identity I don't care about. But there are things that a body needs, whether it be human or vampire, and a connection with another being is one of them. We are not solitary races, we thrive on communion, on being a multitude.

Sometimes I dream of falling in love, and I have on a few occasions. But I've learned that love can be too much of a handicap, even if it's worth the effort, worth the work. Just to have someone there, always, no matter what. Someone you can talk to, to share your dreams with, your wants, your fears, your thoughts and feelings. My father had my mother, and I know that he truly did love her, mostly because of how devastated he was when she sacrificed herself for me, even though he understood why she'd done it. It still hurt him, and, in a way, perhaps death was a release when Kain finally found him. I often imagine that they've found each other in the afterlife and are there, waiting for me, but hoping that they'll be waiting a long time still. Sometimes I've considered trying to call their spirits back, but I don't dare. There's too much of a chance that they'll loose their way, that they won't be able to return to whatever afterlife they now exist in and will be devoured by the scavengers of the spectral realm.

I hope that one day I might be able to find that certain someone, but that hope is little more than a wish, a dream, and I have little confidence that it will ever become reality.

I enter the room with the youth. It's not in good shape, it smells and there is dust. But it's dry, it's a room, and it has a bed, which is more than I've had in the past. At the very least, there's a small bathroom, so the building has a plumbing system and offers free showers, though I don't need to bathe. Vampires have their own ways of keeping clean. Their skin is able to produce a liquid that destroys bacteria and makes getting rid of dirt and grim a simple matter of taking a dry cloth and wiping it all away. But as a Dhampir, water still feels nice when I can afford to use it without blowing my cover. As it is, I enter the bathroom only to change my clothes, pulling the curtain door over it for a little privacy.

"So what's your name?" I ask as I change. My voice is neither the deep calm of my dangerous woman façade, nor is it the chipper pouty one I'd used to get him in here earlier. It's open, it's comfortable, and genuine.

"Coal." He answers, and I smile, hearing that his voice has, as well, become more relaxed. "What's yours? Or would you prefer me to call you Milady?"

"No thanks. It's Rayne." I answer, slipping into a comfortable set of sweat pants and sweater. Practice has made me able to slip into these clothes without ripping them up with my cloven feet or clawed hands, a feat that takes quite a lot of skill, and yet doesn't always work. I swear loudly when I realize I've nicked a hole in one of my sleeves.

"What's wrong?" Coal asks.

"My d(beep) claws!!" I answer, "I tore a f(beep)ing hole in my favorite d(beep) sweater!! This is why vampires wear black leather, it doesn't get ripped up so f(beep)ing easily!" I exclaim.

"Did you get your claws recently?" He asks, and in his voice I can tell he's trying hard not to laugh.

"NO! That's why I'm so mad!!" I answer, coming out of the bathroom in a huff. "Stupid things." I say, glaring at my claws, "You'd think I'd be use to them by now but ooooh noooo! They still have to go ripping stuff up!"

"Where's the tear?" He asks curiously, and I show him my sleeve. He can no longer control himself. He starts to laugh. I know why, the hole is fairly small and I'm making such a big deal about it.

"It's my favorite sweater though!" I exclaim defensively.

"W-w-why not just wear b-black leather?" He gasps, making a valiant attempt to control himself.

"It's not as comfy…" I answer, and this just makes him laugh even harder.

Coal makes use of the shower, changing into the warm clothes he had in his backpack. He dries himself off fairly well before coming out, unfortunately his hair is still wet and he continues to desperately attempt to towel the water out while I sit on the bed, reading a day-old newspaper in a comfortable position. I look up when he comes out, his hair still a little damp. "Sorry," He says, "I guess we'll have to wait until it dries on its own."

"To be honest I'm not as sensitive to water as some vampires." I admit, "I'm not about to go jump in a lake, but I can stand a light shower of rain for a while." I lie.


"But I can still wait until your hair's dry." I say, going back to my paper and he snickers.

"Um…" He says, "Are those…bunny slippers?" He asks, his eyes on my feet, which I stick out so he can have a better view of their pink fluffiness.

"You like them? I had them enchanted so my feet won't rip them up. Unfortunately that kind of magic work costs a bundle and I can't afford to get all my clothes done that way." I tell him. Truth is I enchanted them, but as I'm currently a vampire I can't let him know that. "So beware snuggly bunny feet during the night." I tell him, and he grins, knowing full well I put them on so my feet wouldn't turn his to ribbons accidentally, and he appreciates it.

"You're…nothing like all the other vampires I've met." He admits, sitting down at the edge of the bed because there's nowhere else for him to sit.

"I like to think of myself as special." I said, pronouncing 'special' with a lisp to be funny. "But the truth is I don't want to intimidate you, and so I don't feel the need to keep my barriers up. I want you to be comfortable around me, and I want to be comfortable around you. I could, of course, crush your skull with my bear hands. But, do I want to? Heeeeeeeell no! It takes too much work to be up-tight all the time, and if I can get away with being lazy I will." I tell him.

"It's more than that. You're not acting like you're my superior." He said, and he was serious now, looking me in the eye as though looking for something, though I wasn't sure what.

"Because that's not how I am, that's not how I think. Vampires were once humans after all, and I really don't believe the whole 'might makes right' mentality. But the fact is that, to survive, I have to act like I do to the outside world so that I don't present myself as a target." I answer simply. I then smirk and lean forward, "Just don't go repeating this to anyone, mmkay? People might get the impression that I'm working with the rebellion." I say in a murmur, and Coal smiles, though a bit awkwardly.

"Are you?" He asks, and I just give him a big smile and bat my eyes.

"No, but that doesn't mean I can't still sympathize." I answer. He just nods and turns to look down at his feet.

"I…" He swallows nervously, "I think my hair's dry…" He murmurs.

I look at him as he turns to me expectantly, and I see something in his eyes that I don't like. Dread, like he knows what's coming, but he's still willing to face it. I frown, and I set aside my newspaper. "Coal…have you been bitten before?" I ask him. He turns away from me, and he nods. "It was painful, wasn't it?" I ask him, and he shudders with the memory, nodding slowly. I sigh heavily and I move closer to him. I touch his arm gently. "Coal, not all vampire bites are painful. Mine aren't, I swear it." I tell him.

He looks at me with wide, pleading eyes, as though begging for me not to lie to him, "Your bites?" He murmurs.

"Most vampires can control whether our bites are painful or pleasurable." I give him a sheepish grin, "I'm only able to control how pleasurable, I don't know that I could make it hurt even if I wanted to. And I don't want to. Honest." I say, and I give him a peck on the cheek, "So relax, I swear I'll make sure you enjoy it. It'll be soothing, like having a full-body massage and then you'll just be pleasantly drowsy." I tell him.

Coal turns, and the next thing I know his lips are on mine.

In a world that is dying, where anything that gives you happiness can be stripped away from you in a second, where you must look for every single sliver of hope and hold onto it or else succumb to the madness around you, you take what you can to survive, you take what you need, and give whatever you can afford just so you might be able to look at another day where you're not completely alone.

I'm so tired of being alone. But even though I know I can't keep Coal, I can't love him, can't afford to love him and believe we might have a chance to make some kind of life together, I kiss him back, and I find myself longing for whatever comfort his arms can give me, longing to give whatever comfort my claws can give. He pushes me back, though tentatively, and I let him, drawing him on top of me where he deepens the kiss.

I roll on top of him, still kissing him feverishly, but I break from his lips and trail my own down his chin, kissing his throat, around to just beneath his ear, and then trailing downward in order to choose a place to bite. His breathing is heavy, and his grip on me is tight. I lick the place I intend to bite so he won't be surprised, and then I gently sink my fangs into his flesh. He gasps, then sighs and I feel him relax contentedly as I drink slowly with the intention of removing the soreness of his body, soothing his muscles, calling them to relax.

When I've had my fill and I pull my fangs from his neck he lets out a loud small grunt, breathing heavily and drowsily while I lick away the trails of blood from his neck.

"Wow…" He breathes, and I move up so I can smile down at him and kiss him.

"Get some sleep, I imagine you're dead tired." I tell him, and he nods blearily. I give him credit, though, he's able to keep his eyes open as I get up and lock the door, turn off the light, and get a few extra blankets to keep us warm. I snuggle up next to him, and he drapes an arm around me as though he's going to protect me and is out like a light. I close my eyes, allowing myself the comfort of another person's embrace, and I fall asleep enveloped in his scent.

My last thought was that, perhaps, just maybe, we could make it work somehow.

I am such a fool.

Ending notes and stuff!!

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Rayne: I'll know sooner or later. Why not tell me now?

Rhea: Because then you'll tell the audience!!

Rayne: WHAT AUDIENCE!? NO ONE IS GOING TO READ THIS!! THIS IS ONLY THE FIRST CHAPTER AND FIRST CHAPTERS ALWAYS SUCK!! You'll be lucky if anyone so much as glances at this story! Maybe after two or three chapters so people know you're not going to cough up a bit and forget the rest of it.

Rhea: Why do you have to be so negative!?

Rayne: I could be positive but it's more fun to be negative most of the time.

Kioko (my muse): Here here!

Rhea: Anyway, for those of you who are reading for some odd reason, R&R!

Rayne: But no one is reading.


Rayne: You're ugly and no one will ever love you.

Rhea: ;.;…sniff.

Kioko: (Sighs heavily) Gee, thanks a lot, Rayne, you just made the authoress cry.


Rayne: Oh dear god, just kill me now.